Is Your Future Based Online?


Is the future of all entertainment online? If this is is the case, and I think that it is – mostly – then the future of making money is most definately online. This should be good news for you if you have been looking for ways to make money from home.

This is a changing world and it is changing more and more each day. Over the last 10 years retail has been growing online. We now can order our weekly grocery shopping online and have it delivered right to our front door.


When I Was A Lad!

Way back in the day when I used to go clubbing many ravers would drive hundreds of miles each weekend to see and hear their favourite DJs play the music we wanted to hear. We would buy tape packs which were recorded live at the raves so that we could listen to the music in our cars, in our homes or in our Walkmans.

If you lived in a city then you were lucky, you might have had access to the odd pirate radio station or even a real legal radio show with your favourite local DJs playing the music you liked but on the whole, as a nation you could only get to see the DJs and hear the music you loved at one of the many raves across the country. The DJs would travel to several events each night covering hundreds of miles.

Closing Clubs & The Increasing Access To Music

Times are changing, clubs all across Europe are now closing down due to the footfall dropping. Youngsters are no longer going to clubs like they once used to. The reason for this demise in the club scene is said to be the ease at which people can access music today via online streaming. As I write this article I am listening to KoolLondon online. KoolLondon was a pirate radio station set up 25 years ago during the rave scene which was popular at the time, the scene I loved.

KoolLondon is now legal and broadcasts to London as a radio and the rest of the world online. If I miss a show then they usually have a download available for me to listen to as a podcast. Many of my favourite DJs now record podcasts and put them on sites like Mixcloud or Soundcloud and then share them via social media and email. There is no longer a shortage of quality dance music. I can listen to many sources at any time of the day.

Many DJs are also now doing live video streaming performances thanks to the new Live feature on Facebook. I watched the final ever Carl Cox DJ set last week live from the legendary (but now sadly closed) Space club in Ibiza.

So why would you want to spend money to travel halfway across town or the country – or even the world – often standing in queues in the cold to go to a club costing a lot of money to get in when you can hear the music you love live from the comfort of your own home?

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be people who enjoy live gigs and shows that love to meet up with people and have a real night of it but they cannot afford to do every gig. Numbers are dropping and venues are closing.

Music is available to everyone these days at anytime of the day thanks to iTunes, YouTube, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora and many more. The downside to this is not just the fact clubs are closing but musicians are not making a lot out of the sales.


But the site owners are and that is where the money is. They are middlemen businesses and you too can become one.

Starting A Middleman Business & Profiting From Other People’s Work.

Starting A Middleman Business & Profiting From Other People’s Work.

NetFlix And Chill

It is not just music though, we now watch TV and films online, we can stream the latest releases from the comfort of our own homes via companies like Amazon, NetFlix, Sky amongst others. With the cost of a cinema ticket being pretty expensive I can see that one day new films may bypass cinemas altogether and broadcast online for a fee.

This might happen not because the film industry wants it to but because the public are fed up of the expense of going to watch a film. At least from home they can be comfortable, not have to put up with others talking or throwing sweets around and they can pre buy their snacks from the supermarket for a lot less money.

cinema-price-rantDistant Learning And The Next Level

But it doesn’t stop there, it is not just music and TV that is being streamed, there are live educational programmes. People like Bob Proctor and Todd McFarlane are giving live training on Facebook and other dedicated websites. Bob is a life coach and self help guru whereas Todd is a professional comic book artist.


Let’s not forget that there are loads of people getting their (other) voyeuristic kicks online using webcams and online services as this article will show you.

webcam busines fi

Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income.

Self-Publishing Your Own Online Wealth

I have written several times about how the online world has changed the publishing industry. People are now becoming famous and wealthy self-publishing authors without the need of the backing from a large publishing house. A lot of these books are bought, downloaded and even read online.

Kindle readers and other ebook reading apps have turned tablets and smartphones into libraries. The new Hollywood film The Martian starring Matt Damon and directed by Ridley Scott came to life originally as an online story written by Andy Weir which he shared one chapter at a time via his website.


It was read by fans who requested that he put it on the Amazon Kindle store. After selling 35,000 copies in three months it garnered the attention of audiobook and printed book publishing companies.

The rest they say is history. His-story is not only a fascinating and inspiring one but this also shows that people have and are buying books, reading books and creating careers and fortunes by going online instead of going down the old traditional routes.

steve scott kindle

How One Marketer Makes $25,000-$30,000 A Month After Swapping Affiliate Marketing For Writing Kindle Ebooks.

Eyes Down!

Think about other hobbies which required people having to visit a specific building. Apart from competitive and team sports such as football and athletics a lot of other hobbies are now played online from home. Before I started to write this article I watched yet another celebrity endorsed advert for online bingo.


Bingo was once the chosen hobby for the blue rinse brigade. Old ladies would meet up and play a few games while having a natter. It became a social event for many of them. A chance to get out of the house for a few hours and meet up with close friends.  For some bingo provided an important community service.


Now the story is different. The age range has changed with people of any age and sex playing bingo. But that is not the only difference, the big difference is that people play online using laptops, tablets and smartphones. Bingo halls have closed by over 200 over the past decade with around 6,500 jobs lost.

The crazy bingo tax and the smoking ban have played a big part in the demise but the rise in the popularity of online bingo websites certainly wouldn’t have helped. They are kicking the offline bingo industry while it is down!

foxy-bingoI Bet You Don’t Know What Is Next?

Times have changed for the old high street bookies, the old vision of smokey bookies crammed full with men having a flutter on the horses or football games is no longer correct. With many of the big bookkeepers now online along with betting exchanges like BetFair people are placing bets and trades online.


They are placing these bets from home, from the bars and even the sporting events themselves.

If you are not sure about what I mean by ‘trades’ take a look at this incredibly simple way to make money by trading horse racing – take a profit before any horse has had a chance to run!

2 Minute Trader Plus

As well as bingo and betting on sports, casino games like poker can now be played at home online against players from all around the world. No longer do you need to pop to the nearest city to go to the big casino. You simply play online using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

Its A Brand New World Out There.

Mark my words, the world is changing and will continue to do so. More of the things that we did years ago which meant having to go somewhere and deal with people in person will move to the online world.

Of course there will always be offline work, buildings need to be built. Farms need to be farmed, trains need to be driven and physical products need to be made, sold and delivered but there are a lot of things that we do now will change.

People are now learning and participating in online yoga courses, consultations are given over Skype and people are watching live club nights from the other side of the world. If you had told me that would happen when I went clubbing 20 years ago I would not have believed you.

So I shall leave you to sit and think for a while, is there a hobby, service or product that you can offer to people online? If you can then you could be soon building yourself a very profitable online business.

Success Is Achieved By Getting Your Priorities In Check. What Are Your Priorities?


It might appear to be a very strange question, especially from a blog about making money online but I have my reasons for asking.

You see, I don’t think failure is always down to people NOT doing certain things but can also be because many people do OTHER things which prevent them succeeding in the very thing that they really want. For many of us – maybe most of us –  spare time and money is in short supply.

This doing of OTHER things can be the result of many habits or circumstances, such as not having a lot of funds but spending whatever spare cash they do have on doing everyday pleasures like eating takeaways or popping out for a few beers.

These things do give us pleasure but only for a few hours and we humans crave instant gratification often opting to have a quick pleasure now instead of the long term pleasure brought about from accomplishing a goal.

Sometimes we spend our spare time and money on things not because we want to but out of a habit, a craving for instant pleasure or even for other people’s pleasure such as a loved one.

As the old saying goes ‘time is money’’– and it is. Time is our most valuable asset and money is our most powerful tool, but if you are unable to spare much of either then your chances of success can be pretty low.

So to succeed you need to invest either your time or money or both but when you are an average person with a day job and a partner with short supply of time and money you can often find yourself stuck in what feels like a vacuum watching your spare time and money being sucked away from you.

Relationships are great, to spend your life with someone who cares about you and someone you care about can be very rewarding but it can also rob you off a lot of valuable time. Your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend obviously wants to spend time with you, this is understandable but they also want to spend time with their friends – with you, and they want to do things – often with you.

The things they want to do such as going out for meals, going on holidays, going out drinking and dancing, having days out to the seaside or shopping trips in big cities, going to the cinema or seeing shows or even just having a quiet night in with a film, a bottle of wine and a takeaway costs money. They also add up in hours.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should suddenly become single and get rid of your loved one or your family nor am I saying that you cannot or should not enjoy time with them or enjoy doing things.

What I am saying is, and I speak from a lot of personal experiences, is to be aware of what you are doing, what you are spending your time and money on and what that could be doing to your chances of success.

I have noticed that over the years I have been to more ‘friends’ gatherings thanks to the better half than going to gigs or music events. I for one prefer the latter. I have had some great nights with friends but often I would find that I had spent money which – at that time – I could ill afford on food and drink at these gatherings.

