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Success Is Achieved By Getting Your Priorities In Check. What Are Your Priorities?


It might appear to be a very strange question, especially from a blog about making money online but I have my reasons for asking.

You see, I don’t think failure is always down to people NOT doing certain things but can also be because many people do OTHER things which prevent them succeeding in the very thing that they really want. For many of us – maybe most of us –  spare time and money is in short supply.

This doing of OTHER things can be the result of many habits or circumstances, such as not having a lot of funds but spending whatever spare cash they do have on doing everyday pleasures like eating takeaways or popping out for a few beers.

These things do give us pleasure but only for a few hours and we humans crave instant gratification often opting to have a quick pleasure now instead of the long term pleasure brought about from accomplishing a goal.

Sometimes we spend our spare time and money on things not because we want to but out of a habit, a craving for instant pleasure or even for other people’s pleasure such as a loved one.

As the old saying goes ‘time is money’’– and it is. Time is our most valuable asset and money is our most powerful tool, but if you are unable to spare much of either then your chances of success can be pretty low.

So to succeed you need to invest either your time or money or both but when you are an average person with a day job and a partner with short supply of time and money you can often find yourself stuck in what feels like a vacuum watching your spare time and money being sucked away from you.

Relationships are great, to spend your life with someone who cares about you and someone you care about can be very rewarding but it can also rob you off a lot of valuable time. Your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend obviously wants to spend time with you, this is understandable but they also want to spend time with their friends – with you, and they want to do things – often with you.

The things they want to do such as going out for meals, going on holidays, going out drinking and dancing, having days out to the seaside or shopping trips in big cities, going to the cinema or seeing shows or even just having a quiet night in with a film, a bottle of wine and a takeaway costs money. They also add up in hours.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should suddenly become single and get rid of your loved one or your family nor am I saying that you cannot or should not enjoy time with them or enjoy doing things.

What I am saying is, and I speak from a lot of personal experiences, is to be aware of what you are doing, what you are spending your time and money on and what that could be doing to your chances of success.

I have noticed that over the years I have been to more ‘friends’ gatherings thanks to the better half than going to gigs or music events. I for one prefer the latter. I have had some great nights with friends but often I would find that I had spent money which – at that time – I could ill afford on food and drink at these gatherings.

Then when I saw a poster or promotion for a gig that I really would have loved to have gone to I didn’t because I chose to save what little money I had left for more important things. Which really sucked when you consider what I had managed to waste money on. Had I been single I would have chosen more of the latter.

The same thing is said for time, time is very precious and I am also guilty of wasting time watching pointless soaps and TV shows which have done nothing more for me than pass time. Much of it wasn’t even that enjoyable either! When I was single I very rarely watched the TV until I crawled into bed, I would wind down with a film or some comedy. Now I end up sitting and watching the TV while I chat to the family.

Now here is the thing, we often do things without thinking. I too have called at Starbucks or Costa Coffee for a quick drink now and then but I certainly won’t make a habit of it though. I know people who call in regularly, spend up to £30 a week on coffee and the odd cake or panini then complain that they have no money left for that gig or party that they fancy.

Correct me if I am wrong but spending money each week on things that you can get from home is wasting valuable money that you could be using for ‘other’ fun things. Especially if money and time is in short supply, why would you waste it on things that are just short temporary pleasures?

I use gigs and other fun things as the example to what we miss out on by being sucked into doing things we would rather not do but the time and money could be spent on doing things which could change your life for the better. You could be working on a business or a book, something that could drastically improve your lifestyle.

Not everyone has the same amount of resources and with all of us living different lifestyles no two lives are the same. I agree that we all have 24 hours in a day but I don’t buy into that ‘we all have the same amount of time’ line. We do all have 24 hours a day but circumstances and choices often dictate what time we are left with spare.

Even choices we have made in the past dictate our amount of spare time, and they cannot just be stopped or changed at the drop of a hat. If you chose to have children then you cannot just get rid of them to free up time.

So the next time someone tries to make you feel bad for not having much time and use the words ‘You chose to have children’ just ignore them for being a prat no matter if it is technically true. What you need to do is realise what time you are wasting on doing the things that you do not want to do – ignoring those that you have to do as part of your life or family responsibilities.

Earning money to put food on the table and the roof over your family’s heads is very important. Running your partner or children around to friends houses or doing stuff with them is very important.

