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Why A Little Bit Of Procrastination Is Good For The Brain

Today’s article came from doing exactly that, I couldn’t figure what to write about and when I should have been sitting down writing down ideas and brainstorming I realised I was doing anything and everything but.

Many gurus and lifestyle coaches would say that I was procrastinating and not getting on which is correct but I do think that not all procrastination is bad. Instead of writing I had the internet radio station Kool London on playing old school 1990s rave music and while bopping away I was tidying up my desk and reorganising the layout of my laptops and note pads etc.


The better half came in to ask if I wanted any dinner making and when she saw the desk she remarked on how better it looked. I responded by saying that it was really a pointless task that I was doing instead of getting on and that I was in reality just procrastinating.

This then started a conversation about how taking yourself away for five minutes and doing something completely different takes the minds focus off what you were doing and can in fact refresh the brain into coming up with some different ideas either while away from the desk or when you get sat back at the computer.

In fact my messing around moving stuff around meant that I had this conversation and that I came up with the idea for this post. Had I not done the tidying up and reshuffle I would have stayed sat staring at the computer drawing up a blank when trying to think up ideas.

Showers & Toilets:The Eureka Spots!

It is often said that most people get their best ideas and inspired thoughts while having a shower or being sat on the toilet, sounds hard to believe but it is true. When you are doing something like having a shower your mind is completely off the task at hand and is not bogged down with information that could in fact cause you to fail to ‘see the wood from the trees’.

Einstein has a wonderful quote where he said:

einstein quote

Solutions and ideas come easier when we take our minds out of the mind frame we are in when struggling to figure out what to do or how to solve a problem, usually we try and figure out the solutions and ideas right after the problem has arisen which means we are using the same ‘muddled’ mind frame.

The best solution, unless time is an issue and you are up against it in a major crisis, is to take yourself away and have some time out. Maybe have a brew in the garden, take a walk in the nearest park, chat to family, maybe even watch some TV or do something else completely different like do some meditation or yoga stretches.

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

Procrastination is seen as a really bad thing in a world where we are meant to be super ‘productive’ but I love the old Buddhist saying ‘Don’t just do something, sit there’ which is the anti ‘Don’t just sit there. do something’ saying that I used to hear quite a bit from my mother as a teenager. 🙂

don't just do something... sit there

The other ‘modern’ Buddhist quote that I love is ‘Sit happens’ which is a play on the term ‘shit happens’. Both those Buddhist quotes are trying to promote sitting in silence and contemplating or quiet thinking.

The reason for this is that quiet thinking takes your mind away from the stress of the problem and calms down the over reactional fast thinking that happens and quietens the mind to allow those ‘ideas’ and ‘answers’ to freely float forward into your consciousness.

In the excellent book ‘Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude’ by Napoleon Hill and W. Success-Through-A-Positive-Mental-Attitude-Napoleon-Hill-W-Clement-StoneClement Stone they talk about the American philosopher, teacher, scientist and inventor Dr Elmer Gates who would lock himself away in a small soundproofed room where he would ‘sit for ideas’ as he called it with a notepad and pen.

He would sit in the quiet without any distractions and not leave until he had ‘thought up’ or had an answer ‘revealed’ to him. He had his secretary take all calls and gave her strict instructions that while he was in the ‘room’ he was not to be disturbed until he came out.

The room only had a plain table and chair and was designed specifically for sitting and thinking/listening. OK so this room and what Dr Gates did is very anti procrastination to a degree but what I wanted to get across is how he took himself off somewhere else to refresh the mind and take it away from the problems and stresses it would normally be under in the normal daily office environment.

Too Much Procrastination Is Bad

Constant procrastination is very dangerous and can rob a person of a lot of productivity and lead to failure big time but there is a big difference between a lot of procrastination or should we say a habitual procrastinator and someone who now and then finds themselves drifting onto other things when they should be getting on.

The occasional bit of procrastination is good and can be very helpful but if you find yourself procrastinating everyday and nothing is getting done then yes you have a problem and need to have a big long talk with yourself and try and figure out why you are procrastinating a lot or what is the motivator that is stopping you from just ‘getting on’ with what needs doing.

But if you do find yourself drifting off and doing something else now and then like I did before I wrote this article, do not be too hard on yourself. Instead observe your thoughts and pay attention to what you have been thinking about because you might be surprised to find that there was gold running through your mind while you were off having fun and that gold could be the answer to a problem that you have been looking for!

‘It’s Not All About Sunshine, Speed Boats & Shiny Suits’

A Free Look Inside The Digital Academy

(Make sure you do not miss the video half way down the page!)

Ok so you have thought many times about wanting to make money online to either generate a second income or maybe to replace the day job to give you more time freedom.

Maybe you have wanted to find a way to make money online which you can do from anywhere in the world allowing you the freedom to travel and enjoy one long holiday.

Maybe you have tried in the past to make money online but it didn’t work as well as you hoped or maybe you failed badly and were left disheartened.

Or maybe you just didn’t realise how many different ways there were to make money online which did not require ‘selling’.

