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You Get What You Do… Not What You Deserve

Everyone deserves something from life but the word deserve is often associated with ‘getting something for nothing’ such as finding ‘the one’ when it comes to love or finding a wealthy partner who will shower you with all of the things you want in life without having to work for them.

The above statements are some that I have borrowed from my better half’s friends who used to wind her up saying things like that when they got together for drinks and nibbles. They would talk about the things they wanted and that they ‘deserved’ them because… well I am not really sure why they thought they deserved them… maybe it was because they simply wanted those things.

They were good people and good people do deserve good things but in truth the things you ‘deserve’ will only come your way when you put some work in. You get what you do… not what you deserve.

Using the examples above, if a person wanted to find a wealthy partner to take care of them for life they would need to go to places and do things that are necessary to snare such a person.

To find a wealthy partner you would go to the places where they drink or hang out, you would join specific dating websites, dress in ways that they may like and maybe speak in a way that doesn’t turn them off.

OK… I know that people are different and that wealthy people do not all speak the same way or like the same things but there is a huge difference between a wealthy person and someone who choses not to earn money or own material possessions but you get what I am saying.

If you looked like you didn’t care about yourself and spoke like a ‘navvy’ as my gran would say then you would find it hard to attract the right people.

It is the same in EVERYTHING that you do, if you wanted to be a professional footballer you would practice hard and work at going to the right places where you can be ‘spotted’.

If you wanted to be an actor then you would spend your weekends and evenings going to drama classes and act in small production stage shows to learn your craft. You would turn up to all of the auditions and put yourself out there as did the local girl Sheridan Smith who has now become one of the UKs most popular actresses.


If you want to be a musician you would spend any spare money you had buying the equipment you needed to develop your craft. You would spend as much of your spare time practicing and making music as well as doing those all important first gigs which might be free to start with. It would be highly likely that you would take a job or maybe a second job which you did not like purely to help fund building up your skills and career.

If you were unemployed and looking for work or ways to make some money you would go round to the local businesses handing in your CV or you would print up leaflets and post them through people’s doors and put them up in local shops. You would go to the job centre regularly or look at the job adverts in papers or online everyday until you found something.

Then and only then do you ‘deserve’ what you get… because you made it happen.

Now this might seem obvious but to many people that fact is lost on them. I recently watched a TV show about people on benefits here in the UK and one of the people they followed was a man who wanted to be a successful actor and entertainer yet he was in his early twenties and never went to a drama club or class or practiced any form of acting.

He did nothing, he wanted the state to help him fund his career choices yet never once did he put himself out to ‘make things happen’. Now I am going to do something that I don’t like doing which is predict the success of an individual by looking in from the outside… I predict that he will never become an actor and I also predict that he will never change his life much from what it was now.

I hate predicting people’s future and success mainly because you cannot, even The Beatles and JK Rowling were told that they would not amount to anything as did countless others. History is littered with successful people who made it when they were told they would not…

Famous Failures

(Who Became Very Successful)


…but what differs these people from the example I use is that they actually did something and didn’t just wish it.

The guy on the television programme would not achieve success because he did nothing that would generate any form of success in anyway even if he strongly believed that he ‘deserved it’.

It is true, you get what you do and not what you deserve….  only when you do ‘certain things’ do you ‘deserve’ certain results. The word ‘deserve’ to me is closely connected to the word ‘reward’‘deserve’ means that after you have taken 1 and added it to 2 then you are rewarded with 3. You deserve to get the reward 3 because you took the time to get 1 and 2 and add them together. Simple!

You only deserve the rewards that you work towards, it doesn’t matter what the work is, what you do or how you go about things but if you do certain things that lead to attaining a desired and specific reward then you deserve it and probably will get it too.

Without the ‘doing’ your wants will just be ‘wishes’ and no matter how much you think you ‘deserve’ something, you will not get it if all you do is wish.

So if there is something that you want and think you deserve then you better start taking action and work towards it otherwise you are unlikely to get it!

While we are on the subject of ‘deserving’ and ‘wishing’ I recommend that you read this article here:

Think… And Stay Poor, Do… And Become Successful.

The Return On Investment Principle: Are You Getting It Wrong?

There are many ways to look at a business and the most talked about is the principle of Return On Investment better known as the ROI.

