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How Youngsters Are Making Thousands Each Month Using A Webcam Whilst Eating Their Tea!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote the article Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income which discussed how everyday people are making money using their laptops and webcams.

bj patoo

Well today I want to go a little further and discuss how youngsters in South Korea are generating a lot of money using their laptops and webcams by broadcasting live to thousands of viewers… themselves eating their tea.

Yes you read that right, people watch and join them to eat food online.

I found this out after seeing a short video on Business Insider about Patoo and how he can generate up to $1,500 per eating session.

bj patoo 2

These online evening eat ins are called ‘Mukbang’ which is a word made by mashing up the two South Korean words for ‘Eating’ and ‘Broadcast’ so it literally means eating broadcast. These broadcasts are done using a platform called AfreecaTV which is a Korean online broadcasting platform that has been online for a few years now.

Broadcasters on AfreecaTV are called BJs and they get paid when viewers buy gifts like balloons (virtual balloons) at $0.10 which they send to the broadcaster, the broadcaster then exchanges those balloons for money.

I can only assume that there is a ‘creaming off’ of profit by AfreecaTV but what matters is that these Mukbang stars (or Mokbang as it says on AfreecaTV) are generating a fair amount of money from doing live eating broadcasts.

The viewers are mostly teens and young adults, some people say the popularity of Mukbang is down to the lonely lifestyle many South Koreans experience from living alone in small apartments, others think it is popular because it is a great way to satisfy food cravings without eating. (I don’t personally get that one)

One star of Mukbank, Park Seo-Yeon who you see on the news clip above, says she earns around $9000 a month from eating in front of the camera and chatting to viewers. This is pretty incredible and so I decided to take a quick look at AfreecaTV and YouTube to get more of an idea of what it is all about.


AfreecaTV has now gone global and is not just used by Koreans and YouTube also has plenty of Mukbang videos recorded from live broadcasts with many of them now being by people from other countries.

mukbang on youtube

To understand exactly what these broadcasts are really about I have shared a couple below that I found uploaded to YouTube.

The Junk Food Feast!

In this video one guy is sat eating a real takeaway feast. My first thoughts were ‘That is one costly meal’ but then if they are earning the amounts we are told then they can most definitely afford it.

The Home Made Feast!

This next video has a guy eating bought/packaged food so I am wondering if he is getting paid by the companies to actually eat them or at least attempting to curry favour (or should that be curry flavour as it is a food related post? No? oh ok :-)) with the companies to get some kind of affiliate/sponsorship deal.

What is important here is that they are not just sat ‘troughing’ as we say here in the UK (meaning eating a lot) but they are chatting to and interacting with their viewers.

In 2013 the top earner on AfreecaTV made $250,000 not bad, not bad at all, I cannot say for certain whether that was for eating food or maybe another ‘webcam’ related scenario.

What Can You Do With A Webcam And An Internet Connection?

So the point of this article is to draw your attention to another interesting and unique way that ordinary people are making money from home using just their laptop, webcam and internet connection.

webcam couple 2

After the previous ‘webcam business’ article where I mentioned the couple (seen above) who were making money using webcams while they toured across America in their campervan it seems that there must be many other ways to profit from using a webcam, after all people are paying to watch people do all kinds of weird and wonderful things on camera like ‘eating their tea!’.

So I really want to end this post not with you going away thinking that it was interesting or that there is some funny old things online in this crazy world of ours, no I want to leave you thinking and contemplating what other things can you do to make money online using a basic set up like a laptop and a webcam.

You have to agree, there does seem to be some very profitable people out there doing the simplest of things.

Soooo is there anything that you can do to make money online using just a laptop and a webcam?

Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income

The technology that most of us have in our homes and even our pockets today is astounding when you really think about it. We can talk to people anywhere in the world at the touch of a button and not just talk with the sound of our voices, we can actually see them and talk to them live as if they were in the room with us.

Technically they are, they are in our room and we are in theirs, it is pretty damn incredible when you think about it.

I recently watched a documentary about people who were making money using nothing more than their laptops, a webcam or two and an internet connection to make money. The show was mainly about couples performing sex acts while paying fans around the world watched.

secret diaries webcam secrets

Webcam couple – Kitty and Moses Photo: Rory Mulvey/Channel 4

Now I am not going to going to talk about that industry much, nor do I recommend that you do it, as there were more interesting things that the show revealed and also I wanted to take the information and try and create other business ideas around what I had seen … minus the naughty nookie.

So don’t panic I am not going to suggest that you enlist the wife or husband or partner to become an active member in your new bedroom based business, we will leave that to those who love to perform on camera.

What was interesting was that there was one couple who was travelling around the USA in a campervan and were now earning money by interacting with their fans and being watched while they did the mundane daily jobs.

webcam couple 2

It was not clear whether they actually had sex in front of the camera much now, which is how it all started, as they were making enough money from people watching them wash the pots, play with their pets, hoover the camper van and play games… it was like a real life ‘Big Brother’ scenario…. but more interactive.

The Fast Pound

One couple said that they loved performing in front of the camera because they could generate an extra £50 when they needed it. It was like a personal cash machine, they would log on via the website/company they were using, wait for people to join them and then they would be paid to perform. People were paying on a per minute basis similar to the old phone call and line rental.

As I say I don’t want to focus on this or recommend that you do anything like this but I couldn’t help think that there must be other things that people want to know or see. I have often thought that in the future music events and live gigs by your favourite acts will become more online pay per view affairs.

So if U2 were playing in London people going to the gig could pay big money for the tickets but at the same time they could live stream the show around the world to other fans who pay a much smaller fee to watch from the comfort of their own sofa.

Could you do a live performance for a small fee where people pay to watch you perform? It could be music, it could be a play or it could be some kind of live TV show.

The Online Course

On Sunday  I received an email from a techno/dance music producer who was taking bookings for his music course in October. Now I love dance music and have made my own tracks in the past so out of curiosity I decided to take a look at his music school and lessons and was surprised to see that it was all done online.

mark egI expected that he was running classes at his studio but no, I was wrong. He offered five lessons for £500 and they were all online. After an initial online consultation possibly using Skype or Google Hangout to find out what software or skill you wanted help with or to learn the lessons would then be tailored to meet your needs and done online.

At £500 for five lessons imagine how much he would make if I wanted to learn everything on the list on the advert!

If the software is computer based then they would probably use a system that allows screen sharing but if the lesson was about hardware such as studio mixing desks then the lesson would be through a webcam. It is pretty rare that you would use a service/system that does not do both webcam and screen share options. I believe Skype does both but you might need to use the premium option.

Google Hangout however is free and allows you to do a screen share so the pupil can see exactly what the teacher is doing while he/she is talking through the process and if required the pupil can also share their screen so that the teacher can assess or check that things are being done right.

Recently while doing a Google Hangout with a friend 200 miles away we shared screens and it worked perfectly, he was able to watch me while I showed him something new. So if you have a set of skills that other people might need then maybe you could run a series of online tutorials or consultations.

Languages are probably one of the easiest things to teach online, if you speak two languages like Spanish and English then you could probably charge to teach Spanish to English students of vice a versa. You might even be able to charge to converse in the language with students who need more real native talking to help with their studies. That would mean that you arrange a time, take a payment by PayPal and then meet up and chat online.

spanish lessons

I am just thinking through these ideas, there is a growing network of teachers, schools, communities and companies that rely on and offer these online teaching services. What you see in the open public sector usually means that there is also a growing need for those types of services in the private sector.

If students such as language students or music students, as we have previously discussed, are needing professional tuition and if the only way they can get ‘quality, affordable and reliable’ lessons is by using the person who lives several hundred miles away or in another country then it is going to have to be online using a service like Skype or Google Hangout.