Believe it or not, there are many people making six figures each year and they are not selling anything.

As Head Minion once said…

‘Making money online is not all about sunshine, speed boats and shiny suits’

You know exactly what he is talking about, those marketers who appear on those slick sales pages where they are wearing expensive suits, sitting on a beach or a speed boat sipping champagne in the sun.

No it’s not like that at all, not everyone who makes a decent living online are some slick salesperson. There are many very successful people who are generating millions online and they are doing it in ways you might have not thought possible.

Only this week I was telling a close friend about Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie the YouTube King who made over $7.4 million in 2014 mainly from sitting on his bum and playing computer games.

Felix Kjellberg

It was at this point when he said something along the lines of ‘Crickey, that is a lot of wonga!’ well actually what he did say was not suitable to quote fully but you get the idea.

It was at this point that I told him about the Digital Academy and what he would find inside.

What is the Digital Academy and why should you (if you have ever wanted to make money online) join?

In a nutshell, the Digital Academy is a HUGE members only resource of training modules, video tutorials and mini tutorial articles that will teach you how to make money online.

Not just the one way to make money online but several different very profitable methods are covered with more being added regularly.

the digital academy online course 3

The Digital Academy is not like any of the other ‘Internet Marketing Membership Sites’, we personally show you things that actually work.

We have examples of the work being done by us Minions.

This is not just theoretical… this is real working information… Watch the video below to see what I mean…

How does the Digital Academy differ from other Make Money Online membership sites?

  1. Other well known Internet Marketing membership sites have weak 400-500 word articles that only touch the surface of certain money making methods which just leave you confused and in need of more information.
  2. Other well known Internet Marketing membership sites use basic PLR videos that can be found all over the internet which do not really show you much at all.

In the Digital Academy we create all of our own video tutorials, we write long very informative tutorial articles and we do the things we say we do.

We have real hands on experience and we have the skills to teach what we know.

The Digital Academy is exceptional value when you consider what we actually give you and show you.

Not only do you get hundreds of very informative and detailed articles which are really mini tutorials themselves but we give you access to fully informative training modules showing you how to set up profitable systems like…

  • How to set-up and manage a profitable YouTube account.

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  • We show you how to be a self published author writing and publishing books on Amazon Kindle.

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  • We show you how to build opt-in boxes and run email marketing campaigns.

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  • We also show you how to record and create video tutorials, build profitable websites and how to make money from social media networks like Facebook.

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When you join you get access to our very own Cash Curator system that you will not find anywhere else.

The Cash Curator system is a method that WE use to generate around £1000 a month for free using Facebook…  but we do need to point out… we only do this part time.

We do not sit and do the Cash Curator all day… we have other tasks and work to focus on so the Cash Curator, which generates around £1000 a month, is something we do when we have the time spare.

To run your very own Cash Curator business you will need a website but get this… you get FREE hosting for one website when you become a member of the Digital Academy. (A domain name registration is required but we offer that service too)

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The Cash Curator system will pay for your membership if you do it properly and stick with it, we generate around £1000 a month part time from it, over the year you should EASILY EARN BACK FAR MORE than what it costs to be a member of the Digital Academy.

And it makes sense to be a long term member because we are always adding to the Digital Academy new articles, modules and methods to make money online.

Many of them can be incorporated into the Cash Curator system and over a period of time you could be running a very profitable online business that encompasses many different income streams.

So if you are still serious about making money on line then what is stopping you? Click the banner image below to sign up for your own account today…

the digital academy

The Return On Investment Principle: Are You Getting It Wrong?

There are many ways to look at a business and the most talked about is the principle of Return On Investment better known as the ROI.

The ROI is a measure of what a business gives back to you after you have invested into it. This is often a very important figure but it is also open to a lot of different interpretation. For example, Investment is often seen as a monetary investment which is a very important factor when running a business but it is not the only investment people can give to a business.

Time is another major investment which is also very important and something that many people forget about.

The idea of ‘Return’ is also open to interpretation, as many people see money as the only real return when they try to figure out the ROI and for most people this is true. In fact for everyone it is true but it is not the only ‘Return’ which is important. Again time or as many business people prefer to call it ‘time freedom’ is a very important ‘Return’ from their business.

The return for some is not in a monetary value or a value measured in time, at least not yet, the return for them is measured as a form of education. The return is the new set of skills they have developed or information they now possess which further down the line could generate them more money or free up time.

These factors combined can make a far better return but it doesn’t stop there, sometimes measuring the ROI is not always straightforward, the ideal results or ‘Return’ will not be seen today, or next week or may not be seen for quite some time.

For example I recently heard about a guy who spent around £30,000 investing in a franchise where he went around the country writing people’s wills for them. He offered a service that ensured his clients affairs and estates were properly dealt with when they die so that there are very few issues for their loved ones.

He is expected to make roughly £12,000 a year which means he will not see his investment paid back until he had worked at least two and a half years.

