Expect To Have Realistic Expectations

Ok so this is not the kind of post that you were probably expecting. But I like to ‘keep things real’ as the ‘yoof’ of today like to say.

In the mad and deafening world of internet marketing advice and online business systems there are many people who like to try and sell you the next big thing online saying things like you can ‘make money starting today’ which in many cases is true… if you have a fair idea of what you are doing online and kind of know ‘some stuff’ but if you do not know the online equivalent of your ‘arse to your elbow’ then you cannot expect to be making money today no matter what the sales copy says.

The sales patter is designed to generate maximum sales by highlighting the benefits of a product and what the best scenario is going to be.

No one is going to try and sell vegetarian sausages by saying that they are ‘dry and taste of cardboard’ are they? No they are going to sell them as ‘a healthy alternative to meat and fat free’. Would you buy something that had ‘dry and taste of cardboard’ printed across the box? No me neither and I am a vegetarian.

All marketing is trying to excite us about their products but this can cause us to have some seriously high expectations, often created for us by the sales copy or by our own understanding or needs.

We should all be pretty down to earth with our own expectancies really. I know full well that a few squirts of Lynx Body Spray is not going to have the women falling over themselves to date me, even if the advert portrays that their smell is irresistible to all women… it isn’t and it doesn’t work like that, trust me I have tested it regularly 🙂

We need to be more realistic in our expectations especially when it comes to trying something new or business related, as the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither were many businesses. Very few people apart from a super intelligent savant can learn something new in a few hours or a day and become proficient in it.

No one learns to be a bricklayer in a week or start driving a car after the first lesson and we all know this so why do we not apply the same sense of logic and realistic expectation to online business ventures.

For me this is the stumbling block, many more people would be successful if they stripped their minds free of the expectations that they read in the sales copy and instead replace them with something more down the lines of ‘This is new information and a business venture… this will take some time to master and maybe to profit however I am building a business… I will make it work’

Anything that is tried briefly and thrown away just will not work, people do this all the time, they try things and then give up, not because systems do not work but because they have an unreasonable expectation and when that expectation has not been met they give up saying things like ‘the system is flawed’ or ‘it just doesn’t work’.

The only thing that is flawed is our thinking and our expectations of a product whether we have been manipulated to expect more by the sales copy or just our own badly conceived expectations we cannot and should not expect success so quickly and we should not quit so quickly either.

It is harder when the results you were promised doesn’t happen in the time frames as suggested and you are continuingly paying out for access to a system or information but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or that you cannot or will not succeed.

Quitting early does though, I am not saying that you should carry on for years paying for stuff that has not given you any results but think of this for a minute… as a joiner I could earn a lot of money a year from my skills, but after 6 months of training at the age of 16 I was still not competent enough to do most jobs.

Had I quit I would not have the skills I have now that can make that money. The same thing happened when I invested in screen printing equipment, I spent nearly £2,000 on the equipment including T-Shirts and ink and I had no formal training. I had to teach myself after watching videos on YouTube and reading a few books. Eventually I had mastered it and was making money printing and selling T-Shirts on eBay in my spare time.

When the first T-shirts I printed came out bad I could have quit and sold the equipment but I didn’t, I persevered.

It has been several years and several thousands of pounds worth of training that has brought me to this point where I can make money online from anywhere in the world doing many different things… and that is because I did not expect to be successful too quickly and I didn’t quit. I saw this as a business and a new set of important skills that I needed so that I could move forward.

I would decide what I spent my money on, it was a balancing act and I chose to put my available cash into learning. I stopped going to the pub and I even stopped buying clothing until I needed it. I chose the long term gain; I didn’t expect results fast even though at times I needed them.

My expectation was for the long term, yes there were a few things I spent money on then cancelled when I knew that they were not for me or that I couldn’t spend the time on them.  There were also a few really awful systems out there which were doomed to fail because of what they did and I could see that because of the new skills I was beginning to develop.

So I guess the theme of this newsletter is to say that you should not blindly follow what is said in sales copy and reset your expectation levels to ‘normal daily life’ and not go throwing in the towel as fast too.  Depending on what it is you are trying or the cost of the product but you should give yourself at least 3 months before checking any progress and making any fast decisions.

In fact I would say give yourself at least half a year to see some kind of results whether they are financial or personal. You might be surprised at what you would have achieved, what you have learned and where you are at after the first 6 months…. The new skills and knowledge that you have gained could be life changing but not in the way you first expected 🙂

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