5 Ways To Make Money Online Writing


I want to talk about 5 very simple ideas that you could use to start to generate money online today by doing nothing more than writing. These 5 ideas separately could be a second income or you could build a full time business doing 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of these ideas.

I didn’t want to offer you ideas that were too complicated, were costly to implement or required a lot of new skills. I wanted to work with what we all have available now which is a laptop and the ability to read and write.

Some people might be slightly better at reading and writing than others but on the whole we all should have the relevant skills to make these ideas work.

This could be your new motto:

Have Laptop – Will Write”

It is common knowledge that many of the best successful and profitable businesses have legs, they have a future and they generally provide a service that will still be needed in 5 years’ time as much as it is now.

So when compiling these ideas I tried to think of tasks that people will pay to have done today and will still be paying to have them done for years to come. Also as I said earlier they were not to require skills that you do not already have now and have fully mastered. They had to be simple and easy.

These are not all just for other people, there are ideas that you can do for yourself such as become a self-published author. This can be very profitable.

Ok so what are these 5 perfect writing business ideas?

Idea 1: Transcribing Audio Into Text

Believe it or not but there is a big demand for this service and it is big business. There is also one huge reason why this is better than writing articles for people.


There are a lot of people offering article writing services and many often charging as little as $5 for a 500 word article which is ok but that involves creative thinking including having to research the topic that you need to write about.

With transcribing you simple listen to an audio recording or a Podcast and type down everything you hear bar the ‘umms’ and ‘errs’.

Setting Yourself Up On Outsourcing Sites

On Fiverr there are people charging $5 to transcribe 5 – 20 minutes of audio, once Fiverr have taken their $1 out of the deal you are left with $4 which is around £2.35 at today’s exchange rate. There are people on sites like Odesk offering their services at better higher prices.

This idea could have you posting your services on Fiverr and then you make more money by adding extras to the gig such as ‘express 24 hour turnaround for $10’ making it now $15 to transcribe someone’s audio.

You could also offer your services on sites like Odesk as well and find work. Remember often the best customer is a repeat customer, if you do an excellent job for the price and build up a relationship with your customers, they will come back to you when they need more work doing.

Having A Dedicated Website For Your Business

Creating your own website dedicated to the business would be good for…

  1. Authority
  2. Repeat work (sending past clients from Odesk and Fiverr directly to deals on your site)
  3. New clients

Having your own site also means that you can drive potential clients to it by advertising your services on Facebook and Google using their advert networks. The website will add authority weight to you and your services by having testimonials and a page or two of who you are and what you do.

The website can come later if you want to keep costs down and try out the system first using Fiverr and Odesk. Or for a cost of less than £60 for the year you could have your site up and ready for future clients and work.

If you are wondering who would want transcriptions doing or why then let me remind you that having an online business or building a brand is all about being ‘everywhere’ and having as much quality content all over the web in as many different mediums as possible.

Podcasts are very popular at the moment and many marketers want to have a text version available as a download or as an article on their site. Some will add them to Kindle as a monthly magazine and a 30 minute podcast takes up valuable time to transcribe so many marketers or website owners would rather pay someone else to transcribe them so they can focus on the things they do best like recording podcasts etc.

Sometimes it will be videos that they want transcribing so that the viewer can also download and read the transcription. These simple documents help viewers understand what was said in the video and for the marketer they can add a lot of value to a training course or product.

Some website owners, marketers or business owners might prefer to write their articles or information by talking into a dictaphone then paying someone to write it out for them. Very similar to how old businesses use to pay copy typists, they would employ people to write down information from a recording; they used to be paid well.

katie price jordan

Many authors do the same thing, the British model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price is a bestseller author (I know? Read that again… she is!) who never wrote a word herself, she has publicly stated several times that she would use a dictaphone and then send her recordings off to a ghost writer.

I know of a few successful marketers who create loads of short kindle eBooks using this exact model, they talk about a subject and someone else types it up for them. There is a big market for this and all it requires is the ability to listen and type. That is it.

Obviously the faster you can type the more you can get done and the more money you can earn, your hourly rate depends on how fast you can type. If you do 20 mins audio for say £5 and can do that 20 minutes in say half an hour then you can do 2 jobs per hour earning you £10 etc.

Please note: 20 mins audio will often take longer depending on the speed you type and if you have to keep stopping and starting the recording. If you intend to do this as a second income from home and not too bothered about building up a big business then it doesn’t matter how fast you type and you can focus on each job individually.

You might simply decide to do 1 job an evening for the 5 working days of the week at £5 and generate an extra £100 a month. You can do as much or as little as you fancy or are capable of.

There is little thinking involved with this business idea, you just need a laptop with a copy of MS Word and the abilities to listen and type. As I said there are many authors who will send their ‘creations’ to people who will write out what they have put down on an audio recording. How hard is that?

Imagine landing the job of transcribing a brand new 90,000 word thriller for someone. That would surely pay well.