But going to the pub to drink several glasses of beer or wine while you gossip or sit and watch families fall out in soap operas is not important. They are the things that you chose to do in the here and now and they are also things that can change now. If time and money is in short supply then you need to prioritise and become more selfish and ruthless with your time.

If you want to change your life, your job or your lifestyle and you need to build or grow a business, make more money or even write that bestselling novel you will need to spend the time and money on making it happen.
And if that means saying no to less nights out and less meals with your friends or your partner’s friends then so be it. What you are losing out on in the long run is probably far more than what you are gaining in the short term.

Think… And Stay Poor, Do… And Become Successful.

The most important factor in success is real action and not imagined action as many people will have you think. In the spiritual movement that is based on the theory of the law of attraction, coaches and gurus will tell you to think positive thoughts and that those positive thoughts will bring you positive results in your life.

This is only partially true… for example a positive person who thinks they can get all the girls he wants but never talks to or smiles at them will not get a date even if he spends every minute he is awake dreaming about talking to and dating girls.

The guy who is full of negative self doubt and thinks he is not dateable will not get a date if he too does not smile at or speak to women but if a man is full of negative self doubt, worry and thinks he cannot get a date but does go out of his way to smile and talk to women, he will eventually get a date. Even if his mental activity is in contradiction to his actions, his actions will reap rewards where his imagined action cannot.

As much as I love the law of attraction theory which states what you think about the most and what your mental state is mostly you will attract back into the physical world ie if you fear being poor you will constantly be poor…

or so the theory goes… I don’t fully believe that what you think alone attracts the similar situations into your life.

I remember watching a BBC documentary series studying some of the UK’s wealthiest business people and one guy who was a very rich magazine publisher said that his motivation for making millions was the fear of being poor. As a child he lived in poverty and he hated it, this fear of never having enough again was always with him… so why then was he a multi millionaire and not poor?

The reason is that instead of focusing on the fear and sitting around ‘thinking & imaging’ that he was getting out of poverty he took solid action, he took the steps that lead towards him going from a life of poverty to a life of great wealth.

Real applied action will always get the results that imagined action will not. We are told to close our eyes and see ourselves being wealthy and successful and that we should do this regularly to programme our minds to accept this as a possibility and a reality for us, which as a motivator is ok but it won’t make us successful. It cannot because it is just imagination, it can make us more relaxed, less stressed about stuff and motivated which is a great mindset for taking action but that is it.

It might start some cosmic wheels in motion and draw good things to us through the scientific law of vibration (law of attraction) but really it will not change our lives alone, we need to take action for that to happen. Let me explain like this:

I have written a lot of books and I do mean A LOT, A hell of a lot of books in fact. I have been writing fictional books and making up stories since I was a child covering topics like zombies, space adventures, alien invasions, terrorism and time travel but interestingly, the amount of books that people can actually read from my huge list of books is two.

both books

I have actually written into words only two fictional stories and they are only short stories. You can read them here if you are interested 🙂 (I am currently working on two more longer books)

In my mind I see the stories unfolding and I see the characters acting out as if I was watching a film on the TV yet they only remain in my mind. I can also see myself writing the books regularly and yet strangely books do not appear out of the ether until I physically start typing. It is this typing (real applied action) that creates the books that people can read which will start the process towards success.

I know that is obvious but what is important is that you remember ‘that very obvious part’.

Surprisingly most people do not think about it and carry on trying to ‘think & imagine’ themselves to success but that will never bring around success. Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“The ancestor of every action is a thought”

A thought is the ancestor of action, without action a thought is just a thought…Without a thought there can be no action, without action no thought can become a success.

Thinking In A Montage

The other thing to remember with our incredible imagination is that the imagined world is not governed by time or the same laws of physics as the real world. In fact as I write this I can imagine myself writing a long book, I can see myself sat at my desk typing away knocking out page after page churning out thousands of words and I can see myself finishing off the book even before I finish this sentence.

I can also imagine that the laptop has suddenly become an old fashioned typewriter and that I pull the final page from it and lay it down ontop of a pile of hundreds of freshly written pages to my new book.

Our imaginations make long and hard work seem fast and easy, we can imagine a six month task into a five minute montage. It’s as if we dream in the style of a 1980s teen movie, everything we want to do can be condensed into a short montage and I think this is why people are seduced into the ‘thinking & imagination’ part of the law of attraction and overlook, by choice, the real hard work that success needs.

