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It’s Not Easy Building A Business While Working A Day Job… But It Can Be Done

I decided to write this article as I wanted you to know that we understand how hard it can be to build a business or a second income while working a day job and living a busy life. Many business ‘gurus’ insist that you ‘need to find the time’ and that your success depends on you ‘taking sustained action’, this is but it is also ‘easier said than done!’

It is true, you need to find the time and you do need to take sustained action but they make it sound so easy… and for many people it really isn’t.

Life is different for everyone, everyone has their own trials and tribulations and daily circumstances simply cannot be the same for two people, let alone thousands. Some people work part time, some work full time, some work 40 hours a week, some work more… some less. Some are employed by companies and others are self employed.

Some people are married or in a relationship, some are single, some have children and some do not, some have plenty of spare time and/or money whereas others have very little time or money spare.

Then there are those who have biological differences, some people naturally have an abundance of energy and can work full stressful days with little sleep (it is said Margaret Thatcher ran Great Britain when she was Prime Minister on only 3 hours sleep a night!) then there are those who have conditions like M.E. or Fibromyalgia which inhibits people’s productivity due to them being tired and in pain most of the time.

(I know this very well as I have a very close family member with both conditions and it is awful to see on a daily basis as it robs her of the life she once lived. She is unable to work a normal day job let alone build a business in her evenings and weekends.)

Sometimes the types of jobs that we do differ greatly and some people can be left aching and physically tired after a day of lugging heavy items like bricks or plasterboards around while going up and down steps or working on their knees and once they are home they find it hard to muster the energy, strength or motivation to start something new.

I once worked in a joinery workshop where I was working 9 hour days making doors, windows and sometimes decorative roof trusses made from hardwoods like Iroko and Oak which were extremely heavy. Even as a younger me I would come home with tired and achy legs, arms and back. Once I crashed into the sofa it would be hard for me to get up and when I did I had generally stiffened up and walked about like I was made from wood.

So as you will see, it is ok for these ‘gurus’ to tell people that they should be more productive and work more hours but it is not always that easy and for some, it just is not possible. I remember once listening to a guy boasting that he spent on average 16 hours a day working on his business while trying to tell people that they needed to spend more time building theirs.

This is ok if you are working only on your business but when you are working a day job and trying to build a business in your spare time you may only get a couple of hours spare in an evening once your other ‘tasks’ like eating and showering are done.

When I worked as a joiner I often did long days and it was easy to do while I was doing my day job because I was already there, I was set up with all of my tools in place… it was easy to carry on but if I were to do a normal 8 hour day then travel home, have a shower, make and eat some tea, wash the pots and maybe get my pack up ready for the following day the chances are that I would find it hard to get started working on a second business let alone get a good amount of time on it.

We understand how hard it can be, it is not always as easy as the ‘gurus’ make out but, if you want to be rid of your day job and have a new life then you do have to somehow find the time and energy to work on a second business or project.

So if you are not one of the fortunate ones with bags of energy, a bank full of spare cash to invest or plenty of spare time then you need to…

  1. Find a business idea or project which does not require a lot of learning of new skills or hard work that is dependent on a lot of time.
  2. Have a plan and focus on it without deviating from it.
  3. Work on one project at a time and ignore all of the ‘shiny new objects’ that fall into your inbox or new marketing techniques you have seen online.
  4. Find a way to make more spare time if you can, watch less TV or take additional days off work if possible to work on your new business.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time, you might want to be wealthy next tuesday and leave the day job the following day but in reality when you have a busy life and very little spare time you need to allow yourself enough time to give yourself a chance of making it work and becoming a success. A new business that you really believe in should be given at least 2-5 years to be fully worked on and tested. Mentally this frees you from a lot of stressful false expectations, if you have not been successful after only 6 months you are not likely to give up and quit when you know you still have another 18 plus months still to work on it.
  6. **MOST IMPORTANT TIP** Do not beat yourself up when you are feeling tired and not getting anything done as the negativity will feed on itself and apathy in yourself will set in. If you do feel that you are not doing as good as you could then don’t get angry with yourself and beat on yourself, simply change what can be changed and do the things you think you can and should be doing.
  7. **ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP** Do not compare yourself to others who are steaming ahead, their circumstances are probably very different to yours. You are doing just great as you are now. Keep at it, focus on your own plans and goals and ignore others, let them do what they are doing and you do what you are doing regardless.

No matter what your circumstances are, how busy your life is or how tired you get, you can change your life by building a second income or business but it might take longer than you would like and require a lot of motivation and discipline. Others have done it before you and many others will do it after you. You can do it but you have to be aware of your limitations and time/life restrictions and work with them.

Oh and here is one final tip… when listening to the ‘gurus’, take what they say but do not allow it to become a rod that you beat yourself with.

Many of these ‘gurus’ like to list everything as an ‘excuse’, there are excuses that stop you from being successful but there are also ‘reasons’… conditions, biological & genetic makeup and individual lifestyles can hinder your productivity and the speed of your success but they are reasons and not excuses… allow you to be you and you should be fine.

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Follow The Instructions To The Letter Or Waste Time Trying To Get Back On Track

There is nothing worse than the feeling of taking two steps forward and three steps back… especially when it was self induced and could have been avoided

Today I wanted to discuss the notion of following instructions or failing fast. There is a reason that I wanted to talk about this and it is that I see many people starting online courses planning on building a business and make money online but they fail. They then moan that the system didn’t work and get disheartened as you would expect if a system did actually not work.

The problem is that the systems do work but… and this is a big but… many people never truly follow the steps or instructions which are laid out exactly for everyone to follow. When ever you go to Ikea and buy some flat pack furniture a lot of people take one quick look at the instructions and figure that they know what a screw is and what a hole is and from that and the picture on the box they know how to build the item without need for the instructions.

ikea instructions

One hour later and their floor is still covered in parts they decide to take a look at the instructions and they then experience many ‘Eureka’ moments and as soon as you can say ‘Ikea furniture is hard to build’ they have the item finished. We have all done it once in our lives, some more than others but we do often think we know better and so try and do what we think is right even though we do not actually know what we are supposed to be doing.

Instructions are there for a reason, they are to guide you through from beginning to the end of a plan set out by someone who knows what they are doing. If you fail to follow what is a well thought out plan of instructions then the only thing at fault is you and not the system.

This might sound harsh but it is the truth. Plans are not created by spending a couple of minutes drawing notes on the back of a napkin, beer mat or cigarette packet. No the creator of the plan will spend a lot of time going through the steps that they believe you need to take to get to the place you need to be, the place that the creator is at now… remember this is the successful person that you wish to emulate.