The return is not always determined on the amount of money that you have invested, what you do is a HUGE factor. Obviously, the £30,000 that was invested in the will writing business is a huge investment and it needs to have some return but that money itself will not bring back any returns as it only bought the franchise name and tools. It is the actually doing the work which will bring the money in.

So if the guy worked 40 hours a week and wrote 20 wills it would bring in ‘X’ amount per week but if he worked 60 hours and wrote 25 wills then it would bring in more money. If he only wrote 5 wills a week then he would earn less meaning that it would take a lot longer to earn back the £30,000 he invested.

Money can be ‘seen’ to have a direct return if it is used in the form of online CPC adverts as seen on Facebook.

People have ran a series of ads sending people to websites where they were either selling something, promoting a product or just relying on 3rd party advertising click revenue.

For every pound or dollar these advertisers spend they would generate two or more back and they would set out to improve the ROI for every pound/dollar they would spend.

Online businesses monitor everything they do or spend to get a complete ROI, in this article  Using SunFrogShirts To Generate Extra Revenue From Your Website I show you how to generate money promoting T-Shirts in posts and that it only takes a few minutes to do. The return on TIME investment can be huge especially if a post does well.

The ROI can be measured in many ways and I have already touched upon the fact that the education and skills you get from something is a return which has dividends later on in life. Over the years I have personally paid out a couple of thousand pounds for DVD courses and access to several online membership courses.

the digital academy online course 3

Inside The Digital Academy

the digital academy

For the first few years there were no monetary or time returns that I can say were beneficial and at times it caused some heated discussions with my better half but now, six years after I started I am now in an excellent position.

The list of the skills and ways I know how to make money online include…

  • I can work from home and from most places around the world,
  • I know how to create websites,
  • I know how to write articles and eBooks,
  • I know how to publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle, and others
  • I know how to create YouTube accounts
  • I know how to create videos
  • I know how to create and use social media platforms
  • I know how to promote affiliate products like T-Shirts
  • I know how to build squeeze pages and op-tin boxes
  • I know how to run email newsletters
  • I know how to run membership sites
  • I know how to generate money from Google AdSense
  • I know how to run CPC & CPM adverts on Facebook and Google AdWords
  • I know rudimentary SEO practices
  • I know how to manage overseas workers

Not bad for a guy who spent twenty or so years working as a carpenter and joiner from the age of sixteen. I am sure there are many other things that I have missed off that list but it isn’t until now that I appreciate what the returns are from those initial investments of those thousands of pounds and the time I spent at weekends and evenings learning those new skills.

Even though it seemed costly, one course was costing me roughly £69 a month, I kept at it because I knew…

  1. I was learning a whole lot of new skills which I could take anywhere and change my life.
  2. I was ‘wasting’ more than £70 a month on food and drink using coffee shops, bars and restaurants including take away food.

Certainly none of the food and drink that I was buying was going to benefit my life or change it so if I was willing to spend money on things which basically were a waste then I could afford to keep investing in my future and education. I also decided to cut down on a few ‘nights out’ and ‘take away nights in’ to save some money.

beer and pizza

After all, if I wanted to change my life situation then I needed to do something and investing time and money into learning WAS THE THING I needed to do and spending on ‘non essential treats’ was not changing my life but keeping me stuck in the life I wanted to escape.

I would most certainly say that investing that time and money in myself has paid off now and that the return is a better life and a complete new skill set that I can take anywhere.

So when you are starting something new and you want to look at the ROI remember that it is not always about what you get back that same day or that it is solely reliant on the monetary investment, there is so much more to consider.

The one thing I think people need to consider is that ROI is a meaningless measurement if you invest money but do very little work.

Many people invest money on programmes, do very little then give up saying that the method ‘does not work’ or that they were ‘taught wrong’ when in fact their lack of focused constant action is to blame.

Actually doing work and doing that work constantly over a period of time is the most valuable investment a business needs. If one man can invest only time and no money but works hard for weeks at a project he can make it work whereas another man who can invest thousands of pounds/dollars into a project but does nothing will have nothing to show and no success.

It would be good if we could write just one eBook and have huge success from it or create just one video that goes crazy on YouTube that brings in a lot of money meaning that the ROI was into the thousands of percent but the truth is that is not always going to happen.

On I see the name Mike Bozart everywhere, he is publishing a lot and I do mean a lot of short stories. It would appear that either he is doing a lot of writing and has 44 books on as we speak.

books by mike bozart

He could be using the site as a traffic generator sending people to bigger and better books for sale on Kindle or to a website where there are audio books or adverts. I am not sure what his business model is, but I can say that it must be working. It is working because he writes plenty of books and the fact that he writes plenty of books shows that it is working, he has not written one or two and then given up.

He has invested quite some time into writing these short stories and they will bring in results, those better results will be dependant on the more time he invests in creating books.

Obviously if you invest a lot of your time and money in a project and the results are pointing to a complete failure then you should stop but it is often very hard to predict a failure or a success until a set time has passed but it is easy to give up too early and prevent that success from happening.

the digital academy