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How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model

Today I am going to discuss a business model that has been used very successfully by several people recently but the model itself is an old one. One which virtually died when new technology –– such as colour TVs became cheaper and more readily available –– destroyed its popularity with the masses.

It soon became outdated and was virtually unheard of again until now. The change in modern technology, the invention of the internet and the new phenomenon of the online self publishing system that Amazon Kindle and others have brought to the world has had a strange but interesting twist –– it has brought back the opportunity for people to make money from this old business method.

So what old business model am I talking about here? The business was known as ‘Pulp Fiction’ and it was named after the low grade paper that fiction stories were once printed on. The reason these stories were printed on low quality paper was that it was cheap and made them affordable.

pulp fiction covers 1

The USA had just experienced the big depression and the economy was at a low as was morale, publishers wanted to cheer people up and give them some excitement and adventure to allow them to escape the humdrum life that so many of them were living. But because people had very little spare money they needed to make it affordable and so they came up with the concept of hiring writers to create short fiction stories which they printed on cheap paper and sold cheap to the public.

The writers who needed work were paid pennies which kept the costs down. They might not have liked how little they were being paid but they needed the work. The idea of the Pulp Fiction business was similar to the Woolworths principle of stack them high and sell them low.

Instead of a long novel type book they would produce a collection of short stories and sell them. Many people couldn’t face reading a big thick book, they prefered the thinner comic style magazines. The stories were often in a series and spread out over time just like how TV shows are made today. Each episode is a new mini episode within one big story.

pulp fiction covers 2

Inside these Pulp Fiction magazines were crime and detective dramas, war stories, cowboy & westerns and science fiction stories based in outer space People loved them, people love to be entertained and that is what Mike Shreeve focused on when he made over $700,000 a year by starting his own Pulp Fiction empire.

Before starting his Pulp Fiction empire Mike spent several months studying the pulp fiction writers of the early twentieth century.

Mike along with many others has made good returns by writing short entertaining fiction stories which they have sold on sites like Amazon Kindle, Kobo, B&N and more. There are two ways to make this business work for you:

1 You can either write the short stories yourself which you self publish

2 Or you become a publisher and outsource the writing and then publish the stories under ‘pen names.’

Or there is a third option: do both!

Mike made a great point when he discussed the difference between his business model and other writers: Most writers want to become famous by having a bestseller on one of the popular lists such as the New York Times Bestseller list and those writers dream of that one bestselling book making a lot of money and changing their lives around. Mike on the other hand made his money from many books and not just one.

He said It’s the myth of the bestseller…Authors are the only business people (and if you want to make money selling books you are in business… no two ways about it…) that I know of who think that they can make a year’s salary off the sales of a single product. It doesn’t make sense.”

It is a very valid point, why do authors think that they can change their lives with just one product? Yes it has happened before for many people but it is never guaranteed.

Mike didn’t just write one long bestseller. They can take ages because writers get so lost in the writing. The story they write constantly changes, it is forever growing, it evolves because as you write you think up new ideas to add to the book and also novels have roughly 90,000 words and so they can take ages to write and edit.

pulp fiction covers 3
Mike along with others focused on writing shorter stories (called novelettes ) of 10,000 words more or less and they published them as a series. Any ideas that popped into their heads while they wrote they put into a list of ideas for future follow up stories.

This is what Mike had to say about it all: “Instead of trying to write one perfect book, write a higher quantity of your best books. It’s a slight difference, but so damn important. Do your best work 100% of the time, but don’t pretend you are going to write a bestseller. Instead, pretend that your life depends on finishing your writing for the day. Set higher goals. Get better. I never worry about whether my books will make a “list”. I only care that the books get finished.”

For every book that is finished it can be published and when it is published it has the potential to earn money. Mike had loads published which were bringing in money. In 2014 he published 36 books. If that sounds like a lot of writing to you then do not despair, he didn’t write most of them himself. He outsourced the writing.

David Lee Martin is another successful writer who self publishes short stories. David said that he generally pays between $100 and $130 for ghostwriters to write his short stories. He finds a target niche, creates a story outline with characters etc then sends the information to the writers who write the finished books. He may do some editing but his job mainly is to market the book. He creates the book covers himself because he loves playing around in Photoshop whereas Mike Shreeve prefers to outsource the covers.

So as you can see you do not need to write the books yourself but if you want to then you could. Mike published 36 books in 2014, that would be some going if you wrote the books yourself but I personally would say that –– if you were a discipline character –– you could write 25 great short stories in a year.

That means that you can write one book every two weeks. At 10,000 words per book, writing as little as 1000 words per day you should have a book done in ten days with four spare for editing. Now it sounds a little more achievable doesn’t it? I have tip that can help make writing 10,000 words a lot easier later on in the article.

Kindle Self Publishing Masterclass New ModuleThe more stories you have published the more sales you can generate. Here is something that you should consider as a publisher or writer. When someone reads a story that they really enjoyed they want to read another. If they loved the characters they may want to read another story featuring those characters or if they loved your writing style then they may want more of that. What happens if you publish a book and have nothing else for the reader to buy? They can get bored and forget about you.

Both Mike and David wrote/published under different pen names unlike James Patterson –– who is famous for outsourcing his writing! ––  so to make sure that people can access more of their work (under that pen name) they do something a lot of Novel Authors do not do: They write a series of separate short stories first and do not publish one until they have a few of the series ready and then publish several at the same time.

pulp fiction covers 5

This means that each new book in the series can cross sell the others and that they will be shown by sites like Amazon in the By The Same Author… section. Instead of selling one they can sell several at the same time to the same people without the fear of losing them later. Those who write longer books which takes months or even years to write will be making their fans wait ages for another book which can be damaging to sales.

The price point for these shorter stories vary from between $0.99 to $2.99 –– or pounds if you are in the UK. What is important is that you create great books, they may be short and the turnover is fast but you cannot publish sub standard books. Remember; the Pulp Fiction business of the 1930s printed on sub standard paper but the stories and cover art was the best they could produce. The quality of the stories on those sub standard pages was the most important thing.

James Patterson is one of the biggest selling authors of all time, he writes novels and he can publish a lot of them in a year because he too outsources a lot of the writing to co-authors. He creates the book ideas and sets about creating the characters and story and then has others to flesh it out. I was recently reading one of his books and noticed that all of his books have a lot of chapters and that many of those chapters are just a few pages long. I wanted to know why and so I found out.

james patterson and co authors

James Patterson likes to write a scene as a chapter, so for example, if he had two people talking in a kitchen about a murder, that would be a full chapter. If one of the people left and drove away leaving the other in the kitchen to mull over the discussion, that would be another chapter. So to help you write a short story I came up with a template.

The Short Story Template

When writing a short story of 10,000 words break it up into ten scenes which become ten chapters and each chapter should be around 1000 words each. This will help plan the story and if you prefer change the template to suit so if you prefer write 20 chapters of roughly 500 words and so on. This is not an exact science but a way to help set the story out. As James Patterson would tell you, it is easier to write a story when you have an outline or full plan to work to.

I would also say that the rule is to be flexible. If one chapter has 800 words and another 1057 then so be it. It is just a guide to help write 10,000 word stories. If you need more or less words/scenes and chapters then add them. Do what you need to do but remember, as Mike Shreeve said “I only care that the books get finished.” and so should you. Get them finished and get them published. That is the only true way to start making money from selling books on Amazon Kindle.

After the books are published to Amazon, Mike and David would then start to market them using Facebook adverts to send traffic to the sales page. They also build up email lists by giving away a free story and those email lists have made it possible for them to sell more books without using advertising meaning that they get more money and need to spend less on advertising.

But for now –– if this idea sounds good to you ––  you better start writing or planning your stories otherwise you have nothing to market.