The ROI is a measure of what a business gives back to you after you have invested into it. This is often a very important figure but it is also open to a lot of different interpretation. For example, Investment is often seen as a monetary investment which is a very important factor when running a business but it is not the only investment people can give to a business.

Time is another major investment which is also very important and something that many people forget about.

The idea of ‘Return’ is also open to interpretation, as many people see money as the only real return when they try to figure out the ROI and for most people this is true. In fact for everyone it is true but it is not the only ‘Return’ which is important. Again time or as many business people prefer to call it ‘time freedom’ is a very important ‘Return’ from their business.

The return for some is not in a monetary value or a value measured in time, at least not yet, the return for them is measured as a form of education. The return is the new set of skills they have developed or information they now possess which further down the line could generate them more money or free up time.

These factors combined can make a far better return but it doesn’t stop there, sometimes measuring the ROI is not always straightforward, the ideal results or ‘Return’ will not be seen today, or next week or may not be seen for quite some time.

For example I recently heard about a guy who spent around £30,000 investing in a franchise where he went around the country writing people’s wills for them. He offered a service that ensured his clients affairs and estates were properly dealt with when they die so that there are very few issues for their loved ones.

He is expected to make roughly £12,000 a year which means he will not see his investment paid back until he had worked at least two and a half years.

The return is not always determined on the amount of money that you have invested, what you do is a HUGE factor. Obviously, the £30,000 that was invested in the will writing business is a huge investment and it needs to have some return but that money itself will not bring back any returns as it only bought the franchise name and tools. It is the actually doing the work which will bring the money in.

So if the guy worked 40 hours a week and wrote 20 wills it would bring in ‘X’ amount per week but if he worked 60 hours and wrote 25 wills then it would bring in more money. If he only wrote 5 wills a week then he would earn less meaning that it would take a lot longer to earn back the £30,000 he invested.

Money can be ‘seen’ to have a direct return if it is used in the form of online CPC adverts as seen on Facebook.

People have ran a series of ads sending people to websites where they were either selling something, promoting a product or just relying on 3rd party advertising click revenue.

For every pound or dollar these advertisers spend they would generate two or more back and they would set out to improve the ROI for every pound/dollar they would spend.

Online businesses monitor everything they do or spend to get a complete ROI, in this article  Using SunFrogShirts To Generate Extra Revenue From Your Website I show you how to generate money promoting T-Shirts in posts and that it only takes a few minutes to do. The return on TIME investment can be huge especially if a post does well.

The ROI can be measured in many ways and I have already touched upon the fact that the education and skills you get from something is a return which has dividends later on in life. Over the years I have personally paid out a couple of thousand pounds for DVD courses and access to several online membership courses.

the digital academy online course 3

Inside The Digital Academy

the digital academy

For the first few years there were no monetary or time returns that I can say were beneficial and at times it caused some heated discussions with my better half but now, six years after I started I am now in an excellent position.

The list of the skills and ways I know how to make money online include…

  • I can work from home and from most places around the world,
  • I know how to create websites,
  • I know how to write articles and eBooks,
  • I know how to publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle, Free-ebooks.net and others
  • I know how to create YouTube accounts
  • I know how to create videos
  • I know how to create and use social media platforms
  • I know how to promote affiliate products like T-Shirts
  • I know how to build squeeze pages and op-tin boxes
  • I know how to run email newsletters
  • I know how to run membership sites
  • I know how to generate money from Google AdSense
  • I know how to run CPC & CPM adverts on Facebook and Google AdWords
  • I know rudimentary SEO practices
  • I know how to manage overseas workers

Not bad for a guy who spent twenty or so years working as a carpenter and joiner from the age of sixteen. I am sure there are many other things that I have missed off that list but it isn’t until now that I appreciate what the returns are from those initial investments of those thousands of pounds and the time I spent at weekends and evenings learning those new skills.

Even though it seemed costly, one course was costing me roughly £69 a month, I kept at it because I knew…

  1. I was learning a whole lot of new skills which I could take anywhere and change my life.
  2. I was ‘wasting’ more than £70 a month on food and drink using coffee shops, bars and restaurants including take away food.

Certainly none of the food and drink that I was buying was going to benefit my life or change it so if I was willing to spend money on things which basically were a waste then I could afford to keep investing in my future and education. I also decided to cut down on a few ‘nights out’ and ‘take away nights in’ to save some money.

beer and pizza

After all, if I wanted to change my life situation then I needed to do something and investing time and money into learning WAS THE THING I needed to do and spending on ‘non essential treats’ was not changing my life but keeping me stuck in the life I wanted to escape.

