Follow The Instructions To The Letter Or Waste Time Trying To Get Back On Track

There is nothing worse than the feeling of taking two steps forward and three steps back… especially when it was self induced and could have been avoided

Today I wanted to discuss the notion of following instructions or failing fast. There is a reason that I wanted to talk about this and it is that I see many people starting online courses planning on building a business and make money online but they fail. They then moan that the system didn’t work and get disheartened as you would expect if a system did actually not work.

The problem is that the systems do work but… and this is a big but… many people never truly follow the steps or instructions which are laid out exactly for everyone to follow. When ever you go to Ikea and buy some flat pack furniture a lot of people take one quick look at the instructions and figure that they know what a screw is and what a hole is and from that and the picture on the box they know how to build the item without need for the instructions.

ikea instructions

One hour later and their floor is still covered in parts they decide to take a look at the instructions and they then experience many ‘Eureka’ moments and as soon as you can say ‘Ikea furniture is hard to build’ they have the item finished. We have all done it once in our lives, some more than others but we do often think we know better and so try and do what we think is right even though we do not actually know what we are supposed to be doing.

Instructions are there for a reason, they are to guide you through from beginning to the end of a plan set out by someone who knows what they are doing. If you fail to follow what is a well thought out plan of instructions then the only thing at fault is you and not the system.

This might sound harsh but it is the truth. Plans are not created by spending a couple of minutes drawing notes on the back of a napkin, beer mat or cigarette packet. No the creator of the plan will spend a lot of time going through the steps that they believe you need to take to get to the place you need to be, the place that the creator is at now… remember this is the successful person that you wish to emulate.

As we have written in the past, the best and fastest way to success is to have a plan, ‘Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail’ Why You Should Start The New Year With A Plan, and that is what a list of instructions are. If you do not follow instructions then the chance of failing are high.

As I work for a company that sells and promotes workable systems and methods to make money I regularly see people who fail and I hear all of the excuses under the sun but most if not all are to blame personally because they did not follow plans correctly. Some were oversights and accidental in their missing of a few vital parts but most are purly responsible for their failure to follow plans because they chose to do their own thing.

Why would you do that? Especially when you have paid out money to learn from someone who is successful? It makes no sense to spend money to learn something only to not follow the well thought out instructions laid out in front of you.

Once you have deviated from the plan and missed out a few vital steps you will end up having to spend valuable time re doing parts and going over the sections you missed including having to make corrections to errors that you will undoubtedly have made.
So, to conclude this short article we Minions just wanted to get across that if you do decide to buy into a system and it comes with a plan please follow it diligently otherwise you will end up losing a lot of time correcting errors and going over the missed sections and that could cost you a lot of money too.

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