As we have written in the past, the best and fastest way to success is to have a plan, ‘Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail’ Why You Should Start The New Year With A Plan, and that is what a list of instructions are. If you do not follow instructions then the chance of failing are high.

As I work for a company that sells and promotes workable systems and methods to make money I regularly see people who fail and I hear all of the excuses under the sun but most if not all are to blame personally because they did not follow plans correctly. Some were oversights and accidental in their missing of a few vital parts but most are purly responsible for their failure to follow plans because they chose to do their own thing.

Why would you do that? Especially when you have paid out money to learn from someone who is successful? It makes no sense to spend money to learn something only to not follow the well thought out instructions laid out in front of you.

Once you have deviated from the plan and missed out a few vital steps you will end up having to spend valuable time re doing parts and going over the sections you missed including having to make corrections to errors that you will undoubtedly have made.
So, to conclude this short article we Minions just wanted to get across that if you do decide to buy into a system and it comes with a plan please follow it diligently otherwise you will end up losing a lot of time correcting errors and going over the missed sections and that could cost you a lot of money too.

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Multiple Income Streams – How The Rich Get Richer

When I first started to study online marketing and wealthy business people, one of the first things that I learned from them was that their wealth was very often grown by having multiple income streams.

This is one of the biggest differences between a wealthy successful person and the average Joe & Jo Bloggs on the street. When a person has a job which pays them for their time in the form of a wage they have only one income stream.

If that person has a second job or creates something which earns them some more money then they have a second income stream. What wealthy people generally try and do is to create as many income streams as possible and there are good reasons for this.

Not only does it increase your monthly income but it is also actsas a safety valve in case anything should go wrong with one or two of their other income streams. If a person working one job for an employer was told that they were to lose their job because work had slowed down or the company could no longer afford to keep them on then they would be up the proverbial ‘shit creek without a paddle’.

Their income would come to a crashing halt meaning that they would probably not be able to pay their rent or their mortgage and many if not all of their utility bills.This is a very scary position to be in, I have been in that position myself and it is no fun I can tell you.

There are many different styles of multiple income streams, some people own different business in different fields such as a cleaning company, a building contractors company and a haulage company. (This is an example)

Take Richard Branson for example, at one point he had Virgin Records and Virgin Airways, two completely different businesses in completely different industries. He sold Virgin Records but he now runs Virgin Airways, Virgin Trains, Virgin TV and Broadband, as well as many others.

richard branson

He even once had a ‘pop’ at the soft drinks market selling Virgin Cola trying to take on rivals Coke and Pepsi. I don’t think that one was that successful, but it didn’t matter as he was still earning from his other businesses and so he did not hit rock bottom.

There are those who have multiple income streams in the same industry coming from different products such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other technology. Some may not think of them as multiple income streams but they are, if a tablet sells brilliantly one day but then suddenly stops selling, the company will lose profits but it will still keep earning thanks to the other products they sell.

You and I may not be able to join such big and expensive markets like aviation and computer technology and we may not have the funds or interest to start up several ‘real world’ businesses like cleaning companies and building contractors but there are other styles of multiple income streams we can build.

I love the ‘creative’ world, the creative world can create many multiple income streams especially now that we live in the digital age. But even before the internet became part of everyone’s daily life the creative world has created millions for people who have been creative.

authors and artists

I will use Stephen King, J.K Rowling, The Beatles and one of my favourite bands of all time Orbital as examples.

stephen king

Stephen King has written many great books, many of which have been turned into films and TV shows. Each one of his books is a separate income stream. They can generate money for years to come.

Yes they will have a peak when they are first released and end up in the bestsellers charts as will the songs by pop artists like the Beatles and Orbital but books were often reprinted and re-released meaning that they could be bought by new readers years later.

jk rowling

J.K. Rowling is another author who has written several books as part of the Harry Potter series which have also been turned into big box office films. There is also a lot of merchandise with the Harry Potter franchise.

I cannot say whether she gets a percentage of sales from the DVD sales, merchandise sales or box office ticket sales for the films or if she gets an annual license fee for the rights to use the names and brands but what I do know is that she has earned a lot of money from those different products.

Each book is an income stream, each DVD is an income stream as are the merchandise products which are sold. She also writes other books in other genres under a pen name which yet again is another income stream.


The Beatles are a band that have not performed together since the early seventies and will never perform again due to two of them sadly not being with us anymore yet they still generate sales from their songs and albums.

I am not sure who gets the money though as Michael Jackson bought the rights to the Beatles back catalogue but Paul McCartney still has numerous albums and songs that still sell today.


Orbital are a UK based techno band that were performing and recording before the internet was readily available as it is today. They generated sales from singles and albums as well as doing gigs just like the Beatles did.

They also generated money from merchandise like T-shirt sales and DVDs (I have had both over the years). They even did live recordings of their Twentieth Anniversary gigs which they sold on a memory stick at the end of those gigs creating a unique income stream.

orbital live in sheffield 2009 wristband

I bought the recording of the Sheffield gig which I was fortunate to have gone to.

What I want you to think about is that before the digital age, books, singles, albums and films needed to be republished and made for them to be restocked in shops and sold. Today however, it is a different game altogether. With the invention of digital music files and digital eBooks we can buy these products anytime we want from a multitude of stores online.

This has given birth to many online entrepreneurs that you won’t know about who generate a fantastic living by creating many income streams such as books, music and clothing that they can sell online from various stores. Each track, book or T-Shirt is an individual income stream.

Let’s think about T-Shirts, if you are good at design or can pay someone to create unique and individual designs then you could sell T-Shirts online using all of the social media platforms and you own website via companies like without ever having to do any of the printing, packing and posting.


Every T-shirt that you design is essentially a new income stream. Now I am not going to say that everyone is going to be able to design 20 unique T-shirts and then sell 3 or 4 of each design each day but some people do.

As for Stephen King and J.K Rowling, they were introduced to the public by passionate and well funded book publishing companies, you may decide to be a writer and you may not become as popular as those two but you could still make a great living just as Nick Spalding has. Read more about Nick’s story click on his name or the image below.

building a profitable business using amazon and google

And let’s not forget, J.K. Rowling was turned down by 8-9 publishing houses who didn’t think Harry Potter was any good and didn’t think it would sell. How wrong were they? Incidentally, the Beatles were also famously turned down by a record company saying that they would not amount to anything… yes that is right, the Beatles… the biggest band known to man!