Oh and by the way, I have written just under 2000 words in the last few hours for this article so writing 1000 – 2000 words a day can be done 🙂

Do You Fail Enough? Failing 49 Percent Of The Time Will Lead To Success

“If you do it right 51 percent of the time you will end up a hero.” – Alfred P. Sloan  long-time President, chairman and CEO of General Motors Corporation, Born May 23, 1875.

alfred p sloan

The idea behind this article is to show you how low the bar is really set for success, and many people say that with the popularity and ease of social media the bar is getting even lower.

It is pretty easy for people to be a success because it is agreed by many that success comes from persistence. If some of the world’s biggest names had not persisted when they failed the world would be a different place. Imagine a world without the Beatles, Harry Potter or the author James Patterson.

49 percent failure rate

These people were rejected and failed many times:

James Patterson: Who has sold over 300 million books had all of his short stories rejected, his first novel was turned down by 31 publishing houses but when it was eventually published it went on to win an award for the best new novel of that year. He is now a multimillionaire author who publishes dozens of new books each year.

JK Rowling: Was turned down by 8 publishing houses when she sent them the manuscript for Harry Potter, eventually one accepted it and published the book. Now look at her and the popularity of the Harry Potter franchise. She too is a multimillionaire and publishes other popular stories under a different pen name.

The Beatles: Were turned down by Decca Records executive Dick Rowe believing ‘guitar groups are on the way out’ saying that they were an ‘old sound’ and basically would not amount to anything… Who has not heard of the Beatles or a Beatles song?

I am sure that there is a remote tribe somewhere in the Amazon who might not know anything about the Beatles but for the rest of the Western world you would have had to been living under a rock to have not heard of them!

amazon tribe

The rest is history as they say but had they all given up early history would have a very different story.

What the above shows us is that they didn’t give up, they pushed on regardless where others would have quit and it paid off… big time.

When others told them that they or their product was no good they didn’t stop, they had to carry on regardless. Whether they were able to carry on because of discipline, or by desire, or by willpower, or by mental illness, or by being driven, or by being compelled – it doesn’t matter what it was, what matters is that they carried on regardless and became a success.

Taking James Patterson’s story of being rejected by 31 publishing houses; at what number would you have thrown the towel in and accepted that the literary world had spoken and declared that you were not good enough to be a writer?

Rejected 31 times and yet James Patterson is the most prolific writer today who is banking serious money from his failings as a writer. If he intended to send his book to 100 different publishing house – with 31 rejections he still had a further 18 rejections to go before success appeared, but it didn’t, it actually came sooner.

That figure of 31 which seems high to most people is actually well under the 49% fail rate.

Just keep doing what you are doing over and over again, and you cannot help but succeed.


Richard Branson is a successful entrepreneur and I bet you can name several of the successful businesses that he started, but can you name any of those business ideas or decisions he made which failed? No of course you can’t because the nature of failing means that they are not usually seen or heard of.

richard branson

Success on the other hand means that by nature you or your business becomes popular and known. Richard Branson has himself failed many times and yet here he is today, a very wealthy and successful businessman and a huge inspiration.

Success Is A Law Of Nature

By nature we humans can only get better at doing something the more we do it, so when you fail 49% of the time eventually that fail rate will drop significantly… until you try something completely new and different, then you will be back at square one.

Martial Artists, sports people, and musicians will spend years practicing the same moves day in day out until they master it and become a success. Their daily practice routines can make weak and feeble minded people shudder in fear. They go ‘that extra mile,’ they go ‘over the razors edge,’ they fail ‘49% of the time’ until success appears.

To determine if you’re doing anything right at least 51% of the time, you should do it at least 100 times. You can happily fail 49 times and it will not affect you in a big way.

After you have done something 100 times evaluate how well you did. Chances are you will find that you did even better than 51%. As mentioned earlier, if you do something again and again, you cannot help but get better at it. It is basic human nature, our minds and bodies have evolved to do this. It’s pure biological adaptability.

The first article that you write will be awful when compared to your 100th article which was written 100 days after the first… there is no way that you can actually get worse. (Unless old age or a terrible natural condition has struck you down)

So let’s assume that you have a website and that it requires content: write 100 articles and share them on social media. Spread them as far and wide as you can. Let as many people know about your articles as possible, chances are some people will love some of your articles and love you. You will become, in the words of Alfred P. Sloan, ‘a hero’ to them.

Working on the idea that it takes 100 tries to have a big win, you have three chances for big wins each year if you do a little work each day. Plus a little extra success from the other 65 days.

Being the hero is the ultimate win and not only do you get three chances per year you can basically fail almost half of the time. Looking at it on paper, it really isn’t that hard but it does take something that most people do not have, or unwilling to cultivate if they do not naturally have it, and that is the ability to turn up at work each day, every day, over and over again when you are not getting results and constantly failing.

It can be very discouraging when things seem to constantly be failing with very little or no results but when you apply a magic number to success as we have here you can be more positive in your approach and accept the failures with a zen buddhist like calmness.

You can fail more than 10 times and still succeed if you keep at it, most people would have given up after 10 attempts but in reality you can fail 49 times and still become a success, you should not give up until you have tried enough times.

So the questions to ask yourself are these:

Are you failing enough?

Are you trying enough?

How many days in a row have you given your time to work towards your goals?

If it’s not at least 100 times before quitting then your chances of becoming successful is slim.

The Golden Keyword For Affiliate Marketing Is…Four To Five Words Long (Or More)

Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and they do that by ranking their websites, videos and pages in search engines like Google, Bing and YouTube by using search terms called keywords.

YouTube is considered to be a search engine even though it is video based as people search for information on it. There are some affiliate marketers who use YouTube and nothing else to drive free traffic back to their sites where they sell products and build lists.

A keyword is what people use when searching for a product or information online. Often called a keyword phrase when it consists of two or more words but some marketers might refer to it as just the ‘keyword’ when they talk about doing keyword research.

For example if you wanted to search online for a way to get the perfect beach ready body for your holidays in the sun you would probably go to Google and type in ‘how to get the perfect beach body’.

That is the keyword and so if an affiliate marketer had a product which was about losing weight and getting into shape fast for the holidays called ‘Beach Ready Body In Under Two Weeks’ he would try and target that search term.

google search results beach body

(Please do not try and target any of the keyword phrases in this article as they are used as examples only and are very competitive: in other words you will waste your time trying to rank for them!)

When anyone typed ‘how to get the perfect beach body’ into Google if the affiliate had done his job right their pages, articles, website or videos would appear on the front page of the search results right where the potential customer can see it.

Keywords as in the individual keywords like ‘money’ are basically all gone unless you target a new unheard-of product. To become a top affiliate these days you need to target the more longer backdoor keyword phrases which will have very little or no competition.

Recently while watching a video from a professional YouTube affiliate marketer who had made his first million dollars online in his early twenties (don’t think he is past 25 yet!) he recommended that affiliate marketers should now focus their attention on keyword phrases that are longer than four words.

That is the minimum requirement, with so many people fighting over the shorter more popular keyword phrases he made his million sweeping up the crumbs which were left on the table. These crumbs were people who were searching for information using longer phrases that the other affiliates had not targeted.

The internet is so vast these days it is crammed near to bursting with information on anything and everything and so as you can imagine all of the popular keyword phrases are taken. Trying to muscle in on them is going to be so hard if not near impossible so what is the alternative?

You dig deeper and find the longer less used keyword phrases which have enough monthly searches which have little or no competition. These types of keyword phrases are going to be longer and a lot more specific. ‘Get a beach body’ is less specific than ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’,

Unless a product is brand new and you are first in line with getting affiliate marketing material out in front of people I recommend that you forget trying to rank for the popular two or three word keyword phrases and go for those that have four words or more.

Please note, when counting the important words in a keyword phrase words like ‘a’ and ‘the’ are not counted. In the keyword phrase ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ the important words are ‘how-get-beach-body-4-weeks.’

