Frank Zappa, Airport Coffee Shops and the Cash Curator System.

As usual a talk with my family has inspired me to write today’s article. What we talked about has reinforced my belief that it is a great idea to use the internet to generate money, especially if you value freedom more than anything.

The daughter received an email informing her of the jobs available around the world within the company that she works for. The company is a large global coffee shop and it has stores in many countries. One job position available was at Barcelona airport, this created a huge spark of interest and excitement and not just in her but in the rest of us too.

The idea of working in a busy airport doing what she already knew in a major European city was very VERY tempting for her but, this is a big but to her, money was going to be an issue. If she was given the position not only would she be earning as soon as she moved, she would also make new friends quickly who would also help her to find a great place to live.

It even said that in the email, the staff would find the lucky candidate a place to live. It all sounds brilliant, but the concerns my daughter has is that the job is going to be shift work and there may not be a full 40 hour week and that Barcelona is a very expensive city. She thinks that she may not be able to afford it.

It is hard when the money that you rely on comes to you via a 3rd party job with hours that are not of your choosing. If those hours are also dependant on the customers and how well the business is doing you could soon find yourself losing a lot of money out of your pay packet and times suddenly becoming hard.

This is why, I think you need to have a second income or even a main income that is flexible to the point that you can earn money from virtually any place in the world, at any time of the night that is not reliant on anything more than the effort you are willing to put into it.

You will know after reading last week’s newsletter that we Minions have launched the Digital Academy which is a resource of incredible information about many different ways to make money using the internet.

One such method is the Cash Curator system which is extremely easy to do and is virtually cost free to implement. When you join the Digital Academy you get access to the Cash Curator system along with plenty of training videos.

In a nut shell, the Cash Curator is a system which uses free social media platforms like Facebook to drive traffic to a website where you generate money from advertising revenue. It is that simple.

Recently Head Minion shared a post about Frank Zappa on Facebook and it generated several hundred pounds in a few days.

Now wouldn’t that few hundred pounds be a life saver and a freedom generator for people like my daughter who fears the lack of money and work would prevent them from going and trying new adventures in their lives?

Just three of those posts could generate enough money to cover rent and maybe bills making the whole stay a lot more enjoyable. If you started to build a system like the Cash Curator before you went anywhere you could be earning enough to make looking for ‘real work’ a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

If you are happy living where you are and happy doing the job that you do you can still greatly benefit from running a system like Cash Curator in your spare time.

These types of ‘fun’ posts which are shared across social media are easily created and can be made whilst watching the TV in an evening or whenever your spare time happens to be. Would you not want to make a few pounds whilst still watching your favourite soap or program?

I bet most of you will be playing around with social media on a tablet, smart phone or laptop while you watch the TV at night. Everyone in my house does, it seems to be the norm so why not profit from using that time more productively?

The great thing about the Cash Curator system is that you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.  If you would like to learn more about the Cash Curator and all of the other great information inside the Tim’s Minions Digital Academy please click here to get your instant access email.

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