How Youngsters Are Making Thousands Each Month Using A Webcam Whilst Eating Their Tea!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote the article Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income which discussed how everyday people are making money using their laptops and webcams.

bj patoo

Well today I want to go a little further and discuss how youngsters in South Korea are generating a lot of money using their laptops and webcams by broadcasting live to thousands of viewers… themselves eating their tea.

Yes you read that right, people watch and join them to eat food online.

I found this out after seeing a short video on Business Insider about Patoo and how he can generate up to $1,500 per eating session.

bj patoo 2

These online evening eat ins are called ‘Mukbang’ which is a word made by mashing up the two South Korean words for ‘Eating’ and ‘Broadcast’ so it literally means eating broadcast. These broadcasts are done using a platform called AfreecaTV which is a Korean online broadcasting platform that has been online for a few years now.

Broadcasters on AfreecaTV are called BJs and they get paid when viewers buy gifts like balloons (virtual balloons) at $0.10 which they send to the broadcaster, the broadcaster then exchanges those balloons for money.

I can only assume that there is a ‘creaming off’ of profit by AfreecaTV but what matters is that these Mukbang stars (or Mokbang as it says on AfreecaTV) are generating a fair amount of money from doing live eating broadcasts.

The viewers are mostly teens and young adults, some people say the popularity of Mukbang is down to the lonely lifestyle many South Koreans experience from living alone in small apartments, others think it is popular because it is a great way to satisfy food cravings without eating. (I don’t personally get that one)

One star of Mukbank, Park Seo-Yeon who you see on the news clip above, says she earns around $9000 a month from eating in front of the camera and chatting to viewers. This is pretty incredible and so I decided to take a quick look at AfreecaTV and YouTube to get more of an idea of what it is all about.


AfreecaTV has now gone global and is not just used by Koreans and YouTube also has plenty of Mukbang videos recorded from live broadcasts with many of them now being by people from other countries.

mukbang on youtube

To understand exactly what these broadcasts are really about I have shared a couple below that I found uploaded to YouTube.

The Junk Food Feast!

In this video one guy is sat eating a real takeaway feast. My first thoughts were ‘That is one costly meal’ but then if they are earning the amounts we are told then they can most definitely afford it.

The Home Made Feast!

This next video has a guy eating bought/packaged food so I am wondering if he is getting paid by the companies to actually eat them or at least attempting to curry favour (or should that be curry flavour as it is a food related post? No? oh ok :-)) with the companies to get some kind of affiliate/sponsorship deal.

What is important here is that they are not just sat ‘troughing’ as we say here in the UK (meaning eating a lot) but they are chatting to and interacting with their viewers.

In 2013 the top earner on AfreecaTV made $250,000 not bad, not bad at all, I cannot say for certain whether that was for eating food or maybe another ‘webcam’ related scenario.

What Can You Do With A Webcam And An Internet Connection?

So the point of this article is to draw your attention to another interesting and unique way that ordinary people are making money from home using just their laptop, webcam and internet connection.

webcam couple 2

After the previous ‘webcam business’ article where I mentioned the couple (seen above) who were making money using webcams while they toured across America in their campervan it seems that there must be many other ways to profit from using a webcam, after all people are paying to watch people do all kinds of weird and wonderful things on camera like ‘eating their tea!’.

So I really want to end this post not with you going away thinking that it was interesting or that there is some funny old things online in this crazy world of ours, no I want to leave you thinking and contemplating what other things can you do to make money online using a basic set up like a laptop and a webcam.

You have to agree, there does seem to be some very profitable people out there doing the simplest of things.

Soooo is there anything that you can do to make money online using just a laptop and a webcam?