There are several places where you can search for profitable keywords but one of the best which is free is the Google Keyword Planner Tool which can be found inside the Google AdWords account dashboard. You will need to register an account but don’t worry you do not have to actually run any Google adverts and spend any money.

If we go into the Google Keyword Planner Tool and do a search for ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ you can see how many people are using that search term per month.

keyword tool

As you can see, that keyword phrase only gets searched on average 40 times per month. That is not a lot, a good monthly search number is between 800-1200. You might think that more is better but the chances are that anything over 1200 will be targeted by other marketers.

In fact anything that has 800 searches a month might also be taken by savvy marketers if the competition is low. you could make money from lesser numbers so you could focus on the crumbs with 200-600 searches a month and target several phrases with those numbers.

To determine how competitive the keyword phrase is you need to do a Google search. Ignore the box which says ‘Competition’ in the Keyword Planner Tool as that is based on data from people using the keyword in paid adverts.

A true reflection of how competitive a keyword phrase is, is the amount of results there are in Google when you do a search using the phrase and what kind of websites there are on the first page. You can quickly determine if you can out rank a website on the first page by seeing if it is a well known popular authority site.

If the front page is full of sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, the BBC, news websites like the Telegraph or websites that are in that specific niche and have been around for years and actively growing then it is going to be a lot of work to out rank them so it would be easier to look for a less competitive keyword phrase without doing any further checks.

google search results

As the screen shot above shows, the search term ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ has pulled up 10,500,000 results, that is a huge amount and it the front page is dominated by a lot of huge authority websites which means that you could not rank for that keyword phrase.

I see no videos from YouTube showing so a professional YouTube marketer might be able to land a video in the results but I couldn’t say for definite as these sites in the list are all very HUGE.

Sometimes the crumbs are keyword phrases that might be a little disjointed but when you find those magic keyword phrases that have little or no competition it is time to build the YouTube account, make videos, build a website and write the content targeting those keyword phrases and begin to suck in affiliate commissions from relevant products.

How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting

Do you want to build up Facebook pages fast? Do you want to get thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of loyal followers quick?

If the answers to the above questions are yes then you are going to find this really exciting.

This is naughty little trick which can be very powerful.

freebooting videos fail army
I really shouldn’t be showing you this as it is not very ethical and is wrong in many eyes (I agree that it is wrong) but I have seen people doing this and thought that I would report on it as it is a powerful method to grow huge audiences on Facebook… and show you how you can do it too using free software. (Video below)

The reason it is wrong and unethical is that you are taking something which belongs to someone else and using it without their consent.

So what is this incredible (but wrong) technique that people are using to grow large followings on Facebook?

Find Popular Trending Videos On YouTube, Download or Copy Them and Uploaded Them To Facebook.

It is really that simple. The method has been called Freebooting which is an old British naval term regarding pirates and piracy. Freebooting is basically taking booty for free… taking property by theft.

When you share a video from YouTube you should share it using the URL or embed code that they supply so that it shows the adverts which they assign to the videos.

When you download the videos or use them by any other means not only is it theft and goes against their terms and conditions you are also making the video owners lose a lot of potential profit.

Many YouTube videos are uploaded by people who are YouTube partners meaning that they make and add videos to make money. It is a business for them and it can be very profitable as you will see in this article here: Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

When the video is taken and shared on Facebook they can go viral and many get HUGE amounts of views, those views on Facebook outside of YouTube costs the video owner a lot of money so if you want to do this little video trick we suggest that you think long and hard before starting.

freebooting likes and shares

But as the image above shows, you can get a lot of views, Likes & Reactions and shares which can grow your Facebook page fast.


You might get some angry emails from video owners, their lawyers or representatives from YouTube itself so be warned. I cannot say how many people are prosecuted, I imagine it is a very small amount…. if any.

Chances are you will be sent a polite email asking you to remove the video or give credit to the video owner.

Modifying Videos For Maximum Attention Grabbing

You will notice when scrolling through Facebook that most of these videos have surrounds which have eye catching words and phrases which add to the impact. They stand out in the newsfeed more when they have large wording which catches people’s attention.

freebooting example

These are added after they have been downloaded from YouTube specifically for sharing on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The important thing to remember when it comes to video on Facebook is that it autoplays, there may not be any sound but the videos play as soon as you scroll onto them meaning that they catch your attention whereas YouTube videos which are shared to Facebook do not autoplay and need to be clicked, sometimes twice, to set them playing.

When you see a video that is playing you stop scrolling and watch, if you want the sound on you just click the sound button and it comes on… the autoplay has captured your attention forcing you to want to see and hear more… or even better, click the Like Page button to see future videos.

How You Can Create People Grabbing Viral Videos From YouTube For Facebook.

You might not know how to download or copy a YouTube video but it can be done very easily.

If you use the internet browser Mozilla Firefox there is a plugin called Video DownloadHelper which will allow you to download videos from YouTube to your computer which you can upload to Facebook.

freebooting video downloadhelper

If you have Camtasia 8 video software you can easily add the wording to these downloaded videos but Camtasia is expensive to buy and a lot of you will not have it nor justify the price but…

freebooting camtasia

… I am going to show you how you can use a free piece of software by Google to borrow/copy the video and another piece of software to record the video.

The software used to record the final video is free but if you spend $15 you can use the pro version which will remove the software’s watermark.

All will be revealed in the video!

There is one small downside to this and that is that the Google AdSense ads will still show but they are not clickable and they can be cut out most of the time.

How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting (Video)

If you prefer to use Microsoft PowerPoint then you will be please to know that you can do the same thing.

You add a video from YouTube by taking the embed code, not the URL, but the embed code and it will add the video to the slide just as Google Docs does. Again it is all pretty simple.

powerpoint freebooting

So I shall leave you with the big decision…

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Let’s just say that there are a lot of people growing big Facebook groups by stealing videos from YouTube… Freebooting is happening and it is happening a lot, is it something that you should consider?

We at Tims Minions Blog DO NOT recommend that you do it, but the final decision is yours and we just had to report this seriously powerful traffic method otherwise we are not really doing our job properly 😉

It Is All About The Numbers. Why You Need To Generate Website Traffic & How

When it comes to making a living online the biggest factor for most business models (not all) is large amounts of traffic. Money is generated by large numbers of people visiting your website or seeing your social media posts. The larger the number means that you can generate more sales which is crucial in online marketing.

When it comes to traffic and sales it is very often just a small percentage that will buy or do what you needed them to do to generate money. If you had a service or product which you made £10 profit on had a conversion rate of 5% (considered good) to make as little as £1200 a month you would need a constant traffic number of 2400 new visitors each month.

If you generated your money via advertising on a website then the numbers that you need to make £1200 are going to be a lot more, ads are rarely clicked and when they do they generate pennies. The amount you make from each advert clicked varies but to make a large amount each month you need to have hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of site visitors.

traffic analytics

Getting the numbers you need to make good money is the hardest part of working online, you can be a great writer, a great product developer and an incredible life coach/motivator but you will not make any money if no one is visiting your website or seeing your social media posts.

This is where the real work lies, once you have mastered writing articles or creating videos they can be done with ease but getting people to see your content is not so clean cut. There is a multitude of ways to drive traffic, many of them are free and others such as Facebook and Google AdWords require cash… often a lot of it.

Some of these traffic methods may bring in a lot of traffic fast if you are lucky and something goes ‘viral’ but in general they take time and require constant work for the duration of your online business. I could write a short ebook in a couple of days, if I really wanted I could really knuckle down and have several written in a week and share details about them on social media but I doubt I would make many sales without really ramping up the traffic methods.

Also depending on what your product, service or method of selling is the revenue you would like to earn each month could be getting harder to make thanks to new developments on social media.