Idea 2: Ghostwriting

As mentioned in the Katie Price example, some people want ghostwriters to write articles or books for them which they then publish under their own name. This is a lot more common than you may realise.

I have in the past used ghostwriters when creating articles, I would give them a topic, they would then research it and then write about it. I wouldn’t publish their finished article though, I personally edit the articles that I had written. I just wanted to pay someone to research the topic and lump all of that research together into something that I could shape into my own words.

I have paid $40 US for articles around 1500 words long. That is roughly £32 today, so if you were able to write 2 or 3 articles a day then you are making a good daily wage. There are top ghostwriters who are paid a lot more.

The multimillionaire author James Patterson uses ghostwriters, he would write up a story idea then give it someone else to write. They are classed as co-authors these days but he outsources most of the work to others. Basically he pays people to write his books for him.

If you are good with creative writing and have a good imagination then you could become a ghostwriter for many aspiring authors. There are many successful marketers who self-publish books in the Amazon Kindle Store under pen names. Not the names of the people who wrote the books because they were simply paid to write the books and nothing else.

It is a very common thing. As I said earlier, it is not just books that are being ghostwritten. Articles, video scripts, speeches and a whole lot more are outsourced to writers. All you need to be a ghostwriter is a laptop, an internet connection (now and then) and a good command of written English. That is it.

Ghostwriting is not just for entertainment books like fiction. Many marketers hire writers to create information ebooks about products and software that they are developing to sell.

You can hire yourself out on sites like Fiverr.com and UpWork aswell as set yourself up with your own business website.

Idea 3: Hired Article Writing

This is similar to ghostwriting but articles are not always edited or published under a pen name. Content is often outsourced for websites and these articles can be added to websites without any name or sometimes the paid writer is credited.

Generally the article that is written and submitted to the client needs to be perfect and ready to publish. Clients pay for finished articles, they do not want to waste time having to edit them. This is not ghostwriting, this is finished article writing.

If it is not right they will send it back and ask for corrections or for it to be done again.

This too can be a very profitable business, an article like this one to the right client could be worth several hundred dollars. I have seen writers charging around $0.20 per word which is roughly £0.15 per word putting this article at a value of at least £380. (In an ideal world)

Like the other methods above, you can set yourself up on outsourcing sites like UpWork and Fiverr.com. It would definitely pay for you to have your own website where you offer your services and inform people of what you do.

Some clients may ask for a lot of articles or ebooks to be written on specific niches so that they can sell them to hundreds or thousands of people as information products or PLR products – which leads us onto the next idea.

Idea 4: Writing PLR Content

This is different to the first 3 ideas, instead of being hired and working to order a PLR writer creates content packs which are then sold for a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of people with the rights that they can use them in any way that they want.

A thousand people buying a package of 200 articles at a price of £20 is £4000. That is just an example, some people might charge more or might do smaller packages. What I do know is this, in my experience PLR articles which are sold are very basic and short in length. They are not hard to write. The better quality articles or ebooks that you write the more you can charge for them.

But remember, you are selling these in bulk and so they will be cheaper compared to the longer unique articles a writer is contracted to write. A one off article could be worth £30 or more whereas a PLR pack could be £30 for hundreds of articles.


This idea would require more from you as you would need to market your PLR products or at least hire someone to market them for you. PLR writers can do joint ventures with marketers. The idea is to find a niche or topic which is very popular, write all about it then sell those articles or ebooks to people who can then sell them or give them away to build email lists, add content to their websites or rebrand and sell for profit.

Basically you create the content, sell it on and allow others to do whatever they like with it. You will not be credited as the author but you can earn a lot from providing PLR content for other people.

I was a member of a membership website that was supposed to teach people about internet marketing but a lot of the content on the website was not created by the site owner but was PLR content that he had bought and rebranded. He was charging over £30 a month to access his site.

PLR content is very sought after!

Idea 5: Becoming Self Published Author

This one we have covered several times before in the following articles. Take a read of them and you will see how profitable becoming a self-published author really can be.

How One Marketer Makes $25,000-$30,000 A Month After Swapping Affiliate Marketing For Writing Kindle Ebooks.

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How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model.

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There will be marketing involved and of course you will need covers designing for your books but both of these can be learned or outsourced.

This will require some money to promote your books but there are things that you can do for free to get your books out in front people such as using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other popular websites like Pinterest and Tumblr.

I want to say – depending on what type of books you write and how good they are you can make a lot of money from being a self published author – but there are people making good money on Amazon Kindle publishing what can be described as terrible books.

What they do is different to the traditional idea of what an author does, they don’t spend months or even years crafting the perfect book instead they write and publish loads of ‘ok’ books. They rely on selling a handful of each book each month. A handful of sales of 20 or 30 books can add up to a nice monthly income.

It seems that anyone can become a self-published author and become a successful one at that. As with all things that have a lot of potential they require patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, a book wasn’t written in an hour and a self-published fortune wasn’t generated in a week.