Is Waiting For Your Mentor To Show You The Way Wasting Your Time And Money?

Today’s article was inspired by an article I read last week. The author showed us a few stats by marketers who had sold information products online, these stats were the numbers of people who had bought products but had not started to do anything online even though they had been interested in the internet marketing scene for more than 6 months..


In a nutshell, people were buying products but not doing anything with them, they were just not taking action. The cause for this they believed was that these people were still waiting for that ‘better’ product to come out, the one where they need do nothing and the mentor/product creator would show them how to make a lot of money fast without doing much at all.

We Minions know this well, we see a lot of people who buy products but expect that they will be shown a super fast magic formula where they set it running before going to bed with one click of a button and then wake up the next day with a bank account full of cash.

It doesn’t happen like that, you need to do something!

What is amazing is how long some people will wait to find that magic formula and how much they spend trying to find it. Some people spend so long that had they actually done some work and focused on building a business they would have probably built a very successful online business by now…. one that they would be very proud of and possibly exceed what they really thought was possible.

Head Minion once said to me  …“Some people spend 7 or 8 years trying to make “20K Overnight” … and end up with nothing. Ironically, if they had instead started by making an unspectacular £5 or £10 a day and building up over those same 7 or 8 years … guess how much they’d probably be making by now ?”

This is true, people are so hell bent on wanting to suddenly earn £20,000 that they will wait many years for that system to come out or their chosen mentor to show them when they could have started and built up a very profitable business in that time.

Scott DeLong is the guy who started ViralNova, working from his bedroom he grew the site from nothing to a site generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month within 8 months.

viralnova scott delong

He started by working 16 hours a day and when it really took off he paid 2 freelance writers to help create the content. This home based business with a team of only 3 people not only generated millions it was sold for a staggering $100 million to media company Zealot Networks 2 years later… within 2 years he went from zero to $100 million!

Scott had this to say about people following specific mentors.

“I didn’t have any direct mentors holding my hand along the way. I don’t think that’s as important as just always keeping an open mind, talking to as many people in the industry as possible, and striving to be the best. You definitely need to learn from others to succeed but an actual mentor? No, not really. Some of the best ideas you’ll ever have, however, will be sparked by a random conversation. So always keep your mind open and talk to other successful people every chance you get.” – Source

Whatever it is that you want to do in life, you cannot beat good old fashioned ‘taking action’, you really cannot change things unless you do something. For example If you want to sell your home and move abroad then you need to finish off those jobs in the house and put it up on the market otherwise you will still be in the house many years later wondering where the time went and why you were not enjoying a foreign lifestyle.

If you want to learn how to speak a foreign language or learn how to do computer coding then you will need to either go to a specialise class or sit down and learn at home away from all distractions.

You have to work at things and everyday that you wait for that super fast system to be shown to you is a day missed building up a profitable business. At least make a start. I know you need to learn new things and implement them but learn and do as you go along.

Experience of doing something is a great educator, you learn by doing so if you want to build a business online start doing instead of waiting.

I now get paid to write but before I started to earn from this business way back in 2009 I began writing on a blog, I started to write down all kinds of stuff related to this industry and learn how to write long interesting articles.

While blogging I learned how to use WordPress including changing themes, adding plugins etc and I learned how to share my stuff over social media which meant learning how to build profiles and pages.

I also learned how to create video tutorials and podcasts and this was all before I began to make money from these skills. I even paid for a few courses and information products (I still do today… knowledge is power!) but I didn’t just read them and wait for the next ‘better’ thing to come out, no I took action and implemented what I had just read.

the digital academyI wasn’t expecting to make a lot of money, I just wanted to learn and test the ideas that I had been studying. It was this testing, learning and doing which actually started to make the money. I could have read articles, eBooks and watched videos and done nothing while I wait for a better system to come out but I didn’t… otherwise seven years on I would still be doing what I wanted to escape from which was working in a noisy dusty joiners workshop.

If you want to make money online, build a second or main business online then the first course of action might be to think about what it is that you want and maybe realign your expectations to a more realistic way of thinking.

Instead of hoping to be making £20,000 by this time next week, try and focus on making £10 online by this time next week and then aim to reproduce that the following week and then double it. Keep focusing on keeping the income flow doubling but don’t put pressure on yourself… if you struggle to keep doubling the earnings keep trying to make a consistent weekly/monthly amount.

You are building a business here and not trying to win the lottery, if that is what you want then pop off to the local newsagents and buy new lottery tickets each week but if you are serious about building an online business… get started and work at it.

Otherwise the only thing that is stopping you from succeeding is yourself, waiting for your chosen ‘Mentor’ to bring out a better system and show you how to make a lot of money fast without doing much at all is just wasting your time and money.

Follow Scott DeLong’s example, get started… I doubt you will make and sell a website for $100 million within 2 years like he did but you could be well on your way to a successful, profitable business giving you the freedom that you dream of.