Multiple income streams are the best way to grow your wealth, there are many different ways to create different income streams, some require a lot of money, equipment, contacts and staff whereas others require a laptop, a desk, some spare time and a good idea. Is it time that you considered creating another income stream or two before it’s too late?

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How The Technology We Take For Granted Today Could Make You Rich And Famous

In case you were not sure whether you were in a position to change your life with the technology we have available at our fingertips then I wanted to give you two comparisons to think about.

These two comparisons are in the music industry and involve two popular British acts, one is established and old and one is new. This article was inspired after watching two different shows on television last weekend.

I watched one show that was all about the 1980s and was called something along the lines Ten Years That Changed Britain, it discussed all the things that happened in those years which were groundbreaking and society changing like Margaret Thatcher’s Government, the Falklands War, The Acid House explosion and the British New Romantics music scene.

As part of the music scene it went on to discuss how the American TV channel MTV was changing the way we listened to music in our homes. MTV had given birth to the popular music video and UK bands like Duran Duran embraced this with their groundbreaking and expensive videos like the one for ‘Rio’.

duran duran rio

Martin Kemp and Tony Hadley from the popular British 80s band Spandau Ballet were interviewed for the show, Tony said that he had seen Duran Duran’s Rio video and wanted to do the same and so the record company sent the band around the world to exotic locations to film videos for their songs.

Martin said that in the early 1980s the band had made around four videos which had cost nearly £1 million each to make. These music videos were then sent to stations like MTV and other music shows so that they could be shown to millions of fans and help increase the sales of the band’s music, merchandise and gigs.

spandau ballet now

Spandau Ballet today, reformed and touring.

In those days, bands had to do a lot of television, radio and magazine appearances for exposure and that was all they could do, it was out of their hands. They had to rely on their fans tuning in to see those interviews at that scheduled time or buy those magazines.

Thirty Years Later: The Game Has Changed… A Lot!

So now we come to today, things are a little bit different, we live in an age of social media and smartphones which come with high resolution cameras and leads that can hook up to tablets and laptops easily. These are taken for granted today but they really are game changing tools, not just for the music industry but for many businesses.


Let me explain:

On Sunday I watched a show called Sunday Brunch which always shows a clip of a music video of some new band, singer or song with a couple of lines of information just before the ad break. They showcased the talents of the relatively new singer Shannon Saunders.

shannon saunders video

The information that they gave about her was that her first music video was made for the cost of £9 and that it had been seen just under 1 million times on YouTube. I believe this is the video that they were talking about.

Heart of Blue – Shannon Saunders (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

How different is this to the Spandau Ballet and MTV days?

Ok so there are some big differences, Spandau Ballet was sent to foreign countries to film the videos and the record company footed the bill (which would be deducted later out of record sales though) whereas Shannon is filmed wandering around London.

However there is nothing stopping her from creating a similar video using the same methods while on holiday in several places, what is important here is that she has created a video for the cost of £9 probably using a mobile phone or tablet and then uploaded it to a free social media platform like YouTube which has been watched by nearly 1 million people!

If she is a YouTube Partner and generating money from Google AdSense (adverts shown on and around her video) then she would have easily made back a lot more than the £9 she spent thanks to the nine hundred thousand plus views the video has had.

simple youtube profitsAnd now she is getting exposure on popular TV shows because of her ‘own’ work.

We have technology now that we can use to do things that people in the 1980s could only dream of, the show that I watched about the 1980s showed people using the new ‘mobile phones’ from Vodafone, you remember the ones… the size of a brick and had to be carried with a battery pack that was the size of a smart car.

Today we have smart phones that allow us to record videos as we have seen above and to create and record music using incredible software and apps. Tor Miller is a musician who was given a lot of airtime on Radio 1 by the DJ Zane Lowe after he heard his debut song which was recorded entirely using his mobile phone.

Ok so these people are singer songwriters and musicians and have created music for which the videos were made but the technology we have access to can be used for doing so much more such as artwork, writing books and running online businesses… I am just using the music industry as an example and a comparison on how the world has changed.

webcam busines fi

In a recent article I mentioned how musicians were using the internet to broadcast gigs using webcams and how one DJ was running an online music school where he would use tools like Skype or Google Hangout to conduct interactive live lessons… you can read that article here… Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income

I want to show you some more examples of DJs and musicians using technology that we have available to us which was not affordable or readily available to the people in the 1980s.

Many DJs do live sets which are added to sites like YouTube and Facebook which are recorded using webcams and laptops. After the sad news that David Bowie had died the Canadian DJ Skratch Bastid did a short tribute to one of his heroes by cutting up two copies of Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ song which you can see here.

Skratch Bastid – David Bowie Tribute “Let’s Dance” routine

Here is a snap of the same video which he uploaded to Facebook and take a look at the number of shares and likes it has had!

skratch bastid

Kutski is another DJ who does regular short scratch videos in his studio as the image below shows.

kutski scratch video

What I like about Kutski is that he puts some time and thought into creating his videos. They only take a minute or two to set up and probably an hour to edit but they are still relatively cheap and quick to do and they look very professional and can be powerful tools in his business.

He uses multiple camera angles and he has also spent a couple of hundred pounds buying a GoPro camera to create these fantastic short but exciting memories of events and weekends.

Kutski @ Paradox, Baltimore NYE 2015

I apologise if the music is a little too hard for you but I love it 🙂 But the point I want to get across is how they are utilising this incredible and cheap technology we all have access to and using it to keep fans interested and generate new sales and business.

Notice how many of the free to use social media platforms these people use… Kutski is a very busy DJ, he travels the world performing at big events and is pushing his ‘Keeping The Rave Alive’ brand as he goes and to help he is using all the free social media networks that are available as you will see in the screenshot below.

kutski keeping the rave alive

Kutski also produces a radio show/podcast which he uploads to music sites like Soundcloud & iTunes then shares the link across social media. It is all about getting the name and brand out there.

In many ways for DJs and musicians it is easy, they can do so much to share their own music and sets across the networks using videos but so can many other industries like chefs, artists, authors and even philosophers.

We have such great pieces of technology to hand that we can use, much of it is usually sat in our coat or trouser pockets most days. We can record audio, video, write articles, take pictures which we can upload to many different websites and networks within seconds from most places in the western world and we can connect with millions of people around the world quicker than it takes to order a coffee.

Currently we are living in the greatest time for personal technology, mankind has never had a period in history where we could do so much with so much ease and share it with so many people at the same time… with speed. If that is not impressive and has not made you realise that anything is possible for you then nothing will. 🙂

‘Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail’ Why You Should Start The New Year With A Plan

As you are fully aware it is the first month of the new year which means we have a new 12 months to change our lives, change our lifestyles and/or build that business. There is a saying that I love which gets shared a lot on social media at this time of the year and it goes something like this:

“Today is the first page of a new book, you have 365 pages to write the story you want… so make it a good one” … or something like that.

