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The Golden Keyword For Affiliate Marketing Is…Four To Five Words Long (Or More)

Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and they do that by ranking their websites, videos and pages in search engines like Google, Bing and YouTube by using search terms called keywords.

YouTube is considered to be a search engine even though it is video based as people search for information on it. There are some affiliate marketers who use YouTube and nothing else to drive free traffic back to their sites where they sell products and build lists.

A keyword is what people use when searching for a product or information online. Often called a keyword phrase when it consists of two or more words but some marketers might refer to it as just the ‘keyword’ when they talk about doing keyword research.

For example if you wanted to search online for a way to get the perfect beach ready body for your holidays in the sun you would probably go to Google and type in ‘how to get the perfect beach body’.

That is the keyword and so if an affiliate marketer had a product which was about losing weight and getting into shape fast for the holidays called ‘Beach Ready Body In Under Two Weeks’ he would try and target that search term.

google search results beach body

(Please do not try and target any of the keyword phrases in this article as they are used as examples only and are very competitive: in other words you will waste your time trying to rank for them!)

When anyone typed ‘how to get the perfect beach body’ into Google if the affiliate had done his job right their pages, articles, website or videos would appear on the front page of the search results right where the potential customer can see it.

Keywords as in the individual keywords like ‘money’ are basically all gone unless you target a new unheard-of product. To become a top affiliate these days you need to target the more longer backdoor keyword phrases which will have very little or no competition.

Recently while watching a video from a professional YouTube affiliate marketer who had made his first million dollars online in his early twenties (don’t think he is past 25 yet!) he recommended that affiliate marketers should now focus their attention on keyword phrases that are longer than four words.

That is the minimum requirement, with so many people fighting over the shorter more popular keyword phrases he made his million sweeping up the crumbs which were left on the table. These crumbs were people who were searching for information using longer phrases that the other affiliates had not targeted.

The internet is so vast these days it is crammed near to bursting with information on anything and everything and so as you can imagine all of the popular keyword phrases are taken. Trying to muscle in on them is going to be so hard if not near impossible so what is the alternative?

You dig deeper and find the longer less used keyword phrases which have enough monthly searches which have little or no competition. These types of keyword phrases are going to be longer and a lot more specific. ‘Get a beach body’ is less specific than ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’,

Unless a product is brand new and you are first in line with getting affiliate marketing material out in front of people I recommend that you forget trying to rank for the popular two or three word keyword phrases and go for those that have four words or more.

Please note, when counting the important words in a keyword phrase words like ‘a’ and ‘the’ are not counted. In the keyword phrase ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ the important words are ‘how-get-beach-body-4-weeks.’

There are several places where you can search for profitable keywords but one of the best which is free is the Google Keyword Planner Tool which can be found inside the Google AdWords account dashboard. You will need to register an account but don’t worry you do not have to actually run any Google adverts and spend any money.

If we go into the Google Keyword Planner Tool and do a search for ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ you can see how many people are using that search term per month.

keyword tool

As you can see, that keyword phrase only gets searched on average 40 times per month. That is not a lot, a good monthly search number is between 800-1200. You might think that more is better but the chances are that anything over 1200 will be targeted by other marketers.

In fact anything that has 800 searches a month might also be taken by savvy marketers if the competition is low. you could make money from lesser numbers so you could focus on the crumbs with 200-600 searches a month and target several phrases with those numbers.

To determine how competitive the keyword phrase is you need to do a Google search. Ignore the box which says ‘Competition’ in the Keyword Planner Tool as that is based on data from people using the keyword in paid adverts.

A true reflection of how competitive a keyword phrase is, is the amount of results there are in Google when you do a search using the phrase and what kind of websites there are on the first page. You can quickly determine if you can out rank a website on the first page by seeing if it is a well known popular authority site.

If the front page is full of sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, the BBC, news websites like the Telegraph or websites that are in that specific niche and have been around for years and actively growing then it is going to be a lot of work to out rank them so it would be easier to look for a less competitive keyword phrase without doing any further checks.

google search results

As the screen shot above shows, the search term ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ has pulled up 10,500,000 results, that is a huge amount and it the front page is dominated by a lot of huge authority websites which means that you could not rank for that keyword phrase.

I see no videos from YouTube showing so a professional YouTube marketer might be able to land a video in the results but I couldn’t say for definite as these sites in the list are all very HUGE.

Sometimes the crumbs are keyword phrases that might be a little disjointed but when you find those magic keyword phrases that have little or no competition it is time to build the YouTube account, make videos, build a website and write the content targeting those keyword phrases and begin to suck in affiliate commissions from relevant products.