Then when I saw a poster or promotion for a gig that I really would have loved to have gone to I didn’t because I chose to save what little money I had left for more important things. Which really sucked when you consider what I had managed to waste money on. Had I been single I would have chosen more of the latter.

The same thing is said for time, time is very precious and I am also guilty of wasting time watching pointless soaps and TV shows which have done nothing more for me than pass time. Much of it wasn’t even that enjoyable either! When I was single I very rarely watched the TV until I crawled into bed, I would wind down with a film or some comedy. Now I end up sitting and watching the TV while I chat to the family.

Now here is the thing, we often do things without thinking. I too have called at Starbucks or Costa Coffee for a quick drink now and then but I certainly won’t make a habit of it though. I know people who call in regularly, spend up to £30 a week on coffee and the odd cake or panini then complain that they have no money left for that gig or party that they fancy.

Correct me if I am wrong but spending money each week on things that you can get from home is wasting valuable money that you could be using for ‘other’ fun things. Especially if money and time is in short supply, why would you waste it on things that are just short temporary pleasures?

I use gigs and other fun things as the example to what we miss out on by being sucked into doing things we would rather not do but the time and money could be spent on doing things which could change your life for the better. You could be working on a business or a book, something that could drastically improve your lifestyle.

Not everyone has the same amount of resources and with all of us living different lifestyles no two lives are the same. I agree that we all have 24 hours in a day but I don’t buy into that ‘we all have the same amount of time’ line. We do all have 24 hours a day but circumstances and choices often dictate what time we are left with spare.

Even choices we have made in the past dictate our amount of spare time, and they cannot just be stopped or changed at the drop of a hat. If you chose to have children then you cannot just get rid of them to free up time.

So the next time someone tries to make you feel bad for not having much time and use the words ‘You chose to have children’ just ignore them for being a prat no matter if it is technically true. What you need to do is realise what time you are wasting on doing the things that you do not want to do – ignoring those that you have to do as part of your life or family responsibilities.

Earning money to put food on the table and the roof over your family’s heads is very important. Running your partner or children around to friends houses or doing stuff with them is very important.

But going to the pub to drink several glasses of beer or wine while you gossip or sit and watch families fall out in soap operas is not important. They are the things that you chose to do in the here and now and they are also things that can change now. If time and money is in short supply then you need to prioritise and become more selfish and ruthless with your time.

If you want to change your life, your job or your lifestyle and you need to build or grow a business, make more money or even write that bestselling novel you will need to spend the time and money on making it happen.
And if that means saying no to less nights out and less meals with your friends or your partner’s friends then so be it. What you are losing out on in the long run is probably far more than what you are gaining in the short term.

5 Ways To Make Money Online Writing


I want to talk about 5 very simple ideas that you could use to start to generate money online today by doing nothing more than writing. These 5 ideas separately could be a second income or you could build a full time business doing 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of these ideas.

I didn’t want to offer you ideas that were too complicated, were costly to implement or required a lot of new skills. I wanted to work with what we all have available now which is a laptop and the ability to read and write.

Some people might be slightly better at reading and writing than others but on the whole we all should have the relevant skills to make these ideas work.

This could be your new motto:

Have Laptop – Will Write”

It is common knowledge that many of the best successful and profitable businesses have legs, they have a future and they generally provide a service that will still be needed in 5 years’ time as much as it is now.

So when compiling these ideas I tried to think of tasks that people will pay to have done today and will still be paying to have them done for years to come. Also as I said earlier they were not to require skills that you do not already have now and have fully mastered. They had to be simple and easy.

These are not all just for other people, there are ideas that you can do for yourself such as become a self-published author. This can be very profitable.

Ok so what are these 5 perfect writing business ideas?

Idea 1: Transcribing Audio Into Text

Believe it or not but there is a big demand for this service and it is big business. There is also one huge reason why this is better than writing articles for people.


There are a lot of people offering article writing services and many often charging as little as $5 for a 500 word article which is ok but that involves creative thinking including having to research the topic that you need to write about.

With transcribing you simple listen to an audio recording or a Podcast and type down everything you hear bar the ‘umms’ and ‘errs’.

Setting Yourself Up On Outsourcing Sites

On Fiverr there are people charging $5 to transcribe 5 – 20 minutes of audio, once Fiverr have taken their $1 out of the deal you are left with $4 which is around £2.35 at today’s exchange rate. There are people on sites like Odesk offering their services at better higher prices.

This idea could have you posting your services on Fiverr and then you make more money by adding extras to the gig such as ‘express 24 hour turnaround for $10’ making it now $15 to transcribe someone’s audio.

You could also offer your services on sites like Odesk as well and find work. Remember often the best customer is a repeat customer, if you do an excellent job for the price and build up a relationship with your customers, they will come back to you when they need more work doing.

Having A Dedicated Website For Your Business

Creating your own website dedicated to the business would be good for…

  1. Authority
  2. Repeat work (sending past clients from Odesk and Fiverr directly to deals on your site)
  3. New clients

Having your own site also means that you can drive potential clients to it by advertising your services on Facebook and Google using their advert networks. The website will add authority weight to you and your services by having testimonials and a page or two of who you are and what you do.

The website can come later if you want to keep costs down and try out the system first using Fiverr and Odesk. Or for a cost of less than £60 for the year you could have your site up and ready for future clients and work.

If you are wondering who would want transcriptions doing or why then let me remind you that having an online business or building a brand is all about being ‘everywhere’ and having as much quality content all over the web in as many different mediums as possible.

Podcasts are very popular at the moment and many marketers want to have a text version available as a download or as an article on their site. Some will add them to Kindle as a monthly magazine and a 30 minute podcast takes up valuable time to transcribe so many marketers or website owners would rather pay someone else to transcribe them so they can focus on the things they do best like recording podcasts etc.

Sometimes it will be videos that they want transcribing so that the viewer can also download and read the transcription. These simple documents help viewers understand what was said in the video and for the marketer they can add a lot of value to a training course or product.

Some website owners, marketers or business owners might prefer to write their articles or information by talking into a dictaphone then paying someone to write it out for them. Very similar to how old businesses use to pay copy typists, they would employ people to write down information from a recording; they used to be paid well.

katie price jordan

Many authors do the same thing, the British model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price is a bestseller author (I know? Read that again… she is!) who never wrote a word herself, she has publicly stated several times that she would use a dictaphone and then send her recordings off to a ghost writer.

I know of a few successful marketers who create loads of short kindle eBooks using this exact model, they talk about a subject and someone else types it up for them. There is a big market for this and all it requires is the ability to listen and type. That is it.

Obviously the faster you can type the more you can get done and the more money you can earn, your hourly rate depends on how fast you can type. If you do 20 mins audio for say £5 and can do that 20 minutes in say half an hour then you can do 2 jobs per hour earning you £10 etc.

Please note: 20 mins audio will often take longer depending on the speed you type and if you have to keep stopping and starting the recording. If you intend to do this as a second income from home and not too bothered about building up a big business then it doesn’t matter how fast you type and you can focus on each job individually.

You might simply decide to do 1 job an evening for the 5 working days of the week at £5 and generate an extra £100 a month. You can do as much or as little as you fancy or are capable of.

There is little thinking involved with this business idea, you just need a laptop with a copy of MS Word and the abilities to listen and type. As I said there are many authors who will send their ‘creations’ to people who will write out what they have put down on an audio recording. How hard is that?

Imagine landing the job of transcribing a brand new 90,000 word thriller for someone. That would surely pay well.

Idea 2: Ghostwriting

As mentioned in the Katie Price example, some people want ghostwriters to write articles or books for them which they then publish under their own name. This is a lot more common than you may realise.

I have in the past used ghostwriters when creating articles, I would give them a topic, they would then research it and then write about it. I wouldn’t publish their finished article though, I personally edit the articles that I had written. I just wanted to pay someone to research the topic and lump all of that research together into something that I could shape into my own words.

I have paid $40 US for articles around 1500 words long. That is roughly £32 today, so if you were able to write 2 or 3 articles a day then you are making a good daily wage. There are top ghostwriters who are paid a lot more.

The multimillionaire author James Patterson uses ghostwriters, he would write up a story idea then give it someone else to write. They are classed as co-authors these days but he outsources most of the work to others. Basically he pays people to write his books for him.

If you are good with creative writing and have a good imagination then you could become a ghostwriter for many aspiring authors. There are many successful marketers who self-publish books in the Amazon Kindle Store under pen names. Not the names of the people who wrote the books because they were simply paid to write the books and nothing else.

It is a very common thing. As I said earlier, it is not just books that are being ghostwritten. Articles, video scripts, speeches and a whole lot more are outsourced to writers. All you need to be a ghostwriter is a laptop, an internet connection (now and then) and a good command of written English. That is it.