We have 357 days left of 2016 and that is plenty of time to make some great changes and implement new things in our lives which can have positive and lasting effects.

As it is the first month of the year it is a good idea to spend some time writing out a plan of what it is that you want to do and achieve including how and when you are going to make a start.

There is a brilliant saying which goes ‘Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail’ and it is true, if you do not have a plan then you are more likely to fail at the things you want to achieve. If you choose not to make a plan then you are literally ‘planning to fail’.

Silence Is Golden When Planning

It is often said that it is best to write these ideas down on paper using a pen as you feel it more than when you type. The finished plan can be typed up later if you want it typing up. Either sit at a table or relax in a comfy chair and turn off any TV’s and music that you might have playing and any other distractions like mobile phones.

Being alone is best unless you are making a joint plan with a partner, it is recommend that you really enjoy the silence to allow thoughts to come to the forefront of your mind.

It is nice to work with music playing but it can be distracting and it can prevent quality ideas and thoughts to be fully played out in your mind. For example, you might decide that you want to do something specific and you try and work out how and when you will fit it into your plan when a piece of music you really love comes on and before you know it you find yourself tapping your toes, humming or singing away to it and maybe reminiscing good times that the music pulls from your memory.

Music always pulls up past memories for me, I use music to associate with situations and can remember where I was and what I was doing at specific times in my life based on certain tunes. This is great but it does take your mind away from the task at hand, trust me I know, when the time comes to finish doing your plan for the day you will soon realise that you have only touched the surface and are left with a superficial plan of what you want to do but you had not given any deeper thought to the how or when.

year plan

The reason I suggest that you write up a plan for the rest of the year is that it is far easier to follow something rather than to try and think of ‘what to do next’. Many, if not all, successful people have plans and some of them are very detailed to the point that they plan on what book they will read and when.

Seriously, I kid you not, I recently read an article about past successful people like Edison and Carnegie and they would have their time planned out including their spare time so if they knew that they had an evening spare in let’s say two months time and wanted to read a specific book or draw up a plan they would schedule that into that spare time.

Yours does not have to be so specific and it should consist a fair amount of flexibility as life throws up challenges and complications or you might not yet be ready to ‘start’ a specific task at that time so you need to not fret that you don’t do everything at the right time or in the originally planned order.

What is important is the fact that you have a plan, a plan is like a map, it guides you to your chosen destination and tells you what roads you need to be on and which junctions and turnings you need to use.

A plan can be looked at regularly and it can also be modified but if you do not have a plan then you are more likely to not do the work, a plan is a blueprint and having something visual to look at and touch makes it all more real. It feels like a real plan and not just a mere ‘wish’ or ‘want’.

Working Blind Without A Plan

Occasionally I will sit down to write an article without a plan or an idea of what to write about and I will find that I may be sat for two-three hours staring at the blank screen trying to think up something to write about and I generally waste a lot of time.

Normally though I shall spend some time writing ideas for articles down into an ‘article ideas’ list that I have and I will add some points that I want to include. When I start to think up points for an article idea I also get image ideas and so I add them to the points and when the time comes for me to sit down and write I know what I am doing and I start writing as soon as the document is open.

year diary

Once you have your main monthly goals set out in your plan I recommend that you have a daily planner like this huge 2016 desk diary where you can plan and schedule those tasks to specific days and times.

Another great reason for writing up a plan now for the rest of the year is that you can allow yourself realistic chunks of time to work on projects which can be an antidote to that destructive thinking that comes when reading sales letters for the latest ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

People often start something and expect results to happen fast just as the sales copy hints at but they become disillusioned faster when they do not see any results then give up. At least with a plan if you give yourself six months to test or grow something then you are less likely to be sucked into false claims or give up when you have not experienced what are ‘unrealistic expectations’.

You can give a good amount of time to work at something and also set time targets to have specific things achieved by a date before moving onto the next part of your business building/life changing event.

In the online industry they recommend that you split test adverts, sales pages etc but unfortunately you cannot split test yourself using and not using a plan for the same year but if you have never written out and used a yearly plan before then maybe you should give it a go and compare this year to last year and see which was the most productive and most successful.

Sounds like a plan… right? 🙂

Are You Overindulging In The Wrong Things & Under Indulging In The Right Things?

It is that time again, where many people overindulge in things like food and drink and spend a lot of their time visiting friends and partying. There is nothing wrong with this in general but you do have to ask ‘why do we overindulge in the things that makes us feel bad and guilty?’ which is generally what happens.

My better half avoids foods with a lot of sugar and gluten because they make her ill, and I do mean ill, she is not following some diet fad or avoiding them because she thinks she will get fat or may feel a little icky, she does genuinely get ill and feel very bad with it.

Christmas time is a time where people tend to eat a lot of rich foods which have a lot of gluten and sugar in them and there is also a lot of alcohol drank at this time which is also sugar rich so as you can understand she cannot overindulge in that kind of food at this time of the year or any time of the year.

I myself avoid a lot of cheese, alcohol and sugar because it too makes me feel rough but fortunately I am not intolerant like my better half nor do I suffer anywhere as bad as she does but I personally do not enjoy feeling rough or sickly so why would I want to eat a lot of the foods which in truth gives me only a small moment in pleasure compared to the length of time I feel rough?

What is strange is that a lot of people do this over and over again, they use Christmas time as an excuse to do the bad things instead of the good things even though they will spend most of January talking about how ‘rough they feel’ and how much they ‘wish they hadn’t’.

When it comes to learning and developing new skills or building a business we often do the same especially at times like Christmas. Now I am not saying that you should not take time off or have a holiday but if you are looking to change your life which is dependant on you doing specific tasks to help you move forward or develop new skills then it is illogical to ruin your chances of success for nothing more than the fleeting pleasure gained from doing other things. Isn’t it?

I have seen businesses collapse due to the owners preferring to go for a beer or two with their friends and then complain about how they missed their business and how they wished they could give it a second go. I am not talking about people who are battling an addiction like alcoholism but people just choosing to go drinking and socialising over getting jobs done.

Again I am not saying that you cannot have fun and spend an evening socialising with friends now and then if that is what you want but I am saying why would you do it regularly when it is going to cause more harm than good in the long run?