How The Super Affiliates Land Their Websites On The Front Page Of Google & In Front Of Free Traffic

If you have been trying to generate money by promoting affiliate products via websites similar to the old Google Sniper websites then this is something you might not have been told.

It is a secret that is kept between the few and not overly talked about by the big marketers and there is a reason for that.

They don’t want you to know about it.

Why don’t they want you to know about it? Well there are several reasons but the two biggest ones are…

  1. They don’t want you to rank pages in Google as it will take away affiliate sales from them if you knock them off the top spots.
  2. There is a bit more work involved in setting this up and so they are unable to make a big profit from selling the information about it to you.

Now when I say a bit more work involved in setting this up I don’t mean that there is a lot of hard work but it isn’t a fast push button solution so the big marketers will not sell you the information because they know most people would not buy into it.

But this doesn’t mean that it is not doable or that it is extremely hard or that you cannot profit from it, far from it, there is a lot of money to be made if you do this properly.

So how do the big affiliate marketers land their money websites on the first page of Google for the products they are promoting?

Bare in mind that Google hate it when people manipulate the search rankings and spend a lot of money fighting marketers to keep their rankings ‘natural’.

Well the answer is simple, they replicate ‘natural’ by building a PBN.

What is a PBN I hear you ask?

Well a PBN is a Private Blog Network and as the names suggests this is a network of blogs and websites that is privately owned by the affiliate marketer.

Basic PBN

As Google generally ranks websites on their ‘internet popularity’ which is determined by the amount of quality natural links that point to websites and the amount of social media shares, affiliate marketers build their own links by building their own private network of blogs which all point to their main money website and push it ‘naturally’ up the rankings to prime position.

The whole idea is to keep it all looking natural and unmanufactured, this is very important and should be remembered at all cost.

So let’s use an example to explain this:

Creating An Affiliate Site For Meditation Music

(Please note this is just an example, I have no idea on whether Meditation Music is a good viable market to get into so please do not go and build a PBN based on that niche just because I wrote about it)

The first step would be to identify a new emerging market which was looking very popular and which was not saturated in Google. It could also be an old market which had not really grown but could still be profitable.

The popularity of a market is determined by how many searches there are for it so for example if we did a search in the Google keyword planner tool and found that there were 12,000 searches for the keyword ‘meditation music’ and similar numbers of searches for related keywords like ‘the best meditation music’ and ‘perfect music for meditation’ then we would know that there was a good chance of getting a fair few free visitors to a website if we were ranked for those keywords.

The next step would be to determine the level of competition there was and so we would go to Google and do a search using those keywords and look at what type of websites were ranked on the first page. If there were no big websites like Wikipedia, the BBC or Amazon etc then we have a good chance of ranking on the front page of Google. (This is a basic guide)

So if we had found a market that had plenty of monthly searches and no or little competition, or at least a good chance to take over the top spot pushing the other websites down the list the idea now would be to start and build the PBN starting with the main money website.

Now you would not go running out to buy a brand new domain and start to build a website, you can but building a PBN requires buying old aged domains that have a history of good links and authority.

There are companies which will find and sell domain names of websites which have good pageranks and link history/strength which have expired. What is important is that you understand that even if a domain name has expired meaning that when you go to the website there is nothing there to see, it still keeps its pagerank and link history/strength.

Affiliate marketers will buy expired aged domains with the link history/strength that they want and then start to rebuild those blogs around the niche that they want to profit from.

So if you bought a domain called Tomsmeditaiontips.com which was 10 years old with a pagerank of 5 and had good link history and decided that this was going to be your main money site you would start to add content to the website like articles, videos and pages making it look like it was a real growing site. You would NOT add any affiliate products to it at this point.

The next step would be to buy more expired and aged domains with good pagerank and history/strength to start to build the rest of the PBN. Ideally the domains that you buy should be in a similar or related niche to the one you want to profit from but this is not necessary.

When you buy the domains it is advised that they are spread over different domain and hosting accounts. It is said that if you build a PBN that has less than 6 websites then you can put them all on the same hosting but is it worth the risk? The idea is that should Google ever get the idea that you are manipulating the rankings and do a search on you your PBN should not point back to you. At least not every site in the network.

When it comes to the big bucks that affiliate marketers generate from their sites they don’t mind spending money on having several domain and hosting accounts. These are also often in other names, maybe one account would be owned M. Barry from Lincoln and another by Mike Barry from boston and others might be in the name of a business partner or family member.

When you have bought several domains and transferred them to new hosting accounts you would start to build them by adding similar articles and videos about meditation. You would have articles written loosely based around the keywords that you did searches on.

While building up these websites it is even advised that you use different WordPress themes so they do not look too samely and if you are building a large PBN then you should build several websites using other systems rather than them all being WordPress based.

