Scalability Is The Only True Way To Go Forward Online.

So today I want to discuss scalability and why I think that this needs to be an important mind set for many people trying to build an online business. We get to meet and talk to many people who have spent a lot of money and I do mean a lot of money on products that promise the earth when it comes to making money online.

They have sales copy put in front of them that tells them they could be making thousands of pounds or dollars in a few days … and they can build up this unrealistic expectation (which I discussed in last week’s newsletter) forgetting that without any previous knowledge or work that those things are very unlikely to happen. I mean would you trust a plumber to fit a boiler if he has never been trained or shown how to do it?

It would be unrealistic to assume that after a week or a month that you would be competent enough to carry out tasks it would take a professional years to learn. Imagine doing just one driving lesson when you have never driven a car before and then expecting to pass a driving test with flying colours the following day. It isn’t going to happen so you shouldn’t expect fantastic result straight away from any online business.

As I said we have met a lot of people who have spent thousands on products hoping to make thousands back in days or weeks and they then disclose to us that over the years they have bought more than one product costing thousands and have never made a penny back.

One such person recently declared that they have not made a penny during the seven years of trying one expensive product after another yet when you say to them that making £50 a month is very achievable they are not interested.

Tell them that the £50 a month can be made without a lot of investment and that the following month it could grow to £100 a month they are still not interested. Even though, and this bit always gets me, that £50 is more money than they have made online over several years of trying and buying products.

Imagine making £100 a month for seven years… that would be a total of £8,400 which would be the price of one maybe two of the products some of these people have bought previously. But they prefer to spend the £5,000 on a product hoping to make it back within a month and get nothing for years rather than work at something that could grow at a steady rate.

The first £50 might not be easy but it is easier to achieve than £5,000 a month and it is also scalable. Once you have mastered how to earn £50 you can then double it and start to make £100 a month. This is something that you work at, your intention is to keep doubling your money and growing your progress.

The sales copy that we read are great with their big promises of thousands of pounds and dollars washing into your bank each month but it very rarely happens that way in most industries. Even successful coffee shop and fast food chains started out with one store. They would usually be in debt up to their eyeballs with large overheads to deal with and having to put in a lot of hard work.

They grow because they set targets and scale up; they may open a second store and then a third and then maybe a fourth followed by a fifth and sixth together. They don’t go out and open a store in every town at the same time and expect the first month of trading to have millions flooding in to them. It would be nice wouldn’t it?

The internet has given us a lot of freedom that many offline businesses just cannot compete with. A website can be a lot cheaper than any store front, digital items do not require a large warehouse to store them in and we can sell to people all over the world with minimal staffing. We can easily utilise social media by sending a lot of free traffic to a websites and generate sales within seconds, something an offline business cannot do.

So why do people think that earning a few relatively easy pounds or dollars a week for a very small if any outlay is a bad thing yet they are prepared to spend a fortune buying products that they know very little about and expect to gain thousands back fast?

When I first started in this business I spent a lot of money and I also did a lot of hard work researching information which was free. I made long term goals and was always suspect of anything promising to make a lot of money fast.  I am still here today and in no way wanting to return to the life of an offline job.

What I have seen over the years… is that a lot of good money can be made fairly fast if you know what you are doing but to get to that point of ‘knowing’ you learn in little amounts and then you scale up both your money and your knowledge.

You should never underestimate the power of the long term goal or the power of scaling up knowledge… what you should underestimate is the sales copy saying that you will make loads of money today especially if you have no idea what an internet browser is!

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