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How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting

Do you want to build up Facebook pages fast? Do you want to get thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of loyal followers quick?

If the answers to the above questions are yes then you are going to find this really exciting.

This is naughty little trick which can be very powerful.

freebooting videos fail army
I really shouldn’t be showing you this as it is not very ethical and is wrong in many eyes (I agree that it is wrong) but I have seen people doing this and thought that I would report on it as it is a powerful method to grow huge audiences on Facebook… and show you how you can do it too using free software. (Video below)

The reason it is wrong and unethical is that you are taking something which belongs to someone else and using it without their consent.

So what is this incredible (but wrong) technique that people are using to grow large followings on Facebook?

Find Popular Trending Videos On YouTube, Download or Copy Them and Uploaded Them To Facebook.

It is really that simple. The method has been called Freebooting which is an old British naval term regarding pirates and piracy. Freebooting is basically taking booty for free… taking property by theft.

When you share a video from YouTube you should share it using the URL or embed code that they supply so that it shows the adverts which they assign to the videos.

When you download the videos or use them by any other means not only is it theft and goes against their terms and conditions you are also making the video owners lose a lot of potential profit.

Many YouTube videos are uploaded by people who are YouTube partners meaning that they make and add videos to make money. It is a business for them and it can be very profitable as you will see in this article here: Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

When the video is taken and shared on Facebook they can go viral and many get HUGE amounts of views, those views on Facebook outside of YouTube costs the video owner a lot of money so if you want to do this little video trick we suggest that you think long and hard before starting.

freebooting likes and shares

But as the image above shows, you can get a lot of views, Likes & Reactions and shares which can grow your Facebook page fast.


You might get some angry emails from video owners, their lawyers or representatives from YouTube itself so be warned. I cannot say how many people are prosecuted, I imagine it is a very small amount…. if any.

Chances are you will be sent a polite email asking you to remove the video or give credit to the video owner.

Modifying Videos For Maximum Attention Grabbing

You will notice when scrolling through Facebook that most of these videos have surrounds which have eye catching words and phrases which add to the impact. They stand out in the newsfeed more when they have large wording which catches people’s attention.

freebooting example

These are added after they have been downloaded from YouTube specifically for sharing on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The important thing to remember when it comes to video on Facebook is that it autoplays, there may not be any sound but the videos play as soon as you scroll onto them meaning that they catch your attention whereas YouTube videos which are shared to Facebook do not autoplay and need to be clicked, sometimes twice, to set them playing.

When you see a video that is playing you stop scrolling and watch, if you want the sound on you just click the sound button and it comes on… the autoplay has captured your attention forcing you to want to see and hear more… or even better, click the Like Page button to see future videos.

How You Can Create People Grabbing Viral Videos From YouTube For Facebook.

You might not know how to download or copy a YouTube video but it can be done very easily.

If you use the internet browser Mozilla Firefox there is a plugin called Video DownloadHelper which will allow you to download videos from YouTube to your computer which you can upload to Facebook.

freebooting video downloadhelper

If you have Camtasia 8 video software you can easily add the wording to these downloaded videos but Camtasia is expensive to buy and a lot of you will not have it nor justify the price but…

freebooting camtasia

… I am going to show you how you can use a free piece of software by Google to borrow/copy the video and another piece of software to record the video.

The software used to record the final video is free but if you spend $15 you can use the pro version which will remove the software’s watermark.

All will be revealed in the video!

There is one small downside to this and that is that the Google AdSense ads will still show but they are not clickable and they can be cut out most of the time.

How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting (Video)

If you prefer to use Microsoft PowerPoint then you will be please to know that you can do the same thing.

You add a video from YouTube by taking the embed code, not the URL, but the embed code and it will add the video to the slide just as Google Docs does. Again it is all pretty simple.

powerpoint freebooting

So I shall leave you with the big decision…

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Let’s just say that there are a lot of people growing big Facebook groups by stealing videos from YouTube… Freebooting is happening and it is happening a lot, is it something that you should consider?