(If the market you are trying to conquer is a big one you would need a bigger PBN, if you are entering into a smaller less competitive market then you would need less sites in your PBN)

the digital academyThese websites want to be as real as possible and they should be filled with great content. I recently read that Google are now using the quality of the content on websites as a factor for determine ranking so it makes sense to make the content on your money site and your PBN sites the best it can be.

These sites would also have several social media accounts set up and the content should be shared on these set ups. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are BIG sites with good pagerank and link strength so having accounts on these platforms linking back to your individual PBN sites gives them some extra link strength.

Your individual PBN sites would also link out to other larger sites like news websites like the BBC or Huffington Post and sites like Wikipedia.

The links would be to RELEVANT articles and not just to the sites themselves. So you would link to an article on the BBC about ‘How Meditation Was Good For The Brain’ and a page on Wikipedia about ‘Meditation’.

Everything has to be ‘relevant’ to the niche so that it is building a ‘natural footprint’.

When you build a PBN you NEVER link to any of the other sites in your network. When the time is right you will link to your money site but you will not link to ANY OF THE OTHERS!

Remember the whole idea of a PBN is that is has to look NATURAL, it has to be RELEVANT content and it has to be UNTRACEABLE. Nor should you link back to any of the PBN sites from the money site creating a link loop.

The network should look like it consists of several websites which were built by different people who have never met and all have a similar passion in the niche that you want to profit from.

Affiliate marketers will also have articles written (some have articles spun which I hate) and then send these articles to article directories to link back to their individual PBN sites. The whole idea is that you build up these powerful separate sites which will then link to your money site pushing it up the rankings for the keywords you are targeting.


Once you have all of your content added and built up a series of links from external directories and social media to the other sites in the PBN you start to link out of them to your money site. It is advised that you do not do them all at the same time and maybe take a week or two to complete this. Maybe write a new article which is added to each PBN site which links to the money site for a specific keyword or information.

You might not use the keyword Meditation Music as the link but the article could be about ‘The Best Music To Meditate To’ and you link by saying ‘I recommend that you read this great article about meditation music on this site here’. Remember, normal people who link to articles on websites don’t use a keyword, only SEOs from the 1990s and spammers tend to do that these days. It is all about the natural footprint of the links. (Yes I keep saying it but it needs to be understood)

You can link to the money site and other PBN sites using the keywords but it should only happen now and then. In the old days linking by the keyword alone was the way to get ranked for the keyword so thousands of websites would be asked or manipulated to link to a site using the keyword only.

But Google got tired of the keyword spamming that this method created and now penalise sites if they are linked to a lot from other sites using only specific keywords. As I say, normal blog owners and hobby writers will not naturally link to your articles using keywords and Google understand this so do not overdo it on the keyword linking… it is dangerous.

Once all of the PBN sites have been linked to the main money site you sit and wait to see how far it goes up the ranking. It could be fast taking a couple of days or it could take a few weeks, if it does not reach the number one spot or the first page then you know that there is some more work to do.

Write some more articles and share them across the PBN sites and social media accounts and maybe build more PBN sites to link to the money site.

Once you have ‘artificially’ pushed the money site up the rankings by creating a ‘natural footprint’ it is time to start adding your affiliate product details and links to it. Some PBN affiliate marketers might do it before hand but it is probably best for the non seasoned marketers to add the products only once the money site has ranked.

Now that your money site is sitting in the top position for specific keywords and phrases it should be the first site that people see when they go to Google and do a search for those words. It is highly likely that they will visit your site as it was the first one in their sight meaning that you are going to get the bulk of those 12,000 (or whatever the number was) monthly visitors for FREE.

With that amount of visitors coming to your site for free you should generate sales each month on autopilot. Of course the success rate of your sale conversions can also be down to the quality and layout of your site and the content on it so it is always a good idea to make your main money site as good as you can.

Your PBN will require maintenance as will your main money site. From time to time it would be advisable to write new articles and add them to your sites and share those articles on social media to keep the link power flowing and the sites growing. Google regularly do updates and if your sites have not been growing whereas others have Google might just push those other sites above yours and give them a higher position than yours… basically they take your spot and push you down the list.

Once you start building a PBN they can be linked to other money sites in similar niches if you wanted to promote other related products for other related keyword phrases. Obviously you would not ‘overdo it’  and link to loads of money sites but they can be used several times. A good PBN is like a garden or a vegetable patch, you tend to it and nurture it until it delivers a harvest of abundant fruit, flowers and veg… so to speak.

Once you have built one you can either keep growing it or you build others in other niches and start to build up your monthly autopilot income empire. As I stated at the beginning, this can be done, it is not difficult but, unlike all of the dodgy JVZoo and information products you will see floating around the web, this is not a ‘super fast push button system that will generate thousands by this time next tuesday!’ But for many super affiliates, it does generate thousands per month one way or another.