The Unique Selling Point

This is and has to be a growing market. It doesn’t have to be just sex shows or educational lessons that make money using this type of service. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone could make money by filling their house with webcams and charging for voyeurs to login and watch them just ‘live’. Nothing surprises me these days, if marketed right I imagine anything could work, even the real obscure things that you wouldn’t expect to be profitable.

bake bean shower

Another documentary called Web Cam Girls explored the bizarre world of women who work in the alternative adult industry which included niche interests as watching women taking showers in baked beans or crushing tiny cars in stilettos… I kid you not! It seems people will watch any old thing!.

I mentioned earlier about the pay per view live streaming of gigs, there are so many fantastic resources of free recorded and live music online and there are many people like Sandi Thom who have built careers out of doing free webcam gigs from their homes but I think it is possible that someone could generate money performing live sets online.

Most people might disagree saying that because there are so many free music sites and countless hours of free music online (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube DI.FM etc) why would someone want to pay to listen & watch a live webcam gig online? But if your music was an ambient and chilled set you could market it as an online audio meditation and combine the two and create a unique service which people might enjoy.

People might join you once a week to sit and enjoy a meditation session as you play your chilled out ambient grooves especially if you were set up on a terrace overlooking the sea on a clear blue day.

gigee 1

There are Middle Man websites like where you can create an account, create an event and promote a live ticketed gig where you will get 80% of the revenue. This would be ideal for those wanting to perform to larger audiences which would suit musicians & producers, comedians, shows & performances and yoga sessions looking at the screenshot below.

gigee 2

Sites like allow you to get set up and promote your events and even test the market without having to spend time and money developing your own site which can come at a later date if needs be.

You can also open up a Gigee store and sell merchandise from the same site which is great if you are a band/musician doing regular live gigs.

Marketing the product/service, giving it a unique angle and finding your market might be a touch harder than just switching on the webcam and being paid for doing a few minutes of ‘whatever it is you want to do’ but it could mean that you make more money.

Success In Anything Comes From Participating Actively

Like everything in life, to make it work and get the best results you will need to actively work on it and not give up too soon. You need to take the business from just started to being established which is where most success will come from.

That is how those couples are making money by doing live sex shows online… they are entering into a very lucrative business that has been around for years and opening up accounts on established (Middle man) websites that deal with all of the marketing, technological and payment requirements this business would need.


For you starting a fresh in a non sex industry, you might need to do a little more work and build up that reputation and become established but once you are making money from nothing more than a laptop, a webcam (comes with all laptops as standard) and an internet connection … you will be able to do this from virtually anywhere in the world.

This is just one of the many ways you can earn money online without having to sell anything to anyone, ever … find out more at: Tim’s Minions Digital Academy

the digital academy

Starting A Middleman Business & Profiting From Other People’s Work.

What is a middleman business and how can it make you money?

Well the best way to explain what a middleman business is… that it is a business where you bring two opposing people together. The two different sets of people need each other and a middleman business puts them together.

One of the best examples of a middleman service is the dating industry, think of websites like and They put together lonely singles who are looking for love, and those singles pay to use that system.

Another example, Elance & Odesk (now both known as UpWork , I shall use their old names as that is how most people know them)  and Fiverr are middleman businesses because they put people with relevant skills like writing or website design with people and companies who need articles written or websites developed.

Newark Market Place banner

The middleman business is a bit like the market place that you find in the centre of your town, traders sell their items to the customers who need them and the market owner takes a small percentage in the way of rent for allowing everyone to meet and gather on their land.

Creaming Off A Profit

The online middleman businesses make money from either charging a monthly fee to use their website/system to one or both of the parties or they take a small percentage of any transactions that are generated through their system.

On, workers charge $5 for a basic gig (hence the name Fiverr) and Fiverr take one dollar whenever a $5 transaction is made.

The worker can open up a free profile and create ‘gigs’ offering their services and Fiverr do not make any money until there is a deal/transaction made between a client and the worker. Fiverr are essentially ‘creaming off’ a profit.

upwork fiverr

Elance and Odesk (UpWork) work in a similar way except they do not set the price, the worker sets the price and Elance and Odesk take a percentage of the final transaction.

Traditional Middleman Services Making Life Easier For Separate Parties

I used to work in the building industry and we often dealt with companies who were paid by other companies or institutions to do ‘building work’ except they did not do any of the building work nor did they actually have any staff who could do any building work. They would come to us and other firms and ask us to price up the work and if the price was good they would get us to do it for them.

They were project managing the jobs and they were usually office bound or out in the car, these people did work but they did none of the heavy hard graft and they were paid for the privilege of putting tradesmen and clients together. They managed the whole build project but it is safe to say that the person who contacted them could have contacted us directly and we could have done the work for them cheaper yet, they went through a middleman service.

The reasons those companies or institutions used a middleman service is that the middleman can make the whole job run more smoothly and it also means that people can leave the day to day dealings of the project with someone else.

There are many different types of middleman services when you really think about it, a cash and carry that sells food and drink in bulk to shops and restaurants are sitting nicely between them and the food and drink manufacturers. Again this makes it easier for the bigger companies to deliver a larger amount of their products to one of two places within a location instead of delivering to hundreds of shops or restaurants.

Online Middleman Services Offering All Types Of Services

middleman businesses

In the online world there are many middleman businesses and probably loads more that are yet to get started. There are websites dedicated to renting out homes to holiday makers, doing house swaps, renting out spare rooms and even a website offering carpooling.


People place an ad on the website saying where they are going and how many seats they have available and then if anyone needs a lift to a destination they will reply to the ad. The website takes either a small fee or generates money from advertising, but it is a meeting place putting two opposing sets of people together.

Setting Up Your Own Online Middleman Service

There is going to be a setting up cost for this kind of business as it will be require a website and maybe a system devised for the website and then to start with some kind of advertising and pushing of the idea and website to gain clients and traffic.

This might not be an online business for the faint hearted but it is one that if done right will have a lot of potential and the rewards can be huge. Offering a service like creating a market place or a meeting place can be very lucrative and if it becomes one of the few ‘go to places’ for that industry then you will have a business for years.

I have recommended Elance, Odesk (UpWork) and Fiverr for many years and probably will continue to do so for many more years as they offer a great system and service which is reliable and trusted. I am not alone in this recommendation; there are countless other writers and websites that also recommend these services so they will never be short of clients or traffic.

The idea is to figure out an industry that you can enter into, one that is not saturated that you can more or less dominate in, an industry that is relatively new and profitable. I hear about some websites which are middleman businesses and am amazed that they work and are profitable because the ideas to me seem really far out yet people do use them. This goes to show that there are many different industries and niches that can work online.

food sites

Websites like RatedPeople, Just-Eat, Hungry House, Match, AirBNB, Zoopla and Zoosk are middleman businesses, the list is huge and there are still so many un tapped ideas and industries that need a middleman business… is this something for you to explore maybe?

Building A Profitable Self Publishing Business Using Amazon & Google

If you have thought about becoming a self-published author but unsure whether you should give it a go or would like to know if there are people doing well from it then you should enjoy today’s article.

I am currently writing a couple of books myself and like most people I am dropping onto them as and when I can.

I could spend more time on them if I chose and have in the past but with so many tasks and projects on the go I find I often put them on the back burner which runs the risk of them not being finished. I don’t want this to happen and I will make sure it won’t… one day 🙂

For this article I am going to use Nick Spalding as an example of an Amazon Kindle success story.

nick spalding

The Story Of Nick Spalding

It seems Nick Spalding was in a similar position to that I find myself in; Nick worked for the Police force in the press office and he desperately wanted to be an author. He decided that he had to take action or his dream would never happen.  It really was a case of ‘now or never’ and so one Saturday morning he sat down to write a whole book in one sitting.