We at Tims Minions Blog DO NOT recommend that you do it, but the final decision is yours and we just had to report this seriously powerful traffic method otherwise we are not really doing our job properly 😉

It Is All About The Numbers. Why You Need To Generate Website Traffic & How

When it comes to making a living online the biggest factor for most business models (not all) is large amounts of traffic. Money is generated by large numbers of people visiting your website or seeing your social media posts. The larger the number means that you can generate more sales which is crucial in online marketing.

When it comes to traffic and sales it is very often just a small percentage that will buy or do what you needed them to do to generate money. If you had a service or product which you made £10 profit on had a conversion rate of 5% (considered good) to make as little as £1200 a month you would need a constant traffic number of 2400 new visitors each month.

If you generated your money via advertising on a website then the numbers that you need to make £1200 are going to be a lot more, ads are rarely clicked and when they do they generate pennies. The amount you make from each advert clicked varies but to make a large amount each month you need to have hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of site visitors.

traffic analytics

Getting the numbers you need to make good money is the hardest part of working online, you can be a great writer, a great product developer and an incredible life coach/motivator but you will not make any money if no one is visiting your website or seeing your social media posts.

This is where the real work lies, once you have mastered writing articles or creating videos they can be done with ease but getting people to see your content is not so clean cut. There is a multitude of ways to drive traffic, many of them are free and others such as Facebook and Google AdWords require cash… often a lot of it.

Some of these traffic methods may bring in a lot of traffic fast if you are lucky and something goes ‘viral’ but in general they take time and require constant work for the duration of your online business. I could write a short ebook in a couple of days, if I really wanted I could really knuckle down and have several written in a week and share details about them on social media but I doubt I would make many sales without really ramping up the traffic methods.

Also depending on what your product, service or method of selling is the revenue you would like to earn each month could be getting harder to make thanks to new developments on social media.

If you fancied yourself as a YouTube Vlogger creating fun videos to generate money via YouTube’s Partner Programme where you receive 60% of the advertising revenue made from the ads shown on and around your videos, you could soon find that the money you should have made will be greatly reduced thanks to the new phenomenon of ‘freebooting.’


Freebooting is where people download your video from YouTube and then upload it to Facebook where videos can go viral within a matter of hours. It gets its name from an old British naval term regarding pirates and piracy. Freebooting is basically taking booty for free… taking property by theft.

freebooting video

Facebook wants to keep its users within its platform and are now focusing on making video hosting a big part of their overall product and many people have noticed that they can build Facebook Pages fast and grow a large audience, which they can profit from later, by uploading and sharing other people’s videos from YouTube.

Unfortunately they are no longer sharing the specific URL that YouTube give which would mean that all money generated goes to the video owners plus keeping the copyright notices in place because Facebook give a bigger priority to videos uploaded to their platform over those from a 3rd party platform… which YouTube is.

This basically means YouTube videos are not shown to as many people on Facebook by Facebook as those that are uploaded to Facebook itself. And this has meant a huge rise in ‘stolen’ videos surfacing on Facebook which ‘robs’ the creator of revenue he was planning on making. This is not good.

The internet has a history of piracy and many ebook and online courses have been stolen and either shared with other people via forums or websites or even sold as part of a package of other stolen products in the form of a subscription to a forum or membership site.

I have a friend who took the time to create a short product showing people how they could make infographs to help with traffic generation. There was a short ebook and several training videos which were housed on a members only website and he charged a very reasonable price for the product. The kind of price you shouldn’t consider was too much and a price virtually anyone can afford. Seriously, my better half could spend more just popping out for a coffee or two and a muffin with a friend.

Considering how cheap his product was, he noticed that there was a spike in his traffic and traced it back to a forum which was SEO and traffic generation related.

