Is Your Future Based Online?


Is the future of all entertainment online? If this is is the case, and I think that it is – mostly – then the future of making money is most definately online. This should be good news for you if you have been looking for ways to make money from home.

This is a changing world and it is changing more and more each day. Over the last 10 years retail has been growing online. We now can order our weekly grocery shopping online and have it delivered right to our front door.


When I Was A Lad!

Way back in the day when I used to go clubbing many ravers would drive hundreds of miles each weekend to see and hear their favourite DJs play the music we wanted to hear. We would buy tape packs which were recorded live at the raves so that we could listen to the music in our cars, in our homes or in our Walkmans.

If you lived in a city then you were lucky, you might have had access to the odd pirate radio station or even a real legal radio show with your favourite local DJs playing the music you liked but on the whole, as a nation you could only get to see the DJs and hear the music you loved at one of the many raves across the country. The DJs would travel to several events each night covering hundreds of miles.

Closing Clubs & The Increasing Access To Music

Times are changing, clubs all across Europe are now closing down due to the footfall dropping. Youngsters are no longer going to clubs like they once used to. The reason for this demise in the club scene is said to be the ease at which people can access music today via online streaming. As I write this article I am listening to KoolLondon online. KoolLondon was a pirate radio station set up 25 years ago during the rave scene which was popular at the time, the scene I loved.

KoolLondon is now legal and broadcasts to London as a radio and the rest of the world online. If I miss a show then they usually have a download available for me to listen to as a podcast. Many of my favourite DJs now record podcasts and put them on sites like Mixcloud or Soundcloud and then share them via social media and email. There is no longer a shortage of quality dance music. I can listen to many sources at any time of the day.

Many DJs are also now doing live video streaming performances thanks to the new Live feature on Facebook. I watched the final ever Carl Cox DJ set last week live from the legendary (but now sadly closed) Space club in Ibiza.

So why would you want to spend money to travel halfway across town or the country – or even the world – often standing in queues in the cold to go to a club costing a lot of money to get in when you can hear the music you love live from the comfort of your own home?

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be people who enjoy live gigs and shows that love to meet up with people and have a real night of it but they cannot afford to do every gig. Numbers are dropping and venues are closing.

Music is available to everyone these days at anytime of the day thanks to iTunes, YouTube, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora and many more. The downside to this is not just the fact clubs are closing but musicians are not making a lot out of the sales.


But the site owners are and that is where the money is. They are middlemen businesses and you too can become one.

Starting A Middleman Business & Profiting From Other People’s Work.

Starting A Middleman Business & Profiting From Other People’s Work.

NetFlix And Chill

It is not just music though, we now watch TV and films online, we can stream the latest releases from the comfort of our own homes via companies like Amazon, NetFlix, Sky amongst others. With the cost of a cinema ticket being pretty expensive I can see that one day new films may bypass cinemas altogether and broadcast online for a fee.

This might happen not because the film industry wants it to but because the public are fed up of the expense of going to watch a film. At least from home they can be comfortable, not have to put up with others talking or throwing sweets around and they can pre buy their snacks from the supermarket for a lot less money.

cinema-price-rantDistant Learning And The Next Level

But it doesn’t stop there, it is not just music and TV that is being streamed, there are live educational programmes. People like Bob Proctor and Todd McFarlane are giving live training on Facebook and other dedicated websites. Bob is a life coach and self help guru whereas Todd is a professional comic book artist.


Let’s not forget that there are loads of people getting their (other) voyeuristic kicks online using webcams and online services as this article will show you.

webcam busines fi

Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income.

Self-Publishing Your Own Online Wealth

I have written several times about how the online world has changed the publishing industry. People are now becoming famous and wealthy self-publishing authors without the need of the backing from a large publishing house. A lot of these books are bought, downloaded and even read online.

Kindle readers and other ebook reading apps have turned tablets and smartphones into libraries. The new Hollywood film The Martian starring Matt Damon and directed by Ridley Scott came to life originally as an online story written by Andy Weir which he shared one chapter at a time via his website.


It was read by fans who requested that he put it on the Amazon Kindle store. After selling 35,000 copies in three months it garnered the attention of audiobook and printed book publishing companies.

The rest they say is history. His-story is not only a fascinating and inspiring one but this also shows that people have and are buying books, reading books and creating careers and fortunes by going online instead of going down the old traditional routes.

steve scott kindle

How One Marketer Makes $25,000-$30,000 A Month After Swapping Affiliate Marketing For Writing Kindle Ebooks.

Eyes Down!

Think about other hobbies which required people having to visit a specific building. Apart from competitive and team sports such as football and athletics a lot of other hobbies are now played online from home. Before I started to write this article I watched yet another celebrity endorsed advert for online bingo.


Bingo was once the chosen hobby for the blue rinse brigade. Old ladies would meet up and play a few games while having a natter. It became a social event for many of them. A chance to get out of the house for a few hours and meet up with close friends.  For some bingo provided an important community service.


Now the story is different. The age range has changed with people of any age and sex playing bingo. But that is not the only difference, the big difference is that people play online using laptops, tablets and smartphones. Bingo halls have closed by over 200 over the past decade with around 6,500 jobs lost.

The crazy bingo tax and the smoking ban have played a big part in the demise but the rise in the popularity of online bingo websites certainly wouldn’t have helped. They are kicking the offline bingo industry while it is down!

foxy-bingoI Bet You Don’t Know What Is Next?

Times have changed for the old high street bookies, the old vision of smokey bookies crammed full with men having a flutter on the horses or football games is no longer correct. With many of the big bookkeepers now online along with betting exchanges like BetFair people are placing bets and trades online.


They are placing these bets from home, from the bars and even the sporting events themselves.

If you are not sure about what I mean by ‘trades’ take a look at this incredibly simple way to make money by trading horse racing – take a profit before any horse has had a chance to run!

2 Minute Trader Plus

As well as bingo and betting on sports, casino games like poker can now be played at home online against players from all around the world. No longer do you need to pop to the nearest city to go to the big casino. You simply play online using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

Its A Brand New World Out There.

Mark my words, the world is changing and will continue to do so. More of the things that we did years ago which meant having to go somewhere and deal with people in person will move to the online world.

Of course there will always be offline work, buildings need to be built. Farms need to be farmed, trains need to be driven and physical products need to be made, sold and delivered but there are a lot of things that we do now will change.

People are now learning and participating in online yoga courses, consultations are given over Skype and people are watching live club nights from the other side of the world. If you had told me that would happen when I went clubbing 20 years ago I would not have believed you.

So I shall leave you to sit and think for a while, is there a hobby, service or product that you can offer to people online? If you can then you could be soon building yourself a very profitable online business.