Ghostwriting is not just for entertainment books like fiction. Many marketers hire writers to create information ebooks about products and software that they are developing to sell.

You can hire yourself out on sites like and UpWork aswell as set yourself up with your own business website.

Idea 3: Hired Article Writing

This is similar to ghostwriting but articles are not always edited or published under a pen name. Content is often outsourced for websites and these articles can be added to websites without any name or sometimes the paid writer is credited.

Generally the article that is written and submitted to the client needs to be perfect and ready to publish. Clients pay for finished articles, they do not want to waste time having to edit them. This is not ghostwriting, this is finished article writing.

If it is not right they will send it back and ask for corrections or for it to be done again.

This too can be a very profitable business, an article like this one to the right client could be worth several hundred dollars. I have seen writers charging around $0.20 per word which is roughly £0.15 per word putting this article at a value of at least £380. (In an ideal world)

Like the other methods above, you can set yourself up on outsourcing sites like UpWork and It would definitely pay for you to have your own website where you offer your services and inform people of what you do.

Some clients may ask for a lot of articles or ebooks to be written on specific niches so that they can sell them to hundreds or thousands of people as information products or PLR products – which leads us onto the next idea.

Idea 4: Writing PLR Content

This is different to the first 3 ideas, instead of being hired and working to order a PLR writer creates content packs which are then sold for a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of people with the rights that they can use them in any way that they want.

A thousand people buying a package of 200 articles at a price of £20 is £4000. That is just an example, some people might charge more or might do smaller packages. What I do know is this, in my experience PLR articles which are sold are very basic and short in length. They are not hard to write. The better quality articles or ebooks that you write the more you can charge for them.

But remember, you are selling these in bulk and so they will be cheaper compared to the longer unique articles a writer is contracted to write. A one off article could be worth £30 or more whereas a PLR pack could be £30 for hundreds of articles.


This idea would require more from you as you would need to market your PLR products or at least hire someone to market them for you. PLR writers can do joint ventures with marketers. The idea is to find a niche or topic which is very popular, write all about it then sell those articles or ebooks to people who can then sell them or give them away to build email lists, add content to their websites or rebrand and sell for profit.

Basically you create the content, sell it on and allow others to do whatever they like with it. You will not be credited as the author but you can earn a lot from providing PLR content for other people.

I was a member of a membership website that was supposed to teach people about internet marketing but a lot of the content on the website was not created by the site owner but was PLR content that he had bought and rebranded. He was charging over £30 a month to access his site.

PLR content is very sought after!

Idea 5: Becoming Self Published Author

This one we have covered several times before in the following articles. Take a read of them and you will see how profitable becoming a self-published author really can be.

How One Marketer Makes $25,000-$30,000 A Month After Swapping Affiliate Marketing For Writing Kindle Ebooks.

steve scott kindle

How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model

How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model.

Building A Profitable Self Publishing Business Using Amazon & Google

building a profitable business using amazon and google

There will be marketing involved and of course you will need covers designing for your books but both of these can be learned or outsourced.

This will require some money to promote your books but there are things that you can do for free to get your books out in front people such as using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other popular websites like Pinterest and Tumblr.

I want to say – depending on what type of books you write and how good they are you can make a lot of money from being a self published author – but there are people making good money on Amazon Kindle publishing what can be described as terrible books.

What they do is different to the traditional idea of what an author does, they don’t spend months or even years crafting the perfect book instead they write and publish loads of ‘ok’ books. They rely on selling a handful of each book each month. A handful of sales of 20 or 30 books can add up to a nice monthly income.

It seems that anyone can become a self-published author and become a successful one at that. As with all things that have a lot of potential they require patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, a book wasn’t written in an hour and a self-published fortune wasn’t generated in a week.

Can You Outsource Your Way To Wealth?

Starting a new online business can be hard, it can require a lot of time and often a lot of money. Strange as it may sound, especially if you are short of spare cash, but paying people to do a lot of the work can – in the long run – be more economic for you.

If you are already working in a job and earning money then why not put some of those earnings aside to help build your online business? Especially if there is a chance of overtime, the extra money from doing a job you know inside out can really fund a business forward. I have a great example of how doing it yourself can cost you dearly.

A close friend of mine was once owner of a large building which he was converting it into apartments and shops. He was a very in demand electrician and had a lot of work that he could have done in the evenings and weekends. But instead he decided to spend his weekends and evenings working on his property. He would do all of the plumbing, a lot of the woodwork and decorating.

Partly to save money and partly because he wanted to do it. Maybe for the accomplishment or simply for the ego but he wanted to basically self build the whole project. Which is great but… even after fifteen years it never got finished! Eventually he had to sell the property to pay off debts the project had accrued. It sold for a loss and not all debts were paid off. So why am I telling you this?

As an in demand electrician, working for big factories and the farms in the area, he was charging more per hour than what the other trades were charging. He had a lot of work to catch up on with a lot of potential extra overtime work in the evenings and weekends.

Had he decided to really throw himself into the electrical work in the evenings and weekends as well as during the week instead of working on his project, he would have earned a lot more than what was needed to pay joiners, plumbers and decorators to do the work. Plus the work would have been done and finished a lot quicker. The whole project would have been finished in less than five years in my opinion.

As a joiner I did some of the work and watched as the project changed from one badly planned idea to another and then not getting finished. Not one of the tasks were fully finished, two flats in one part of the complex were finished but the stairway to them hadn’t been decorated or had the skirting boards and flooring finished. This was repeated across the whole building.

If you want to develop an old building or build a family home would you do all of the trades yourself such as the electrics, joinery, roofing, bricklaying, plastering and plumbing? Most people can just about manage the decorating but would you try and do everything yourself? If you were doing a day job and had very little building skills how long do you think it would take you to finish your project?

Property developers do the same thing, their business is to convert old buildings or build new ones but they generally use the skilled trades people to the work while they focused on the marketing and selling of the business.
doc-savageAnother story I want to share is the one about the pulp fiction writer Leslie Dent. If you have been reading our posts on this blog you will know that I have talked about pulp fiction writing before.

How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model

For the self published author or publishing company it has become very profitable. Lester Dent was the creator and main author of the series of novels about the superhuman scientist and adventurer, Doc Savage. The 159 novels written over 16 years were credited to the house name Kenneth Robeson.

The publishing company Street and Smith  published 181 Doc Savage novels before it ceased publication in 1949. Dent wrote around 160 of the Doc Savage books and was paid around $500 per novel which is a huge amount of money back in the 1930s and 1940s. Today it has an equivalent spending power of over $6,800.

But here is the thing, Street and Smith banked on earning far more back because they would print the stories on cheap paper and then sell them for 10c originally to a mass market. Pulp fiction magazines and novels were huge back in the mid twentieth century. They would sell tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of the magazines. Of course this would add up to a substantial profit.

Smith and Street were the publishers, their business was publishing adventure stories for the masses but they themselves – Mr Street and Mr Smith – did not write the stories themselves nor did they design the cover art. They outsourced the whole thing and it was a very profitable business.

The internet is now a global concern, you have access to people all over the world with the skills that you need. There are web designers, article/ebook/ghost writers, video producers, content creators, WordPress developers, software developers, artists, ebook designers and social media managers to name a few available to use – and often at a great price.

For $10-15 dollars you could have a fairly good short article written while you get paid by work. Do this daily or weekly and you could be growing an online business fast.

So if you are thinking of building an online business, maybe a simple Cash Curator style website or maybe a bigger authority niche website I would recommend that you have a good think about whether you should outsource much of the main work like writing website content and social media management otherwise you may end up like my good friend… with an unfinished project that has cost you a lot of time and money and is worth less than when you started.

Have You Missed An Opportunity Due To Not Taking Action? Sorry To Drone On.

Have you ever had what you thought was a good idea but didn’t do anything about it?

Have you seen something similar years later and kicked yourself for not starting on that great idea?

The reason I ask is because this week I got talking about an old friend who is currently living in France bit-ing and bobbing for work. He is living in a small bedsit in the south of France. Apparently rental property is not cheap there and he can not afford anything bigger and more comfortable.

He is probably enjoying his life out in the sun but it could have been a lot different. He could have been running a very successful business or maybe even a YouTube channel. Several years ago we both lived in the same building. It was a block of apartments owned by a mutual friend of ours. We would regularly bump into each other in the car park and have a chat.

One day he asked me if I was interested in investing into a business idea he had and becoming part of the business. I already had too many commitments at that time and really could not spare any more time or funds on something else so I declined his kind offer.

The business idea he had involved drones, at the time I knew nothing about them, but he flew remote control planes and helicopters and drove remote control cars as a hobby so he was really clued up about them.