I would most certainly say that investing that time and money in myself has paid off now and that the return is a better life and a complete new skill set that I can take anywhere.

So when you are starting something new and you want to look at the ROI remember that it is not always about what you get back that same day or that it is solely reliant on the monetary investment, there is so much more to consider.

The one thing I think people need to consider is that ROI is a meaningless measurement if you invest money but do very little work.

Many people invest money on programmes, do very little then give up saying that the method ‘does not work’ or that they were ‘taught wrong’ when in fact their lack of focused constant action is to blame.

Actually doing work and doing that work constantly over a period of time is the most valuable investment a business needs. If one man can invest only time and no money but works hard for weeks at a project he can make it work whereas another man who can invest thousands of pounds/dollars into a project but does nothing will have nothing to show and no success.

It would be good if we could write just one eBook and have huge success from it or create just one video that goes crazy on YouTube that brings in a lot of money meaning that the ROI was into the thousands of percent but the truth is that is not always going to happen.

On Free-ebooks.net I see the name Mike Bozart everywhere, he is publishing a lot and I do mean a lot of short stories. It would appear that either he is doing a lot of writing and has 44 books on Free-ebooks.net as we speak.

books by mike bozart

He could be using the site as a traffic generator sending people to bigger and better books for sale on Kindle or to a website where there are audio books or adverts. I am not sure what his business model is, but I can say that it must be working. It is working because he writes plenty of books and the fact that he writes plenty of books shows that it is working, he has not written one or two and then given up.

He has invested quite some time into writing these short stories and they will bring in results, those better results will be dependant on the more time he invests in creating books.

Obviously if you invest a lot of your time and money in a project and the results are pointing to a complete failure then you should stop but it is often very hard to predict a failure or a success until a set time has passed but it is easy to give up too early and prevent that success from happening.

the digital academy

The PLURfect Way To Run An Online Business.

I write this article not just for you but also as a strong reminder for myself. You see, I am paid to write content for the Tim’s Minions Digital Academy and this blog/newsletter but I am also required to test out new methods and ideas as well as figure out new ways to make money online.

There is a lot of work involved and there are a lot of tasks that I need to perform and this means that I have a lot of distractions and my focus and attention can soon be lost when I remember the other tasks I need to do.

What happens then is I generally start something new, do it well for a few days then I begin to move onto other stuff and then I realise that I haven’t done an important ‘new’ specific task for a week or two. The tasks themselves are not overly hard; the hardest part is sticking with them and doing them religiously.

Because I am trying new things regularly I need to constantly update my planner and if I forget to do it every now and then I can soon forget about the ‘new‘ tasks and the whole system that I am doing can fall apart… or at least not grow the way it should do or how we expect it to.

Sometimes the boredom of doing the same old things can become an issue or the results are slow to come and so you find yourself doing less of the things that really need doing. For example, I am currently testing out YouTube, I am seeing how easy it is to create a series of unique videos which are simple and fast to make which can generate money from being a YouTube Partner.

The Great YouTube Experiment

the great youtube experiment

The creative side of me loved getting the preparation done, I got the green screen up and ready, I created the script, I sourced clothing and music that I needed and I set about creating my first videos. It was fun as it was new territory for me, I wasn’t sure that the green screen and video software that I was using would work. It was all about playing around and trying new things.

Well I am happy to say that it went well, I got six videos recorded ready to be edited into the final productions that I would upload to YouTube. I spent time editing and adding the music and images to five of the videos which have now been added to YouTube. So far so good as they say.

I got the YouTube channel created, and the channel images made and added, I also got a relevant website page set up which I added to the video description boxes as well as an affiliate link to a T-Shirt I was wearing in the video. I can safely say that most of the hard work is now done… or is it?

I know that these five videos will not make huge amounts of money; it is possible that they do better than I expect but realistically I need to add loads to YouTube and get them shared out so that I get more advert views and clicks. So now I have the ‘easy’ but ‘hard’ task of creating more videos.

It is easy because as I now have a system and a plan, I simply set up my camera again and record the video as I did before without the concerns like ‘whether it will work or not’.

It is hard because I now have to make sure that I spend some time each week recording new videos, editing those videos and getting them on YouTube whilst still doing all of my other weekly tasks. This is the hardest part for me and for most people. It is the continuous repetition of important and often ‘boring’ tasks which makes a business or project a success.