Before I became a writer and content creator I used to work as a joiner working in joinery workshops and on site doing private work. When I was younger before I started to work for myself I was employed for a company and being young I wanted to go out drinking with my friends which I often did. Those boozy evenings would finish with a pizza for the walk home.

beer and pizza

I soon learned that if I drank too much I would have a terrible hangover and would find it hard to work, I also realised that I was mildly lactose intolerant and that the combination of beer and cheese would have a devastating affect on my stomach the following morning and so it was important that I was in the workshop or a building where I was very close to a toilet. Not an enjoyable situation I know.

I soon learned that I couldn’t work like that, I was running the risk of losing my job if I did not put in a proper day’s work and I couldn’t risk working with a dodgy belly if I was out on site and I certainly couldn’t work like that when I became self employed so I consciously chose not to drink a lot when it was a ‘school night’ as we call it or eat food that was good for me if I wasn’t sure where I was working the next day.

It has been years since I have worked with a hangover and I am happy to admit that, I know many people think it is funny and cool and wear such stories as a ‘badge of honour’ but I don’t or cannot. Only the other day there were a couple of friends reminiscing about past drunken adventures on Christmas eve when I popped out for a quick beer.

I will only allow myself to lose a day when I have a day spare with no plans, I cannot afford to lose a day through self indulgent eating, drinking or whatever it is. I am not talking about ‘afford to lose a day’ in a financial sense, I am referring to time.

Time is also another indulgence that can be destructive, iIf you wanted to become a successful copywriter and knew that being one could change your life and improve your financial situation then you would spend every spare moment you had learning and crafting your skills wouldn’t you?

So why is it then that most people who want to change their lives actually do the opposite? When they should be working, practicing or studying they end up going to friends houses, out for meals or to bars when they receive an invite.

The reason I wrote this article is that this time of the year is well known for over indulging and it inspired me to bring to attention some of the things people do that are harmful and damaging which oddly they never realise they are doing.

It isn’t until they take a step back and look at what they are doing, or if someone looking in from the outside tells them what they see, that they realise what they are doing that could be detrimental to their success and preventing them from improving their lifestyle.

It reminds me of the time I decided to give up sugar in my tea, I wanted to give it up but at the same time I would justify having sugar by thinking it was ‘only one spoonful, it’s not a lot really’. I spent a long time ‘wanting’ to give up sugar but never actually stopped then one day I decided to count up how many cups of tea I would have each day, I multiplied it by seven days and then I took a cup and a spoon and began to add sugar to the cup for each cup of tea I had that week until I was left with a cup completely full and overspilling with sugar.

I could then see how much extra sugar I was really having each week and it was a lot, my mind was blown and from that day I have not had a cup of tea with sugar since. I took a step back and looked at what I was doing with fresh eyes, I was able to see where I was going wrong, the damage I was causing and was motivated to make the changes I needed and wanted to make in order to stop having sugar in my tea.

So to bring this newsletter to a close just as the New Year begins I want to ask, are there things that you are overindulging in that could be damaging your success and are there any good things that you need to indulge in more to increase your chances of changing and improving your life?

Have a Happy New Year from us all at Tims Minions Blog and the Digital Academy 🙂

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You Get What You Do… Not What You Deserve

Everyone deserves something from life but the word deserve is often associated with ‘getting something for nothing’ such as finding ‘the one’ when it comes to love or finding a wealthy partner who will shower you with all of the things you want in life without having to work for them.

The above statements are some that I have borrowed from my better half’s friends who used to wind her up saying things like that when they got together for drinks and nibbles. They would talk about the things they wanted and that they ‘deserved’ them because… well I am not really sure why they thought they deserved them… maybe it was because they simply wanted those things.

They were good people and good people do deserve good things but in truth the things you ‘deserve’ will only come your way when you put some work in. You get what you do… not what you deserve.

Using the examples above, if a person wanted to find a wealthy partner to take care of them for life they would need to go to places and do things that are necessary to snare such a person.

To find a wealthy partner you would go to the places where they drink or hang out, you would join specific dating websites, dress in ways that they may like and maybe speak in a way that doesn’t turn them off.

OK… I know that people are different and that wealthy people do not all speak the same way or like the same things but there is a huge difference between a wealthy person and someone who choses not to earn money or own material possessions but you get what I am saying.

If you looked like you didn’t care about yourself and spoke like a ‘navvy’ as my gran would say then you would find it hard to attract the right people.

It is the same in EVERYTHING that you do, if you wanted to be a professional footballer you would practice hard and work at going to the right places where you can be ‘spotted’.

If you wanted to be an actor then you would spend your weekends and evenings going to drama classes and act in small production stage shows to learn your craft. You would turn up to all of the auditions and put yourself out there as did the local girl Sheridan Smith who has now become one of the UKs most popular actresses.


If you want to be a musician you would spend any spare money you had buying the equipment you needed to develop your craft. You would spend as much of your spare time practicing and making music as well as doing those all important first gigs which might be free to start with. It would be highly likely that you would take a job or maybe a second job which you did not like purely to help fund building up your skills and career.

If you were unemployed and looking for work or ways to make some money you would go round to the local businesses handing in your CV or you would print up leaflets and post them through people’s doors and put them up in local shops. You would go to the job centre regularly or look at the job adverts in papers or online everyday until you found something.

Then and only then do you ‘deserve’ what you get… because you made it happen.

Now this might seem obvious but to many people that fact is lost on them. I recently watched a TV show about people on benefits here in the UK and one of the people they followed was a man who wanted to be a successful actor and entertainer yet he was in his early twenties and never went to a drama club or class or practiced any form of acting.

He did nothing, he wanted the state to help him fund his career choices yet never once did he put himself out to ‘make things happen’. Now I am going to do something that I don’t like doing which is predict the success of an individual by looking in from the outside… I predict that he will never become an actor and I also predict that he will never change his life much from what it was now.

I hate predicting people’s future and success mainly because you cannot, even The Beatles and JK Rowling were told that they would not amount to anything as did countless others. History is littered with successful people who made it when they were told they would not…

Famous Failures

(Who Became Very Successful)


…but what differs these people from the example I use is that they actually did something and didn’t just wish it.

The guy on the television programme would not achieve success because he did nothing that would generate any form of success in anyway even if he strongly believed that he ‘deserved it’.

It is true, you get what you do and not what you deserve….  only when you do ‘certain things’ do you ‘deserve’ certain results. The word ‘deserve’ to me is closely connected to the word ‘reward’‘deserve’ means that after you have taken 1 and added it to 2 then you are rewarded with 3. You deserve to get the reward 3 because you took the time to get 1 and 2 and add them together. Simple!