From start to finish was the challenge and so he sat writing for 30 hours, I assume he slept Saturday night and carried on the Sunday but who knows. He created a book with over 50,000 words in that one 30 hour session.

He spent a bit of time editing the book then published it on Amazon’s Kindle platform. His girlfriend Gemma wasn’t so excited about Nick’s new venture and got a bit fed up with Nick constantly checking his Amazon account in the evening for new sales.

He was excited at the fact that he would sell a book here and a book there to people he didn’t know and would never meet. It was quite a buzz. I cannot say how well his first book ‘Life With No Breaks’ did but he went on to write another book called ‘Love From both Sides’  which started to sell very well.

nick spalding books

Nick would sit and watch as the sales grew and went over 1000 sales in the same afternoon. This was very ‘head spinning’ as he put it.

Depending on the price of your book you can choose to have 35 or 70% commissions, the higher you price your books you can then ask for 70%. I believe Nick was working on 35%, the lower you price your book the greater the chance you have of selling more. If he sold a book at £4.95 his 35% commission would be £1.73.

That year Nick sold over 430,000 books on Amazon, so with a 35% of each sale it is safe to say he made some money from them.

Is Amazon A Viable Place For Everyone?

Some people suggest that Amazon is overcrowded with too much competition whereas others will say that the audience on Amazon is huge. We live in a shrinking world, think of how many people own a Kindle or a smartphone/tablet that uses the Kindle app. I for one use the app on my Samsung phone.

The world really can be ‘your oyster’ as they say. If a book sells well on do you think people in the other English speaking nations would not be interested? Look at the TV, films and books we see around us daily, we have a healthy mix from across the English speaking world.

Think of ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ and ‘Harry Potter’ then consider also how many other people speak English as a second language worldwide. It is a huge market and with free social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus it is possible to grow a worldwide fan base from the comfort of your own home.

Real Book Publishing Deal Please Step Forward.

It gets better, Nick was approached by a book publishing company that wanted to sell his books in shops so he was able to cash in twice, he was paid a 6 figure advance for his books.

He now writes full time and has retired from his job in the Police forces press office, he is very happy with Amazon and their self-publish platform as it has, as he put it, bought me a house”

nick spalding 2

What Is Success & Can You Become A Success Too?

Nick is a success story and one of many; he has mastered an opportunity that is open to all of us.

I cannot and will not say that you personally will be a huge success if you give this a try as that can depend on your writing skills and more importantly the niche and style of books you create.

There are many people doing very well writing short stories, fiction of all styles including erotic fiction. Below is an advert I saw on Facebook last Christmas for another popular and successful Amazon kindle writer.

charlotte edwards

I have heard of several people making money from the ever popular information eBooks & how to guides covering subjects like ‘Smoothie Recipes’ and ‘Cures for Anxiety’. There are many people building publishing businesses using ‘Public Domain’ books.

Also success is different to many people and can be measured in many different ways, for example, you might have the idea that you are successful once you have a million pounds in your bank account and you are travelling the world in first class seats.

The next person may see themselves successful when they are free of debts, no longer working for someone else and simply generating money by working from home doing what they enjoy most.

Nick Spalding is a success in many ways, he no longer has or needs a day job, he has generated a nice amount of money which bought a house and he has several income streams allowing him to work from home creating more income streams by writing new books.

That sounds a big success to me and one that I believe many people would be happy with, especially in this day and age with many people facing job uncertainty and struggling with debts.

Can You Do It? Yes   And Here Are A Few Tips To Help You

You might think to yourself that you cannot write or that you are not really good at writing, if that is the case do not despair; we have several different ways that you can create books by doing little writing yourselves.

katie price jordan

Outsourcing The Writing

The easiest way to get a book written which can be ideal for those who are busy working a day job and who is earning money is to pay someone to do the writing for you. It is called outsourcing and you can find plenty of good writers online who will construct a book to your direction.

The Dictaphone Method 

The ex-glamour model Katie (Jordan) Price is now a successful author and she has never written a word herself, she simply talks into a Dictaphone and creates a story which she then hands over to a ghost writer who fleshes it all out with written words.

Dictaphones are pretty cheap to buy and means you can record audio files anywhere then send them to your ghost writer.

Most smart phones come with a built in voice recorder so it really isn’t hard to make audio files of your ideas.

The Story Plan/Background

The other method is to create a story plan; this is similar to a story board often used in making movies except you use words and not images.

You create a backbone to a story in a text document like Word or Google Docs listing all of the main characters, their history, and their important features such as body build, eye colour etc and the places that events occur.

The story plan will list everything you want happening in the story, where it happens, who is involved and in what order.

story background plan 1

These are pretty easy to write really because you are not fattening things out or trying to describe in great detail what is happening with words but just listing everything in a basic straight to the point way.

You may decide to add images to help with the detail for example you may decide that you want some of your characters to spend a night in a beach hut on a certain beach, you have an idea of what it looks like but cannot think how to explain it in your plan so you add images like these.

story background plan images

This is done so your chosen outsourced writer has a great plan to follow and knows everything you need putting into your story. Now this might not be the cheapest way but if you are working and earning that could pay for it, it could save you a lot of time and frustration.

Ideally you want to be in constant contact with your outsourcer so that the job runs smoothly, which in turn means the job is done better and probably faster saving you money in the long run.

Outsourcing can have its downsides, sometimes people just cannot deliver what you would like and many people struggle with the idea to outsource work and rather do it themselves so that they have complete control over everything.

Writing It Yourself

If neither of those outsourcing methods appeal to you and you want to do it yourself the traditional way then you could do what Nick did and spend a whole weekend writing until you were finished or set yourself a set amount of time aside each day or week and work at it when you can.

It could help to set yourself a word goal for each day or week, make a sheet where you can tick off each day/week when you hit your chosen word count.

You might not be in a big rush to become published but it is worth remembering these two points…

The more you write and the quicker you do it means…

  1. You have plenty to work with and edit. (You cannot edit what is only in your mind)
  2. You can get your book published quicker and start to change the direction your life is going.

google search for books

Using Google To Create Books

We live in very exciting times, they are so much different to several years ago. Only a small amount of people were able to create and sell books in the past.

They had to be dedicated and do a lot of serious research. Research would involve buying magazines, books and papers to trawl through looking for information.

There were companies who specialised in paper cuttings. They would buy papers and cut out interesting stories and for a price send you a folder of them. I saw some advertised in the back of magazines where they would send out photocopies of articles. Obviously they couldn’t send out the originals when they were selling folders of UFO news reports in the back of magazines as they were hoping to sell more than one.

ufo paper clippings

[When I created this image where do you think I found the paper clippings? Google of courseJ]

For many aspiring writers, a lot of time was spent at the local library going through books, papers and magazines and in many cases maps too. Imagine trying to write a book in the 1970s about a spy like James Bond who travelled the world, drove foreign cars, ate foreign food and used secret weaponry.

It couldn’t have been easy, at least not as easy as it is today. I personally believe that I could write the backbone of a story in a day from the comfort of my own home.

This would include the places and street names where events happen, the names and ages of the characters, the food and drink they consume, the transport they use and any weapons or tools they need etc.

Another example of a story backbone/plan…

story background plan 2

Writing the story itself is obviously going to take time, this will include detailed descriptions of what is going on, what people are wearing and what they see for example. Also there will be a lot of conversations and interactions to write about. This is harder to construct than the backbone.

You will need to be fairly good at writing and understanding English however what really matters is that what you write needs to stimulate the imagination in people’s minds and takes them away from reality. If you can do that then that is great. Good writing like everything else in life is relative, we Minions often disagree what books are well written. It is interesting how two people in the same room can read the same book with one saying it was brilliantly written and the other thinking a child could have done better!