If you fancied yourself as a YouTube Vlogger creating fun videos to generate money via YouTube’s Partner Programme where you receive 60% of the advertising revenue made from the ads shown on and around your videos, you could soon find that the money you should have made will be greatly reduced thanks to the new phenomenon of ‘freebooting.’


Freebooting is where people download your video from YouTube and then upload it to Facebook where videos can go viral within a matter of hours. It gets its name from an old British naval term regarding pirates and piracy. Freebooting is basically taking booty for free… taking property by theft.

freebooting video

Facebook wants to keep its users within its platform and are now focusing on making video hosting a big part of their overall product and many people have noticed that they can build Facebook Pages fast and grow a large audience, which they can profit from later, by uploading and sharing other people’s videos from YouTube.

Unfortunately they are no longer sharing the specific URL that YouTube give which would mean that all money generated goes to the video owners plus keeping the copyright notices in place because Facebook give a bigger priority to videos uploaded to their platform over those from a 3rd party platform… which YouTube is.

This basically means YouTube videos are not shown to as many people on Facebook by Facebook as those that are uploaded to Facebook itself. And this has meant a huge rise in ‘stolen’ videos surfacing on Facebook which ‘robs’ the creator of revenue he was planning on making. This is not good.

The internet has a history of piracy and many ebook and online courses have been stolen and either shared with other people via forums or websites or even sold as part of a package of other stolen products in the form of a subscription to a forum or membership site.

I have a friend who took the time to create a short product showing people how they could make infographs to help with traffic generation. There was a short ebook and several training videos which were housed on a members only website and he charged a very reasonable price for the product. The kind of price you shouldn’t consider was too much and a price virtually anyone can afford. Seriously, my better half could spend more just popping out for a coffee or two and a muffin with a friend.

Considering how cheap his product was, he noticed that there was a spike in his traffic and traced it back to a forum which was SEO and traffic generation related.

Someone had bought the product, received the members only link and then went to the forum and said something along the lines ‘This is a cracking little product, go take a look’.. and shared the link. (It was such a cracking product that he didn’t think people should pay for it though the toe rag!) this resulted in several thousand hits on his website and his videos being watched by many people who also downloaded his ebook.

His hard work was basically robbed, he made some money from the product which he was happy with but in reality he should have made more, if those forum visitors had paid for the product he would have been a lot happier and a lot better off.

When things like this happen the numbers that you need to make a good monthly income is going to be more to try and compensate for any loss revenue… as well as needing a great secure system to lock things down.

Tried & Tested Traffic Methods

Ok so you need traffic and you need a lot of it so here are some of the best known traffic generation methods.

Some of these work brilliantly some don’t work as good as they once did and some can cost a lot of money especially if you get it wrong!

(P) = Paid (F) = Free

CPC & CPM Adverts Facebook & Google AdWords Etc (P) – This is probably the best form of traffic generation that you can get. There are many networks that you can use to advertise your website, product or service and each network is different.

Facebook is by far the best targeting system as it uses the information that it has of its huge number of users. If you wanted to target men who were dads in their late forties and early fifties living in the UK you can. Your advert will be shown to only those people and you will pay when the advert is clicked or if it has been showing a specific number of times.

fb ad target

Google AdWords is not as good as Facebook but can still be a good source of traffic. Problems with Google AdWords is that they are shown in the search results or across a huge network of sites and so they cannot be as precise as those in Facebook but Google do try and match them to keywords, website content and show them to people who have searched Google for a similar topic to that which your advert is about so your adverts should be seen by people interested in what you are selling.

Google are also very funny about what websites you send your traffic to and it can be very easy to get banned if you do anything wrong. It can also cost you a lot of money if you wade in and start running ads without learning a bit about how AdWords works.

Private Blog Network (P) – This is a great way to get free traffic but setting up a Private Blog Network can be fairly costly and it also has a lot of work involved. Basically a PBN is a way to manipulate Google’s search rankings and artificially build a natural looking link web that can send your website higher up the Google search results for specific keywords landing you on the first page of Google where all of the free search traffic will be.

This is not something for the beginner, at least not without knowing a bit more and you can learn a bit more here: How The Super Affiliates Land Their Websites On The Front Page Of Google & In Front Of Free Traffic

pbn fi

Social Media (F) – It is free to open up social media accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Google Plus and start a following. With Facebook and Google Plus allowing you to build Pages and Groups/Communities you can start to find an audience that is interested in what you do and you can share articles, videos and posts with them with the idea to send them back to your website/offers.

Facebook also allow you to share posts, images videos, do live streaming from mobile devices (why not desktop as that would be ideal for most businesses?) and build Pages and Groups which can grow into huge numbers especially if you use Facebook adverts to promote your posts and pages.

Google Plus is similar to Facebook but the videos you share and upload will go to YouTube as it is owned by Google and all of Google’s accounts are connected.

Twitter allows you to share short updates called Tweets that have a link, an image or a video just like the others but you only have 140 characters to say what you want to say which to me is just too short. Hence why people now write more words in an image and then share that.

You might find this article very helpful: Building Large Followings Using Facebook Groups, Pages & Twitter For Long Term Profits

Building Large Followings Using Facebook Groups Pages Twitter For Long Term Profits FI

Tumblr is classed as a social media platform as it is micro blogging with a newsfeed that allows you to follow others and others can follow you within the platform. It is also a hotbed of teenage angst with a lot of drugs and violence references and the occasional porn image/video so it might not be suitable as a place to share your products… but it too is free.

YouTube (F) – YouTube is a video sharing site, it is also classed as a social media network as well as a search engine and it is also free to open and upload your videos. The creating of the videos might cost you to make but everything else is free. YouTube videos can be shared on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr as well as embedded on other websites giving the video owner a lot of possible exposure.

The downside to YouTube is the ‘freebooting’ that is going on at the moment that I mentioned earlier. Depending on what your business model is you might want to focus on YouTube & Facebook for videos, or just YouTube or maybe just Facebook for your video sharing.

Again the idea is to send traffic to your website or offers but as mentioned earlier YouTube has been a great source of revenue for many and you might find this article very interesting: Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

youtube fi

Guest Posting (F) – Guest posting was an old way to get backlinks to a website to help build a natural looking link web similar to a PBN to help push your website up the rankings to get free traffic.

You would contact a popular website and ask if you can write an article for them, this is known as the ‘pitch’. You would pitch them an idea as to what you would want to write about or you would ask if there was anything that they wanted you to write about. If they agreed you would write an article for their website and payment would be a link back to your website and some info about you.

These days people who guest post are not doing it for the links since Google decided it no longer liked the practice and would penalise sites if they had too many guest posts on it. All links now should be ‘no follow’ meaning that no ‘Google Link Juice’ is passed down onto the other (your) website meaning that the link is not counted and your website will not benefit from it.

Today people who guest post on other websites and blogs do it for the exposure and also because it can drive a lot of traffic back to their website especially if they write on very popular websites. If a website is being read daily by thousands and those articles are being shared your guest post could also be read and shared by thousands which could drive a lot of people your way. Do that on ten or twenty websites and you can start to grow a list of subscribers and followers.

EBooks & PDFs (F) – There are websites where you can share ebooks and PDFs for free which people will download and read. If the ebook/PDF was formatted correctly with a link to your website and the reader found it useful and enjoyed they might visit your site as well as share it on social media.

Doing one or two would probably not get you a lot of traffic but if you did fifty, one hundred or more then it could send you quite a few visitors to your site. This is one of the harder traffic generation methods as video is more popular than reading PDFs these days.

Podcasting (F) – I have listed this as free as I can and have recorded several podcasts and shared them online for free and you can do the same but if you want to do a professional job you can invest in better equipment. The actual process of making a podcast is free though once you have the equipment.

