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Do You Speak English? Would You Like To Get Paid To Talk?

Before we get into the bones of this post, as the title says, ‘Do You Speak English?’ English is the language of the internet but it is not the only language that people need, if English is not your native tongue then there is no reason why you cannot make money doing voice overs in your own language.

Recently I have discussed how people were making money using nothing more than their laptops and an internet connection incorporating maybe a webcam and a microphone which you can read here:

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Today I want to discuss another couple of ways that you can generate money using just a computer and a microphone. Laptops do come with built in microphones but for this I recommend getting a stand alone microphone or a headset which can cost as little as £15 so it is not a lot to invest in what is relatively a cheap business idea to set up.

If you can speak clearly and are able to read well then you could make money from home by becoming a voice over artist for other people. You get paid to read a script for their video productions.

Video is big business these days and companies are always looking for people with great clear voices to do the voice over work and for this they will pay a lot. If a video has the power to convert people into buying and generating a lot of money then it makes sense for these companies to pay a good sum for a professional job.

There are people who are making several thousand dollars each month from doing just that, people ask them to read out a short script into a microphone and record a short audio file which they send to them in exchange for money.

Depending on what the job is, people are earning anything from $50 for a short recording of a couple of minutes up to $1000 for a longer job.

In reality, to be a good voice over artist you just need to be able to read confidently and talk clearly with a voice that is not too dull or monotone. That basically is it… and the equipment needed is minimal too.

recording tools

A microphone/headset is required but very cheap to buy, the audio recording software I recommend called Audacity can be downloaded from the internet for free and if you need a software to record videos showing slide shows or pages on a website then there is a free software that you can use called Screencast-O-Matic.

vidcast profits buttonIn a system that we call Vidcast Profits we show you how to use the tools mentioned above and how to create great videos and audio recordings which you can sell for profit, you can access those training materials by joining the Digital Academy here:

the digital academyThis could be an ideal business for someone who does not want a lot of complicated work like building websites, writing content and trying to promote products to sell. This is a simple case of finding out what the client wants you to read then hitting the record button and reading it out loud into a microphone.

At first it might feel a little alien to you talking out loud all the time and so you might need to make a few re-recordings but with practice and learning a few editing tips you will be making perfect recordings in no time.

You might decide to set yourself up with a website to showcase your expertise and services but that is not necessary as there are several websites where you can set up profiles for potential clients to see.

These websites are ‘middleman websites’ which are market places or meeting places if you like where people who are offering their services meet with people looking for people with specific skillsets to do certain tasks such as voicing over videos.

upwork odesk

Sites like Elance.com (now part of the Upwork.com community) and Upwork.com (formerly Odesk.com) allow you to open up free accounts where you can offer your services and give examples of your work and you either ‘bid’ on jobs that clients have posted or clients can directly offer you work after going through your profile.

elance upwork

Payment is done through these sites using an escrow system, the client pays money to the website, the website holds it until the job is completed and the client is satisfied then it will release the funds and pay the person who did the work minus their small fee.

These websites take a 10% fee on all transactions, that is how they make their money but you as a service provider agree on a price with a client on how much you want to be paid for the work that you do.

If you wanted $100 (The dollar is the currency of the internet) for your work then you would agree that with the client first, if you were happy losing their 10% fee then that is great and you would take $90 for your troubles but if not then you would add enough to cover that 10% such as for $100 you would need to charge around $111.15.

That is basically all there is to this business idea, there are only a few tools needed and the only major skills you need are to be able to read and talk well. So could you make money doing this in your spare time?

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