You do not need to write fictional books or ‘how to guides…’ to make money, there are so many different types of books around that are simple collections of fun or crazy facts and these can be simply created by doing research and rewriting what you find.

‘You cannot copyright fact, only the way it has been written’

This leads me onto true stories like crime and murder, how many books do you see that are written about topics that are by people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the victims or the case itself? What about biographies or stories about famous celebrities? I see many written by journalists or people who simply have access to the information more than actually being part of the celebrities’ life.

The World’s Largest Research Resource Centre Available In Your Home

Well you have access to all of the information you now need to write great fiction, how to guides, true stories, biographies and collections. How do you find all of this great information? It is stored in a vast ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ style warehouse.

raiders of the lost ark store

This warehouse is called the internet. It is a huge powerful and fast resource that people…

  • Take for granted
  • Do not know how to really use properly.

Yes as hard as it is to believe, people do not know how to search properly on the internet. I often see people posting really simple questions on Facebook waiting for answers that may or may not come or if they do could take ages where as a quick search in Google or Bing would have given them the answers they needed within minutes or even seconds.

Yes OK some people do it to start conversations or are too lazy to look for the information opting to put the question ‘out there’ and hoping the answer is there waiting when they come back but in reality the question is often never seen or answered.

I mean who actually thinks their small close knit group of friends, family and acquaintances possesses more information than Google with its countless millions of websites? Bit stupid to think that really, I too am guilty of it, but I am happy to say that I now just do a Google search.

Writing books is competitive and not everyone becomes a J.K.Rowling making untold millions but there are a lot of people who are able to make really good money and work from home, anywhere in the world doing what they enjoy because they were selling books just like our example Nick spalding. Doesn’t that sound good?

The wealthiest people on the planet talk about creating multiple streams of income, this way you don’t have just the one wage coming in you have several and should one stream dry up and do badly one month you are still earning from your other income streams.

If you think about it this way, if you wrote 7 books all selling around 20 copies a day earning £50 a book you have 7 x 50 x 7 = £2450 a week which is £10616 a month. Should books 1 & 5 not sell for a week you still have £1750 coming in that week which is a monthly income of £7583.

Some books like those in the self-help niche (Think Chicken Soup For The Soul) or children’s stories (Think Harry Potter) sell millions worldwide and keep selling due to the nature of the book. People are always looking for self-help and answers and children are being born daily who as they grow older will always need to be entertained.  Children still read ‘Danny Champion Of The World’, a book I remember from my child hood, it was written in 1975 by Roald Dahl.

If Ian Fleming was still alive how much do you think he would be earning each year? The creative world is often the most lucrative, ok these are exceptional cases however they were once unpublished and J.K. Rowling was a single mother who originally wrote the first Harry Potter in cafés around Edinburgh, not the easiest starts. So who knows what you can achieve.

the elephant house

Well anyway, I shall bring this lengthy post to a close and let you watch this video. This is one video taken from a tutorial module in the members area of the Tim’s Minions Digital Academy about publishing books on Amazon Kindle. This video was recorded to inspire people to take action and to show you how to use Google search for more than finding funny pictures of lol cats! 🙂

As you will see when you watch the video, it is long and detailed and that is what you always get inside the Digital Academy.


Becoming A Funtrepreneur: Building An Online Business Promoting Fun Stuff

Successful businesses are usually successful because they give their clients something they need, want or enjoy. When you give people something which is fun and something that they love they will recommend it and share the information.

Today we live in the most shareable time known to man, with smartphones hooked up to the internet and free social media platforms used daily by millions, anything that you share online these days has a high possibility that it could be shared on social media.

This online sharing is a form of free advertising and if you create a product which is fun then it is likely to get shared a lot.

Take Cyanide and Happiness over at for example. They create simple yet very funny online strip cartoons. These strip cartoons have a huge following and get shared by thousands of people regularly.

There are four artists who create the cartoons which use a simple style, the characters all have a similar look and now they have branched out to having their cartoons made into moving animated cartoons that are shown on their website and shared on YouTube.

They make money from several sources which are ad revenue from YouTube and ads shown on their website, they sell merchandise and books online and they visit comic expos where they promote and sell their merchandise.

cyanide and happiness store

They do not cover their website with ads, they have a few showing but they are trying to not overdo it and keep true to their art. What they want to do is create fun cartoon strips that people love.

What is impressive about this business model is that technically anyone can grow a business and a fan base without advertising. Every time they create and share a funny cartoon via Twitter and Facebook, other people share it on their accounts allowing their connections to see it.

And any of those connections that like the cartoon also share them and it isn’t long before the cartoon has been shared thousands of times sending a lot of traffic to the website.

cyanide and happiness fb

Not everyone is capable of drawing great cartoons but there are many things that you can do which give fun to people and can result in shares which generate free traffic. These business models generate money simply from having a fan base that love their creations.

the onion

Another example are the websites the Onion and WundergroundMusic. Both of these are spoof news story sites, The Onion has a social news slant such as religion and politics where as WundergroundMusic is focused on the world of electronic dance music, rave and drug culture.


I see their stories being shared all over social media, they are pretty popular. The cartoons and articles all link back to the sites where they people can read them in full. Their sites show advertising and sell merchandise as you know but the great thing about being a ‘funtrepreneur’ as I call them is that you have a far greater chance of having your name spread far and wide for free as people will share your fun stuff.

I am not saying that you will not do any form of paid advertising or sponsored promotions, you might need to do a little at the start or you might decide to really ramp it up and get your brand spread further and faster. What you will not need to do though is spend money on advertising like many other businesses just to get your products and name seen.

I guess it is a bit like that old saying, ‘You build it and people will come’ when it comes to fun stuff online, ‘You create it and people will share it’. Using Cyanide and Happiness as the example again, every comic strip they produce and share has their branding and website name on it so even if the images is taken and used like I have done in this post, the person looking at it can still see what they need to search for or where to go to see more.

When it comes to fun stuff people spend hours doing it, go to Youtube for 5 minutes and see how many hours you waste going through funny fail videos or music videos. I often go to Cyanide and Happiness for inspiration and ideas about ‘fun posts’ and spend ages just reading the comics.

The other thing to remember with this kind of business model, when you create something funny like a cartoon character you own the copyright and you have the designs/skills to make unique branded merchandise like T-Shirts pretty fast. There are none of those ‘same old same old’ t-shirts you see all over SunFrogShirts and social media where everyone is trying to sell a ‘I Can’t Keep Calm I’m A ….’ or a ‘I’m A Nursing Assistant, What’s Your Super power?’ bland T-shirt.

When people love something, they are willing to spend money on that thing as this Hello Kitty fan is willing to show… (picture Source: Usai @

hello kitty madness

This is a small world, we have so many territories that we can now sell to and we are at a time where we can run these businesses from our homes. Think of the popularity of characters like Garfield, Snoopy and Hello Kitty, it is possible to create your own fun range and promote it online using social media.

Before I became a writer and began using Facebook and Twitter, I used to print and sell T-Shirts using eBay, I was always excited and blown away when I had to post T-shirts from my home to places like the USA, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Malta and Taiwan. It really is a small world!

Anything is possible… when it is fun.


Using Public Domain Products or Information To Make A Profitable Business.

Public domain material is anything that no longer has any copyright legal notice attached to it meaning that anyone can technically take that product and use it however they fancy.

The public domain is full of books, films, photos, cartoons, software and music that are available to use. Many of the cards in the high street card shops are made by adapting free to use public domain photos.