To the super affiliates this is a real business model, it requires work but it is very profitable… but you should always remember… even though it is VERY UNLIKELY that Google will figure out that a site is pushed up the rankings by a Private Blog Network which you own it should be UNTRACEABLE and the sites in the network should be RELEVANT to each other (even if it is just loosely relevant) and it should look perfectly NATURAL!

The Two Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know

What I am going to share with you today are the two most powerful affiliate marketing tips any website owner or social media marketer should know.

Affiliate marketing can generate a lot of money for a minimal amount of work, it can have an incredible ROI but it also has a very high failure rate. Many people start affiliate marketing but soon give up when they realise that the  money doesn’t come flooding in fast.

It can do but you have to be good at it and know how to go about it properly otherwise it will be a lot of work. In fact to be good at it you will need to put in a lot of work. Very few things in life are an instant success, this is something most people do not understand and they dive in head first expecting money to pour in within a few days.

It won’t, but it will come faster if you do the right things and these two tips will help you become a better affiliate marketer faster.

1. Congruency Is Key. (I love the word congruent!)

This is very very important and yet often overlooked by people rushing to share their affiliate links far and wide on the internet. When someone posts their links everywhere it is known as the shotgun approach. It might work for some people and it might generate some money but on a whole it requires a lot of work for very little return.

You might have seen the standard Rayban sunglasses posts appearing in the Facebook groups that you are a member of.

night collar

(Typically I couldn’t find a Rayban ad when I wanted one so here is an ad for a glow in the dark dog collar from an Internet Marketing group on Facebook)

They are generally ignored because they do neither of these two essential tricks and the lack of congruency is the first thing that people will notice when they see these adverts show up.

When something is congruent it means that it matches the niche and is related to the topic and the readers of the post.

Trying to promote an affiliate product that was a BBQ cook book full of meat recipes would not be popular in a vegan or vegetarian Facebook group would it? You and I know that but there are some people who would try it.

With Rayban sunglasses (or glow in the dark dog collar), you can argue that they can be posted into any group or community across several social media networks and dropped into the middle of generic posts because anyone can be interested in sunglasses (or dog collars). This is true but it is still a very flawed way of approaching affiliate marketing, the reason that Rayban is seen everywhere might have to do with the fact the commission’s might be good.


(From another Internet Marketing group here is a plug for a Facebook Page (not an affiliate link but still a business promotion) for lingerie and bedwear!)

People who start doing affiliate marketing generally see the products which pay more and try to promote them to earn money fast, they might even find things that do not require specific knowledge or work. Anyone can post an advert for sunglasses across the web but try and promote a subscription for a music magazine is going to require some planning and thinking.

Chances are though, you post a well written advert into a music community or group on social media about a magazine that is totally aimed at that music genre and market might get more results than throwing in a generic sunglasses advert.

You will get better results from posting into a few music based groups than you would if you posted sunglasses adverts into hundreds of groups covering all kinds of topics.

The idea is to focus your attention placing the affiliate offers in front of people who are perceptive to that offer, in other words you are matching the offer to people and places that are totally congruent with it.

This means that you need to do a little more work than normal but in the long run it will be a lot less work resulting in better results. I have seen Facebook pages pop up that were having pictures of sexy women being posted to them regularly, these were being liked and shared by a lot of men. These posts had affiliate links embedded within them sending people to sex based dating sites like JustHookUp.com which were paying out a lot of money for new customers.

Ok so there is a big difference between looking at sexy pictures than buying a subscription to a sex based dating site but the two are very relevant in the fact they are sex based and aimed at hot blooded males. I imagine that they did get many affiliate commissions before Facebook closed the pages down citing that they went against their terms and conditions.

There are many dating websites offering high commissions for new customers, dating sites aimed at Christians, Muslims, Black people, people in specific uniforms and sex only searchers are looking for new people and these products can be promoted by starting Facebook pages and groups and websites aimed at those specific people.

Career affiliate marketers would not just post affiliate links into all kinds of Facebook groups, no they would create their own and start websites with relevant articles that they would share on social media. The affiliate offers themselves would take second seat to the article content itself and this leads us to the second most powerful affiliate marketing tip:


2. The Public Doesn’t Particularly Care For Advertisements

This is a quote that came from John C. Malone and was shared recently on Facebook by a top six figure earning copywriter Colin Theriot. Here is a what he has to say on it…

colin copywriter

What this means is basically advertisements do not work as good when they are advertisements compared to those that are dressed up as articles, news reports, message boards, recommendations and forums.