He told me how much they were to buy or build and how useful they would be for specific industries. His idea was to use drones fitted with high quality cameras like the Go Pro which transmitted live video to a laptop allowing him to study hard to reach areas of buildings and roofs without the need of ladders, scaffolding and safety equipment.

drone with gopro

He could then do surveys for property owners and building companies for a fee while reducing their workload, cost and responsibility. It sounded quite viable as a business but I was not sure about drones and how popular they would be. Several years later and drones are all over the place.

hidden britain by drone

They are very popular, there are drones being used on TV shows, drones are used to make popular and funny YouTube channels, drones are being used to deliver ice creams on the beach of Mablethorpe, Domino Pizzas and Amazon have tested drones for delivery services and there are now people racing drones in sporting competitions.

Drones are big business.

And guess what? I recently saw on TV a company using a drone to check out hard to reach areas of a building! It was a good business idea after all, it might have been a very profitable business.

Now before you ask; this is not about me, I have no regrets for turning down the offer. What I do want to talk about is my friend who had the idea in the first place. When he had the idea he was again bit-ing and bobbing for work. He was always skint and didn’t have any full time work. He could have really thrown himself into the new business venture… but he didn’t.

So why is he not doing this as a business?

Because I didn’t invest in the business!

One of the reasons I didn’t want to get involved is that I knew him well and he likes other people to bring the money to the table and do the work.

But he himself could have easily financed the business venture, he knew the cost of the drone, the camera and how to link it all together with the laptop. It might have been no more than £1000 to set up, especially with him being a dab hand with remote control airplanes, he could have hand built the ideal drone for a fraction of the price.

If he was short of the money he knew how much he needed and could have planned a way to start saving up for it. He could have saved the money over the period of a year and then started. It has now been several years and he has done nothing with that idea. He had the idea before drones became popular and commonplace.

Even if the business idea failed he could have done a photography business with the drone capturing great aerial shots or after spending time getting used to the drone he could have mastered it to a point that he could have been uploading great videos to YouTube making money via Google AdSense.

What is important to remember is that he had a great business idea, he had seen an opportunity before others and wanted to try it but, he didn’t because he personally failed to take action. Nothing was stopping him but himself. Even when I said no to joining him in his venture, it wasn’t the reason that he failed. He could have done it alone but he decided not to.

I cannot say where he would be now and how successful the business idea would have been but what I do know is that:

  1. Drones are being fitted with cameras and used a lot today to reach those hard to see places.
  2. Because he didn’t even make a start with the business we will just never know.

I wouldn’t be surprised though had he started the business that he would be living in a better apartment in the south of France and he wouldn’t be bit-ing and bobbing for a few Euros either.

The next time you have a big idea; maybe you should really consider taking action and turning that idea from a thought that is in your head into a real physical business or product. At least then you would know for definate whether it will be successful or not.

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The Creative Process Is The REAL Way to Wealth

One of the most fundamental things to success which is generally overlooked is the creative process. Or creativity in general really. The Independent recently reported that new government figures showed that the creative industries such as film, music, art and other creatives generate around £84 billion a year. That is a staggering £10 million an hour!

When you consider the success of JK Rowling with her Harry Potter stories you can see how this works. A lot of people are employed in the creative industries and that number is growing. Entertainment is big business, people love to be entertained. Whether it is reading books or ebooks including comics, watching films or TV shows, listening to music and going to gigs or going to events like the theatre or art exhibitions –– people love to do fun stuff.

I want to talk to about being creative and the creative process. I am not going to focus on the actual creative industries such as writing or making music as I have covered those before in great detail, today I am going to talk about the creative process for business and success.

The creative process is by far the most powerful and important part of any business. It it that process where all of the best ideas and solutions come from. It is also one of the things that is most overlooked.

What do I mean by that?

If I was to give advice to youngsters at a school I would use gang violence as the main example.

Gangsta Rappers & Knife Crime London

I grew up listening to a lot of early Hip Hop and Rap and so I would always be frustrated when I would see the news reporting another senseless death on the streets of our cities. London was having an epidemic of knife killings as the number of local gangs grew. Youngsters with so much potential and unused talents were killed because of stupidity and misunderstanding of basic principles – and rap music often got the blame.

knife crime

Youngsters were idolising Gangsta rappers from the US like 50 Cent and Dr Dre while watching violent gangster films made by Hollywood. Youngsters would ‘copy’ their lifestyles and what they saw in the films. (I know the gang issues are a lot more complicated than just copying rappers and also things like poverty and unemployment play a big part but stick with me here.)

dr dre and 50 cent

One sad story was a young lad was murdered in or near a chip shop for disrespecting a gang member, that disrespect was actually a snap response to constant bullying and disrespect from the gangs themselves. It was and probably still is getting out of hand.

Many youngsters are now locked away for years for killing people for one reason or another. Many of them will now spend most of their adult lives behind bars and when they are eventually released they will struggle in the new outside world because they missed so much of it. All because they didn’t think things through properly.

Some of these gang members responsible for serious violent crimes posted videos to YouTube showing themselves rapping in the style of their American Gansta rapping heroes. They were imitating and trying to act and behave like these rappers, they wanted the money, fame and the success that they had –– but here is where they got it so wrong.

Misunderstanding The Gangsta Rappers Success

The Gansta rappers of the US mainly spoke about how life used to be, the life they were trying to get away from. Occasionally they may have a beef with other rappers and say things like ‘what they may do’ but that was only as lyrics. What the youngsters were missing was that these rappers and DJs were spending their spare time avoiding trouble and practicing their craft.

They were engaging the creative process thinking up new lyrics, they were practicing their rapping skills, they were in the studio making music and creating beats, they were going to freestyle rap battles at clubs. They were not going out looking for trouble, they were trying to escaping that lifestyle. They were focused on the creative process. The process which took them to fame and fortune.

Dr Dre lost a brother to gang violence back in the early 80s and his mother tried her hardest to keep him away from the gangs. He turned to music; first being the DJ in the World Class Wreckin Cru then moving on to the legendary N.W.A. He is now one of the world’s wealthiest paid music producers with his name behind a range of speakers and headphones which was recently purchased by Apple for $3billion in cash and stocks.

World Class Wreckin Cru ft. Dr. Dre – Surgery

Dr Dre went from gangland Compton to becoming a billionaire rapper.

The reason many Gangsta rappers become successful is because of the music they make, the songs they record and the performances they do. The very same reason JK Rowling is a very wealthy author, they decided to use their creativity and focus on that alone.

It was never the gang lifestyle that made them successful. The time spent in gangs may have toughened them up and made them more determined to succeed but the actual gang banging would not have done them anygood. If they had continued in that lifestyle they would probably have ended up in prison or worse – dead.

That is why so many youngsters are in jail here in the UK for knife crimes because they focused on the gang lifestyle itself and not actually used their creativity. They simply did not think clearly or properly.

To idolise and copy your heroes is one thing but to do it wrongly is dangerous and for many youngsters they were so far off the mark it has ruined their lives.

The creative process is so important to business as this is where the good ideas come from. All businesses, films, books and pieces of music came from an idea generated by the creative process.

People Simply Don’t Think.

albert schwitzer

The late Nobel Prize winning Dr Albert Schweitzer was asked in an interview many many years ago, “Dr, what is wrong with men today?” After pausing for a while his answer was “men simply don’t think.” Now he wasn’t just being flippant, he was referring to proper creative thinking.

Mankind bumbles from one thing to another, preoccupied with daily dramas and gossips, their minds and mouths filled with complaints but they do not actually give themselves time to think. When people do stop and think they come up with ideas, ideas which lead to solutions or become solutions themselves.

Earl Nightingale suggests that people should spend sometime alone with a notepad and pen everyday for 30 days. It could be an hour or just half hour but during that time they should try and think up 5 new ideas. After 30 days of coming up with ideas a person would have 150 new ideas to work on. (Listen to what Earl Nightingale says in the video below. Highly Recommended!)

The Strangest Secret Earl Nightingale Conant

One of those ideas could be the way out of your debt, it could be the end to the rut you find yourself in, it could be the change to your life that you have wanted for many years. Ideas alone will not change your life without action but they are the ancestor to action. A single idea has the potential to change a person’s life forever.

jk rowling harry potter the elephant house coffee shop

When JK Rowling had her idea for Harry Potter she was a single mother on benefits. She used whatever spare time she had to write her first draft of the book, often she was seen sat writing in coffee shops across Edinburgh. Her life is now a lot different to what it was back then.

We all have ideas come to us, you can be sat on the sofa when a flash of inspiration hits you but how many of us write it down then explore the idea more with creative and analytic thinking? I have been sat in pubs with my friends who have spoken of their latest great idea but they have never given it anymore viable thought other than to tell us of their great idea!