Much of it is old and the original copyright notice has finished and not been renewed, some might have been made and simply added into the public domain by choice.


Other things such as government reports and footage cannot be copyrighted and are free to use by the public as they themselves are publicly owned and funded. For example, all photos by NASA are free to use.

Pictures of planet Earth, the Moon, and astronauts etc make great mugs, mouse mats, T Shirts, postcards, calendars and prints.

Can you see why the public domain is great for anyone wanting to start a home based business and wants to increase their yearly income when they have very little capital to get started?

Public Domain Is CopyFRIGHT Free!

Copyright can scare people but here is one great item that is around us daily that cannot be copyrighted and that is ‘FACT‘. Anything that is factual cannot be owned. So for instance, a book written about the life of President Obama and his raise to power cannot be copied because the way it is written is copyrighted, however anything factual such as his birth date, town he was born in, the school he went to etc cannot be copyrighted.

Technically you can legally steal information from books and re write it, it is called research. Take two or three books, take notes from them and write it in your own words and you have your own book.

However, the public domain has books that you can use as is from the start. Simply make a few changes to it and you then have your very own copyrighted product. There are thousands of great books in the public domain.

All books by William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens are in the public domain. So is Bram Stocker’s ‘Dracula’ and H.G.Wells’ ‘War of The Worlds’ along with these classics ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carrol and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen.

You are free to sell these without paying anyone royalties or licensing fees. (As long as you format them as your own)

Disney has built an empire and huge fortune taking stories by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm and turning them into very successful films.

Making Products From Public Domain Material

Anyone can make a product from any public domain items and their product will under new laws have a copyright attached to it automatically which will cover them for many years.

This means that their own product which was derived from a public domain source is owned by them and copyrighted to them; no one else can take and use their version without the owners say so.

The great thing about public domain stuff is that it can save you a lot of work especially if you wanted to just ‘re publish’ classic works under your own company name. Many people have taken classic books like the popular ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ and published it themselves to give away for free or to use as content for other products.

Personally I think it is best if you take an old book and reuse the information but rewrite it so pt barnum the art of getting moneythat it is in your name as author and also that it covers modern life. For example, P.T. Barnum wrote the excellent book ‘The art Of Money Getting’ which many class as a modern classic, yet P.T.Barnum died in 1891.

The world has changed a lot since he wrote the book, in fact I remember reading about taking a horse pulled carriage to another town and that it took several hours for people to reach their destination which was just a few miles away.

Who uses a horse pulled carriage these days to get to a town just up the road? A car or bus will have us there in a matter of minutes not hours.

No matter how good the book is, most people cannot relate to it if it uses old technology and situations as examples… but if you took the information within those pages, the really important psychological and spiritual teachings but added them to a modern world where the people of today can relate to then you are creating a brand new product using other peoples work.

Public Domain Business Success Stories

This is an old business model which has been used very successfully by many people, too many to mention but here are some successful public domain stories.

Russell Brunson had a membership site where paying customers could download public domain books that he had located, re formatted and had lawyers check the copyright status. They came with pre made sales materials written by professional copywriters for his members to start selling.

Matt Furey an American who was passionate about wrestling found a home study course on catch wrestling along with other men’s health books in the public domain and had them turned into his own products which he sells for hundreds of pounds each, resulting in him earning millions.

Ted Turner makes millions a year in advertising revenue from his T.V. channel TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and yet he pays far little than other channels in viewing and royalty fees because most of the films he shows are from the Public Domain. He realised that he could make money from the ad breaks and yet broadcast classic free to use films that a new generation of retro and B-movie lovers would enjoy.

There is one company in the UK who sells live recordings of mixes and performances by DJs and musicians; these are not studio recorded albums that are available on commercial release. They simply record the live performance from a nightclub or venue that is simultaneously broadcast over the radio or internet, they then sell them on eBay and their own website as mp3 files on discs.  They have thousands of hours of live mixes by the world’s greatest DJs.

[PLEASE NOTE; I am not fully advised in the law regarding the recording of live radio or performances and whether they are in the public domain or not. I always believed that the radio company owned the copyright for what they broadcast but it is an outside broadcast coming from a public venue that has paid all royalties to the Performing Rights Society so it maybe is in the public domain. This company say they are, they will have done the proper research and I am sure they are right but if you do decide you want to try that idea then please double check that wherever you are in the world you are not breaking any copyright laws.]

I mentioned the classic ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ book which was written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910, let’s look into that book a little more.

wallace d wattles and book

It is the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne’s phenomenal documentary film and book ‘The Secret’

the secret

Below is a website dedicated to ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. This site offers the book as a downloadable eBook but also sells it as an audio product. They also collect emails so they can send out a newsletter where they offer other relevant products that earn them commissions. The owner of this site makes good money from this one website.

the science of getting rich website

If you have seen the film ‘The Secret’ you will recognise these three men, they all feature in the film and the book.

bob proctor science of getting rich program

Around the time the film was released they joined together to sell a mentoring and coaching package again based on the ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ Originally they used to sell the product for around $2000 as a physical package. It is now a cheaper downloadable package with no manufacturing or postage costs.

Bob Proctor has used and published the book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ many times and in many ways, he has built a huge multi million pound self-help business around it and other books like Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think And Grow Rich’.

Every day he reads extracts from books many of which are in the public domain to keep himself focused. Not only have the teachings in these books motivated him into making lots of money he has sold them and built an information publishing business based around them.

There are many great books in the public domain. Many have been used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

‘The Secret’ has made Rhonda Byrne a multi-millionaire. Several public domain books have been used when she made ‘The Secret’ yet Rhonda didn’t just re publish these books, she read them and then re wrote them quoting them as sources and also interviewed people like Bob Proctor for her final books. She created a ‘new’ product from using the public domain materials. She has several books out now.

I mentioned earlier Bob Proctor has used and also reads daily Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ This is another public domain book which was used to create a public domain website package that the English information publisher Jon Street and Canonbury Publishing sold, they say it earned him a staggering £30,000 in 24hrs when the product went live.

think and grow rich napolean hill

‘Think and Grow Rich’ is a fantastic book that I read regularly. A lot of my favourite books are in the public domain.

Another great book that has made a lot of money for many people and was used by those mentioned above is ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles Haanel. This book has been used by many information publishers either ‘As Is’ or re worked into a new style book, monthly email home study course or audio products.

Could You Create A Profitable Business Using Public Domain Material?

So if you are looking to make money online but have no idea how or what to use, the source of a profitable idea could be right under your nose, there are public domain items being used daily around you.

Your birthday card or even the coasters you sit your coffee cup on might have public domain images on them, the book you are reading on your Kindle could be from the public domain. There is a lot of stuff that can be used and it is easy is to make a product to sell from the public domain these days.

It is just up to you what you use and how.

Can Anyone Make Money Online?

Can anyone make money online? That is the big question… and the answer is yes…. mostly.

Of course I had to add ‘mostly’ because I believe anyone can make money online with the opportunities available but I recognise that there are people who could make money online but they do not possess the proper equipment or important know how but that does not mean that they could not make money online… once they owned the equipment or had the right skills.

As I have mentioned in the past, there are many ways to make money online and many of them can be started today with very little skill, software requirements or monetary outlay. Some require skills that we all virtually have like writing, reading and even talking.

There is often a need for proof readers, reviewers, article writers, voice over artists and transcribers… these can be started by joining specific websites like or and offering your services. Now I am not going to tell you that these are easy to set up or that you will start to find a lot of work within minutes but they can be started today with little outlay or no outlay.