Someone had bought the product, received the members only link and then went to the forum and said something along the lines ‘This is a cracking little product, go take a look’.. and shared the link. (It was such a cracking product that he didn’t think people should pay for it though the toe rag!) this resulted in several thousand hits on his website and his videos being watched by many people who also downloaded his ebook.

His hard work was basically robbed, he made some money from the product which he was happy with but in reality he should have made more, if those forum visitors had paid for the product he would have been a lot happier and a lot better off.

When things like this happen the numbers that you need to make a good monthly income is going to be more to try and compensate for any loss revenue… as well as needing a great secure system to lock things down.

Tried & Tested Traffic Methods

Ok so you need traffic and you need a lot of it so here are some of the best known traffic generation methods.

Some of these work brilliantly some don’t work as good as they once did and some can cost a lot of money especially if you get it wrong!

(P) = Paid (F) = Free

CPC & CPM Adverts Facebook & Google AdWords Etc (P) – This is probably the best form of traffic generation that you can get. There are many networks that you can use to advertise your website, product or service and each network is different.

Facebook is by far the best targeting system as it uses the information that it has of its huge number of users. If you wanted to target men who were dads in their late forties and early fifties living in the UK you can. Your advert will be shown to only those people and you will pay when the advert is clicked or if it has been showing a specific number of times.

fb ad target

Google AdWords is not as good as Facebook but can still be a good source of traffic. Problems with Google AdWords is that they are shown in the search results or across a huge network of sites and so they cannot be as precise as those in Facebook but Google do try and match them to keywords, website content and show them to people who have searched Google for a similar topic to that which your advert is about so your adverts should be seen by people interested in what you are selling.

Google are also very funny about what websites you send your traffic to and it can be very easy to get banned if you do anything wrong. It can also cost you a lot of money if you wade in and start running ads without learning a bit about how AdWords works.

Private Blog Network (P) – This is a great way to get free traffic but setting up a Private Blog Network can be fairly costly and it also has a lot of work involved. Basically a PBN is a way to manipulate Google’s search rankings and artificially build a natural looking link web that can send your website higher up the Google search results for specific keywords landing you on the first page of Google where all of the free search traffic will be.

This is not something for the beginner, at least not without knowing a bit more and you can learn a bit more here: How The Super Affiliates Land Their Websites On The Front Page Of Google & In Front Of Free Traffic

pbn fi

Social Media (F) – It is free to open up social media accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Google Plus and start a following. With Facebook and Google Plus allowing you to build Pages and Groups/Communities you can start to find an audience that is interested in what you do and you can share articles, videos and posts with them with the idea to send them back to your website/offers.

Facebook also allow you to share posts, images videos, do live streaming from mobile devices (why not desktop as that would be ideal for most businesses?) and build Pages and Groups which can grow into huge numbers especially if you use Facebook adverts to promote your posts and pages.

Google Plus is similar to Facebook but the videos you share and upload will go to YouTube as it is owned by Google and all of Google’s accounts are connected.

Twitter allows you to share short updates called Tweets that have a link, an image or a video just like the others but you only have 140 characters to say what you want to say which to me is just too short. Hence why people now write more words in an image and then share that.

You might find this article very helpful: Building Large Followings Using Facebook Groups, Pages & Twitter For Long Term Profits

Building Large Followings Using Facebook Groups Pages Twitter For Long Term Profits FI

Tumblr is classed as a social media platform as it is micro blogging with a newsfeed that allows you to follow others and others can follow you within the platform. It is also a hotbed of teenage angst with a lot of drugs and violence references and the occasional porn image/video so it might not be suitable as a place to share your products… but it too is free.

YouTube (F) – YouTube is a video sharing site, it is also classed as a social media network as well as a search engine and it is also free to open and upload your videos. The creating of the videos might cost you to make but everything else is free. YouTube videos can be shared on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr as well as embedded on other websites giving the video owner a lot of possible exposure.