Podcasts can be shared on social media and uploaded to several audio sites but there can be a fee when you want to upload regularly.

Watch the video tutorial showing you how to record a professional podcast here: ‘How to Make a Podcast Using Free Software

podcast audacity tutorial fi

Renting Email Lists (P) – This is not one for the feint hearted as this requires money and can be a little scary. Again this does depend on your business model, as this does not suit all online businesses.

There are websites where you can find people who own large email lists in your chosen niche and you can either rent the email list. When I say rent, I don’t mean they will send you the email list details and you use it for a year. What will happen is that you will write an email or the owner will write an email for you and for a fee they will send the email out to their large list directing people to your website or offer.

You will pay for the one email and a specific amount of ‘opens’. For example you might be charged $50 to have an email sent out to a list of 2000 people that has a response rate of 10% giving you 200 opens. It might be more, but never less as they will resend the email out to more people to make sure that you get your 200 opens.

Solo Email Ads (P) – This is very similar to the method above, some people may say it is the same, they call the single email to another person’s email list as a Solo Email Advert but to me a solo email ad is an advert that is placed somewhere in an email newsletter which is sent to a list as per normal.

You do not write an email, the list owner would send his newsletter as usual but the difference would be that he includes an advert either in a banner form or as a personal recommendation such as ‘Finally I want to tell you about this excellent product/website by…’

The cost of this will vary from person to person and how responsive their list is but you would probably pay by the amount of emails sent and how many weeks you run the advert rather than on an open rate.

Joint Venture Partner – (P) This is for only specific online businesses which are selling a product. A joint venture partner is someone who will sell your product to his established list for 50% of the price.

It is a meeting of two types of people who need each other, one has the product and the other has the ‘market’ or audience in the way of a large responsive email list and/or website. You can work with many JV partners, basically a JV partner is a well established affiliate marketer but they usually expect 50% of the sale price.

Affiliate Network – (P) This too is for only specific online businesses which are selling a product.

The guy I mentioned before selling the infograph product had sold it through JVZoo (Joint Venture Zoo) which is an affiliate network. He paid 50% of the cost price to people who sold it for him. I sold several for him by writing a review on a website and then sending an email out to a list telling people to read the review. Many did and several of them clicked through the affiliate link and bought the product… then I got paid.

What happened in reality was that I sent traffic to his website/offer and when they bought the product I got paid.

JVZoo has thousands of affiliate marketers all looking for good new products to promote to their huge email lists. If you have a good product then try promoting it via an affiliate network, you don’t have to pay out 50% of the cost but you will get more affiliates offering to promote your products if you offer more.

Some affiliate products will offer 100% share of a sale price as an incentive to get more affiliate marketers on board as they have either a sales funnel with a second product that they plan to sell or they intend to build a huge email list for long term selling and promoting.

Cost Per Action CPA Network (P) –  This is similar to affiliate marketing but instead of giving away a share of sales you can pay when an action is completed. That can be a sale or it could be something as simple as someone filling out an email form adding a new name to your list.

With a CPA network you can upload banner ads and affiliates can add them to their sites as a form of paid advertising. If affiliates have large email lists, a large social media presence or a very popular website with a lot of traffic they will love looking for good paying long time offers which they can advertise on their websites.

Over To You

These are ways to send traffic to your website, services, offers and products. Which you try is upto you. They all need some mastering so I wouldn’t recommend trying them all over the next month as you will spread yourself too thinly resulting in poor or no results.
If you want to try the paid methods I suggest that you tread very carefully, that you learn what to do first and test using small amounts of money to learn the process.

How The Super Affiliates Land Their Websites On The Front Page Of Google & In Front Of Free Traffic

If you have been trying to generate money by promoting affiliate products via websites similar to the old Google Sniper websites then this is something you might not have been told.

It is a secret that is kept between the few and not overly talked about by the big marketers and there is a reason for that.

They don’t want you to know about it.

Why don’t they want you to know about it? Well there are several reasons but the two biggest ones are…

  1. They don’t want you to rank pages in Google as it will take away affiliate sales from them if you knock them off the top spots.
  2. There is a bit more work involved in setting this up and so they are unable to make a big profit from selling the information about it to you.

Now when I say a bit more work involved in setting this up I don’t mean that there is a lot of hard work but it isn’t a fast push button solution so the big marketers will not sell you the information because they know most people would not buy into it.

But this doesn’t mean that it is not doable or that it is extremely hard or that you cannot profit from it, far from it, there is a lot of money to be made if you do this properly.

So how do the big affiliate marketers land their money websites on the first page of Google for the products they are promoting?

Bare in mind that Google hate it when people manipulate the search rankings and spend a lot of money fighting marketers to keep their rankings ‘natural’.

Well the answer is simple, they replicate ‘natural’ by building a PBN.

What is a PBN I hear you ask?

Well a PBN is a Private Blog Network and as the names suggests this is a network of blogs and websites that is privately owned by the affiliate marketer.

Basic PBN

As Google generally ranks websites on their ‘internet popularity’ which is determined by the amount of quality natural links that point to websites and the amount of social media shares, affiliate marketers build their own links by building their own private network of blogs which all point to their main money website and push it ‘naturally’ up the rankings to prime position.

The whole idea is to keep it all looking natural and unmanufactured, this is very important and should be remembered at all cost.

So let’s use an example to explain this:

Creating An Affiliate Site For Meditation Music

(Please note this is just an example, I have no idea on whether Meditation Music is a good viable market to get into so please do not go and build a PBN based on that niche just because I wrote about it)

The first step would be to identify a new emerging market which was looking very popular and which was not saturated in Google. It could also be an old market which had not really grown but could still be profitable.

The popularity of a market is determined by how many searches there are for it so for example if we did a search in the Google keyword planner tool and found that there were 12,000 searches for the keyword ‘meditation music’ and similar numbers of searches for related keywords like ‘the best meditation music’ and ‘perfect music for meditation’ then we would know that there was a good chance of getting a fair few free visitors to a website if we were ranked for those keywords.

The next step would be to determine the level of competition there was and so we would go to Google and do a search using those keywords and look at what type of websites were ranked on the first page. If there were no big websites like Wikipedia, the BBC or Amazon etc then we have a good chance of ranking on the front page of Google. (This is a basic guide)

So if we had found a market that had plenty of monthly searches and no or little competition, or at least a good chance to take over the top spot pushing the other websites down the list the idea now would be to start and build the PBN starting with the main money website.

Now you would not go running out to buy a brand new domain and start to build a website, you can but building a PBN requires buying old aged domains that have a history of good links and authority.

There are companies which will find and sell domain names of websites which have good pageranks and link history/strength which have expired. What is important is that you understand that even if a domain name has expired meaning that when you go to the website there is nothing there to see, it still keeps its pagerank and link history/strength.

Affiliate marketers will buy expired aged domains with the link history/strength that they want and then start to rebuild those blogs around the niche that they want to profit from.

So if you bought a domain called which was 10 years old with a pagerank of 5 and had good link history and decided that this was going to be your main money site you would start to add content to the website like articles, videos and pages making it look like it was a real growing site. You would NOT add any affiliate products to it at this point.

The next step would be to buy more expired and aged domains with good pagerank and history/strength to start to build the rest of the PBN. Ideally the domains that you buy should be in a similar or related niche to the one you want to profit from but this is not necessary.

When you buy the domains it is advised that they are spread over different domain and hosting accounts. It is said that if you build a PBN that has less than 6 websites then you can put them all on the same hosting but is it worth the risk? The idea is that should Google ever get the idea that you are manipulating the rankings and do a search on you your PBN should not point back to you. At least not every site in the network.

When it comes to the big bucks that affiliate marketers generate from their sites they don’t mind spending money on having several domain and hosting accounts. These are also often in other names, maybe one account would be owned M. Barry from Lincoln and another by Mike Barry from boston and others might be in the name of a business partner or family member.