If you have an artistic bent you could be making money designing and promoting T-Shirts, with the power of free social media platforms it is possible to create a huge following of people loving your designs especially if you follow the lead of Cyanide & Happiness and create very funny online comics on their website which get shared by thousands of people each day.

cyanide and happiness

It only takes a small percentage of people to buy merchandise regularly for you to make a good living from these free social media networks. Cyanide & Happiness have a range of books, T-Shirts and plush toys which they sell to their fans.

Music is another way that people can make money online; there are so many new ways to generate money from music these days. There is the old traditional way of selling your music individually on stores like Amazon and iTunes but there are websites where you can create music to be licensed for video products and websites or you can give your music away for free and generate money with advertising revenue from your website.

If you love writing then you can write books and have them published on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords and generate money from sales or you can publish them on your own websites allowing people to read them for free while generating money from displaying adverts in and around the content or linking to products mentioned in your stories.

ebook stores

The internet has opened up many new methods that can work with the old, making music and writing books is an old traditional business but selling them as digital downloads on sites like Amazon and iTunes is new but they again are a modern twist on a traditional store.

A completely new business model is to share your books and music on your own website for free and use them to generate money from merchandise and advertising revenue. Incorporating social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter you can potentially reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of new users which you can send to your website for free.

free music and stories websites

The idea is to get fans, a fan base can be very powerful, it is those fans who follow you that make you the money… in an interview Paul McCartney said this about writing songs with John Lennon…

 “John would be getting an extension on his house or something, and the joke used to be, ‘Okay! Today let’s write a swimming pool.’ It was great motivation.”

… “Then in the next three hours, ‘Help!’ appears from nowhere, you’d suddenly get the idea, this’ll be a hit, this is a good one. You become aware what you were doing was making money. Making good money.”

Then there are the other new methods to make money that the internet has brought to the masses in their homes. Years ago trading the stock markets were done using brokers over the phone. Now people can sit at home and use software supplied by brokers and trade the markets from the comfort of their own home as and when they want.

No longer do people need to go to the bookmakers on the high street to place a bet on the footy, they can use one of several online bookmakers but why stop there? There are now betting exchanges like BetFair where you can TRADE the football games and make a nice profit each month just like Tony Langley with his Zero Risk Football Hedging System which he developed. He generates thousands per month just from trading other people’s bets.

toney langley zero risk football hedging system

Using The Internet For Non Internet Money Making

There is also a new growing trend to ‘rent’ out anything and everything online at the moment, technically this is not classed as an online business but there are several sites where you can open an account and ‘rent’ out your car when it is not being used, ‘rent’ a spare room to tourists looking for a cheap place to stay, ‘rent’ a spare room or garage to someone to use as storage and then there are sites where you can rent out other things like tools and bikes etc.

There are websites which allow you to ‘swap’ your whole house as a ‘holiday home swap’ which saves money as opposed to making it via renting. If you swapped your home with an Italian family then you and the Italians only pay for flights and food saving several hundred maybe even thousands on accommodation costs.

home swap

Virtually anything can be rented out for a small price and these things are being brought together via apps and websites online. Even carpooling is now big business with people who do regular trips to specific places are renting out the spare seats in their cars so people wanting to go to the same place can get there cheaper than getting a train, bus taxi or even the need for their own car.

These businesses are not technically online businesses and there is a growing need for more red tape to keep them in check as they can violate fire and health and safety laws and TAX issues however I tell you about them to show you how the modern internet era is changing the world around us and how we interact with people and make money.

I regularly chat with people from across the world and we are a shrinking planet, just because someone is not in the same town no longer means that I cannot do business with them or sell to them.  I know writers in India who have done work for me and many other clients around the world.

The most important thing that people need to remember when it comes to the internet is that there is a huge pool of people to work with from all over the world, so huge is this pool of potential clients and opportunity it is like looking for a single rain drop in the ocean… it can be hard going at times and this is why you need to really plan your business and set your stall out right.

Then when you know what you want to do you want to focus on it and not deviate. It is very easy to be distracted by stuff on the internet… every day I work using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube and it is soooo easy to get sucked into hours of just ‘looking at stuff’.

It is easy to give up and start something new quickly, but that just makes it hard to build a real business and stick to anything. Discipline is important and as I wrote in the last article…The PLURfect Way To Run An Online Business you need to keep PLUR in your mind. You need to be Persistent; you need Longevity to give the business some time to grow and you need to be Unrelenting when it comes to Repetition of the smaller important tasks.

plur 2

When someone gives up trying to make online there will be someone who started doing the same thing and became a success, it isn’t that the system does not work it is just that one person worked better, smarter and was more focused than the other. Usually successful businesses are reliant on the actions of the owner.

I believe there are more than enough ways and methods to make money online for anyone and everyone… I just believe it is down to the individual and how they approach it that determines their level of success or lack of it.

Need YouTube Video Ideas? People Really Will Watch Any Old Thing!

I have recently written a couple of articles about becoming a YouTube Partner and profiting by creating videos that you upload to YouTube which you then get a share from the revenue that they generate from the advertising on and around them.

There are many people who are making a lot, and I do mean a lot, of money from this incredible opportunity. the last article I wrote was aimed at giving people ideas on how they could start a YouTube business by creating quick and easy videos that were not complicated or required expensive equipment. You can read that article here…

Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

In today’s article I wanted to give a few more examples of what ‘easy to make‘ videos are out there and show you that you too could be making videos like these. If you were sat thinking that you cannot create any decent videos that are good enough for people to watch then I want you to think again, the following examples will show you that YouTubers really will watch any old thing.

People Really Will Watch Any Old Thing.

I wanted to share with you these videos that prove that people will basically watch any old thing on YouTube. I really want to say any old crap but there are many who think Nora The Piano Cat is brilliant.

Horrorcirdan: The Game Of Thrones Fan

game of thrones reaction video

Watch The Video Below

First up we have this video which has been seen nearly 12 million times… what is so special about this video? Nothing really, people have recorded themselves watching a specific episode of the popular Game Of Thrones TV show.

The video above is nothing more than a compilation of these videos showing people’s reactions to that episode where, I am told, a lot of people get killed.

The video owner Horrorcirdan has taken other YouTube users videos and added them all together making a compilation which has now been seen 11,858,958 times and is in my opinion… very dull. He has 72 other videos on YouTube.

Nora The Piano Cat

nora the piano cat

Watch The Video Below

The second video is of a cat playing the piano, as I mentioned earlier, this is Nora The Piano Cat. She plays the piano… well ok she hits the keys along with the music… but she has become an internet sensation and has 28 videos online.

As you will see from the screenshot above, that one video has been seen by over 9 million people and she has her own well thought out channel. Her channel has had over 11 million views in total and she has a zazzle store connected to her account meaning that she is selling her own merchandise.

I guess she also designs as well as play the piano… what an incredible cat.

These examples should motivate you to believe that you too can use YouTube to generate money. As you have seen there are many people who are using YouTube who are not part of a giant business.


Take these two girls, they are known on YouTube as ChiqueGeeks and they create videos of themselves… watching the TV while drinking alcohol… yes I kid you not.

Drunk reaction video

Watch The Video Below

Ok so this really baffles me, the ChiqueGeeks have 15,929 subscribers and they have 78 videos. Over 15K people have subscribed to their channel and are willingly waiting to be notified when a new video is uploaded!

OK so I don’t think they are YouTube Partners due to the nature of their material as Google are not big fans of promoting alcohol but what these two girls do is record themselves watching popular niche TV shows while drinking alcoholic drinks and they do what they call a Drunk Reaction Video.

Why I am using these two girls as an example is that they have a fairly large following, they have quite a lot of views on their videos (the video above has had 376,456 views) and the videos they make are extremely simple to do.