I believe that if I add new videos to the channel constantly then I can generate a good following and a decent monthly income from it but if I do not keep creating videos then I shall not get the results that I plan or expect.

In my mind’s eye I can see the success, it is there instantly and I can enjoy it but what my imagination does not comprehend is the long term ongoing project of creating those videos.

That can become tedious and boring and if I manage to upload ten or fifteen videos and still see very little traction I could become disheartened and disillusioned which will lead to me possibly giving up or I just simply forget to ‘keep on top’ of the important task and let it all slip into failure.

Failure And Success Are Often In Our Own Hands

Failure is often no one else’s fault other than our own; most people procrastinate or give up too soon. People do not like a lot of hard work no matter how easy the tasks really are especially if they are not seeing results fast enough. We allow ‘other things’ to get in the way of the important tasks, those tasks which will eventually make the business a success.

We can flip from one idea to another when things are not working. We have all heard of the saying ‘don’t flog a dead horse’ with many people using that as the excuse for packing in. But you can see when a ‘horse is dead’; you cannot however know that a business idea is dead or will not work so easily. As the results are future based and rely on what you do, only time will really tell if something is going to work and be a success or not.

I want to say that if my YouTube trial was not making any decent money after one year and one hundred video uploads then it is probably safe to assume that I am flogging a dead horse but again the truth is this… it might be video 102 that really goes viral and gets the ball rolling and brings in the success that I expect. It is not always easy to know when to really stop, oddly though many people stop when they think they know based on results which have not yet had time to come to fruition.

Take the legendary Manchester band The Stone Roses as an example. They released their debut album in 1989 which has become an all-time classic but they originally formed six years earlier in 1983. Had they decided that after three or four years of performing at gigs and trying to get record deals that they would never make it big and that it was time to give up they would never have become the band the world knows and loves.

the stone roses

But they didn’t, they kept on and they kept practicing and churning out music until it went crazy for them.

I am not saying that if everyone sticks at something for a long time they will all become a success but you are more likely to become a success if you do not give up too early and make sure that those important and dull tasks are done regularly.

That is what I need to remind myself of now; the green screen is set up in another part of the house away from my office. I need to make sure that I take my laptop and second monitor to that room and record more videos each week otherwise I am not going to become a YouTube success story.

I might have to look at my workload and see if there is something I can and should drop to free up the time I need otherwise the YouTube experiment could soon join the popular club of ‘many failed attempts’ that were the fault of nobody else but the people themselves.

As you might notice in a lot of my writing, I talk about longevity and persistence and that is because I see on a regular basis a lot of people starting something new and then giving up way too soon before they have even had a chance to plant the seeds that could grow into something really good.

PLUR Your Way To Success

Write on a piece of paper PLUR and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. I have borrowed the saying from the old rave community… it stood for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect which is a great philosophy to live by but I have modified it for people who want to grow a profitable online business.

To us, PLUR stands for…

Persistence, Longevity, & Unrelenting Repetition.


To grow a successful online business you need …

Persistence – You need to keep at it otherwise you will not get the results you desire.

Longevity – You need to give the business time to grow and breathe. You cannot plant the seeds to success if you pack up too soon.

Unrelenting Repetition – Whatever it is that you are doing you need to be unrelenting in your repetition of those long dull tasks which help to grow the business. If you enjoy those tasks that is brilliant but there are tasks that you will hate and those are the ones that most likely need to be done weekly or even daily like writing articles, writing books, creating videos, designing T-Shirts or sharing your work over social media.

Whatever it is… love it or hate it… you need to constantly do it!

I shall bring this article to a close and wish you a PLURfect day… 🙂

Which Is Best? To Do Lists Vs Time Schedules

This week I read an article on Business Insider by an author who had interview many successful business owners and sports personalities trying to find out what made them differ from the normal everyday folk.

The big thing that he found was that the real successful people did not use ‘to do’ lists as you would expect. It has been thought that people who are seriously focused and ‘get things done’ would be following some kind of plan or ‘to do’ list.

Well it seems that this is not the case, they do have a plan but instead of having a list of tasks to do each day or week they prefer to have a schedule. They set aside specific chunks of time to work on stuff and they stick to these schedules religiously.

These schedules become a daily norm which they do not deviate from, they become their routine and they focus 100% on what they are doing in each specific time slot.