When you have bought several domains and transferred them to new hosting accounts you would start to build them by adding similar articles and videos about meditation. You would have articles written loosely based around the keywords that you did searches on.

While building up these websites it is even advised that you use different WordPress themes so they do not look too samely and if you are building a large PBN then you should build several websites using other systems rather than them all being WordPress based.

(If the market you are trying to conquer is a big one you would need a bigger PBN, if you are entering into a smaller less competitive market then you would need less sites in your PBN)

the digital academyThese websites want to be as real as possible and they should be filled with great content. I recently read that Google are now using the quality of the content on websites as a factor for determine ranking so it makes sense to make the content on your money site and your PBN sites the best it can be.

These sites would also have several social media accounts set up and the content should be shared on these set ups. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are BIG sites with good pagerank and link strength so having accounts on these platforms linking back to your individual PBN sites gives them some extra link strength.

Your individual PBN sites would also link out to other larger sites like news websites like the BBC or Huffington Post and sites like Wikipedia.

The links would be to RELEVANT articles and not just to the sites themselves. So you would link to an article on the BBC about ‘How Meditation Was Good For The Brain’ and a page on Wikipedia about ‘Meditation’.

Everything has to be ‘relevant’ to the niche so that it is building a ‘natural footprint’.

When you build a PBN you NEVER link to any of the other sites in your network. When the time is right you will link to your money site but you will not link to ANY OF THE OTHERS!

Remember the whole idea of a PBN is that is has to look NATURAL, it has to be RELEVANT content and it has to be UNTRACEABLE. Nor should you link back to any of the PBN sites from the money site creating a link loop.

The network should look like it consists of several websites which were built by different people who have never met and all have a similar passion in the niche that you want to profit from.

Affiliate marketers will also have articles written (some have articles spun which I hate) and then send these articles to article directories to link back to their individual PBN sites. The whole idea is that you build up these powerful separate sites which will then link to your money site pushing it up the rankings for the keywords you are targeting.


Once you have all of your content added and built up a series of links from external directories and social media to the other sites in the PBN you start to link out of them to your money site. It is advised that you do not do them all at the same time and maybe take a week or two to complete this. Maybe write a new article which is added to each PBN site which links to the money site for a specific keyword or information.

You might not use the keyword Meditation Music as the link but the article could be about ‘The Best Music To Meditate To’ and you link by saying ‘I recommend that you read this great article about meditation music on this site here’. Remember, normal people who link to articles on websites don’t use a keyword, only SEOs from the 1990s and spammers tend to do that these days. It is all about the natural footprint of the links. (Yes I keep saying it but it needs to be understood)

You can link to the money site and other PBN sites using the keywords but it should only happen now and then. In the old days linking by the keyword alone was the way to get ranked for the keyword so thousands of websites would be asked or manipulated to link to a site using the keyword only.

But Google got tired of the keyword spamming that this method created and now penalise sites if they are linked to a lot from other sites using only specific keywords. As I say, normal blog owners and hobby writers will not naturally link to your articles using keywords and Google understand this so do not overdo it on the keyword linking… it is dangerous.

Once all of the PBN sites have been linked to the main money site you sit and wait to see how far it goes up the ranking. It could be fast taking a couple of days or it could take a few weeks, if it does not reach the number one spot or the first page then you know that there is some more work to do.

Write some more articles and share them across the PBN sites and social media accounts and maybe build more PBN sites to link to the money site.

Once you have ‘artificially’ pushed the money site up the rankings by creating a ‘natural footprint’ it is time to start adding your affiliate product details and links to it. Some PBN affiliate marketers might do it before hand but it is probably best for the non seasoned marketers to add the products only once the money site has ranked.

Now that your money site is sitting in the top position for specific keywords and phrases it should be the first site that people see when they go to Google and do a search for those words. It is highly likely that they will visit your site as it was the first one in their sight meaning that you are going to get the bulk of those 12,000 (or whatever the number was) monthly visitors for FREE.

With that amount of visitors coming to your site for free you should generate sales each month on autopilot. Of course the success rate of your sale conversions can also be down to the quality and layout of your site and the content on it so it is always a good idea to make your main money site as good as you can.

Your PBN will require maintenance as will your main money site. From time to time it would be advisable to write new articles and add them to your sites and share those articles on social media to keep the link power flowing and the sites growing. Google regularly do updates and if your sites have not been growing whereas others have Google might just push those other sites above yours and give them a higher position than yours… basically they take your spot and push you down the list.

Once you start building a PBN they can be linked to other money sites in similar niches if you wanted to promote other related products for other related keyword phrases. Obviously you would not ‘overdo it’  and link to loads of money sites but they can be used several times. A good PBN is like a garden or a vegetable patch, you tend to it and nurture it until it delivers a harvest of abundant fruit, flowers and veg… so to speak.

Once you have built one you can either keep growing it or you build others in other niches and start to build up your monthly autopilot income empire. As I stated at the beginning, this can be done, it is not difficult but, unlike all of the dodgy JVZoo and information products you will see floating around the web, this is not a ‘super fast push button system that will generate thousands by this time next tuesday!’ But for many super affiliates, it does generate thousands per month one way or another.

To the super affiliates this is a real business model, it requires work but it is very profitable… but you should always remember… even though it is VERY UNLIKELY that Google will figure out that a site is pushed up the rankings by a Private Blog Network which you own it should be UNTRACEABLE and the sites in the network should be RELEVANT to each other (even if it is just loosely relevant) and it should look perfectly NATURAL!

Looking To Fund A New Project Or Business? Maybe You Need KickStarter

I did wonder whether I should call this article ‘How To Generate $3 Million In 26 Days’ but that is a little misleading even though it actually happened . (Read On)

I was recently wondering how people could fund new projects when they do not have much spare capital and would rather not have a bank or business loan which would mean repayments.

I remembered about the new world of ‘crowdsourcing’  (also crowdfunding) as it is known which has change the way many people get their projects funded and started.

Crowdsourcing itself is not new, there have always been groups of investors and ‘angels’ willing to lend capital to new projects that they believe have potential to give a return but the new form of online funding is different in the way that it now allows large numbers of fans to donate money to a project they believe in or want to see happening in exchange for the product itself, and in some cases just to give and see something special happen.

There are several websites online that allow the general public, people like you and I, to donate money to up and coming art, music and technology projects including films.

There have been a few films that had not been given the backing by the big Hollywood studios but were made because they were backed by eagre fans wishing to see the film become a reality. Iron Sky from 2012 being one of them. (Click the Play button below to watch the trailer for Iron Sky)

When you have a product that a lot of people want to ‘have’ or ‘see’ then many of those fans will be compelled to donate otherwise it might not get made. The great thing about crowdsourcing is that you set a desired amount that you need and if you hit that amount you get the money but if you don’t then those who were willing to donate are given their money back.

How To Generate Over $3 Million In 26 Days The Cyanide & Happiness Story

I was recently looking at crowdsourcing campaign by the guys behind the brilliant Cyanide & Happiness online comic strip. I love these guys and wrote about them previously in this article: Becoming A Funtrepreneur: Building An Online Business Promoting Fun Stuff

The guys have been wanting to create a card game using their comic characters and so they set about running a crowdsourcing campaign to get funding as seen in the image below.

cyanide and happiness kickstater 1

Did you notice how much people have pledged to back the project? It says it in the bottom right corner… if you didn’t see it take a look at the screenshot below.

cyanide and happiness kickstater 2

Yes, you read that right! Take another look at that final total below…

cyanide and happiness kickstater 3

They set a goal of $10,000 which should have been enough to get the game made and have ended up with 63,758 backers who have pledged over $3 million dollars! That is insane!