In fact let’s go one step further and really look into the imagination and the imagined word, while I write this article I am imagining myself…

…. wearing a Superman outfit, not the new dark one but the bright coloured camp one Christopher Reeves wore in the 1980s. I am hovering above my garden here in Gainsborough.

me as superman over garden

With a slight turn and a lifting of my legs I am now pointing towards Lincoln and I begin to fly. I am flying through the air towards Lincoln and my speed is increasing until I hit a comfortable 50 miles per hour. As I am going straight like a bird and not following traffic filled roads I reach Lincoln in a few minutes and it is not long before I am flying around the old Norman front of Lincoln cathedral.

me as superman over lincoln

It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there are no clouds to be seen for miles. I decide to land on the roof of the cathedral and layout to enjoy the view overlooking all of Lincoln. I am feeling peckish and decide that this would make a great spot for a picnic and so I pull a lunch box and a flask from my red Superman trunks. (They were not there until now… isn’t imagination great?) I pour myself a cup of tea from the flask and pull out a beef sandwich from my lunch box to nibble on while I watch the hustle and bustle of the city below.

I am vegetarian and do not eat meat but this is no ordinary beef sandwich. This beef doesn’t come from a cow, I made it from a Star Trek style replicator. The replicator took all the elements like grass and water, and used some scientific alchemy magic just like nature does with a cow and mixed all the components turning them into beef. No cow is killed for this beef so it is good Karma beef and not bad Karma beef.

I invented and made this replicator when I was five years old using a cardboard box and some marker pens. I see myself drawing on buttons and dials and when I finish the cardboard box suddenly becomes a real meat making replicator…

replicator machine

What is interesting is that within five minutes I have travelled through thirty six years, become a child inventor using cardboard boxes and flown around Lincoln as Superman with sandwiches and a flask tucked away in my… well my lunchbox area and what is going to happen? Nothing as it was not real and it was just imagined.

But because I wrote it down you were able to read it and have a chuckle but the point is this, if you spend your time sitting and imagining your are a successful author, film director, business person or whatever it is you want to be, no matter what the ‘law of attraction‘ gurus tell you, you will not become a success until you take action.

You will not own that business if you do not stop dreaming it and start working at it, you will not become a published author if you do not stop dreaming it and start writing those books.

Would the world know about Harry Potter if J.K. Rowling just sat and ‘imagined’ the stories while drinking coffee in those now famous coffee shops in Edinburgh where she wrote the first book? Nope, the real step towards any success is ‘taking action’ no matter how small the step is you can only start to walk towards your chosen destination by taking steps.


Real action is the key and not ‘imagined action’ I apologise if I have written about what is an obvious point but most people do forget this important piece of the puzzle.

If you love Rhonda Burns ‘The Secret’ and are a fan of the ‘Law Of Attraction’ movement then think about this for a minute.

Imagine that you wanted to eat pizza in bed but you did not want to buy it or go and fetch it from a shop, instead you decided to sit in your bedroom and use your imagination and ‘manifest’ a pizza into your life.


You visualise yourself sitting and eating the pizza in your bedroom without questioning it, it is happening and you have complete faith that the pizza will be delivered to you.

So you put those vibrations out into the world and let us imagine that a close friend across town picked up on that message and thought… ‘You know what? it is nearly lunch time and I know [your name] loves pizza and they are at home today, I shall surprise them and have one delivered to their house’ and so that is what they do.

There you are sitting in your bedroom visualising eating that pizza when you hear someone knock at your door… a delivery driver is there standing at the door and in his hand is a box with a steaming hot pizza, not just any pizza but your favourite, the one you have been eating in your imagination.

How do you get that pizza into your bedroom so that you can eat it? You can spend another five minutes imaging that it is there in your bedroom but I doubt that the delivery driver is going to open your door, walk in with your pizza and bring it upstairs right to the room you are sat in.

You are going to have to get up and stop visualising and walk to answer the door, even if he did come into your house and called out for you you would need to shout to let him know whereabouts you are in the house. You have to do some work, you have to take action to receive the final part of the dream or whatever it is that you want from life.

You can image that you are a successful author or business person and you can have the great ideas that you need and you might ‘attract’  to you the right people and connections that you need but you are still going to have to take action to put the pieces together and get the results.

No inspired thought or idea will lead to a real physical success unless you take action, remember, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The ancestor of every action is a thought”  Without a thought there can be no action, without action no thought can become a success.