How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting

Do you want to build up Facebook pages fast? Do you want to get thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of loyal followers quick?

If the answers to the above questions are yes then you are going to find this really exciting.

This is naughty little trick which can be very powerful.

freebooting videos fail army
I really shouldn’t be showing you this as it is not very ethical and is wrong in many eyes (I agree that it is wrong) but I have seen people doing this and thought that I would report on it as it is a powerful method to grow huge audiences on Facebook… and show you how you can do it too using free software. (Video below)

The reason it is wrong and unethical is that you are taking something which belongs to someone else and using it without their consent.

So what is this incredible (but wrong) technique that people are using to grow large followings on Facebook?

Find Popular Trending Videos On YouTube, Download or Copy Them and Uploaded Them To Facebook.

It is really that simple. The method has been called Freebooting which is an old British naval term regarding pirates and piracy. Freebooting is basically taking booty for free… taking property by theft.

When you share a video from YouTube you should share it using the URL or embed code that they supply so that it shows the adverts which they assign to the videos.

When you download the videos or use them by any other means not only is it theft and goes against their terms and conditions you are also making the video owners lose a lot of potential profit.

Many YouTube videos are uploaded by people who are YouTube partners meaning that they make and add videos to make money. It is a business for them and it can be very profitable as you will see in this article here: Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

When the video is taken and shared on Facebook they can go viral and many get HUGE amounts of views, those views on Facebook outside of YouTube costs the video owner a lot of money so if you want to do this little video trick we suggest that you think long and hard before starting.

freebooting likes and shares

But as the image above shows, you can get a lot of views, Likes & Reactions and shares which can grow your Facebook page fast.


You might get some angry emails from video owners, their lawyers or representatives from YouTube itself so be warned. I cannot say how many people are prosecuted, I imagine it is a very small amount…. if any.

Chances are you will be sent a polite email asking you to remove the video or give credit to the video owner.

Modifying Videos For Maximum Attention Grabbing

You will notice when scrolling through Facebook that most of these videos have surrounds which have eye catching words and phrases which add to the impact. They stand out in the newsfeed more when they have large wording which catches people’s attention.

freebooting example

These are added after they have been downloaded from YouTube specifically for sharing on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The important thing to remember when it comes to video on Facebook is that it autoplays, there may not be any sound but the videos play as soon as you scroll onto them meaning that they catch your attention whereas YouTube videos which are shared to Facebook do not autoplay and need to be clicked, sometimes twice, to set them playing.

When you see a video that is playing you stop scrolling and watch, if you want the sound on you just click the sound button and it comes on… the autoplay has captured your attention forcing you to want to see and hear more… or even better, click the Like Page button to see future videos.

How You Can Create People Grabbing Viral Videos From YouTube For Facebook.

You might not know how to download or copy a YouTube video but it can be done very easily.

If you use the internet browser Mozilla Firefox there is a plugin called Video DownloadHelper which will allow you to download videos from YouTube to your computer which you can upload to Facebook.

freebooting video downloadhelper

If you have Camtasia 8 video software you can easily add the wording to these downloaded videos but Camtasia is expensive to buy and a lot of you will not have it nor justify the price but…

freebooting camtasia

… I am going to show you how you can use a free piece of software by Google to borrow/copy the video and another piece of software to record the video.

The software used to record the final video is free but if you spend $15 you can use the pro version which will remove the software’s watermark.

All will be revealed in the video!

There is one small downside to this and that is that the Google AdSense ads will still show but they are not clickable and they can be cut out most of the time.

How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting (Video)

If you prefer to use Microsoft PowerPoint then you will be please to know that you can do the same thing.

You add a video from YouTube by taking the embed code, not the URL, but the embed code and it will add the video to the slide just as Google Docs does. Again it is all pretty simple.

powerpoint freebooting

So I shall leave you with the big decision…

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Let’s just say that there are a lot of people growing big Facebook groups by stealing videos from YouTube… Freebooting is happening and it is happening a lot, is it something that you should consider?

We at Tims Minions Blog DO NOT recommend that you do it, but the final decision is yours and we just had to report this seriously powerful traffic method otherwise we are not really doing our job properly 😉