Many of those who were questioned were asked about to do lists and they replied that a to do list does not always mean success because the tasks themselves do not indicate which ones are a higher priority and that human nature means that most people will chose to do the easiest tasks first so that they can cross things off and appear to be ‘busy and productive’.

In fact many people might not do the tasks that are really hard at all; they may do the easy tasks then start on the next day’s easy tasks. If you completely ignore the tasks which are necessary and important because they are hard or a lot of work then you are not going to go forward.

The successful people prefer to do whatever needs doing in an allocated time; instead of focusing on a list of tasks for them their focus is having a time to get things done in, no matter what the tasks are.

Obviously they will have a plan of what they need to do otherwise how would they know what needs doing and in what order but instead of the actual list being their main focus throughout the day they prefer to give it their ‘all’ in short allocated time slots.

It kind of makes sense when you think about it, if you had a to do list for the day but had no time schedule or structure you would have a relaxed approach to the working day picking and choosing what tasks you do and when. This is where those harder but important tasks are overlooked.

If however you had a stricter time routine where you knew you had only 2 hours to get the new website live for example then you would use that time to do whatever needed doing to get the site live. Once those two hours are over then you know that you move onto something completely different.

Knowing that when the time slot is over you can move onto something else is also powerfully motivating. Unlike an open all day to do list which seems to be never ending, having time slots feels like you have just few specific things to focus on during the day and when that time is up it is over for another day.

Yes there probably is a lot of tasks to be done in that time slot depending on what the time slot is for but the successful people work 100% focused on the tasks at hand and try and get them all done in that time frame and it is finished so they can forget about them.

It is a bit like having a shopping list, that list is in effect a ‘to do’ list but of items to get, it is a ‘to get’ list and you can only use that list when you go shopping. So if you planned to go shopping between the hours of 2 and 4 one afternoon you would not worry about the list until you got to the supermarket and then you would focus all of your time and energy on getting those items, paying for those items, bagging them up and then getting them home.

Once you have got everything you no longer worry about the things on that list, even before you have got home and put the shopping away the list is redundant and no longer thought about.

This method can be used to make general life better, you might not want to build up a successful business but you could be wasting a lot of time and feel that life is not taking you to where you want to go.

Maybe you need to dump the to do lists and focus more on time slots and build a weekly schedule. Getting up at 7 am everyday no matter what happens or how you feel could do more for you than a to do list. Deciding what night and at what time you do the shopping could also be a huge benefit to your life.

Many people think that a strict time schedule is too ridged and robs life of its flexibility but this is often not the case. Being too flexible and relaxed means that a lot of valuable time is wasted and a lot of important things never get done and this can in fact be far more detrimental to your lifestyle than being rigid and time strict.

If you get things done efficiently you generally find that you have a more relaxed life with the opportunity to be more flexible. Non-productive people can often get overwhelmed, the things they need to do become a big drama when they are left to the last minute which really robs them of the flexibility they crave and results in them ‘getting their knickers in a twist’ as we say.

Here is an example time schedule for one day in the week (based on someone working from home with a life similar to mine)

  • 7AM Alarm clock goes off,  get out of bed.

  • 7-8AM Gentle Yoga, stretching or meditation

  • 8-9AM Have shower, get dressed and have breakfast.

  • 9-10AM Go to office and answer emails and messages

  • 10-12NOON Work on new article for website including researching, writing and making screenshots.

  • 12-1PM Lunch

  • 1-3PM Record video, edit video, add to websites.

  • 3-5PM Social media sharing and interaction

  • 5-6PM Dinner and wash pots

  • 6-8PM Read, watch videos and research industry news

  • 8-9PM Go to supermarkets and do the weekly food shop with the better half

  • 9-11PM Chill in front of the TV with the better half

  • 11PM Bed

Parts of the time schedule will be the same for most if not all the days of the week such as the time I get up, do my exercise and eat but other things such as doing the weekly shop or recording videos might be a once a week thing so those tasks will be replace with other tasks on different days.

You might even chose to plan a lay in at the weekend, the idea is not to make your life restrictive and rigid to the point that it is miserable but make your lifestyle a more positive one which works better.

Successful sports people will go to the gym, the track or the swimming baths every day at the same time and practice their craft come rain or shine. Nothing stops them bar serious incidents, it is this schedule and sticking to it which turns them from people who enjoy a sport to a serious contender and a winner.