I wrote about this before in this article What Can Bruce Lee’s ‘Art Of Fighting Without Fighting’ Style Teach Us About Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is best done when it is not affiliate marketing.

In Enter The Dragon, Bruce Lee said that his fighting style was ‘the art of fighting without fighting’, what he meant was that he would use his attackers aggression, energy and speed against them. He would stand still and observe and when they made a move he would gently move out of the way and then strike. He would not use a lot of force meaning he conserved his own energy and allow their motion to be amplified by his strike.

This is what an affiliate market should do, they figure out what people want, they deliver what they want in the way of an article, newsletter or a video and then allow them to do the rest.

The offer is second place to the information that you give them… or so it seems to them. To you the offer is very important, the difference is, you now know how to get it in front of people better. 🙂

When you are targeting people that you think would be interested in the product you wish to promote you give them content that they want, information that they would find useful and then embed the offer within the article or below a video and so that it is something that they see as part of your post.

When they see a related offer to the article that they have read or a video that they have watched it automatically creates a mental connection between what they have seen and what they need… or more importantly… what they would like. People often would rather buy what they want instead of what they need.

(This is probably why most of the western world is in debt with many struggling to eat or pay their living costs…. but they do have nice phones, tablets and TVs. :-))

People decide whether to look at the offer or not but they do not feel pressured into it. It is a subtle decision that they make. Unlike the Rayban posts thrown into groups and communities which scream ‘Buy Me’ that can anger people this style of promoting is seen as ‘promoting offers without promoting offers’.

Promoting without promoting just sounds and feels a lot better doesn’t it?

Warning: Why You Should Be Careful When Buying Clickbank, Warrior Forum & JVZoo Make Money Systems

This week I wanted to write a warning article, I wanted to warn you about some of the types of ‘make money’ products that are found on affiliate networks JVZoo and the Warrior forum. This might come as a bit of a surprise especially when you consider that we talk extensively about ways to make money online.

(Please Note: Not all products on these networks are bad, there are some good educational and informative products available but you should be wary of the ‘Incredible Make Money Systems’)

But I think it is only fair that I warn you of some of the things that these product developers do before you part with your cash.

What I want to warn you about are some of the products which claim to make a lot of money fast using revolutionary software that they (the product owners and developers) have had developed for their brand new system.

I have tested many of these and there is a common thread running through a lot of them and that is that they work… initially … but when they are released to the public they will not work for long because of several factors which I shall go into now.

When these ‘marketers’ come up with a new business system or model, they don’t do it to make money from the system, they do it to make money by selling it to loads of people. They come up with an idea then they test it to see if it makes any money, they do not always test it fully either. It has been known that some people will run a simple test and if it generates a few dollars then that is proof that the system can and does make money.

If it makes any money they will then have some cheap and nasty software developed which will become the backbone of this revolutionary ‘automated’ money making system.

Some of these systems can make money and they can potentially make a lot of money… in the testing stage but that is because only one or two people are running tests. Many of these systems use other people’s content or websites to generate money in underhand ways which is ok when one or two people are doing it but when there are several hundred people all trying to do the same thing the system comes to a crashing halt when those content and website owners become aware.

A few years ago I tried out a system called Limitless Profits which was sold as a great way to generate thousands each month by promoting Clickbank products using a system they had developed. The idea was to create a lot of ‘eBooks’ using other people’s articles from article directories.

limitless profits

They even had this cool piece of software developed which would search article directories looking for articles based on any search term or keyword you gave it. You would choose which articles to use from a list it gave you and then it would bundle them together and convert them all into one PDF eBook adding in a related Clickbank product using your affiliate nickname which you add to the software when you first set it up.

It would do this all automatically for you, all you had to do was add the keywords of a niche that you wanted to focus on. This software had a second part to it, it would also create accounts on eBook and PDF sites like Scribd.com and Free-ebooks.net and upload these eBooks to your account for you.

They also supplied several popular eBooks for you to get started with, you just needed to add your affiliate IDs into them and start sharing them with pre found related affiliate products embedded within them.

The big idea was that you would fill the internet up with loads of eBooks on free sharing sites and have loads of people reading them and sharing them which would/should lead to a small amount buying those related products from Clickbank using your affiliate link and generating you commissions. If you had tens of thousands of people reading your hundreds of little eBooks you would generate a great affiliate income. It sounds great… in principle.

Here is the big issue, these free sharing eBook websites are not dumping grounds, they are owned by people who want these sites to be full of quality eBooks and articles and they do not want a load of eBooks which contain articles that are published elsewhere by other ‘authors’ that are sourced from article directories, nor do they want them duplicated on their sites.

So when hundreds of people who want to promote high paying weight loss products all start uploading mini weight loss eBooks full of the same articles which were sourced from the same article directories the eBook websites would either remove them, not allow the upload to finish or even worse close down your account.