The downside to YouTube is the ‘freebooting’ that is going on at the moment that I mentioned earlier. Depending on what your business model is you might want to focus on YouTube & Facebook for videos, or just YouTube or maybe just Facebook for your video sharing.

Again the idea is to send traffic to your website or offers but as mentioned earlier YouTube has been a great source of revenue for many and you might find this article very interesting: Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

youtube fi

Guest Posting (F) – Guest posting was an old way to get backlinks to a website to help build a natural looking link web similar to a PBN to help push your website up the rankings to get free traffic.

You would contact a popular website and ask if you can write an article for them, this is known as the ‘pitch’. You would pitch them an idea as to what you would want to write about or you would ask if there was anything that they wanted you to write about. If they agreed you would write an article for their website and payment would be a link back to your website and some info about you.

These days people who guest post are not doing it for the links since Google decided it no longer liked the practice and would penalise sites if they had too many guest posts on it. All links now should be ‘no follow’ meaning that no ‘Google Link Juice’ is passed down onto the other (your) website meaning that the link is not counted and your website will not benefit from it.

Today people who guest post on other websites and blogs do it for the exposure and also because it can drive a lot of traffic back to their website especially if they write on very popular websites. If a website is being read daily by thousands and those articles are being shared your guest post could also be read and shared by thousands which could drive a lot of people your way. Do that on ten or twenty websites and you can start to grow a list of subscribers and followers.

EBooks & PDFs (F) – There are websites where you can share ebooks and PDFs for free which people will download and read. If the ebook/PDF was formatted correctly with a link to your website and the reader found it useful and enjoyed they might visit your site as well as share it on social media.

Doing one or two would probably not get you a lot of traffic but if you did fifty, one hundred or more then it could send you quite a few visitors to your site. This is one of the harder traffic generation methods as video is more popular than reading PDFs these days.

Podcasting (F) – I have listed this as free as I can and have recorded several podcasts and shared them online for free and you can do the same but if you want to do a professional job you can invest in better equipment. The actual process of making a podcast is free though once you have the equipment.

Podcasts can be shared on social media and uploaded to several audio sites but there can be a fee when you want to upload regularly.

Watch the video tutorial showing you how to record a professional podcast here: ‘How to Make a Podcast Using Free Software

podcast audacity tutorial fi

Renting Email Lists (P) – This is not one for the feint hearted as this requires money and can be a little scary. Again this does depend on your business model, as this does not suit all online businesses.

There are websites where you can find people who own large email lists in your chosen niche and you can either rent the email list. When I say rent, I don’t mean they will send you the email list details and you use it for a year. What will happen is that you will write an email or the owner will write an email for you and for a fee they will send the email out to their large list directing people to your website or offer.

You will pay for the one email and a specific amount of ‘opens’. For example you might be charged $50 to have an email sent out to a list of 2000 people that has a response rate of 10% giving you 200 opens. It might be more, but never less as they will resend the email out to more people to make sure that you get your 200 opens.

Solo Email Ads (P) – This is very similar to the method above, some people may say it is the same, they call the single email to another person’s email list as a Solo Email Advert but to me a solo email ad is an advert that is placed somewhere in an email newsletter which is sent to a list as per normal.

You do not write an email, the list owner would send his newsletter as usual but the difference would be that he includes an advert either in a banner form or as a personal recommendation such as ‘Finally I want to tell you about this excellent product/website by…’

The cost of this will vary from person to person and how responsive their list is but you would probably pay by the amount of emails sent and how many weeks you run the advert rather than on an open rate.

Joint Venture Partner – (P) This is for only specific online businesses which are selling a product. A joint venture partner is someone who will sell your product to his established list for 50% of the price.

It is a meeting of two types of people who need each other, one has the product and the other has the ‘market’ or audience in the way of a large responsive email list and/or website. You can work with many JV partners, basically a JV partner is a well established affiliate marketer but they usually expect 50% of the sale price.

