How To Write Books And Articles Using Only Your Voice In Google Docs

In today’s article we are going to discuss a wonderful tool that you will find in Google Docs. I have recorded a special video showing you how to use this wonderful tool which you can see below.

This tool is voice to text recorder and that means you can sit and speak at your tablet, your laptop, into a headset, or into a microphone and whatever you say will be turned into written text on your screen in your Google document. What you will need to do is proofread and edit the written words for things such as full stops and commas and capital letters, but what this does is it allows you to unload a whole ream of mental chatter and words allowing you the freedom to speak and create whole articles or even a book which you then later edit.

ready to record

In fact this whole article has been written simply by using the headset microphone. I have sat here speaking into the microphone saying what I wanted to say and then all I’m going to do it’s go back and edit the text so the text that you are reading now with all its capital letters and full stops, they have been added in later.

The actual bulk of the written article has been done by voice only.


Google Docs is free if you have a Gmail account, you can access Google Docs along with other tools such as Google Spreadsheets and Google Drive.

Kindle Self Publishing Masterclass New ModuleGoogle Docs is a free version of Microsoft Word and it is wonderful especially this free record to text tool which basically allows you to put your feet up speak into the microphone and write an article without even having to touch the keyboard, apart from as I say, when you come to edit.

So please watch the video below, I am more than certain that you will be amazed at what this tool can do and what it can do for you if you are perhaps a slow typer or if you just simply do not like typing if that is the case then Google Docs and the Google voice to text recorder is the tool for you.