The great thing about really thinking is that not only do you get great ideas, you often figure out a plan and how to go about things which makes the whole process of turning that idea into a reality a lot easier.

Having A Good Idea & Creating A Plan

Recently I have been writing a couple of fiction stories: I needed an idea so I sat and brainstormed a few. I soon had an idea for the story and the main character but I needed more. So I sat and started to think up the other characters, what happened in the story, how things happened and in what order (mostly).

Having this background prepared I was able to sit and start writing. I knew what to write and that made it flow a lot easier. Without that plan I would not have two connected short stories totalling 28000 words written which have been read and loved by several members of my family. (Family make the best proofreaders and critics 🙂 )


With our busy lives and constant distractions from TV, radio and social media it is no surprise that people do not think much these days. It has been said that we are now more reactional than proactive. People react to dramas and situations in a stressed and panicked way regularly –– as seen on TV soaps –– but never prepare for or plan their way out of possible future issues.

The life we live today is the result of our past performances.

If we are poor today that is because we have not earned enough money last month or worse, cultivated the skills and discipline to do the work that is necessary to bring in the money that we need.

If we are struggling to afford the bills this week then maybe we should have not spend so much last month or if spending money wasn’t the issue then we need to make more money and that will not happen if we spend the time burying our heads in the sand and allowing ourselves to become distracted.

Our minds are the best source of riches on the planet. As the writer Russell Conwell said, there is more wealth buried in our minds than in an acre of diamonds. (Or words to that effect!)

Maybe it is time for you to turn off the TV or the radio, put down the tablet and smartphone, close the laptop and pick up a notepad and pen. Maybe it is time to do some real creative thinking. Maybe it is time to come up with ideas, create plans and focus on them until they become your reality.

Remember; the two most powerful ingredients to success are thinking and action.

Thinking + Action = Success

The Easiest Way To Build A Profitable Online Business Using Content Curation… But Is It Ethical?

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of talk about viral websites, I myself wrote a few articles about the topic within the members area of the Digital Academy. The Cash Curator is a system we devised using the successful viral methods.

cash curator tmbLearn How to Profit Using The Cash Curator In Our Digital Academy Here 

The information in those articles which I wrote was pretty powerful. when I say powerful I mean “I made $100,000 In A Week” powerful. If you look at the screenshot below you will see a comment left on an article (not mine) covering this subject back in 2014. The guy who left the comment said that he generated $100,000 in Australian dollars within a week with his website which was only a couple of months old.

curator content comment

That is powerful stuff and what is incredible is that many of the websites online that are making good money are not creating the content themselves. Well they are and they aren’t… let me explain.

curator content websites

These sites are curating content, placing it on their own websites which then gets shared across multiple social media platforms. They then generate revenue from advertising platforms such as Google AdSense, Taboola and Content Ad.

Scott DeLong is the master of curated viral content. He built and grew the popular ViralNova website, working from his bedroom he grew the site from nothing to a site generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month within 8 months.

viralnova scott delong

He started by working 16 hours a day and when it really took off he paid 2 freelance writers to help create the content. This home based business with a team of only 3 people not only generated millions it was sold for a staggering $100 million to media company Zealot Networks 2 years later… within 2 years he went from zero to $100 million! And the content on this website was what? That is right, it was all curated content which Scott and his team copied from other sources.

So What Exactly Is Content Curation?

Content curation is basically taking content from other websites, social media and other people, repackaging and reshaping it and then sharing it via your own site. There is a big debate whether this is ethical and right. Many people believe it is theft and infringes copyright laws. It is if you basically take it from another website as you found it but if you rewrite it and build on it often you are safe.

This has been happening for years by many of the big players online. The big players I am referring to online are the traditional papers like the Daily Mail, The Mirror and the Telegraph etc.

Papers have been doing this for years way before the internet was thought about let alone created. They would trawl other papers and magazines for interesting information, re write it, share it in their own paper and add a source credit.

curatoed content

In the past they might have contacted people to get permission to use certain pictures and maybe even had to license images but since the birth of the internet this has changed a lot.

With so much piracy going on it would take years to take many websites to court for sharing your content. It is generally accepted that your stuff will be reused elsewhere and if the people put a source credit link back to the original post/article artwork it is often overlooked.

The source link is not just a nod in the direction to the original creator in acknowledgement but if it is hyperlinked back it acts as a backlink which as we know is very important online.

This doesn’t mean you can or should use other people’s work all of the time, it means it is more accepted. You should really get permission but with so many blogs and websites being created by fans for example the extra sharing is seen as free exposure and advertising.

Imagine you were an artist creating wall art and you wanted the world to see your work curated art contentwhich could lead to you getting commissions to do paid artwork. You would add your images to your website; you create a social media campaign and start the process of putting your work ‘out there.’

How would you feel if the Daily Mail did a two page spread about you and your artwork? You would feel great wouldn’t you? Imagine if the online version of the Daily Mail which is read by millions worldwide shared your artwork and it went viral.

You would feel great again, a lot of the readers who liked your artwork would then share it and more and more people would eventually see it.

Your artwork could be seen by millions in a matter of weeks or even days. A lot of websites know that anything that is placed on the internet is in reality put on there ‘to be seen’, you might personally want to control it better and not have your artwork stolen and used by other people however you cannot argue with the fact that it was put online to be seen. Why else would you have put it online?

With this in mind many people see that they can freely share interesting stories, photographs and artwork without worrying about copyright infringement because they are not technically using it for commercial gain and in fact giving the original source free advertising and traffic.

But the truth is; many websites ARE sharing other people’s content for commercial gain. They are running a commercial business and the pull is other people’s work.

curator content source link

DMCA Removal Request , Copyright Issues & Playing It Safe

As long as a website gives credit and links to the original source and do not publish the whole post as seen on another website they should be fine. To make it more safe many content curation websites will have a dedicated page with details about DMCA Removal Requests and an email that people can use to contact the site owners requesting posts to be removed.

This is usually the first step if people want to have content removed; it is far easier and cheaper than trying to get lawyers involved. When a site receives an email they simply remove the post and people go their own separate ways.

I will not go into great detail about DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) but it is a global law protecting people’s work online and if you use other people’s work unlawfully you can be asked to remove it and you must comply otherwise it will be enforced which means your hosting company will be contacted and your account suspended if you do not comply. You can read more here Digital Millennium Copyright Act

One of the reason some people will ask to have their work removed from content curation sites is that the website owners ARE using it for commercial gain. They may not be taking it and illegally adding it to DVD covers or turning it into wallpapers that are for sale or other products which are deemed commercial use but they are using it to generate traffic to their sites so they can generate money through advertising revenue.

That is a commercial set up and a business generating money using other people’s work. As I said earlier this has been happening for years, newspapers need to sell papers to make money and they did that by providing great information and if that meant sharing stories from other papers around the country or the world then they would do that.

The other important thing to remember is that you cannot copyright fact; you can only copyright something that has been created so if that is a photograph, a video, the way something is written or a piece of music then you have to be careful as they are works of art. Most newspapers and websites would rewrite the written information of a news report themselves which is factual and then license or ask to use any images which were usually granted free if the source of the image/story was credited, bit like a gentleman’s handshake agreement.

If you write about something and you were accurate and factual then it is likely that the recipient would be flattered and see it as ‘free advertising’ and let your post go however if you wrote something real sloppy with many inaccuracies then they may see it damaging to their reputation and career and they are more likely to ask for it to be removed. So it pays to make sure you are as factual and as close to the truth as you know it.

curator content websites 2

Sites like Bored Panda have become very popular and have been around for many years. These sites usually share cool and interesting things like artists work, stories and technology while other popular sites like the Huffington Post stick to sharing the news which as we know is big business and one built mainly on free content.

Some photographers and journalists are paid to write and take pictures but the stories themselves were free. As hard as is it to say this September 11th was great for the news companies, it was awful for mankind but it gave news channels and papers days, weeks, months and even years of free content that a lot of people found interesting.

sept 11 curated content

Creating A Content Curation Website Business

The reason these sites are popular is that they do not require a lot of skill and work. Now I say that carefully, there is some work involved, when the website grows you will need to keep on top of it and that is often done best by hiring people but if it is not generating a lot of money straight away you might decide to do it yourself.

The content itself may not require someone to lock themselves away in an isolated cottage and do hours of creative writing like an author would but you will need to spend some time writing or rewriting articles you find, saving images from articles and uploading them to your own site.

Remember Scott DeLong would spend around 16 hours a day creating content, sharing content and setting up Facebook advert campaigns. It was hard work but it paid off and he sold ViralNova for $100 million as well as the thousands he generated each month before selling it off.

It will take some time to find good stories and videos to rewrite, use and share. While I am on the subject of videos there are a lot of video based sites that generate money by sharing funny videos they find on YouTube.