Affiliate Network – (P) This too is for only specific online businesses which are selling a product.

The guy I mentioned before selling the infograph product had sold it through JVZoo (Joint Venture Zoo) which is an affiliate network. He paid 50% of the cost price to people who sold it for him. I sold several for him by writing a review on a website and then sending an email out to a list telling people to read the review. Many did and several of them clicked through the affiliate link and bought the product… then I got paid.

What happened in reality was that I sent traffic to his website/offer and when they bought the product I got paid.

JVZoo has thousands of affiliate marketers all looking for good new products to promote to their huge email lists. If you have a good product then try promoting it via an affiliate network, you don’t have to pay out 50% of the cost but you will get more affiliates offering to promote your products if you offer more.

Some affiliate products will offer 100% share of a sale price as an incentive to get more affiliate marketers on board as they have either a sales funnel with a second product that they plan to sell or they intend to build a huge email list for long term selling and promoting.

Cost Per Action CPA Network (P) –  This is similar to affiliate marketing but instead of giving away a share of sales you can pay when an action is completed. That can be a sale or it could be something as simple as someone filling out an email form adding a new name to your list.

With a CPA network you can upload banner ads and affiliates can add them to their sites as a form of paid advertising. If affiliates have large email lists, a large social media presence or a very popular website with a lot of traffic they will love looking for good paying long time offers which they can advertise on their websites.

Over To You

These are ways to send traffic to your website, services, offers and products. Which you try is upto you. They all need some mastering so I wouldn’t recommend trying them all over the next month as you will spread yourself too thinly resulting in poor or no results.
If you want to try the paid methods I suggest that you tread very carefully, that you learn what to do first and test using small amounts of money to learn the process.

How The Super Affiliates Land Their Websites On The Front Page Of Google & In Front Of Free Traffic

If you have been trying to generate money by promoting affiliate products via websites similar to the old Google Sniper websites then this is something you might not have been told.

It is a secret that is kept between the few and not overly talked about by the big marketers and there is a reason for that.

They don’t want you to know about it.

Why don’t they want you to know about it? Well there are several reasons but the two biggest ones are…

  1. They don’t want you to rank pages in Google as it will take away affiliate sales from them if you knock them off the top spots.
  2. There is a bit more work involved in setting this up and so they are unable to make a big profit from selling the information about it to you.

Now when I say a bit more work involved in setting this up I don’t mean that there is a lot of hard work but it isn’t a fast push button solution so the big marketers will not sell you the information because they know most people would not buy into it.

But this doesn’t mean that it is not doable or that it is extremely hard or that you cannot profit from it, far from it, there is a lot of money to be made if you do this properly.

So how do the big affiliate marketers land their money websites on the first page of Google for the products they are promoting?

Bare in mind that Google hate it when people manipulate the search rankings and spend a lot of money fighting marketers to keep their rankings ‘natural’.

Well the answer is simple, they replicate ‘natural’ by building a PBN.

What is a PBN I hear you ask?

Well a PBN is a Private Blog Network and as the names suggests this is a network of blogs and websites that is privately owned by the affiliate marketer.

Basic PBN

As Google generally ranks websites on their ‘internet popularity’ which is determined by the amount of quality natural links that point to websites and the amount of social media shares, affiliate marketers build their own links by building their own private network of blogs which all point to their main money website and push it ‘naturally’ up the rankings to prime position.

The whole idea is to keep it all looking natural and unmanufactured, this is very important and should be remembered at all cost.

So let’s use an example to explain this:

Creating An Affiliate Site For Meditation Music

(Please note this is just an example, I have no idea on whether Meditation Music is a good viable market to get into so please do not go and build a PBN based on that niche just because I wrote about it)

The first step would be to identify a new emerging market which was looking very popular and which was not saturated in Google. It could also be an old market which had not really grown but could still be profitable.