This you can understand, when you have an idea for a great website business and have spent a lot of time and money developing it and growing it to a website that people love you will become very protective and not want other people to simply abuse it.

And this is the big problem with many of these systems, when they try to ‘game the system’ and abuse other people’s websites or work, they will always end up dying a death once they have opened up the idea to loads of people who all start to game the system at once.

The idea itself is not a bad one, if someone sat down and focused purely on creating ‘top quality’ eBooks which were unique and properly added them to sharing sites they could probably generate a lot of affiliate commissions via their eBooks or a website their eBooks sent people too.

The system could work if done properly but the developers of the software do not care about that, they want to sell the software, they want to sell the speed and easiness of their ‘incredible new automated money making’ system and sell the potential rather than sell the hard work of a business model that could work… if done properly.

Another product I looked at a couple of years ago was called ‘Clink Jacker’, from the outside it looked promising, but again it was a new system developed to gain a ‘quick buck’ by gaming the system using other people’s content and websites.

click jacker

This system would ‘borrow’ the pages of other websites which were opened up in an iframe (new window within a window basically) on your website and then a popup box would open in front of the ‘borrowed’ page promoting affiliate products.

The ‘borrowed page’ was added to your website thanks to a WordPress Plugin, it didn’t actually add the page or the content to your site but you would make a new post and add the redirect link to it so when anyone went to that post, it would open up a window within your post and show the original page on the original website. You would also set your affiliate product link in a specific box and the plugin would do the rest.

When you posted the link of your new post featuring the ‘borrowed page’’ on Facebook it would actually show the summary of the story which it pulled from the original website so for example if I used an article from the BBC website about losing weight, people on Facebook would see the information and click through thinking they were going to the BBC but instead were going to my own website which would open the original article in an iframe.

Then as soon as they started to read the article they would be subjected to my pop up promoting the affiliate product I had chosen which would have been a weight loss product from Clickbank or a CPA network like Maxbounty.

bbc tesco click jacker

It really was ‘click jacking’, you were stealing the traffic (clicks), the trust and the reputation of a big site like the BBC for your own gain. But as always, when you start stealing other websites traffic, content and abusing networks like Facebook it isn’t long before they start to get heavy and ban those links being posted which in turn means you have invested in a system which once again does not work.

This system would stop working not long after purchasing because several hundred people started using it at the same time triggering off alarm bells on Facebook and other sites. Facebook will not tolerate bad posting practices and other websites will not tolerate people stealing their traffic or content for monetary gain without permission.

This system could make a lot of money for the guy who hit upon this idea and developed the plugin, if he did it alone or with a few friends they would have gotten away with it for a long time until it was discovered by Facebook but they decided to sell it to others as a product which once again threw a lot of copycats into the arena which set of alarm bells at Facebook HQ.

Affiliate commissions can be made by sharing articles on Facebook and other social media sites which have affiliate products embedded within them but again this has to be done properly with a lot of dedicated work and focus. Not by buying a cheap software and system from JVZoo, Clickbank or the Warrior Forum. (Please Note: Not all products on these networks are bad)

Software and systems are about making an established business model or idea work better, not to replace them.

The Cash Curator for example is a system that has simplified a business model which works brilliantly well online using Facebook, a business model that is actually older than the internet itself. There is work involved but nothing which is hard, taxing or time consuming. But… it does require dedicated work and focus… what doesn’t? Oh yes the JVZoo stuff we tested… which failed!

cash curator tmbThe use of modern technology like tablets, smartphones and laptops and networks like Facebook and Twitter have given the average person the opportunity to generate money online from sharing fun and interesting articles that people love to read which … as I say… when done properly this business model can not only make you money online, it can do it for as long as you actively work on it.

How To Generate Hundreds Of Pounds Extra On Your Website Doing This 5 Minute Task

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People will see these products and might buy because they like what they see and do not feel pressured into buying. Also when someone clicks through the link/image to the affiliate site, you get paid on any sales made even if no one bought the product you were promoting.

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Predicating Future Trends To Beat Keyword & Search Ranking Saturation

old skool raver colin faver

I want to talk about a lesser known method of finding profitable niches for websites and online businesses which have the potential of you becoming a field leader in those niches.

I am talking about predicting future trends before they happen and getting in there first.

Ok so now that might sound hard, how do you predict a trend before it has started? Well it sounds impossible but there does have to be something ‘started’ for it to be noticeable but it usually is usually very localised or still relatively unheard of.

Usually trends start in small areas or even overseas in other parts of the world and then within a few years they explode into big ‘things’ globally creating huge markets hungry for more information and products.