Why don’t people go to YouTube to watch the videos? Because they do not know they want to see the video until it is posted and shared on social media. Videos can be embedded on any site thanks to the way YouTube is run. If you created a video content curation website that simply took videos from YouTube and shared them then you would have even less writing to worry about.

Creating a website is hard work when you have to create all of the unique content and get the traffic by sharing on social media and worrying about SEO while building a brand. With these types of sites most of the thinking and sharing is done for you.

curator content websites 3

Since it was talked about in the public arena more and more of these types of sites are appearing online. Some are regurgitating other competitors posts and articles whereas others are looking for the newest and latest stories in a bid to go viral.

Taking existing articles republishing them and then sharing them on social media is a lot easier especially when the content is liked by a lot more people than specific niches. This way there is a greater chance of posts going viral and that is what builds up the big traffic which can generate those ‘$100,000 in a week’ scenarios we all would like to experience.

I might like to read posts on topics such as ‘How To Generate 1000 Page views In A Day’ but many of my friends and family won’t but both myself and my friends are often interested in fun and interesting stories/pictures/videos like the one about the ‘Snake In Australia That Ate A Crocodile’

People are getting hosting packages that allow unlimited disc space and bandwidth at places like Hostgator then putting together a simple WordPress website. With little work a WordPress website is basically ready to take content. They would create a Facebook page, Twitter account and a Google + account so they can start growing an audience to share their posts with.

If you are still not sure how to get hosting or create a WordPress website then we have easy to follow video modules inside our Digital Academy. To learn more about the Digital Academy watch the video here: ‘It’s Not All About Sunshine, Speed Boats & Shiny Suits’ A Free Look Inside The Digital Academy.
its not all sunshine, speed boats and shiny suits
Once those few bits are sorted it is a case of sitting down, finding your content and then curating it into new posts. Some of the bigger websites have a small team of people overseas curating content and others are simply run by their young owners who spend their days looking for stuff and sharing it. If one article can generate $100,000 in a week I can see why they stay at home and do this instead of going out to work.

Generally the biggest content curation websites publish at least one article a day but most of them publish several posts a day. How much does Mashable publish in a day? As you can see from the image below it isn’t always new tech related stuff. They often curate fun content for traffic generation.

mashable curated content

They keep churning a lot of content out and they get a lot of shares. It is these masses of content and huge amounts of shares that drive traffic to their sites that generate the huge amounts of advertising revenue they can make or ask for.

So how do you find great articles, news, stories, videos and pictures to share?

There are four main ways I would search for ideas and they are

  1. ‘Like’ lots of pages on Facebook and watch what they publish and what all of your friends and family share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. These social networks are a great way to find new ideas, articles or even loads of fun images you can curate into a unique post of your own.
  2. Set up a Feedly account and have new posts and articles delivered into one place. Feedly has taken the place of the popular but now defunct Google Reader. You add all of the websites you like into Feedly and it will use their RSS feed and pull their latest posts into one account for you to peruse. The great thing about Feedly is that you do not need to keep going to all of your favourite websites, they are all there and you quickly scan posts to see if you like any. When you find a new website that could be interesting just add its URL to your Feedly account and you will now be updated of all of their new stuff. The website list can include all of the news websites and fun viral websites; it will save you a lot of time searching.
  3. Do a Google search, this one works better if you have an idea for a post. Let’s say that you wanted to do a post on pimped up camper vans, you type those words into Google and do both a web search and an image search. You will get back ideas and pictures that you can use as you will see in this interesting post ‘You Won’t Believe What These Guys Have Done To Their Vans 10 Pimped Up Vans & Crazy Campers
  4. Do a search on YouTube. YouTube is an incredible place; you find many great channels doing content curation using video as their main media. You will find videos doing many ‘Top Ten…’ videos of everything and I mean everything…  I recently saw a video for the ‘Top 10 Sexy Female Aliens’ Yes really! … And here it is 🙂

WatchMojo do loads of Top Ten style videos with clips they have curated and they add them to YouTube and share them on their own website.

Still you will get plenty of great ideas from YouTube and don’t forget you will get news reports and interesting fail videos by the bucket load too.

Only last night as a test I decided to do my own version of this post as a test ‘A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… Mind BLOWN’, it isn’t live but I did it in a Word Document as if I was doing it for real. This included downloading all 17 images and then placing them into my document, rewriting the content, adding source links and creating a new eye catching title as well as sourcing a new YouTube video to go with the post to make it more original.

I did this on my laptop while watching a film on the TV, it took me about half an hour and had I published it live on a WordPress website with some social media shares it would have been an hour tops. That isn’t bad really is it? I could have managed to have done more posts on a typical evening and had them scheduled but I started late and was only running a test so I do see this as a website business idea with a lot of potential.

When you consider that you could create and run a WordPress website for around £100 for the whole year (that includes the better hosting package with more disc space) it is a pretty cheap business model to get started with. The rest is really free, your content is based on other people’s work and content, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are free to use and they allow you to create things like groups, communities and pages for free to start growing a following.

You can if you wish spend some money on Facebook adverts to grow your page’s likes and this is recommended but then a couple of hundred pounds should be enough to kick start a viral effect to further grow your following.

So that is content curation, I guess you need to decide whether it is ethical or not and whether you want to get involved with it but I have shown you roughly what is involved and how to get started. I will leave that with you.  🙂

Remember: To learn how to build your own viral content curation website we have the several video tutorial modules inside the Digital Academy as well as our very own specially created Cash Curator system for our members using these viral content curation principles.

Check it out now by clicking the button below!

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The Changing Face Of Business

I am sure you are aware of the global economic crisis that has been happening over the last few years. We have heard of the horror stories where the economic and social foundations of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus have nearly collapsed. These have all added fuel to the fire which resulted in the British public leaving the European Union in last week’s referendum.


Unemployment is high in these countries now. As I write this Spain is having a second general election because the last one in December did not result in a decisive outcome and so Spain has been run by a caretaker Government.  It is said that unemployment is at a staggering 50% with more and more people in Spain forced to get food from food banks because they cannot afford a full weekly shop.

Greece is slowly recovering after seeing regular street protests and rioting resulting in shops and businesses being attacked. Times have been so desperate lately that people are turning on themselves.


Many of the issues in places like Spain and Cyprus were made worse by people in places like the UK not being able to afford overseas holidays so they chose to stay in their own countries which meant a lot of tourist places that relied heavily on income from tourism and tourist based work were seriously affected.

Many people believe that the bankers with greedy intentions and dodgy dealings have caused many of the issues, and they might be right. Governments bailing out banks have had to force cuts within the public sector which simply amplifies the misery that people are living with. But bankers and capitalism isn’t the cause of all of the issues that protesters will have you believe.

We are living in a different world these days and what worked 10 – 20 years ago is slowly changing.

Do you remember Woolworths, Blockbuster video and HMV? Over the last few years they have been in the headlines because they were forced to close making a lot of people unemployed. And of course the  BHS collapse has been in the news recently. But when we look closely at these stores what do we see? We see companies that have been around for years offering the public products that were once expensive to buy, expensive to manufacture and that you could only get from the big stores that could afford to stock them.

hmv blockbuster woolworths

Products like video and DVD’s, music CDs, books, stationery and even household goods. What is the first thing most people think when they look at those items?

‘Videos? DVD’s? They are so last decade!’

Many of today’s big stores are not suffering because of the economic crisis that has been caused by the bankers, many jobs are not being lost because of the banking system, they are being lost because the way our society is changing, they are being lost down to the advancement and development in modern technology and working systems.

We are at a similar stage to the industrial revolution of the early 19th century. Advancements in technology is making life easier and better for all, unfortunately with those changes some things and some people may suffer.

We are now living in the digital age; music is now in MP3 format and can be downloaded to mobile phones, MP3 players, computers, tablets and even eBook readers like the Kindle. Books are in PDF or Kindle form and can also be downloaded directly from the online store to Kindles, mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Movies and TV shows are the same; they come in digital format that can be downloaded and streamed live via your computer and mobile phone. I mean think about it, mobile phone? We can sit and watch TV on a phone while travelling on a bus or train!

Tesco now have their own Film and TV streaming service called BlinkBox to rival Netflix and Amazon. All are growing and changing the way we receive our entertainment. What was just an online thing routed to a TV by HDMI leads from a laptop is now becoming a defunct technology with modern TVs now coming connected to the internet via wifi or with USB sticks like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire. Internet TV is now being watched on large TVs!

blinkbox love film netflix

Imagine trying to tell someone one back in 1988 who owned one of those huge car phones that within 20 years we would be watching TV or listening to radio broadcast live from the other side of the world on hand held mobile phones! Then tell them that these phones are capable of storing more books and music albums than what most people have on their shelves.

scooby doo mobile

We live in a new age, we cannot overlook that, Woolworths might have closed down their stores but their online business was thriving until they recently joined the huge online store An online store has far less overheads and running costs compared to the traditional retail business model which requires having loads of stores in each major town across the UK.