They ran their campaign on the website which finds backers for new projects, campaigns run for 26 days. As I said earlier, within 26 days these guys generated over $3 million!

Kick Starting Your Project & Product Venture With KickStarter

kickstarter logo

Today there are 5,340 live projects looking for funding on KickStarter: the screenshot below shows you some of the projects which are looking for backers.

kickstarter 1

These are some of the most popular ones and you can see that they have reached their funding goals as it shows you the percentage that they have hit. 100% is as you would expect the full goal and as these screenshots show these projects have gone over just as Cyanide & Happiness did.

In the screenshot above there is one project which has hit 2939% which is just incredible.

kickstarter 2

There are 15 categories to choose from, if you want to get crowdfunding from people your product must fall into one of these categories on KickStarter.

kickstarter 3

In many ways this can be seen as creating an audience for your product and pre selling it before it is complete.

There is one guy called Grek Pak who is promoting a guide to using KickStarter as seen below and he has gone well over his set goal… and he still has 23 days to go. He has sold his book probably before he has finished writing it.

kickstarter 4
He has used KickStarter before several times and is the guy behind the very successful ‘Code Monkey Save World’.

greg pak
“Code Monkey Save World, a graphic novel based on the songs of internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, became Kickstarter’s highest grossing original comics project of all time in 2013.” – KickStarter

What Makes A Successful KickStarter Campaign?

There are some really cool projects on KickStarter like those by Cyanide & Happiness and Greg Pak but there are some really bad ones too like the one shown below.

kickstarter 5

The guy has 57 hours to go and has only had $1 pledged so far to bring his ‘Ultimate Salad Spoon’ to the world. It is a shame really as he has been working on the project for a long time and is very excited about it… but it seems no one else is!

The success of your campaign on sites like KickStarter are down to two things really,

  1. The quality of the project
  2. The way you share it out.

For Cyanide & Happiness it wasn’t too hard, they have a HUGE following and I do mean huge, they have their own website, they have millions of followers on social media and go to comic conventions so they can inform their fans of their campaign and share the details with millions of eagre fans.

The guy behind the ‘Ultimate Salad Spoon’ might not have such a following and to be honest, may never get a decent following… after all, it is just a salad spoon!

The screenshot below shows a campaign for a music dance caravan called The BOOM BOX in Montreal Canada.

kickstarter 6

With 20 days still to go they have over half of the backing they need.

Incentives, Videos & A Great Write Up

When people pledge to back a project they can chose one of several options set up by the project owner. When scrolling down the campaign page you will see the options to the right of the page.

kickstarter 7

Pledges are for different amounts and for different amounts you get different things back in return. For the Boom Box project owners their minimum pledge is $1 and for that a pledger would get…

boom box pledge

…basically they get nothing for their donation apart from gratitude. If backers pledge money in the other options they get sent things like stickers, phone call to say thank you and videos of the team dancing in front of the Boom Box caravan.

For the Greg Pak project the minimum pledge is $12 and for that the backer receives…

greg pak pledge

… a PDF copy of the book he is writing. If people pledge from the other options they get extras like copies of his other books in PDF form.

The extras and bonuses that you offer help to get better pledges but as you can see you can ask for very small amounts and offer a sincere thanks and nothing else.

I cannot say whether you could generate a few thousand dollars by asking for a few thousand people to donate $1each in return for gratitude within 26 days. Unless your product was groundbreaking and going to change people’s lives I doubt you would do it.

Depending on what your project is at least the people who pledge should get a copy of it, for example if you were looking to write a book then they should get a PDF version even if you were planning to get a physical book printed, the lower pledges should get a a shorter PDF version.

Campaigns that have an intro video have a better success rate than those that don’t.

kickstarter 9

Creating a video that is hosted on the campaign page along with a very detailed and clear write up will help you have a successful campaign.

Before starting a campaign it would be wise to plan out everything such as the video, incentives and the write up otherwise it is very likely to flop. You could test out the system asking for just a couple of hundred dollars before trying to run a larger campaign for several thousands.

The question is what is it that you want to get funded?

Is Waiting For Your Mentor To Show You The Way Wasting Your Time And Money?

Today’s article was inspired by an article I read last week. The author showed us a few stats by marketers who had sold information products online, these stats were the numbers of people who had bought products but had not started to do anything online even though they had been interested in the internet marketing scene for more than 6 months..


In a nutshell, people were buying products but not doing anything with them, they were just not taking action. The cause for this they believed was that these people were still waiting for that ‘better’ product to come out, the one where they need do nothing and the mentor/product creator would show them how to make a lot of money fast without doing much at all.

We Minions know this well, we see a lot of people who buy products but expect that they will be shown a super fast magic formula where they set it running before going to bed with one click of a button and then wake up the next day with a bank account full of cash.

It doesn’t happen like that, you need to do something!

What is amazing is how long some people will wait to find that magic formula and how much they spend trying to find it. Some people spend so long that had they actually done some work and focused on building a business they would have probably built a very successful online business by now…. one that they would be very proud of and possibly exceed what they really thought was possible.

Head Minion once said to me  …“Some people spend 7 or 8 years trying to make “20K Overnight” … and end up with nothing. Ironically, if they had instead started by making an unspectacular £5 or £10 a day and building up over those same 7 or 8 years … guess how much they’d probably be making by now ?”

This is true, people are so hell bent on wanting to suddenly earn £20,000 that they will wait many years for that system to come out or their chosen mentor to show them when they could have started and built up a very profitable business in that time.

Scott DeLong is the guy who started ViralNova, working from his bedroom he grew the site from nothing to a site generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month within 8 months.

viralnova scott delong

He started by working 16 hours a day and when it really took off he paid 2 freelance writers to help create the content. This home based business with a team of only 3 people not only generated millions it was sold for a staggering $100 million to media company Zealot Networks 2 years later… within 2 years he went from zero to $100 million!

Scott had this to say about people following specific mentors.

“I didn’t have any direct mentors holding my hand along the way. I don’t think that’s as important as just always keeping an open mind, talking to as many people in the industry as possible, and striving to be the best. You definitely need to learn from others to succeed but an actual mentor? No, not really. Some of the best ideas you’ll ever have, however, will be sparked by a random conversation. So always keep your mind open and talk to other successful people every chance you get.” – Source

Whatever it is that you want to do in life, you cannot beat good old fashioned ‘taking action’, you really cannot change things unless you do something. For example If you want to sell your home and move abroad then you need to finish off those jobs in the house and put it up on the market otherwise you will still be in the house many years later wondering where the time went and why you were not enjoying a foreign lifestyle.

If you want to learn how to speak a foreign language or learn how to do computer coding then you will need to either go to a specialise class or sit down and learn at home away from all distractions.

You have to work at things and everyday that you wait for that super fast system to be shown to you is a day missed building up a profitable business. At least make a start. I know you need to learn new things and implement them but learn and do as you go along.

Experience of doing something is a great educator, you learn by doing so if you want to build a business online start doing instead of waiting.

I now get paid to write but before I started to earn from this business way back in 2009 I began writing on a blog, I started to write down all kinds of stuff related to this industry and learn how to write long interesting articles.

While blogging I learned how to use WordPress including changing themes, adding plugins etc and I learned how to share my stuff over social media which meant learning how to build profiles and pages.

I also learned how to create video tutorials and podcasts and this was all before I began to make money from these skills. I even paid for a few courses and information products (I still do today… knowledge is power!) but I didn’t just read them and wait for the next ‘better’ thing to come out, no I took action and implemented what I had just read.

the digital academyI wasn’t expecting to make a lot of money, I just wanted to learn and test the ideas that I had been studying. It was this testing, learning and doing which actually started to make the money. I could have read articles, eBooks and watched videos and done nothing while I wait for a better system to come out but I didn’t… otherwise seven years on I would still be doing what I wanted to escape from which was working in a noisy dusty joiners workshop.