Back To The ‘Oldskool’

For example, as I write this now, I am listening to a very old Colin Faver radio broadcast from 1991 which was originally broadcast on Kiss FM. The style of music that he is playing is early UK Rave/Hardcore and Acid Techno from around the world.

The radio broadcast is now on YouTube but it dates back before the internet was available to everyone like it is today. In fact I am not sure I even knew what the internet was then apart from a few references to it in movies where hackers had infiltrated military computers.

If the internet was around at that time, I could have seen the changes that were happening to the UK music scene and charts and started a website dedicated to that new music and sub culture. Over the years that website would have grown and maybe even changed a little as the music styles morphed into new styles like Happy Hardcore Jungle, Drum N Bass, Hardhouse and many other styles of hard dance music.

20 odd years later the scene has changed and is currently going full circle with those original styles of music having a little bit of a revival and being lovingly placed under the category of ‘Oldskool’ rave and Hardcore.

old skool

There is a huge nostalgia going on in the scene with many of the original DJs and artists performing at special ‘Old Skool’ events across Europe where you can find many 40-50 year olds partying the night away alongside some newer younger fans.

Had I started a website all those years ago focusing on the music that I love I would now have a website that would be crammed full of content spanning the last 20 odd years with all of the relevant keywords, artist and DJ names with probably thousands upon thousands of backlinks and social shares all pushing the site to the top of the search rankings.

The site could be generating money on autopilot from advertising revenue and merchandise sales as people come across it in the searches looking for more information regarding these styles of music and artists.

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Parts Of Our Culture Were Once The ‘New Thing’

I talk about old styles of music because I am sat here listening to it, who has not heard of Acid House or Hip Hop? They were once a new form of music that have now become part of modern culture but there are new styles being created.

Have you heard of Trap and Dub Step? They are still in their infancy compared to the previous styles I mentioned but they are now a few years old and the styles are becoming absorbed into the language and the culture. I am now hearing people who I would not associate with the newer modern styles referring to songs they have heard on the radio as being ‘Dub Step’. Culturally these styles are now becoming part of the norm.

This happens with so many new things each year and not just in the music world. New crazes and exercise styles are born which were once small and locally based but they can soon become global phenomenons over time.

Think of Line Dancing and Zumba… who has not heard of those? Go back 20 years and not many people in the UK would know what you were talking about.

Graffiti, breakdancing, BMXing, Twerking, Hip Hop, Techno, Acid House, Psy Chill, Hardcore, Parkour, and Selfies are just a few things that are now part of everyday life for many people and yet they were created in my short lifestyle.

For example, graffiti art as the world knows it started really in the early 1970s in New York mainly on the Subway system around The Bronx and Brooklyn before expanding out into other boroughs of the city.

seen subway graffiti

Photographers like Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper began to document this new art form martha-cooper-subway-artwhich they began to notice growing in and around their city.

After publishing the book ‘Subway Art’ (reported as the most shoplifted book in UK history) Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper introduced New York graffiti to the world along with a music video by the band Blondie and films like Style Wars and Beat Street.

Graffiti exploded and took the world by storm, what was originally a city based art form is now found all over the planet, it has made legends of some artists and made a lot of money for others.


Picture Source: Artist ‘Daim’ Facebook

Even spray paint companies have branched out from supplying car paints to developing paints and merchandise for the graffiti culture itself.

There are a lot of great websites and magazines that have grown out of this art form which is now around 40 years old but it is still going strong and seems to be getting stronger every year.

New Trend Website Vs Existing Trend Website

If you decided that you wanted to create a website business focusing on a niche that is popular now you are going to find it tough competing against websites that are already established and you are going to be working hard to get yourself ranked in the search engines like Google due to the already saturation of the keywords that you would need to target.

Trying to crowbar yourself into an already established market is going to be very hard even if you love what you do. The alternative is to keep an eye out for something completely brand new.

If something is new and there is little or no history to it then there is very little competition to go up against. Every time you write something new and add that out to the online world you are becoming the ‘go to’ website with the information that people are looking for.

You are writing that history and becoming the no 1 oracle for that culture. Others will soon join the arena but as you have been going longer you have your foot well placed on the proverbial online ladder.

When you are one of the first websites dedicated to a new growing niche there is very little SEO and keyword work that you will need to be concerned with. The SEO and the keyword work will basically work itself out for you and naturally build those strong tree like roots that you need.

Predicting The Next ‘Big Thing’

Ok this is the part where you want me to say that it is all very easy… well sorry but I cannot do that, finding a new trend before it explodes takes some work on your part, you will need to keep your eyes and ears open to see that something new breaking through.

TV news reports, social media and traditional print media like newspapers and magazines are the first places to spot new and emerging trends. Once you see something that you think is new enough and has the potential to become something big then you need to act on it.