You only deserve the rewards that you work towards, it doesn’t matter what the work is, what you do or how you go about things but if you do certain things that lead to attaining a desired and specific reward then you deserve it and probably will get it too.

Without the ‘doing’ your wants will just be ‘wishes’ and no matter how much you think you ‘deserve’ something, you will not get it if all you do is wish.

So if there is something that you want and think you deserve then you better start taking action and work towards it otherwise you are unlikely to get it!

While we are on the subject of ‘deserving’ and ‘wishing’ I recommend that you read this article here:

Think… And Stay Poor, Do… And Become Successful.

Why A Little Bit Of Procrastination Is Good For The Brain

Today’s article came from doing exactly that, I couldn’t figure what to write about and when I should have been sitting down writing down ideas and brainstorming I realised I was doing anything and everything but.

Many gurus and lifestyle coaches would say that I was procrastinating and not getting on which is correct but I do think that not all procrastination is bad. Instead of writing I had the internet radio station Kool London on playing old school 1990s rave music and while bopping away I was tidying up my desk and reorganising the layout of my laptops and note pads etc.


The better half came in to ask if I wanted any dinner making and when she saw the desk she remarked on how better it looked. I responded by saying that it was really a pointless task that I was doing instead of getting on and that I was in reality just procrastinating.

This then started a conversation about how taking yourself away for five minutes and doing something completely different takes the minds focus off what you were doing and can in fact refresh the brain into coming up with some different ideas either while away from the desk or when you get sat back at the computer.

In fact my messing around moving stuff around meant that I had this conversation and that I came up with the idea for this post. Had I not done the tidying up and reshuffle I would have stayed sat staring at the computer drawing up a blank when trying to think up ideas.

Showers & Toilets:The Eureka Spots!

It is often said that most people get their best ideas and inspired thoughts while having a shower or being sat on the toilet, sounds hard to believe but it is true. When you are doing something like having a shower your mind is completely off the task at hand and is not bogged down with information that could in fact cause you to fail to ‘see the wood from the trees’.

Einstein has a wonderful quote where he said:

einstein quote

Solutions and ideas come easier when we take our minds out of the mind frame we are in when struggling to figure out what to do or how to solve a problem, usually we try and figure out the solutions and ideas right after the problem has arisen which means we are using the same ‘muddled’ mind frame.

The best solution, unless time is an issue and you are up against it in a major crisis, is to take yourself away and have some time out. Maybe have a brew in the garden, take a walk in the nearest park, chat to family, maybe even watch some TV or do something else completely different like do some meditation or yoga stretches.

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

Procrastination is seen as a really bad thing in a world where we are meant to be super ‘productive’ but I love the old Buddhist saying ‘Don’t just do something, sit there’ which is the anti ‘Don’t just sit there. do something’ saying that I used to hear quite a bit from my mother as a teenager. 🙂

don't just do something... sit there

The other ‘modern’ Buddhist quote that I love is ‘Sit happens’ which is a play on the term ‘shit happens’. Both those Buddhist quotes are trying to promote sitting in silence and contemplating or quiet thinking.

The reason for this is that quiet thinking takes your mind away from the stress of the problem and calms down the over reactional fast thinking that happens and quietens the mind to allow those ‘ideas’ and ‘answers’ to freely float forward into your consciousness.

In the excellent book ‘Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude’ by Napoleon Hill and W. Success-Through-A-Positive-Mental-Attitude-Napoleon-Hill-W-Clement-StoneClement Stone they talk about the American philosopher, teacher, scientist and inventor Dr Elmer Gates who would lock himself away in a small soundproofed room where he would ‘sit for ideas’ as he called it with a notepad and pen.

He would sit in the quiet without any distractions and not leave until he had ‘thought up’ or had an answer ‘revealed’ to him. He had his secretary take all calls and gave her strict instructions that while he was in the ‘room’ he was not to be disturbed until he came out.

The room only had a plain table and chair and was designed specifically for sitting and thinking/listening. OK so this room and what Dr Gates did is very anti procrastination to a degree but what I wanted to get across is how he took himself off somewhere else to refresh the mind and take it away from the problems and stresses it would normally be under in the normal daily office environment.

Too Much Procrastination Is Bad

Constant procrastination is very dangerous and can rob a person of a lot of productivity and lead to failure big time but there is a big difference between a lot of procrastination or should we say a habitual procrastinator and someone who now and then finds themselves drifting onto other things when they should be getting on.

The occasional bit of procrastination is good and can be very helpful but if you find yourself procrastinating everyday and nothing is getting done then yes you have a problem and need to have a big long talk with yourself and try and figure out why you are procrastinating a lot or what is the motivator that is stopping you from just ‘getting on’ with what needs doing.

But if you do find yourself drifting off and doing something else now and then like I did before I wrote this article, do not be too hard on yourself. Instead observe your thoughts and pay attention to what you have been thinking about because you might be surprised to find that there was gold running through your mind while you were off having fun and that gold could be the answer to a problem that you have been looking for!

The Return On Investment Principle: Are You Getting It Wrong?

There are many ways to look at a business and the most talked about is the principle of Return On Investment better known as the ROI.

The ROI is a measure of what a business gives back to you after you have invested into it. This is often a very important figure but it is also open to a lot of different interpretation. For example, Investment is often seen as a monetary investment which is a very important factor when running a business but it is not the only investment people can give to a business.

Time is another major investment which is also very important and something that many people forget about.

The idea of ‘Return’ is also open to interpretation, as many people see money as the only real return when they try to figure out the ROI and for most people this is true. In fact for everyone it is true but it is not the only ‘Return’ which is important. Again time or as many business people prefer to call it ‘time freedom’ is a very important ‘Return’ from their business.

The return for some is not in a monetary value or a value measured in time, at least not yet, the return for them is measured as a form of education. The return is the new set of skills they have developed or information they now possess which further down the line could generate them more money or free up time.

These factors combined can make a far better return but it doesn’t stop there, sometimes measuring the ROI is not always straightforward, the ideal results or ‘Return’ will not be seen today, or next week or may not be seen for quite some time.

For example I recently heard about a guy who spent around £30,000 investing in a franchise where he went around the country writing people’s wills for them. He offered a service that ensured his clients affairs and estates were properly dealt with when they die so that there are very few issues for their loved ones.

He is expected to make roughly £12,000 a year which means he will not see his investment paid back until he had worked at least two and a half years.

