Building Large Followings Using Facebook Groups, Pages & Twitter For Long Term Profits

This post was inspired by a couple of discussions that we had here in the Minion basement. We were discussing what could happen if people were more patient and didn’t need to generate money fast, giving them time to build up systems and traffic sources that could bring them a lot of profit in the future.

We discussed the growing trend for companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft to buy out websites, apps and services that were free but had grown where they had a lot of users and visitors. These large numbers of visitors and users mean that they become the valuable commodity.

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What was a free system or website becomes very profitable in the eyes of big companies, they often buy them out and then either add paying adverts to the system as Facebook has with Instagram and Microsoft have with Skype or they use the system/website to heavily promote their own services and look for more custom.

This had us thinking about ways that you and I could do something similar on a lower level, we do not have thousands of pounds/dollars, certainly not hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars that we can invest in building up a free to use system that can become profitable like Instagram.

There are things that you can do which are free to use although some investment would certainly help the cause. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are free to use social media platforms which allows you to build up big followings of people that you can reach.

Facebook is great because it allows you to create Facebook pages and groups around specific subjects which can allow you to reach a lot of people. Facebook does have some problems with their reach system and that is when you post an article to a Facebook page you might only reach a small percentage of your followers but that is not necessarily a big problem as you will see shortly.

When you have a large following on Facebook you can post links to affiliate offers on Amazon or to websites where visitors generate you money by clicking on adverts and even though not everyone will see your post there will be enough that do and will take action to generate you money. It would also be possible to post other people’s links to your followers for a price.

George Takei

Take Geroge Takei as an example, George played Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek programmes and films (which he seems to be dining out on it ever since ;-)). He and his husband Brad have a Facebook page each, they publish virtually the same posts and they are run by staff. How do I know this? Because they have videos made now and then featuring some of their social media team.

Brad Takei

The reason they have a team is that they are both very busy men and this is also a big business as you will soon see. Both George and Brad’s Facebook pages publish links to Amazon products such as T-Shirts using a model that we Minions call the No Hassle Commissions system which you can learn here in our Digital Academy:

no hassle commissionsYou will see that between the two of them they have over 10 million fans on their Facebook pages and I am more than certain they use Twitter and Google Plus. This is a big business to them, when you look at their pages you will see that they (rather their team) try out lots of new methods of posting content to their followers.

george takei posts

They generally share a lot of funny images, videos and articles. Now the articles come from lots of different websites but there are several which keep cropping up, sites like, and which make me think that they have either a few clients who pay them good money to share an article or that they run several Cash Curator sites of their own or maybe it is a combination of the two.

A Cash Curator site is a website that is filled full of great fun content and that content is shared on social media driving traffic back to the website where the large numbers of traffic create large amounts of advertising and affiliate revenue.

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cash curator tmbThe fact that George and Brad have 10 million fans and followers on Facebook and maybe a load more on Twitter means that even if only 10% of their fans saw and acted on their posts they have reached 1 million people…. and that is a lot. When you look at the viral nature of sharing on Facebook many of their posts are seen by thousands more people.

George Takei post 2

They post regularly and they post a mixture of links to other websites, affiliate offers, funny pictures and videos as well as posting about some of George’s recent work like his Broadway play Allegiance and the occasional political & gay rights opinions and thoughts.

Now as you can see they reach a large audience and that large audience can help to bring in a lot of money and this is where the answer lies for this idea.

As Social media is a large free to use traffic source it makes great sense to create a plan where you build several pages and groups in Facebook and maybe a couple of Twitter accounts and slowly overtime build them up. The pages and groups can be about specific niches like a specific sport or they can be generally fun based pages where you share funny stuff.

If you wanted and could afford it you could run adverts to the pages, you could promote one or two posts a week or run ‘Like’ campaigns to build up the page numbers. If you did this you would need to keep an eye on your costs and factor it into the overall plan.

You see the whole plan is to build up a huge following of people and then when you have a lot you can start to send them to websites that you own where you can make money from advertising revenue and affiliate sales.

Once you have a large following you can also share links to affiliate products like cool or funny T-Shirts although I prefer to have T-shirts embedded within posts on a website as they look less spammy and can convert well in a post but you can still do that if you wish. George does that every now and then as do other popular FB pages.

GT Tshirt post
You do not need to have a following as big as George Takei although it would be nice but a smaller number could do a lot for you. You do not have to wait until you have hit the 1 million mark to start sharing monetised posts, it is up to you when you do but if you do it too soon then you can run the risk of upsetting people but if the monetisation plan is to generate money from adverts on websites which surround interesting posts then you should be safe as people generally do not see you as the person trying to make money out of them.

monetised page
If people pay you to share posts on your Facebook pages, groups and Twitter profiles then it is best to also go with the sites where the monetisation method is the same with adverts being the focus. If you start sharing too many products that people may not like then you could run the risk of losing followers.

To sell products to people who are not really looking for things to buy then you are recommended to follow the advice in this post What Can Bruce Lee’s ‘Art Of Fighting Without Fighting’ Style Teach Us About Affiliate Marketing?

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