There are rents and rates to consider, the utility costs such as electricity needed for lighting and running tills, water and possibly gas for toilets and heating. There are the costs of fitting out the stores with shelving, stands and equipment, there are the big costs of insurances, the cost of replacing products that have disappeared thanks to light fingered shoplifters, the cost of repairs after ’10 Stella’s Steve’ decided to put a road sign through the window on a Saturday night when he realised he was too late to buy a kebab and finally there are the wages that come with having so many staff. Offline businesses are very costly to run.

Change Is Inevitable!

coal not doleIt is a sad fact that when change comes people will lose their jobs. When the Miners were shouting ‘Coal not dole’ during the strikes of 1984 it was a desperate attempt to keep Britain in the past, what worked 20 years ago might not work now. No one likes to be out of work, (apart from those on Channel 5 documentaries!) but when one door closes others open.

Woolworths sold items that were becoming available to smaller shops like stationery and even household items, now they can be bought online and even personalized from the comfort of your own home by using sites like How can these big shops still compete?

An ex Woolworths employee might have lost their job but today they now have the opportunity of creating an online store selling mugs, T-Shirts, notepads and bags with their designs and photographs using sites like CafePress or Zazzle for very little outlay. This was not possible 20 years ago, where a Woolworths store once sold to the local populace, a CafePress store owner can sell to people worldwide.


As the popular saying goes ‘when one door closes another opens’; the doors to the world have been thrown open wide. When I was printing T-Shirts and selling them on my eBay shop I was sending T-Shirts to place like Russia, Singapore, the USA and Australia. I was sending items abroad every week, many of the places I had never visited.

Musicians are now able to take control of their own music. Typically I cannot remember the name of the band I wanted to use as my example but I remember the story well.  Several years ago there was a new young indie band that had been signed to a record label, they were quite good, they were fairly popular and even had records in the UK charts and an album out.

Surprisingly the record label decided to let them go, maybe they were not generating enough sales for the label – I am not sure. Record labels do spend a lot of money producing albums and promoting bands but with shows like the X-Factor coming along which creates the market for the winner and generates money from the voting system, the music industry has changed a lot. It has moved away from the old days where record labels risked their money on new bands so it is possible this band was a victim of the current state of the industry.

Does the band regret being left high and dry by their label? Not at all, in fact it is quite the opposite; to start with they might have been a bit deflated and miffed but now? They are in complete control of their own future. With social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and with music stores like iTunes, the band were able to keep growing their following and producing music that they wanted to produce, music which they were able to sell and promote themselves while keeping all of the rewards.

They can dictate where they go and what they do, they are completely free to go in the direction they and their fans want without the interference of the record label who were focusing primarily on getting back as much profit from their investment as possible.

How many people have we seen that have become stars worldwide because they took the time to use the tools we all now have at our disposal? Tools we take for granted?

The Scottish singer Sandi Thom, who was signed to a small record label, released a single “I sandi thomWish I Was A Punk Rocker” which flopped big time. Travelling from a gig her car broke down and as she sat waiting an idea popped into her head, Sandi created the “21 Nights from Tooting Tour” which were 21 live performances from her basement flat in Tooting.

Tickets were sold but the basement could only hold 10 people with most of them being the band. These performances were recorded and put out onto the web, using the then popular social media network MySpace to promote her webcast she gained a following; she went on to do a series of live webcasts.

With the help of several national newspapers who ran the story, one of Sandi Thom’s live webcasts was watched by a reported 70,000 people. Record label A&R men flocked to her shows to see what was going on. Sandi was eventually signed to Sony and her single was re released and became a huge hit worldwide making it to the No 1 spot.

She has since gone on to released 5 studio albums and 1 Best Of album. There is more to the story, some say it was a well-planned marketing campaign where she had help with promotion by her tech savvy friends but what is great is how they took a flop, created an online buzz using tools and networks we have available and created a career for herself.

After releasing 6 albums and playing across the world at many great festivals, it is fair to say that she hasn’t looked back.

the digital academyIt’s A Changing World

This is a changing world and that is good, people may lose jobs which is always a shame but when change happens new jobs are created. What people generally do is find something they enjoy (or at least are comfortable with) and want life to stay that way. When they are doing a job they love, working with people they like, it hurts when it is suddenly taken away from you. It is like being in a long term relationship which suddenly ends and you can do nothing about it.

You spend most of your day at work with your working friends so when it goes there is a big loss and a period of grief with a lot of fear, not only do you lose your daily life and work friends you now have no money coming in which can be very scary so losing a job is not a nice thing at all and not something to be taken lightly.

But when you look back at the days of the Miners strikes, there were no mobile phones, no laptops, no tablets, no websites and no internet. When you think how bleak it was at that time with many miners being made unemployed it was scary and you see the world getting worse.

But it doesn’t get worse, it changes, there are new advancements in technology and those advancements require people to make and sell these new fang dangled machines.

The internet meant people were now creating websites which opened up new doors for the young to become designers and coders, mobile phones have developed to a point where more people are employed to create apps and mobile technology. Do you think the BBC can suddenly appear on your phone without employing or hiring people who know how to do it? No of course not.

Social media has opened the doors for social media managers and people who now specialise in online marketing campaigns. Even your electricity company and your favourite supermarket now have dedicated teams monitoring social media for complaints, questions and enquiries. I recently contact Morrisons on Facebook regarding a missing quorn sausage when we had our shopping delivered.

morrisons fb chat

The Amazon Kindle has allowed people who didn’t think they could become authors to write and sell their own books. Read the fascinating story about Nick Spalding here: Building A Profitable Self Publishing Business Using Amazon & Google

These ebook readers like the Kindle also need making and selling, yes many of the technical items are manufactured overseas but the world is shrinking around us, we in the UK can benefit from overseas workers too, especially if the work we want done is in the digital domain. Many people have become very successful by outsourcing work to people overseas and being nothing more than the project overseer.

elance upwork

Stay at home mothers and fathers can be paid to write website content, do research or even answer emails for people. A cheap computer desk from Argos, a relatively cheap laptop, an external hard drive for backup and a small quiet room is enough for many people to start making money from home.  Joining outsourcing sites like Elance and Upwork can be a great start to finding work online.

There Is No Looking Back

This is a changing world, we cannot rely on others to give us job security, we have to rely on ourselves instead and that is the hardest part but there are so many new opportunities and ideas that we can get involved with.

Take Forex Trading as an example, 20 years ago a person working on a building site or in a shop would not be able to make money trading the markets very easily, you could I guess play the long game and buy a currency and hold it until it was ready to sell to make a profit. My dad’s cousin in Australia used to do that; he would get up early to catch the UK markets and brokers; he was probably one of the first to trade using computers, I don’t think I had even heard of eBay at that time.

That was 16 years ago, now it has become far easier for people to get involved in the Forex Markets and generate money using a combination of software. Some software is free and given to you by brokers and some tools that make the whole process easier and faster costs less than a pound a day to run.


We Minions work with a guy called Charlie who makes several thousand pounds in tax free profits each month from his home based office using just a computer, a good quality broadband connection and software that is available to anyone. He even appeared on a BBC documentary about successful traders, you can learn more about Charlie and watch parts of that documentary here: AdvantEdge The Simple One Click System.

Even gambling has changed; no more visits to the bookies on the high street having to take the odds you were given. People now regularly make money by trading bets at online betting exchanges like BetFair. Yes you read that right, trading bets, not placing them.

You buy a bet at one price and then sell it off later at a profit. An online betting exchange is different to a high street bookmakers, the exchange is an online middleman business, they make their money from putting two set of people together. The internet has made it possible for many ‘Joe Public’ people to open up a middleman business and become successful. Read Starting A Middleman Business & Profiting From Other People’s Work.

the greater good

The days of having to be part of the ‘in crowd’ or move in the ‘right circles’ are over. The creation of the internet and the big worldwide online family has opened up so many ‘circles’ and ‘crowds’ to all of us. The doors and walls have be blown wide open.

We no longer need to be signed by a publishing house to sell books; we no longer need to even have paper books made from trees – which is great for the planet. We no longer need to be signed to record labels, we no longer need to press records or make CD’s which again is also great for the planet. We no longer have to buy printing equipment, inks or T-shirts to sell our own designed T-shirts worldwide.

I will say it again… This is a changing world.

What was not possible many years ago are now possible and in ways we never imagined, jobs have been developed as others have gone. Many shops and industries may be closing but that isn’t always down to the economic crisis, it is simply down to the evolution of society and change.