The return is not always determined on the amount of money that you have invested, what you do is a HUGE factor. Obviously, the £30,000 that was invested in the will writing business is a huge investment and it needs to have some return but that money itself will not bring back any returns as it only bought the franchise name and tools. It is the actually doing the work which will bring the money in.

So if the guy worked 40 hours a week and wrote 20 wills it would bring in ‘X’ amount per week but if he worked 60 hours and wrote 25 wills then it would bring in more money. If he only wrote 5 wills a week then he would earn less meaning that it would take a lot longer to earn back the £30,000 he invested.

Money can be ‘seen’ to have a direct return if it is used in the form of online CPC adverts as seen on Facebook.

People have ran a series of ads sending people to websites where they were either selling something, promoting a product or just relying on 3rd party advertising click revenue.

For every pound or dollar these advertisers spend they would generate two or more back and they would set out to improve the ROI for every pound/dollar they would spend.

Online businesses monitor everything they do or spend to get a complete ROI, in this article  Using SunFrogShirts To Generate Extra Revenue From Your Website I show you how to generate money promoting T-Shirts in posts and that it only takes a few minutes to do. The return on TIME investment can be huge especially if a post does well.

The ROI can be measured in many ways and I have already touched upon the fact that the education and skills you get from something is a return which has dividends later on in life. Over the years I have personally paid out a couple of thousand pounds for DVD courses and access to several online membership courses.

the digital academy online course 3

Inside The Digital Academy

the digital academy

For the first few years there were no monetary or time returns that I can say were beneficial and at times it caused some heated discussions with my better half but now, six years after I started I am now in an excellent position.

The list of the skills and ways I know how to make money online include…

  • I can work from home and from most places around the world,
  • I know how to create websites,
  • I know how to write articles and eBooks,
  • I know how to publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle, and others
  • I know how to create YouTube accounts
  • I know how to create videos
  • I know how to create and use social media platforms
  • I know how to promote affiliate products like T-Shirts
  • I know how to build squeeze pages and op-tin boxes
  • I know how to run email newsletters
  • I know how to run membership sites
  • I know how to generate money from Google AdSense
  • I know how to run CPC & CPM adverts on Facebook and Google AdWords
  • I know rudimentary SEO practices
  • I know how to manage overseas workers

Not bad for a guy who spent twenty or so years working as a carpenter and joiner from the age of sixteen. I am sure there are many other things that I have missed off that list but it isn’t until now that I appreciate what the returns are from those initial investments of those thousands of pounds and the time I spent at weekends and evenings learning those new skills.

Even though it seemed costly, one course was costing me roughly £69 a month, I kept at it because I knew…

  1. I was learning a whole lot of new skills which I could take anywhere and change my life.
  2. I was ‘wasting’ more than £70 a month on food and drink using coffee shops, bars and restaurants including take away food.

Certainly none of the food and drink that I was buying was going to benefit my life or change it so if I was willing to spend money on things which basically were a waste then I could afford to keep investing in my future and education. I also decided to cut down on a few ‘nights out’ and ‘take away nights in’ to save some money.

beer and pizza

After all, if I wanted to change my life situation then I needed to do something and investing time and money into learning WAS THE THING I needed to do and spending on ‘non essential treats’ was not changing my life but keeping me stuck in the life I wanted to escape.

I would most certainly say that investing that time and money in myself has paid off now and that the return is a better life and a complete new skill set that I can take anywhere.

So when you are starting something new and you want to look at the ROI remember that it is not always about what you get back that same day or that it is solely reliant on the monetary investment, there is so much more to consider.

The one thing I think people need to consider is that ROI is a meaningless measurement if you invest money but do very little work.

Many people invest money on programmes, do very little then give up saying that the method ‘does not work’ or that they were ‘taught wrong’ when in fact their lack of focused constant action is to blame.

Actually doing work and doing that work constantly over a period of time is the most valuable investment a business needs. If one man can invest only time and no money but works hard for weeks at a project he can make it work whereas another man who can invest thousands of pounds/dollars into a project but does nothing will have nothing to show and no success.

It would be good if we could write just one eBook and have huge success from it or create just one video that goes crazy on YouTube that brings in a lot of money meaning that the ROI was into the thousands of percent but the truth is that is not always going to happen.

On I see the name Mike Bozart everywhere, he is publishing a lot and I do mean a lot of short stories. It would appear that either he is doing a lot of writing and has 44 books on as we speak.

books by mike bozart

He could be using the site as a traffic generator sending people to bigger and better books for sale on Kindle or to a website where there are audio books or adverts. I am not sure what his business model is, but I can say that it must be working. It is working because he writes plenty of books and the fact that he writes plenty of books shows that it is working, he has not written one or two and then given up.

He has invested quite some time into writing these short stories and they will bring in results, those better results will be dependant on the more time he invests in creating books.

Obviously if you invest a lot of your time and money in a project and the results are pointing to a complete failure then you should stop but it is often very hard to predict a failure or a success until a set time has passed but it is easy to give up too early and prevent that success from happening.

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Think… And Stay Poor, Do… And Become Successful.

The most important factor in success is real action and not imagined action as many people will have you think. In the spiritual movement that is based on the theory of the law of attraction, coaches and gurus will tell you to think positive thoughts and that those positive thoughts will bring you positive results in your life.

This is only partially true… for example a positive person who thinks they can get all the girls he wants but never talks to or smiles at them will not get a date even if he spends every minute he is awake dreaming about talking to and dating girls.

The guy who is full of negative self doubt and thinks he is not dateable will not get a date if he too does not smile at or speak to women but if a man is full of negative self doubt, worry and thinks he cannot get a date but does go out of his way to smile and talk to women, he will eventually get a date. Even if his mental activity is in contradiction to his actions, his actions will reap rewards where his imagined action cannot.

As much as I love the law of attraction theory which states what you think about the most and what your mental state is mostly you will attract back into the physical world ie if you fear being poor you will constantly be poor…

or so the theory goes… I don’t fully believe that what you think alone attracts the similar situations into your life.

I remember watching a BBC documentary series studying some of the UK’s wealthiest business people and one guy who was a very rich magazine publisher said that his motivation for making millions was the fear of being poor. As a child he lived in poverty and he hated it, this fear of never having enough again was always with him… so why then was he a multi millionaire and not poor?

The reason is that instead of focusing on the fear and sitting around ‘thinking & imaging’ that he was getting out of poverty he took solid action, he took the steps that lead towards him going from a life of poverty to a life of great wealth.

