Can Anyone Make Money Online?

Can anyone make money online? That is the big question… and the answer is yes…. mostly.

Of course I had to add ‘mostly’ because I believe anyone can make money online with the opportunities available but I recognise that there are people who could make money online but they do not possess the proper equipment or important know how but that does not mean that they could not make money online… once they owned the equipment or had the right skills.

As I have mentioned in the past, there are many ways to make money online and many of them can be started today with very little skill, software requirements or monetary outlay. Some require skills that we all virtually have like writing, reading and even talking.

There is often a need for proof readers, reviewers, article writers, voice over artists and transcribers… these can be started by joining specific websites like or and offering your services. Now I am not going to tell you that these are easy to set up or that you will start to find a lot of work within minutes but they can be started today with little outlay or no outlay.


If you have an artistic bent you could be making money designing and promoting T-Shirts, with the power of free social media platforms it is possible to create a huge following of people loving your designs especially if you follow the lead of Cyanide & Happiness and create very funny online comics on their website which get shared by thousands of people each day.

cyanide and happiness

It only takes a small percentage of people to buy merchandise regularly for you to make a good living from these free social media networks. Cyanide & Happiness have a range of books, T-Shirts and plush toys which they sell to their fans.

Music is another way that people can make money online; there are so many new ways to generate money from music these days. There is the old traditional way of selling your music individually on stores like Amazon and iTunes but there are websites where you can create music to be licensed for video products and websites or you can give your music away for free and generate money with advertising revenue from your website.

If you love writing then you can write books and have them published on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords and generate money from sales or you can publish them on your own websites allowing people to read them for free while generating money from displaying adverts in and around the content or linking to products mentioned in your stories.

ebook stores

The internet has opened up many new methods that can work with the old, making music and writing books is an old traditional business but selling them as digital downloads on sites like Amazon and iTunes is new but they again are a modern twist on a traditional store.

A completely new business model is to share your books and music on your own website for free and use them to generate money from merchandise and advertising revenue. Incorporating social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter you can potentially reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of new users which you can send to your website for free.

free music and stories websites

The idea is to get fans, a fan base can be very powerful, it is those fans who follow you that make you the money… in an interview Paul McCartney said this about writing songs with John Lennon…

 “John would be getting an extension on his house or something, and the joke used to be, ‘Okay! Today let’s write a swimming pool.’ It was great motivation.”

… “Then in the next three hours, ‘Help!’ appears from nowhere, you’d suddenly get the idea, this’ll be a hit, this is a good one. You become aware what you were doing was making money. Making good money.”

Then there are the other new methods to make money that the internet has brought to the masses in their homes. Years ago trading the stock markets were done using brokers over the phone. Now people can sit at home and use software supplied by brokers and trade the markets from the comfort of their own home as and when they want.

No longer do people need to go to the bookmakers on the high street to place a bet on the footy, they can use one of several online bookmakers but why stop there? There are now betting exchanges like BetFair where you can TRADE the football games and make a nice profit each month just like Tony Langley with his Zero Risk Football Hedging System which he developed. He generates thousands per month just from trading other people’s bets.

toney langley zero risk football hedging system

Using The Internet For Non Internet Money Making

There is also a new growing trend to ‘rent’ out anything and everything online at the moment, technically this is not classed as an online business but there are several sites where you can open an account and ‘rent’ out your car when it is not being used, ‘rent’ a spare room to tourists looking for a cheap place to stay, ‘rent’ a spare room or garage to someone to use as storage and then there are sites where you can rent out other things like tools and bikes etc.

There are websites which allow you to ‘swap’ your whole house as a ‘holiday home swap’ which saves money as opposed to making it via renting. If you swapped your home with an Italian family then you and the Italians only pay for flights and food saving several hundred maybe even thousands on accommodation costs.

home swap

Virtually anything can be rented out for a small price and these things are being brought together via apps and websites online. Even carpooling is now big business with people who do regular trips to specific places are renting out the spare seats in their cars so people wanting to go to the same place can get there cheaper than getting a train, bus taxi or even the need for their own car.

These businesses are not technically online businesses and there is a growing need for more red tape to keep them in check as they can violate fire and health and safety laws and TAX issues however I tell you about them to show you how the modern internet era is changing the world around us and how we interact with people and make money.

I regularly chat with people from across the world and we are a shrinking planet, just because someone is not in the same town no longer means that I cannot do business with them or sell to them.  I know writers in India who have done work for me and many other clients around the world.

The most important thing that people need to remember when it comes to the internet is that there is a huge pool of people to work with from all over the world, so huge is this pool of potential clients and opportunity it is like looking for a single rain drop in the ocean… it can be hard going at times and this is why you need to really plan your business and set your stall out right.

Then when you know what you want to do you want to focus on it and not deviate. It is very easy to be distracted by stuff on the internet… every day I work using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube and it is soooo easy to get sucked into hours of just ‘looking at stuff’.

It is easy to give up and start something new quickly, but that just makes it hard to build a real business and stick to anything. Discipline is important and as I wrote in the last article…The PLURfect Way To Run An Online Business you need to keep PLUR in your mind. You need to be Persistent; you need Longevity to give the business some time to grow and you need to be Unrelenting when it comes to Repetition of the smaller important tasks.

plur 2

When someone gives up trying to make online there will be someone who started doing the same thing and became a success, it isn’t that the system does not work it is just that one person worked better, smarter and was more focused than the other. Usually successful businesses are reliant on the actions of the owner.

I believe there are more than enough ways and methods to make money online for anyone and everyone… I just believe it is down to the individual and how they approach it that determines their level of success or lack of it.