Is it time you invested in yourself to learn new skills and take control of your life to reduce the risk of this changing society causing you grief and harm? I will leave you with that thought.

How One Family Made $100 Million In Two Years Using YouTube And A Grumpy Cat

Disney is not the land where dreams are made: It is the internet!

Not all internet wealth comes from hard work or specialised business systems. A lot of it has come from simply sharing fun stuff. If you are not yet aware, cats dominate the internet. Some say that the internet was just invented to share funny cat pictures and videos.

Their popularity can be seen everywhere. Today I wanted to talk to you about a family who have generated a whopping $100 million within two years thanks to their less than happy cat. The cat itself is probably very happy but it has a face which always looks sad and grumpy.

Introducing the internet sensation… Grumpy Cat!

grumpy cat

According to the UK newspaper The Independent (December 2014) Grumpy Cat’s owner Tabatha Bundesen and her family have reportedly earned $100 million which is a cool £64 million in real money.

Tabatha now 30 said:

“What she’s achieved in such a short time is unimaginable and absolutely mind-blowing. I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since.”

Grumpy Cat whose real name is Tadar Sauce earned more in 2014 through merchandise sales, advertising  and other revenues than the world class professional Cristiano Ronaldo who earned an estimated £27.1 million and Gwyneth Paltrow whose income for 2013 was around £12 million.

That is incredible! It all started when they put a picture on the popular website Reddit. People accused the picture of not being real and that it was ‘photoshopped’ so Tabatha recorded a few videos and added them to YouTube. Those videos went viral and the rest is history as they say.

The Original Grumpy Cat!

Just look at this video. It has had nearly 20 million views!

Grumpy cat has her own website, she has nearly 140 products in her online store split into departments like ‘Electronics’, ‘Clothing’ and ‘Home & Pets’.

grumpy cat merchandise

She has been in her own movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”, which was produced by Lionsgate –– the people behind several Jason Statham movies –– she has a couple of books on Amazon, one which was a New York Times bestseller, that are doing very well.

grumpy cat books

She even has her own range of coffees called ‘Grumppuccino’ which are available to buy in over 100 stores across the US.

grumpy cat coffee

Why I am saying she has I don’t really know as she has done very little herself. A lot of this is down to Tabatha and Grumpy Cat’s agent Ben Lashes. Ben is a self-proclaimed ‘meme manager’, whatever one of those are. He has turned the public’s love for funny cat images and videos into cold cash. He has managed other popular online cats including Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.

Since Ben took over managing Grumpy Cat he has created a brand that has grown landing them the book and film deals as well as Grumpy Cat now being the official ‘Spokescat’ for Friskies. A deal with Nestle Purina PetCare what would be worth a small fortune.

Grumpy Cat is not the only cat to become an internet sensation and she certainly wasn’t the first. It is now generally accepted that posting a picture to Reddit, Twitter or Facebook or a video to YouTube can launch an internet sensation.

YouTube has generated millions of dollars for people because it allows average joe public to get their homemade videos out in front of millions of people.


technology rich and famous

How The Technology We Take For Granted Today Could Make You Rich And Famous

Some YouTube stars can earn more than Hollywood films and stars. Especially when you consider the return earned on products with the difference in layout costs.

Hollywood spends millions to make millions whereas Felix Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie, a Swedish video game commentator, would spend a miniscule amount compared to Hollywood and yet it is reported that he can make as much as $7.4 million in a year thanks to his YouTube based business.


Sitting On Your Bum Playing Video Games YouTube $7.4 million How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

So the questions are: Do you own a pet? Do you own a video camera? (smartphone will do) Do you want to make money doing something which is fun?

If the answers to all three questions are yes then you could be the next internet sensation like Grumpy Cat. Who knows?

But what we do know it that no one will ever know if they never try.

How One Marketer Makes $25,000-$30,000 A Month After Swapping Affiliate Marketing For Writing Kindle Ebooks.

Following on from last week’s post about people making a lot of money by writing fiction ebooks on Amazon Kindle I wanted to bring you another story of success. This time I am going to be talking about Steve Scott who was once a successful affiliate marketer but now he is a very successful author selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

Unlike last week’s article which focused on the fiction genres Steve Scott writes books which are helpful to people. They are motivational style books showing people how to make good habits. One of his most popular books is Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes Or Less.

steve scott books

As you will see throughout this article, he has written books which are compilations of tips, tricks and advice covering many of life’s daily issues such as exercise, decluttering your home & life, writing to do lists and eating healthily.

Seriously? How hard can it be to write a book about de cluttering your house?

1. Find the things you do not want anymore…

2. Throw them in the bin! 🙂

steve scott books 2

Steve Scott is what is commonly being called an authorpreneur. The internet along with sites like Amazon and modern computing technologies like Kindle, tablets and eBooks has enabled people to make a lot of money from writing books and working from home.

How good does that sound? Working from home surrounded by your family and your toys choosing to work when you want without the stress and cost that comes with having to actually go to work. If you were not aware that going to work had a cost read this article here How Working Online From Home Can Save You Money.

Steve Scott did an interview in June 2015 where he said that he had 58 assets on Amazon Kindle. An asset to Steve is an ebook or ebook bundles and several of those are the same books but in different translations. As I write this I found only 23 books by Steve Scott but that is here in the UK without doing an indepth search. If all 23 books had at least 2 translations for the Spanish and Portuguese markets as an example then he would have 46 assets on there. So it does start to add up.

He also offers audio versions of many of his books and he also uses Amazon’s CreateSpace system to create on demand print books. He said that he does not sell many of the printed versions but –– and this is a very important but –– having the print version available to buy with a higher price makes people think that the Kindle version is at an acceptable price and helps to sell more of them. That single fast comparison of prices can really help you to sell more. Something to bear in mind if you decide to get involved in this business model.

steve scott books 3

As I mentioned earlier Steve was an affiliate marketer. For eight to nine years he did well earning passive income while he travelled around the world. He was running an internet marketing blog and as a way to drive traffic back to his website he decided to create an ebook from five old blog posts and put it on Amazon Kindle.

Not a lot happened for a few months but when he added a second book and added them to KDF Select offering them for free things began to move. Once they were taken off KDP Select they began to sell well sending more traffic to his website.

Some marketers write epic content (like I do 🙂 ) for their blogs and then they would often take their best information and create a product to sell on the internet marketing forum called the Warrior Forum.

Steve Scott had been thinking the same, but then he had the thought; why create all of this great content for his website and then try and create a product to sell on the Warrior Forum when he could just simple create epic content as a book full of actionable tips and advice and sell it cheaply on Amazon Kindle to a wider audience?

So that is what he started to do, and he didn’t look back. He had started to grow his own author/publishing empire which now generates between $25,000 and $30,000 (As declared in June 2015, it could be more or less now. I cannot say.)

steve scott books 4

Steve said the he wanted to move into writing fiction for one very great reason, one which I think is very powerful. Fiction stories do not need UPDATING! If you write tutorial articles or books or create tutorial videos for YouTube or a membership area, they will soon need updating.

I remember creating an ebook and a series of training videos showing how to use a specific email marketing software. I got it all finished only to find that the software was updated a couple of weeks later. The videos that I created could still be used but they did look different to what the users would see when they worked with the software.

Now think of great classics like Alice In Wonderland or the War Of The Worlds, they do not need to be updated. Hollywood has often updated them for new audiences when creating film versions of the stories using artistic license but the stories remain the same especially in book format.

When you write a fictional book it does not need updating and can be sold for many years. Only this week I bought an ebook version of a classic American Pulp Fiction story originally published in the 1930s. The story is set in the 1930s and when I read it that is where my mind goes.


Whereas anything that offers advice and tips for a modern life can require updating and it might require it often. Think about how many times your smartphones, tablets, apps, computers and software get updated each year. It feels like it is all the time to me!

Fiction is a great business to get into. I believe this saying explains it nicely… If you think about it, the best job in the world has to be a fiction writer, if you become successful you basically make shit up and get paid for it. However the marketing is probably harder to do as there is a lot of competition.

Want to write fiction?

How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model.

Read this: How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model

It does depend on what non-fiction you write too, not everything needs updating. Many self help books cannot be updated as the techniques in self help books are hundreds of years old and still work today.

Anyway I digress, what today’s article is really all about is that you can make a lot of money selling non-fiction information products on Amazon Kindle just as Steve Scott has and does. This business requires very little technical ability. You do not need to have a website, you can have one if you want but it is not required and you can outsource most of the work if you so wish.

More importantly, Steve Scott was/is making around $25,000 upto $30,000 per month from writing books which he sells via Amazon Kindle.

Is this the home based business for you?

Oh and did I say that you can do this virtually anywhere in the world without the need for much more than a laptop?