Real applied action will always get the results that imagined action will not. We are told to close our eyes and see ourselves being wealthy and successful and that we should do this regularly to programme our minds to accept this as a possibility and a reality for us, which as a motivator is ok but it won’t make us successful. It cannot because it is just imagination, it can make us more relaxed, less stressed about stuff and motivated which is a great mindset for taking action but that is it.

It might start some cosmic wheels in motion and draw good things to us through the scientific law of vibration (law of attraction) but really it will not change our lives alone, we need to take action for that to happen. Let me explain like this:

I have written a lot of books and I do mean A LOT, A hell of a lot of books in fact. I have been writing fictional books and making up stories since I was a child covering topics like zombies, space adventures, alien invasions, terrorism and time travel but interestingly, the amount of books that people can actually read from my huge list of books is two.

both books

I have actually written into words only two fictional stories and they are only short stories. You can read them here if you are interested 🙂 (I am currently working on two more longer books)

In my mind I see the stories unfolding and I see the characters acting out as if I was watching a film on the TV yet they only remain in my mind. I can also see myself writing the books regularly and yet strangely books do not appear out of the ether until I physically start typing. It is this typing (real applied action) that creates the books that people can read which will start the process towards success.

I know that is obvious but what is important is that you remember ‘that very obvious part’.

Surprisingly most people do not think about it and carry on trying to ‘think & imagine’ themselves to success but that will never bring around success. Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“The ancestor of every action is a thought”

A thought is the ancestor of action, without action a thought is just a thought…Without a thought there can be no action, without action no thought can become a success.

Thinking In A Montage

The other thing to remember with our incredible imagination is that the imagined world is not governed by time or the same laws of physics as the real world. In fact as I write this I can imagine myself writing a long book, I can see myself sat at my desk typing away knocking out page after page churning out thousands of words and I can see myself finishing off the book even before I finish this sentence.

I can also imagine that the laptop has suddenly become an old fashioned typewriter and that I pull the final page from it and lay it down ontop of a pile of hundreds of freshly written pages to my new book.

Our imaginations make long and hard work seem fast and easy, we can imagine a six month task into a five minute montage. It’s as if we dream in the style of a 1980s teen movie, everything we want to do can be condensed into a short montage and I think this is why people are seduced into the ‘thinking & imagination’ part of the law of attraction and overlook, by choice, the real hard work that success needs.

In fact let’s go one step further and really look into the imagination and the imagined word, while I write this article I am imagining myself…

…. wearing a Superman outfit, not the new dark one but the bright coloured camp one Christopher Reeves wore in the 1980s. I am hovering above my garden here in Gainsborough.

me as superman over garden

With a slight turn and a lifting of my legs I am now pointing towards Lincoln and I begin to fly. I am flying through the air towards Lincoln and my speed is increasing until I hit a comfortable 50 miles per hour. As I am going straight like a bird and not following traffic filled roads I reach Lincoln in a few minutes and it is not long before I am flying around the old Norman front of Lincoln cathedral.

me as superman over lincoln

It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there are no clouds to be seen for miles. I decide to land on the roof of the cathedral and layout to enjoy the view overlooking all of Lincoln. I am feeling peckish and decide that this would make a great spot for a picnic and so I pull a lunch box and a flask from my red Superman trunks. (They were not there until now… isn’t imagination great?) I pour myself a cup of tea from the flask and pull out a beef sandwich from my lunch box to nibble on while I watch the hustle and bustle of the city below.

I am vegetarian and do not eat meat but this is no ordinary beef sandwich. This beef doesn’t come from a cow, I made it from a Star Trek style replicator. The replicator took all the elements like grass and water, and used some scientific alchemy magic just like nature does with a cow and mixed all the components turning them into beef. No cow is killed for this beef so it is good Karma beef and not bad Karma beef.

I invented and made this replicator when I was five years old using a cardboard box and some marker pens. I see myself drawing on buttons and dials and when I finish the cardboard box suddenly becomes a real meat making replicator…

replicator machine

What is interesting is that within five minutes I have travelled through thirty six years, become a child inventor using cardboard boxes and flown around Lincoln as Superman with sandwiches and a flask tucked away in my… well my lunchbox area and what is going to happen? Nothing as it was not real and it was just imagined.

But because I wrote it down you were able to read it and have a chuckle but the point is this, if you spend your time sitting and imagining your are a successful author, film director, business person or whatever it is you want to be, no matter what the ‘law of attraction‘ gurus tell you, you will not become a success until you take action.

You will not own that business if you do not stop dreaming it and start working at it, you will not become a published author if you do not stop dreaming it and start writing those books.

Would the world know about Harry Potter if J.K. Rowling just sat and ‘imagined’ the stories while drinking coffee in those now famous coffee shops in Edinburgh where she wrote the first book? Nope, the real step towards any success is ‘taking action’ no matter how small the step is you can only start to walk towards your chosen destination by taking steps.


Real action is the key and not ‘imagined action’ I apologise if I have written about what is an obvious point but most people do forget this important piece of the puzzle.

If you love Rhonda Burns ‘The Secret’ and are a fan of the ‘Law Of Attraction’ movement then think about this for a minute.

Imagine that you wanted to eat pizza in bed but you did not want to buy it or go and fetch it from a shop, instead you decided to sit in your bedroom and use your imagination and ‘manifest’ a pizza into your life.


You visualise yourself sitting and eating the pizza in your bedroom without questioning it, it is happening and you have complete faith that the pizza will be delivered to you.

So you put those vibrations out into the world and let us imagine that a close friend across town picked up on that message and thought… ‘You know what? it is nearly lunch time and I know [your name] loves pizza and they are at home today, I shall surprise them and have one delivered to their house’ and so that is what they do.

There you are sitting in your bedroom visualising eating that pizza when you hear someone knock at your door… a delivery driver is there standing at the door and in his hand is a box with a steaming hot pizza, not just any pizza but your favourite, the one you have been eating in your imagination.

How do you get that pizza into your bedroom so that you can eat it? You can spend another five minutes imaging that it is there in your bedroom but I doubt that the delivery driver is going to open your door, walk in with your pizza and bring it upstairs right to the room you are sat in.

You are going to have to get up and stop visualising and walk to answer the door, even if he did come into your house and called out for you you would need to shout to let him know whereabouts you are in the house. You have to do some work, you have to take action to receive the final part of the dream or whatever it is that you want from life.

You can image that you are a successful author or business person and you can have the great ideas that you need and you might ‘attract’  to you the right people and connections that you need but you are still going to have to take action to put the pieces together and get the results.

No inspired thought or idea will lead to a real physical success unless you take action, remember, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The ancestor of every action is a thought”  Without a thought there can be no action, without action no thought can become a success.