‘I Told You So!’… Keep Calm & Carry On

Today’s newsletter has been inspired by an email that I received last week where a member of the Digital Academy was asking for some advice, in his email he also mentioned how he wanted to silence his family members who were saying to him things like ‘It will never work…’ and he was determined to not have them saying that most dreaded and over used saying… ‘I Told You So!’

He knew what he was doing was worth his time and effort but interestingly, and this is always the case with the ‘I told you so…’ and ‘It will never work…’ brigade, is that they all speak from ignorance and not knowledge.

He himself was working on a project, he was in deep researching what he was doing, he was researching what to do next and he was actively ‘doing’ what needed doing and he could understand and see the potential outcome of what he was doing.  However those family members who were trying to put him off had not spent more than a couple of minutes looking at the project he was working on.

So why then, do they think they know best?  Why do they think they will know more about the results and potential of a system than a person who is studying it and actively working on it?

It baffles me that so many people seem to have the foresight to know the answers to something they know nothing about. It might be because he is paying out each month to learn the system, paying out for any form of education that is not traditional is often seen as a waste of time, money and often deemed a scam.

If you spent £30 a month to learn Spanish that would not be seen as a problem but try and spend £30 to learn something that can make money online is instantly dismissed. Trust me, I will dismiss products or systems that will not work or are a waste of time but I work in this industry, I see stuff that is rubbish and I also see stuff that really works. If anyone is going to have an idea as to what works it is those that spend time working in that industry.

I spent several years learning carpentry and joinery, the college course was paid for by the Government but even though I was learning skills I was essentially doing a paid course learning how to make money. Yes I have some great skills for myself but I was just becoming another tradesman setting out to earn money and pay tax into the system.

So even the traditional skills are basically systems to make money, all education has a cost and a value.

What is more interesting is that the ‘Nay Sayers’ as we call them, those who say that you are wasting time and money and that ‘it will never work’ like to spend their time and money often doing stuff that has very little real value.

Compare my actions to those of a good close friend of mine a few years ago. He worked as an electrician and I used to work as a joiner (carpenter) I used to take a flask of tea with me when I went out to jobs, he never did, he would always buy coffee from shops.

At that time I was also spending  over £40 a month doing an online course in my spare time learning a series of online skills from building WordPress sites, writing, building email lists, creating videos and a lot more.

He on the other hand used to spend over £40 a month on coffee alone. He would regularly go to Costa Coffee, often more than once a day, and buy coffee to take out. He did this for years and still does to this day.

I am now working from home, I am off the building sites, away from the dusty noisy workshops and able to work from anywhere in the world. While I was learning I was often told that ‘I was wasting my time…’ or that ‘it would never work…’ In fact I had another work friend who said, and I remember this well as it sent a cold shiver down my spine as it was such a depressive comment, ‘Face it, we are working class guys doing manual labour, we will be working on building sites for the rest of our lives’

That just scared me to death; I could not stand such a limiting belief. How could he say that about us both and how could he correctly predict what I would be doing in the future? He didn’t know better… interestingly I am doing what I wanted to do and what I set out to do, he is still doing manual labour working on building sites… and hating it.

He too would spend money each month on beer and cigarettes but I was the one who was wasting my time and energy doing my online training. I was told several times by many people that it would not work and that one day they would say ‘I told you so!’ Well I am happy to say that it has not happened.

Even if it did all go pear shaped and that they did say ‘I told you so!’ they would have been wrong because it might not have worked then at that exact time but my new skills would still come to fruition in other ways one day. Those skills landed me a job I would never have expected in a million years and it would not have happened without that investment in myself.

What is also interesting is how people see life and how they justify what they do and how they spend their own money. It is ok for them to criticise a family member on wasting time and money on learning new skills but think nothing of spending a small fortune on a new pair of shoes, or clothes for one night out.

Many men and women will spend a fortune on having their hair done, in fact in the latest Big Brother house one of the female contestants is said to spend £400 a month on beauty treatments alone. I cannot see how this is possible!

People will happily spend money each month on cigarettes, take away food & drink, alcohol, magazines, going out, satellite TV subscriptions, gambling, online film providers like NetFlix, music services like Spotify as well as the grooming products.

People will spend hours watching soaps and dramas on TV, playing video games or socialising over a glass of wine or beer regularly and nothing in their lives change so why do they insist on telling others of ‘how it is’ when they clearly do not know? (BTW… There is nothing wrong with socialising or catching up per se but if it is done too regularly then it can be costly to your life, health and future)

I felt for the guy who sent me the email, he was obviously getting grief at home from those who were supposed to love him and all he wanted to do was learn some new skills which could generate some extra money. What is wrong with that?

At least he knows that in a years’ time he will have skills, knowledge and a working profitable side business that his family will be happy that he ‘wasted his time and money’ on even though they will have very little to show for their ‘wasted time and money’ or that they will not be able to utter those words ‘I told you so’.

In fact, the chances are, he will be the one uttering those words to them. 🙂

Bringing this newsletter to a close the best advice

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