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Building A Profitable Lead Generation Website The Easy Way.

We have talked about websites making money from affiliate products like T-shirts and advertising networks like Google AdSense but there are other ways to make money from websites and one we have yet to explore is getting and selling leads to companies.

kyero 1

I will be using the website Keyro as the example. Keyro is a website which showcases Spanish property which is for sale or to rent including holiday lets.

kyero 2

The website collects email addresses and has its own email newsletter as well as a blog which offers news about the Spanish property market.

kyero 3

At first I wasn’t sure if they were paid by Spanish property agents to advertise their properties or whether they just ‘sucked’ the information from other people’s websites using RSS feeds and then sold those websites any leads or enquiries that they might get, but I see that Kyero have a link at the bottom of the site where they offer agents the chance to advertise properties on the site.

Why would Spanish property agents want to advertise on a third party website when they have their own website? The same reason that UK property agents advertise on RightMove and Zoopla, they reach a bigger audience because they focus on building a brand instead of the traditional company name which was usually named after its owner like ‘J. Campbell Estate Agents’ for example.

These websites focus on getting maximum coverage in Google and getting the best placements in the search results. Kyero translates the site into thirteen languages, something which most ‘traditional’ property company websites cannot do. Kyero banks on the fact that it is easy to remember, it is easy to find and is likely to be the first site people go to so it has a brand which makes it the field leader.

kyero info

When someone owns the ‘goto website’ in an industry they can charge a fee for placing ads, profiles or listings on that site, and companies that are looking to make sales and generate business they will pay to have their products and services placed in front of the traffic ‘leads’ who would be interested in their products and services.

kyero pricing

Building a site like Kyero isn’t cheap but like all websites and businesses Kyero looks a lot better now than it did a few years ago. Sites evolve and develop, you will never have the perfect site at the beginning, what is important is to get started and build something.

To build a site similar to Kyero in whatever niche you are interested in I would recommend finding many websites that have the products you want to promote and ‘borrow’ their listings to start off with.

So let’s imagine that we were developing a website to promote property in a specific country (keeping with the Kyero example), I would search for the best property agents in that territory and simply copy the listings on their site and add them it to the new site.

kyero facebook

I would then start to share the listings on social media building a Facebook page to mirror the website and a Twitter account and begin to grow the number of followers.

kyero information request

I would have an email form where people can email me to request details on each property and then I would forward on these details to the original property agents and open up a ‘dialogue’ with them discussing the amount of quality leads that you are planning to send them and discuss what it is worth to them.

Once you are sending leads to these companies, leads that they have not got themselves, leads which have come through your website you are in a great position to ask for money for your lead generation services as Kyero now do.

To be a featured agent on Kyero the basic price is €126 going up to €284 per month!

kyero featured property

Obviously you will want to build an email list using a newsletter and a blog where you can send people to read new articles.

kyero newsletter

The great thing about these types of websites is that you have all of the content that you need in front of you, there is very little creative writing needed, you simply take the information from other websites and use it on yours. Even on your blog and newsletter you can take the industry news and information from other websites in that industry, the news or government reports.

I am not saying that it is an easy business to start, there will be a lot of work, there is a website that needs developing at a price, there are listings to add to the site and share on social media and there is the work of promoting your website but this is a profitable business model.

When you can supply leads and traffic to businesses that need customers you have a profitable and valuable service. This business model can be used in many niches, from selling property to selling cars, from selling holidays to selling caravans. There are job sites that are generating leads for companies looking for workers and there are sites generating leads for tradesmen.

rated peopleThere may be a fantastic niche/industry that you know about that has yet been cornered which is calling out for a ‘branded’ site that can generate leads for many companies. Could you build the next big lead generation website?