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Why Sticking With One Style Of Content Is King

There is a saying that content is king, and this is true, when you can churn out quality content about a specific niche or topic then you have a better chance of getting new and repeat visitors to your website.

We Minions advocate using many of the social media networks as you can without spreading yourself too thinly but these different networks and platforms tend to lend themselves to different mediums for example Instagram is for pictures only and YouTube is for videos.

When running an online business it is good to be able to create different media to let people enjoy what it is that you do or showcase your talents, services or business. But there is a downside to using all of these different styles of media.

It takes time to learn and then create good quality products in different media especially if what you do doesn’t crossover to certain media or network well. In the last article How The Technology We Take For Granted Today Could Make You Rich And Famous I talked about how DJs used most of if not all of the free social media networks. This can be a lot of work if you are trying to maintain a website too and create content for that.

For those DJs, they create videos and music and nothing else really. They will do status updates and share pictures but they do not do create other content that requires a lot of effort. The videos they create are often very easy for them and they use social media to keep people up to date with what they are up to.

Creating videos is good if you are a singer, musician, or a chef but what if you are a creative person and your website or business requires a lot of writing. Creating videos then could become a burden and hard work.

If you were writing stories as an example and it took a fair bit of time to write those stories and upload them to your site or stores like Amazon Kindle then what videos could you create to generate more traffic or sales? You could do a few ‘author updates’ maybe but if you were writing a book which was zombie fiction then trying to create a decent ‘zombie’ video is going to require a lot of time and possibly money.

You would need extras to play the zombies, you would need a couple of cameras for different angles, you would need someone to play the victim and hero of the short film. The film would probably need to be set at a specific location and it might need specific props like guns.

Prop guns can cost hundreds of pounds to hire for the day and will require training too. The film would need editing and it would also need some half decent special effects to make it look good and not ridiculous like the appalling ‘2012 Zombie Apocalypse’ film I watch recently.

zombie apocalypse

You could maybe do a few ‘zombie prank’ videos and use some friends and family to play the zombies for free or in exchange for food and drink with the main focus of the videos on the reactions of the general public who are pranked or maybe have some short zombie animation done but that I can tell you would not be cheap or quick.

cyanide and happiness

Cyanide and Happiness do short online comic strips and have been doing it for many years. They have only just branched out to create short animated cartoons but they themselves do not make the cartoons. They draw the characters and write the short story but they then pass it over to the animators to create the final cartoon.

This is going to be costly, a writer could have small cartoons made but if you are starting out then you are going to struggle as you will need to find the money to pay for cartoons and artwork to be made.

Using the example of the ‘writer’ creating stories, the writer could utilse Instagram by creating images using lines from their stories or pictures of themselves working away or other ‘interesting’ images like the view from their writing room window or wherever they happened to be writing at that time but they might need to forget using videos as the time and effort needed to create them could be best spent on writing more stories or articles.

ali campbell just get on with it book

Pictures courtesy: Ali Campbell Coaching Facebook

Life coach and close friend to Tim Lowe and the Minion’s Ali Campbell would do a ‘view from the coffee cup’ series of photos while he was writing his best selling book ‘Just Get On With It’ This was an interesting way to inform people of what was going on and let them know he was still around while he was busy writing.

If your strengths lie in writing then maybe it is best to focus on that and churn out as much quality content as you can as this will find its way into the hands of good fans and would be shared for you across social media including the networks you prefer not to use. You can build up a brand and a following quicker focusing on the one or two things you do best.

If on the other hand you decided to do a few videos and a few audio podcasts as well as write your stories it is possible that you only manage to get a few stories written and a few poor videos and podcasts recorded which could be more harmful than good. It would slow down your progress.

I have used the example of a writer for this article but all online businesses can learn from this. We often hear of ‘what system is good’ for sales or traffic and then dive head first into doing that as well as all of the other things we do but unless you already have the skills, talent or money to focus on another method without it affecting the one you are already really good at then I suggest you do nothing until you are in a position where you can.

The DJs I spoke about earlier rarely write articles about music or create animation or share images with quotes that are branded with their logos, no they just stick to doing what they do best and what they know works which is create video and radio podcasts and then share them on social media along with additional pictures and status updates.

kutski scratch video

If you are really good at one thing then it makes sense to really focus on that and capitalise on your strengths. It will have a far better effect for you to churn out a lot of high quality articles (if your strength is writing) than trying several methods at once and only getting several ok videos, images, podcasts etc done.

The same can be said for social media platforms, if you are great with Facebook and Twitter but cannot get to grips with YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr then forget those networks and focus on those that will get you the best results which will undoubtedly be the ones you do best.

Focus on one strategy, take it as far as you can and maximise on it and then maybe branch into other methods when you have some spare time and/or money.