It’s Not Easy Building A Business While Working A Day Job… But It Can Be Done

I decided to write this article as I wanted you to know that we understand how hard it can be to build a business or a second income while working a day job and living a busy life. Many business ‘gurus’ insist that you ‘need to find the time’ and that your success depends on you ‘taking sustained action’, this is but it is also ‘easier said than done!’

It is true, you need to find the time and you do need to take sustained action but they make it sound so easy… and for many people it really isn’t.

Life is different for everyone, everyone has their own trials and tribulations and daily circumstances simply cannot be the same for two people, let alone thousands. Some people work part time, some work full time, some work 40 hours a week, some work more… some less. Some are employed by companies and others are self employed.

Some people are married or in a relationship, some are single, some have children and some do not, some have plenty of spare time and/or money whereas others have very little time or money spare.

Then there are those who have biological differences, some people naturally have an abundance of energy and can work full stressful days with little sleep (it is said Margaret Thatcher ran Great Britain when she was Prime Minister on only 3 hours sleep a night!) then there are those who have conditions like M.E. or Fibromyalgia which inhibits people’s productivity due to them being tired and in pain most of the time.

(I know this very well as I have a very close family member with both conditions and it is awful to see on a daily basis as it robs her of the life she once lived. She is unable to work a normal day job let alone build a business in her evenings and weekends.)

Sometimes the types of jobs that we do differ greatly and some people can be left aching and physically tired after a day of lugging heavy items like bricks or plasterboards around while going up and down steps or working on their knees and once they are home they find it hard to muster the energy, strength or motivation to start something new.

I once worked in a joinery workshop where I was working 9 hour days making doors, windows and sometimes decorative roof trusses made from hardwoods like Iroko and Oak which were extremely heavy. Even as a younger me I would come home with tired and achy legs, arms and back. Once I crashed into the sofa it would be hard for me to get up and when I did I had generally stiffened up and walked about like I was made from wood.

So as you will see, it is ok for these ‘gurus’ to tell people that they should be more productive and work more hours but it is not always that easy and for some, it just is not possible. I remember once listening to a guy boasting that he spent on average 16 hours a day working on his business while trying to tell people that they needed to spend more time building theirs.

This is ok if you are working only on your business but when you are working a day job and trying to build a business in your spare time you may only get a couple of hours spare in an evening once your other ‘tasks’ like eating and showering are done.

When I worked as a joiner I often did long days and it was easy to do while I was doing my day job because I was already there, I was set up with all of my tools in place… it was easy to carry on but if I were to do a normal 8 hour day then travel home, have a shower, make and eat some tea, wash the pots and maybe get my pack up ready for the following day the chances are that I would find it hard to get started working on a second business let alone get a good amount of time on it.

We understand how hard it can be, it is not always as easy as the ‘gurus’ make out but, if you want to be rid of your day job and have a new life then you do have to somehow find the time and energy to work on a second business or project.

So if you are not one of the fortunate ones with bags of energy, a bank full of spare cash to invest or plenty of spare time then you need to…

  1. Find a business idea or project which does not require a lot of learning of new skills or hard work that is dependent on a lot of time.
  2. Have a plan and focus on it without deviating from it.
  3. Work on one project at a time and ignore all of the ‘shiny new objects’ that fall into your inbox or new marketing techniques you have seen online.
  4. Find a way to make more spare time if you can, watch less TV or take additional days off work if possible to work on your new business.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time, you might want to be wealthy next tuesday and leave the day job the following day but in reality when you have a busy life and very little spare time you need to allow yourself enough time to give yourself a chance of making it work and becoming a success. A new business that you really believe in should be given at least 2-5 years to be fully worked on and tested. Mentally this frees you from a lot of stressful false expectations, if you have not been successful after only 6 months you are not likely to give up and quit when you know you still have another 18 plus months still to work on it.
  6. **MOST IMPORTANT TIP** Do not beat yourself up when you are feeling tired and not getting anything done as the negativity will feed on itself and apathy in yourself will set in. If you do feel that you are not doing as good as you could then don’t get angry with yourself and beat on yourself, simply change what can be changed and do the things you think you can and should be doing.
  7. **ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP** Do not compare yourself to others who are steaming ahead, their circumstances are probably very different to yours. You are doing just great as you are now. Keep at it, focus on your own plans and goals and ignore others, let them do what they are doing and you do what you are doing regardless.

No matter what your circumstances are, how busy your life is or how tired you get, you can change your life by building a second income or business but it might take longer than you would like and require a lot of motivation and discipline. Others have done it before you and many others will do it after you. You can do it but you have to be aware of your limitations and time/life restrictions and work with them.

Oh and here is one final tip… when listening to the ‘gurus’, take what they say but do not allow it to become a rod that you beat yourself with.

Many of these ‘gurus’ like to list everything as an ‘excuse’, there are excuses that stop you from being successful but there are also ‘reasons’… conditions, biological & genetic makeup and individual lifestyles can hinder your productivity and the speed of your success but they are reasons and not excuses… allow you to be you and you should be fine.

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