If you want to make money online, build a second or main business online then the first course of action might be to think about what it is that you want and maybe realign your expectations to a more realistic way of thinking.

Instead of hoping to be making £20,000 by this time next week, try and focus on making £10 online by this time next week and then aim to reproduce that the following week and then double it. Keep focusing on keeping the income flow doubling but don’t put pressure on yourself… if you struggle to keep doubling the earnings keep trying to make a consistent weekly/monthly amount.

You are building a business here and not trying to win the lottery, if that is what you want then pop off to the local newsagents and buy new lottery tickets each week but if you are serious about building an online business… get started and work at it.

Otherwise the only thing that is stopping you from succeeding is yourself, waiting for your chosen ‘Mentor’ to bring out a better system and show you how to make a lot of money fast without doing much at all is just wasting your time and money.

Follow Scott DeLong’s example, get started… I doubt you will make and sell a website for $100 million within 2 years like he did but you could be well on your way to a successful, profitable business giving you the freedom that you dream of.

How To Write Books And Articles Using Only Your Voice In Google Docs

In today’s article we are going to discuss a wonderful tool that you will find in Google Docs. I have recorded a special video showing you how to use this wonderful tool which you can see below.

This tool is voice to text recorder and that means you can sit and speak at your tablet, your laptop, into a headset, or into a microphone and whatever you say will be turned into written text on your screen in your Google document. What you will need to do is proofread and edit the written words for things such as full stops and commas and capital letters, but what this does is it allows you to unload a whole ream of mental chatter and words allowing you the freedom to speak and create whole articles or even a book which you then later edit.

ready to record

In fact this whole article has been written simply by using the headset microphone. I have sat here speaking into the microphone saying what I wanted to say and then all I’m going to do it’s go back and edit the text so the text that you are reading now with all its capital letters and full stops, they have been added in later.

The actual bulk of the written article has been done by voice only.


Google Docs is free if you have a Gmail account, you can access Google Docs along with other tools such as Google Spreadsheets and Google Drive.

Kindle Self Publishing Masterclass New ModuleGoogle Docs is a free version of Microsoft Word and it is wonderful especially this free record to text tool which basically allows you to put your feet up speak into the microphone and write an article without even having to touch the keyboard, apart from as I say, when you come to edit.

So please watch the video below, I am more than certain that you will be amazed at what this tool can do and what it can do for you if you are perhaps a slow typer or if you just simply do not like typing if that is the case then Google Docs and the Google voice to text recorder is the tool for you.

Why You Should Know A Lot About A Little And Not A Little About A Lot

Basically it is profitable to know a lot about one or two things whereas knowing a little about a lot of things simply is not enough to warrant people paying you for your knowledge.

‘Jack Of All Trades…’ Never Earn A Lot

In the physical trades IE building trades for example a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is the saying used to call someone who knows a little about a lot but who does not actually know enough to do a proper job.

master of one

I know a lot about joinery and woodworking because I spent twenty years working in the industry, I have also learned a bit about other trades like bricklaying and plastering but I do not know enough to offer those trades as services.

It would be wrong of me to even try and I could end up making a mess of the work and costing the paying customers even more money if they have to have put right any shoddy work that I was responsible for… in fact it could cost me money to have it put right.

The same can be said about working from home running an online business. There are many profitable websites and online businesses making many people a great living but I am more than certain the people who make a lot of money do because they are selling services or knowledge around one thing…  that one thing is something they know a lot about, something they know inside out.

If you were thinking of building a website and offering NLP coaching then you would need to know everything about NLP to be successful. It wouldn’t make sense to try when you know just a little about NLP.

It certainly wouldn’t make any sense to offer NLP coaching via a website that also offered weight loss help, anxiety help and relationship help if you didn’t really know much about those topics either.

I suppose if you know a little about a lot you could throw those other topics onto the website so a website where you offer very basic NLP coaching along with anxiety help and weight loss help could also have tips and tutorials on how to repair a tap and how to fit architrave… but would you want to read it?

It doesn’t sound very professional does it? It reminds me of those cheap £1 stores that you see that sell anything and everything they can get their hands on. And as you know those stores never have anything of value, nothing which commands a good high price and if they did the store visitors would not buy it or even belive that the price was correct.

I know what Forex trading is but I do not know how to do it successfully, I also know the basics behind sports trading but I certainly do not know enough to teach or coach people on either of them.

A website dedicated to opera and opera singers might be very profitable but I know nothing at all about that niche and would find it hard to create any worthy content around that niche. I don’t like it either so it would be very hard to make any money from that niche let alone be successful.

Not only do you have to know everything about a specific niche you also need to enjoy it. Again this is obvious and I apologise for writing obvious stuff again but this is important.

Being An Expert With Authority Leads To Success

We all know a little bit about a lot of things but do we know a lot of information about one or two specific things? Knowing something inside out gives us the authority which can command good money.

Think about it for a second, if you wanted to be a successful author writing horror and thriller books but felt that you needed some help, guidance and inspiration then happened to see that Stephen King was doing a coaching program for new horror writers wouldn’t it make sense to get your information from him rather than the website with a couple of articles offering ‘writing tips’ alongside ‘rice cooking tips’?

stephen king

If anyone could command a hefty coaching fee for showing you how to be a successful author it would be Stephen King, not only does he ‘know his stuff’ he has a traceable history of success and knows the whole industry ‘inside out’.

It is important that you know ‘your chosen topic’ inside out so that when you are asked any questions the answers flow out of you naturally as if you were informing someone of your name and birthdate.

Whether it is building websites, teaching marketing or how to use social media, sports trading, forex trading, or offering services like running Pay Per Click advertising campaigns or social media accounts for companies you really need to know you stuff.

Blagging & Chancing Your Way To Failure

If you don’t know your stuff then in reality you are nothing more than a ‘chancer’ and a ‘blagger’. We may idolise blaggers and love to hear stories how someone has managed to ‘blag’ their way to success or took a ‘chance’ and landed on their feet but more often than not chancers and blaggers become unstuck and are discovered and it all goes wrong for them.

To avoid that from happening to you, understanding and knowing something inside out is the best protection you can have. So this means that whatever you want to build your online business around might require you to learn more than you you know already.

If you do not know much about something and want to start an online business so that you can work from home or anywhere in the world then it might pay you to think of what field of expertise you would like to work in and then spend some time studying it so that you know it before you start sharing it as an ‘expert’.

Learn And Build Your Online Business

You could start to build the website and write articles and information as you learn, this is a great way of learning yourself. It is proven that you learn quicker when you write down in your own words the things you are studying.

This way you learn by creating notes in the way of articles and you are building up a website full of content ready for when the time is right to fully start your online business.

The very popular and successful online marketer and writer Pat Flynn did just that… by accident. When he was studying architecture he set up a website and would write down his notes as posts as a way to learn and have an archive of his own information.

Other students doing the same qualification would search Google for information and Google would list his site in their search listings, these people would then visit his blog growing the traffic numbers which he noticed. He soon became the ‘expert’ in this field and began to monetise his website with an eBook and Google AdSense.

He then began to learn about monetising websites and writing as well as learning more about using WordPress.

Eventually he was laid off from the company he worked for and with all the information he had learned about creating profitable websites using WordPress he decided to focus on that instead of looking for another architect job and soon became the ‘go to expert’ for WordPress, online marketing, writing and money making websites. He is an expert in many fields now.

To end this week’s article I just want to reiterate that to be really successful you will need to know a lot about the niche or subject that you want to profit from.

Not only does it mean that people will think of you as an expert because you are full of useful information but it means that you have a huge resource of information that you can turn into articles, videos and podcast…. unless you pay someone to create the content for you in a niche which you know is profitable but know nothing about personally… but that is for another article another day 🙂