The popularity of a market is determined by how many searches there are for it so for example if we did a search in the Google keyword planner tool and found that there were 12,000 searches for the keyword ‘meditation music’ and similar numbers of searches for related keywords like ‘the best meditation music’ and ‘perfect music for meditation’ then we would know that there was a good chance of getting a fair few free visitors to a website if we were ranked for those keywords.

The next step would be to determine the level of competition there was and so we would go to Google and do a search using those keywords and look at what type of websites were ranked on the first page. If there were no big websites like Wikipedia, the BBC or Amazon etc then we have a good chance of ranking on the front page of Google. (This is a basic guide)

So if we had found a market that had plenty of monthly searches and no or little competition, or at least a good chance to take over the top spot pushing the other websites down the list the idea now would be to start and build the PBN starting with the main money website.

Now you would not go running out to buy a brand new domain and start to build a website, you can but building a PBN requires buying old aged domains that have a history of good links and authority.

There are companies which will find and sell domain names of websites which have good pageranks and link history/strength which have expired. What is important is that you understand that even if a domain name has expired meaning that when you go to the website there is nothing there to see, it still keeps its pagerank and link history/strength.

Affiliate marketers will buy expired aged domains with the link history/strength that they want and then start to rebuild those blogs around the niche that they want to profit from.

So if you bought a domain called which was 10 years old with a pagerank of 5 and had good link history and decided that this was going to be your main money site you would start to add content to the website like articles, videos and pages making it look like it was a real growing site. You would NOT add any affiliate products to it at this point.

The next step would be to buy more expired and aged domains with good pagerank and history/strength to start to build the rest of the PBN. Ideally the domains that you buy should be in a similar or related niche to the one you want to profit from but this is not necessary.

When you buy the domains it is advised that they are spread over different domain and hosting accounts. It is said that if you build a PBN that has less than 6 websites then you can put them all on the same hosting but is it worth the risk? The idea is that should Google ever get the idea that you are manipulating the rankings and do a search on you your PBN should not point back to you. At least not every site in the network.

When it comes to the big bucks that affiliate marketers generate from their sites they don’t mind spending money on having several domain and hosting accounts. These are also often in other names, maybe one account would be owned M. Barry from Lincoln and another by Mike Barry from boston and others might be in the name of a business partner or family member.

When you have bought several domains and transferred them to new hosting accounts you would start to build them by adding similar articles and videos about meditation. You would have articles written loosely based around the keywords that you did searches on.

While building up these websites it is even advised that you use different WordPress themes so they do not look too samely and if you are building a large PBN then you should build several websites using other systems rather than them all being WordPress based.

(If the market you are trying to conquer is a big one you would need a bigger PBN, if you are entering into a smaller less competitive market then you would need less sites in your PBN)

the digital academyThese websites want to be as real as possible and they should be filled with great content. I recently read that Google are now using the quality of the content on websites as a factor for determine ranking so it makes sense to make the content on your money site and your PBN sites the best it can be.

These sites would also have several social media accounts set up and the content should be shared on these set ups. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are BIG sites with good pagerank and link strength so having accounts on these platforms linking back to your individual PBN sites gives them some extra link strength.

Your individual PBN sites would also link out to other larger sites like news websites like the BBC or Huffington Post and sites like Wikipedia.

The links would be to RELEVANT articles and not just to the sites themselves. So you would link to an article on the BBC about ‘How Meditation Was Good For The Brain’ and a page on Wikipedia about ‘Meditation’.

Everything has to be ‘relevant’ to the niche so that it is building a ‘natural footprint’.

When you build a PBN you NEVER link to any of the other sites in your network. When the time is right you will link to your money site but you will not link to ANY OF THE OTHERS!

Remember the whole idea of a PBN is that is has to look NATURAL, it has to be RELEVANT content and it has to be UNTRACEABLE. Nor should you link back to any of the PBN sites from the money site creating a link loop.