We believe that that one video which has had 376,456 could have generated hundreds of pounds on views alone. All they have done is sit on a comfy sofa and watch the TV while having a drink which is what most of us do regularly just that they have recorded it by either using a standalone video recorder or a webcam connected to a laptop.

simple youtube profits

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gregs beer reviews yt

This is an interesting YouTube channel, this is Greg and it would seem he has a bar in his home or garden and Greg likes beer. As you can see from the image above Greg has 1,776 videos and an incredible 16,659 subscribers.

His videos do not individually get a lot of views, but the two most popular videos have been seen over 70,000 times which is not bad. Add all the views up from 1,776 videos and he does get quite a lot of views over his whole channel.

But as you will see from the image below he has a specific style to his videos, he has a camera set up facing him as he pours and drinks beers from behind his bar.

gregs beer reviews

If there was ever an example of a simple easy to make video then Greg’s beer review videos are it. The length of each video varies but he basically stands, sups and talks and that is it. How hard is that?

Epic Drone Videos

epic drone videos

This next example gets me excited; I see so much potential for a great YouTube channel using drones. Modern technology has come to a point where we have access to great quality digital cameras, editing software on tablets and small drones which can go virtually anywhere.

Incredible aerial shots were once only done by expensive camera crews flying around in seriously expensive helicopters but now for a few hundred pounds people can buy drones and create stunning aerial and hard to reach close up shots of areas that were just not accessible to people.

This does require some investment to buy the equipment and it isn’t particularly cheap but compared to several years ago…  it is. Ten years ago trying to do aerial shots like these would have cost you a small fortune, but now you can pop a drone in your car or even a bag, go to your chosen location like the beach, mountains or abandoned town and throw the drone in the air and begin to record great videos.

epic drones videos 2

Epic Drone Videos has 17,624 subscribers and 39 videos online which have had a combined viewing of 2,238,252.

I can imagine a lot of wonderful and easy to make videos using drones.

If you do a search of YouTube you will see videos similar in style to the Drone ones except they were taken from the dashboard of a car. People drive around towns and cities documenting the areas which themselves become historical. I don’t think these will get a huge amount of viewers but those that capture car accidents or bad driving will especially if those incidents have been compiled into better ‘fail’ or ‘incident’ videos.

YouTube should not be seen as a place where everything has been done or a place where you have several styles of videos only but more of a free platform that allows you to create your own TV channel where you can share your videos and… generate money from.

still short of a few ideas?

Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

In this article The Incredibly Successful Combination Of Guinea Pigs, Disney Toys & YouTube I wrote that Daiane DeJesus (Sandy Summers) was the highest paid YouTube partner generating over $5 million from playing with childrens toys, well it seems that she has competition.

Unless YouTube tell us exactly who is the biggest earner or if the people in question actually come out and tell us their true earnings it can be a bit of a guessing game as to who is actually the biggest earners but it has been said that Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie was the biggest YouTube earner of 2014 generating around $7.4 million all from the videos that he uploads… which are… of him playing computer games!

Felix Kjellberg

He does interact with his video viewers and it is not just a case of him playing games, recording them, uploading them and forgetting about them, he has grown his channel into a giant resource of fun videos and his videos are watched over and over again by millions of people.

When people hit replay he gets paid more, Felix has been nicknamed the King of YouTube. I recently read that his YouTube channel had 37.7 million subscribers and his videos have had over 9 billion views. I see in the video descriptions he also has affiliate links to the games he plays so he is also getting paid from product sales.

At $7.4 million that would make every subscriber worth $0.20 to him. This is indeed an incredible story and again just one of many.

Some of the successes have come from easy to make simple videos, in the The Incredibly Successful Combination Of Guinea Pigs, Disney Toys & YouTube I also wrote about one woman who recorded her Guinea pigs running around their cages and pens and uploaded them to YouTube. Those videos were making her around £1000 a month.

So this had me thinking… how can anyone start a successful YouTube channel and quickly cash in on the power of YouTube by becoming a video creator and a YouTube partner?

Obviously I got thinking up some really creative ways to make videos but they would take a lot of creative work and require some additional equipment which would not be cheap. One idea I had was based around using drones and they are not cheap, especially if you were to add a camera like the GoPro to them. It could cost several hundred pounds before you had even started.

I wanted to think up some ideas that could get people started without having to…

  1. Buy a lot of equipment or splash out on anything expensive
  2. Steal video, images or audio from other sources
  3. Learn a lot of new skills

So I sat down and came up with a few ideas which I think people could start with now, maybe even today, with very little start-up cost if any. I wanted to focus on simplicity, I even had Russell Brand’s YouTube channel ‘The Trews’ open while getting ideas.

Russel Brand the Trews

I am not Mr Brand’s biggest fan, I have had to wash my eyes and delete his channel from my YouTube history but what is important to remember is that he has 630 odd videos where he just sits facing a camera talking about ‘stuff’. Much of it has nothing to do with him either; one video in the celebrities category was about the verbal to and fro between Katie Hopkins and Katie Price. Why???

It is often the amount of videos and the stuff people talk about that can make simple videos work well.  Russell Brand releases a new ‘Trews’ video three times a week.

Fortunately for Mr Brand, who has 1,170,630 subscribers, he already has a history of TV performances and a celebrity status as a film star, comedian (debateable) and was formerly married to one of the world’s most popular pop singers which will help him build a big fan base.

We normal folk will have to start without that kind of popularity and notoriety already in place.

simple youtube profits

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Finding Your Angle

So after seeing the success of the woman who opened up toys and played with them for children and made around $5 million I think it could be a good idea to film yourself reading children’s stories in a kind of child centred ‘Trews’ style.

All that is required for this is a comfortable chair in the corner of a room with maybe a few toys placed around the chair to make it more interesting to children and a big stack of children’s books. Also a confidence in yourself that allows you to be filmed and seen all across the world is needed.

A half decent camera that connects to your computer is all that you need to record yourself reading out the stories. It is very simple and many videos could be recorded over a day or two or a few weeks.

Many parents might put their children to bed and have your videos playing in the back ground to help their children drift off to sleep. Imagine that!

The important thing to remember with any online business is that you DO NOT expect success right away. Perseverance is the key to most success stories, you might hear of one or two videos that go absolutely crazy and viral with millions of views but there are many channels on YouTube that have hundreds of videos that only have a few thousand hits but those few hundred videos add up to a lot of views meaning that they can generate a nice sum of money if you are a YouTube partner.

If you like writing your own stories or poetry then that is even better but if you feel self-confident you could create a character and dress up so that no one recognises you like a clown for example or a nanny character similar to Nanny McPhee.

A lot of the money is made when videos are seen a lot and replayed so with that in mind many people try and make videos which are funny hoping that they will be shared and re-watched. If you are not self-conscious and happy to make a fool of yourself then you can do many things in front of a camera.

Think of the success of shows like Jack Ass and Dirty Sanchez, I do not get why people would chose to inflict pain on themselves but these guys do and it has been good for them in many ways.

Copyright will always be an issue when making videos on YouTube but it is possible to use other people’s work under ‘Fair Use’ if it is done in a good way such as borrow clips from films if you create something ‘new and unique’ from those clips. This is not set in stone though, some people may still object to you using a few minutes of a film or music so I think the best idea is to always create something new.

A musician who creates his own music should have a YouTube channel to show case their work but that alone does not mean they will get a lot of shares unless they are outstanding. You do see videos being shared of a young woman or man who does a sensational cover version of a popular but bland chart song but there are a lot more styles of music which have millions of fans but unless certain videos are shared many fans will not see them.

So it is important that you create videos that people want to share and there is nothing better than a video that is either very funny or makes the viewer think …’WTF?’

I think musicians should probably stop trying to ‘recreate’ arty and serious style music videos that they see on the TV but go and do something seriously ridiculous which should hopefully get a few more shares than the music itself.