Figuring out what is going to be big is not easy, very few can predict the future properly, and even those who are paid a lot to determine what is going to be the next big thing can get it horribly wrong.

beatles and potter

Did you know that the Beatles were famously turned down by a record label who said that they were old hat and would not amount to anything or that J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected by 8 publishing houses before she found someone willing to give it a chance?

Have you heard of Harry Potter or the Beatles? Looking back now with hindsight you cannot help but think how they could have not spotted the potential in them.

Building an online business in a niche that you may not like or have little knowledge is going to be hard work unless you pay someone who is closer to the niche to do the reporting and writing for you.

It can be a lot of work but compared to trying to work in a niche that you love which is saturated and requires a lot of SEO and keyword work and that can be very hard and depressing when you realise what a huge task that can be, it could be a lot easier than first thought.

So if you like the sound of this and want to start a website business focusing on a new yet to be saturated niche then you will need your eyes and ears open and a good note book to hand ready to spot that next ‘big thing’.

What Can Bruce Lee’s ‘Art Of Fighting Without Fighting’ Style Teach Us About Affiliate Marketing?

Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of selling meat to vegetarians. Not actual meat, I use it as a metaphor but they might as well have.

You might know by now but I (Andi) am a vegetarian and have been for many years so I aoften use the ‘selling meat to a vegetarian’ metaphor for much of the online marketing that goes on.

You see this is where a lot of people go wrong, they dive into an online venture after being told by many gurus that they make a fortune promoting affiliate products online across social media.

Many people follow suit, or so they think, they go out and find a string of affiliate products and then start spreading them far and wide using every platform known to man.

They post affiliate links into Facebook groups, on Twitter and in Google Communities but get no sales and cannot understand why. The problem is that they are doing it all wrong.

Not only do they try and promote items to people who do not need them such as ‘beef steak to vegetarians’, but they do not even draw them in to take a look using relationship building tactics or curiosity but instead do the online equivalent to was is best described as shouting ‘BUY MY STEAK!’ very loudly into the faces of passing vegetarians at a vegetarian food festival.

That is just not going to work… and you really do not need me to tell you that… surely!

Sticking an affiliate link into a Facebook post, Twitter Tweet and saying something like ‘This is a must have gadget…. Buy it here now before they go’ is not likely to work… unless you can blast it out to countless millions over and over again everyday then you might get some semi healthy results but you are going to need money and software to do that plus it could get you banned from a lot of networks.

To be effective at affiliate marketing you need traffic and you need to sell things without selling, one of my favourite quotes from a film is by Bruce Lee from Enter The Dragon where he was asked by another martial arts contestant what his fighting style was… he replied

‘My style? you can call It the art of fighting without fighting’.

What he meant by that is that he would not be the attacker, he would not exert himself and make foolish and rash moves but instead would calmly stand firm and allow his opponent to make the moves to which he would respond too and work with.

For example if his opponent ran at him to do a jumping kick Bruce would step aside and allow the opponents energy and momentum carry them passed him and he would strike at the best opportunity.

When a person has fully entered into a jumping kick there is little else for them to do to stop it until gravity pulls them back down to the ground and to a standing stop. By then Bruce Lee would have laid them out.

Affiliate marketing is similar albeit a lot less violent, the best way to promote affiliate products is using the ‘Art Of Selling Without Selling’ Instead of trying to force people to see and buy products you let them come to you by choice and you allow them to ‘like’ something and then buy it.

As we have been doing with the Cash Curator System, we create fun posts and spread them around social media, people then come to the website to see/read more where they will find relevant products embedded within the post.

Now there might be more work involved in this system as you will need a website, you will need to create content and then share that content out to relevant people but the conversions are better than just trying to shot gun fruit out over everyone.

For example, a person wanting to promote products within the meditation, yoga and spirituality niche would have a website dedicated to it all and they would write and compile great tips and tricks which not only would they share out with people on social media but others would share them too.

People would come to read the articles and watch the videos and then some of them would buy the products which were being subtly promoted such as DVDs, courses, books or clothing.

Not only that, they would make money via advertising networks like Google AdSense and also sometimes product manufacturers would contact the websites and pay them large amounts of money to use and promote their products.

Affiliate marketing is about getting people to your products without pissing them off and allowing them to ‘decide’ whether they buy the product without the feeling of being sold to or pushed into it.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot use the old marketing tricks to gently push people towards making the decision to buy but as long as they enjoyed your articles and videos and felt that they were in control of any buying decisions they made.

If you use the ‘Art Of Selling Without Selling’  you are going to get better conversions than just simply throwing out thousands of annoying and desperate ‘buy these please’ affiliated links all across social media.