The network should look like it consists of several websites which were built by different people who have never met and all have a similar passion in the niche that you want to profit from.

Affiliate marketers will also have articles written (some have articles spun which I hate) and then send these articles to article directories to link back to their individual PBN sites. The whole idea is that you build up these powerful separate sites which will then link to your money site pushing it up the rankings for the keywords you are targeting.


Once you have all of your content added and built up a series of links from external directories and social media to the other sites in the PBN you start to link out of them to your money site. It is advised that you do not do them all at the same time and maybe take a week or two to complete this. Maybe write a new article which is added to each PBN site which links to the money site for a specific keyword or information.

You might not use the keyword Meditation Music as the link but the article could be about ‘The Best Music To Meditate To’ and you link by saying ‘I recommend that you read this great article about meditation music on this site here’. Remember, normal people who link to articles on websites don’t use a keyword, only SEOs from the 1990s and spammers tend to do that these days. It is all about the natural footprint of the links. (Yes I keep saying it but it needs to be understood)

You can link to the money site and other PBN sites using the keywords but it should only happen now and then. In the old days linking by the keyword alone was the way to get ranked for the keyword so thousands of websites would be asked or manipulated to link to a site using the keyword only.

But Google got tired of the keyword spamming that this method created and now penalise sites if they are linked to a lot from other sites using only specific keywords. As I say, normal blog owners and hobby writers will not naturally link to your articles using keywords and Google understand this so do not overdo it on the keyword linking… it is dangerous.

Once all of the PBN sites have been linked to the main money site you sit and wait to see how far it goes up the ranking. It could be fast taking a couple of days or it could take a few weeks, if it does not reach the number one spot or the first page then you know that there is some more work to do.

Write some more articles and share them across the PBN sites and social media accounts and maybe build more PBN sites to link to the money site.

Once you have ‘artificially’ pushed the money site up the rankings by creating a ‘natural footprint’ it is time to start adding your affiliate product details and links to it. Some PBN affiliate marketers might do it before hand but it is probably best for the non seasoned marketers to add the products only once the money site has ranked.

Now that your money site is sitting in the top position for specific keywords and phrases it should be the first site that people see when they go to Google and do a search for those words. It is highly likely that they will visit your site as it was the first one in their sight meaning that you are going to get the bulk of those 12,000 (or whatever the number was) monthly visitors for FREE.

With that amount of visitors coming to your site for free you should generate sales each month on autopilot. Of course the success rate of your sale conversions can also be down to the quality and layout of your site and the content on it so it is always a good idea to make your main money site as good as you can.

Your PBN will require maintenance as will your main money site. From time to time it would be advisable to write new articles and add them to your sites and share those articles on social media to keep the link power flowing and the sites growing. Google regularly do updates and if your sites have not been growing whereas others have Google might just push those other sites above yours and give them a higher position than yours… basically they take your spot and push you down the list.

Once you start building a PBN they can be linked to other money sites in similar niches if you wanted to promote other related products for other related keyword phrases. Obviously you would not ‘overdo it’  and link to loads of money sites but they can be used several times. A good PBN is like a garden or a vegetable patch, you tend to it and nurture it until it delivers a harvest of abundant fruit, flowers and veg… so to speak.

Once you have built one you can either keep growing it or you build others in other niches and start to build up your monthly autopilot income empire. As I stated at the beginning, this can be done, it is not difficult but, unlike all of the dodgy JVZoo and information products you will see floating around the web, this is not a ‘super fast push button system that will generate thousands by this time next tuesday!’ But for many super affiliates, it does generate thousands per month one way or another.

To the super affiliates this is a real business model, it requires work but it is very profitable… but you should always remember… even though it is VERY UNLIKELY that Google will figure out that a site is pushed up the rankings by a Private Blog Network which you own it should be UNTRACEABLE and the sites in the network should be RELEVANT to each other (even if it is just loosely relevant) and it should look perfectly NATURAL!