As I am talking about trying to create videos fast and simple without the need to buy expensive tools a mobile phone or a web cam would do for recording people doing some bizarre dancing or even running up and down the streets dressed in super hero outfits or as animals. Think of Trigger Happy TV where people dressed in dog outfits would start fighting in busy shopping centres.

trigger happy fighting dogs

When you consider that two people I have mentioned in this article have collectively made $12-13 million from simple to make videos, and when I say simple I mean simple, then you have to agree, there is money in this video making lark.

I have to say though, and I shall keep saying this, it is not just a case of doing one video at the drop of a hat and then packing up when you have only had a few views. A video has to be planned, even if the whole video is simple to record and the idea is simple it still needs to be thought through properly and … it has to be a consistent flow of videos for people to start to take note and become aware of you.

There are the odd ‘one hit wonders’ in the music charts but when you really look into the history of the super successful bands, none of them did just one track or one gig and give up. They stuck with it and kept on and on and on until they started to get a following. You must think of a YouTube video business/plan in the same way.

A following will share out your videos and then your following will grow, your videos will be seen by more people and re-watched more and you as a YouTube partner will be earning more money from the advertising revenue that you are generating for YouTube with all of those video views.

I shall bring this post to a close by using a quote the YouTube King Felix gave to a Swedish newspaper which sums up everything I want to get across…


That says it all really!

Predicating Future Trends To Beat Keyword & Search Ranking Saturation

old skool raver colin faver

I want to talk about a lesser known method of finding profitable niches for websites and online businesses which have the potential of you becoming a field leader in those niches.

I am talking about predicting future trends before they happen and getting in there first.

Ok so now that might sound hard, how do you predict a trend before it has started? Well it sounds impossible but there does have to be something ‘started’ for it to be noticeable but it usually is usually very localised or still relatively unheard of.

Usually trends start in small areas or even overseas in other parts of the world and then within a few years they explode into big ‘things’ globally creating huge markets hungry for more information and products.

Back To The ‘Oldskool’

For example, as I write this now, I am listening to a very old Colin Faver radio broadcast from 1991 which was originally broadcast on Kiss FM. The style of music that he is playing is early UK Rave/Hardcore and Acid Techno from around the world.

The radio broadcast is now on YouTube but it dates back before the internet was available to everyone like it is today. In fact I am not sure I even knew what the internet was then apart from a few references to it in movies where hackers had infiltrated military computers.

If the internet was around at that time, I could have seen the changes that were happening to the UK music scene and charts and started a website dedicated to that new music and sub culture. Over the years that website would have grown and maybe even changed a little as the music styles morphed into new styles like Happy Hardcore Jungle, Drum N Bass, Hardhouse and many other styles of hard dance music.

20 odd years later the scene has changed and is currently going full circle with those original styles of music having a little bit of a revival and being lovingly placed under the category of ‘Oldskool’ rave and Hardcore.

old skool

There is a huge nostalgia going on in the scene with many of the original DJs and artists performing at special ‘Old Skool’ events across Europe where you can find many 40-50 year olds partying the night away alongside some newer younger fans.

Had I started a website all those years ago focusing on the music that I love I would now have a website that would be crammed full of content spanning the last 20 odd years with all of the relevant keywords, artist and DJ names with probably thousands upon thousands of backlinks and social shares all pushing the site to the top of the search rankings.

The site could be generating money on autopilot from advertising revenue and merchandise sales as people come across it in the searches looking for more information regarding these styles of music and artists.

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Parts Of Our Culture Were Once The ‘New Thing’

I talk about old styles of music because I am sat here listening to it, who has not heard of Acid House or Hip Hop? They were once a new form of music that have now become part of modern culture but there are new styles being created.

Have you heard of Trap and Dub Step? They are still in their infancy compared to the previous styles I mentioned but they are now a few years old and the styles are becoming absorbed into the language and the culture. I am now hearing people who I would not associate with the newer modern styles referring to songs they have heard on the radio as being ‘Dub Step’. Culturally these styles are now becoming part of the norm.

This happens with so many new things each year and not just in the music world. New crazes and exercise styles are born which were once small and locally based but they can soon become global phenomenons over time.

Think of Line Dancing and Zumba… who has not heard of those? Go back 20 years and not many people in the UK would know what you were talking about.

Graffiti, breakdancing, BMXing, Twerking, Hip Hop, Techno, Acid House, Psy Chill, Hardcore, Parkour, and Selfies are just a few things that are now part of everyday life for many people and yet they were created in my short lifestyle.

For example, graffiti art as the world knows it started really in the early 1970s in New York mainly on the Subway system around The Bronx and Brooklyn before expanding out into other boroughs of the city.

seen subway graffiti

Photographers like Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper began to document this new art form martha-cooper-subway-artwhich they began to notice growing in and around their city.

After publishing the book ‘Subway Art’ (reported as the most shoplifted book in UK history) Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper introduced New York graffiti to the world along with a music video by the band Blondie and films like Style Wars and Beat Street.

Graffiti exploded and took the world by storm, what was originally a city based art form is now found all over the planet, it has made legends of some artists and made a lot of money for others.


Picture Source: Artist ‘Daim’ Facebook

Even spray paint companies have branched out from supplying car paints to developing paints and merchandise for the graffiti culture itself.

There are a lot of great websites and magazines that have grown out of this art form which is now around 40 years old but it is still going strong and seems to be getting stronger every year.

New Trend Website Vs Existing Trend Website

If you decided that you wanted to create a website business focusing on a niche that is popular now you are going to find it tough competing against websites that are already established and you are going to be working hard to get yourself ranked in the search engines like Google due to the already saturation of the keywords that you would need to target.

Trying to crowbar yourself into an already established market is going to be very hard even if you love what you do. The alternative is to keep an eye out for something completely brand new.

If something is new and there is little or no history to it then there is very little competition to go up against. Every time you write something new and add that out to the online world you are becoming the ‘go to’ website with the information that people are looking for.

You are writing that history and becoming the no 1 oracle for that culture. Others will soon join the arena but as you have been going longer you have your foot well placed on the proverbial online ladder.

When you are one of the first websites dedicated to a new growing niche there is very little SEO and keyword work that you will need to be concerned with. The SEO and the keyword work will basically work itself out for you and naturally build those strong tree like roots that you need.

Predicting The Next ‘Big Thing’

Ok this is the part where you want me to say that it is all very easy… well sorry but I cannot do that, finding a new trend before it explodes takes some work on your part, you will need to keep your eyes and ears open to see that something new breaking through.

TV news reports, social media and traditional print media like newspapers and magazines are the first places to spot new and emerging trends. Once you see something that you think is new enough and has the potential to become something big then you need to act on it.

Figuring out what is going to be big is not easy, very few can predict the future properly, and even those who are paid a lot to determine what is going to be the next big thing can get it horribly wrong.

beatles and potter

Did you know that the Beatles were famously turned down by a record label who said that they were old hat and would not amount to anything or that J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected by 8 publishing houses before she found someone willing to give it a chance?

Have you heard of Harry Potter or the Beatles? Looking back now with hindsight you cannot help but think how they could have not spotted the potential in them.

Building an online business in a niche that you may not like or have little knowledge is going to be hard work unless you pay someone who is closer to the niche to do the reporting and writing for you.

It can be a lot of work but compared to trying to work in a niche that you love which is saturated and requires a lot of SEO and keyword work and that can be very hard and depressing when you realise what a huge task that can be, it could be a lot easier than first thought.

So if you like the sound of this and want to start a website business focusing on a new yet to be saturated niche then you will need your eyes and ears open and a good note book to hand ready to spot that next ‘big thing’.