Knowing what they are doing each day at each time takes away the guessing that most non successful people generally do each day. A lot of people will spend their days trying to decide what they should do at set times of the days or even worse, do nothing and just idle the time away while wishing that there life was different.

If you are a person who uses to do lists you might want to take a few minutes and look at how you use them.

  • Are you using them effectively?
  • Are you doing the easy tasks and ignoring the others?
  • Are you finding them long and demotivating?

If so then you might want to drop them and start to use a time schedule instead.

I shall bring this to a close and say that if you want a more productive and enjoyable life then you might be better off using a time schedule. The benefits that result from managing your time better might just surprise you.

They Said ‘No It Was A Bad Idea’ But Today It Is Worth £65 Million! The Story Of The Tangle Teezer Geezer

I often like to talk about those incredible stories where the ‘experts’ got it so badly wrong, I don’t talk about them to make fun of the experts themselves but more to motivate people not to give up and if you read the this article from a few weeks ago … When It’s Time To ‘Call It A Day’ Might Actually Be The Best Time To Carry On! … you will know that giving up is not always the right thing to do.

My favourite two stories are about the Beatles and Harry Potter, now I know that you have heard of Harry Potter and the Beatles, one is credited as being the best pop band in music history and the other is probably the most popular and best known series of children’s books.

beatles and potter

But did you know that the Beatles were famously turned down by a record label who said that they were old hat and would not amount to anything (I kid you not) or that J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected by 8 publishing houses (8! Incredible) before she found someone willing to give it a chance?

Both J.K. Rowling and the Beatles could have given up when they were knocked back but they didn’t and I am sure they do not regret that decision as they have not only changed their lives in ways they couldn’t image but they have changed the lives of many, changed the world and generated millions in money.

Looking back now with hindsight you cannot help but think how those experts could have not spotted the potential in them. It was their loss but fortunately the Beatles and J.K. Rowling did not give up and for that the world became a better place.

tangle-teezer-shaun polfreyWell there is another story that I want to talk about today and that is the story of entrepreneur Shaun Polfrey.

Shaun invented a hair brush which is designed to glide through tangled and knotted hair better than any other brush on the market.

In 2007 Shaun took his new invention onto the famous BBC show The Dragons Den and he pitched it to the very wealthy and successful entrepreneurs who are looking for new products to invest in.

Shaun was looking for £80,000 investment for a 15% stake in the business. He needed their money and expertise to get the product onto the market and into people’s hands.


All the Dragons turned him down and even mocked the product. Duncan Bannatyne said the invention left him wanting to pull his hair out but had he invested into the invention it would have made Duncan and estimated £8million.

Shaun’s invention called the Tangle Teezer is now worth an incredible £65 million. After he was turned down Shaun took the brave step of re mortgaging his home to raise the funds to build the business and it paid off.


Not only is his Tangle Teezer selling worldwide but it is found in many salons and has celebrity endorsements from people such as Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Cara Delevigne.

In an interview with the Mail Online Shaun had this to say:

“Entrepreneurs do things differently. Businessmen are less likely to take risks and I think you can see that with the Dragons. Looking back on it there really isn’t a lot that I would change.

At the end of the day, for me, I gained a lot of expertise from it and it has helped bring together the great team I have now. Fast forward to now and we’ve just turned over £23.4 million, the forecast for this year is that we’re going to hit £34 million.”

So the backbone of this article really is to say that no matter what the ‘experts’ say or do you have to ask yourself one question… ‘what do they know?’ It would seem that they do not know everything and in fact history is littered with stories of where the ‘experts’ have gotten it wrong and, this is a very sad thought, there could be a lot of products, bands, books and businesses that we have not had the pleasure to know about because they listened to the ‘experts’ and simple gave up.

Make sure that you are not one of them!

When It’s Time To ‘Call It A Day’ Might Actually Be The Best Time To Carry On!

Today I want to talk about why sometimes ‘calling it a day’ and stopping work on a project could be the worst thing you could do. Obviously you should never ‘flog a dead horse’ as they say but sometimes you will hit a period where you think ‘it is time to stop what you are doing’ or ‘that you cannot go any further with a project’ and I want to tell you that those kinds of thoughts could be harmful to your business and that it might be too soon to stop.

This article is based on the American comedy Two and a Half Men, I am not a big lover of American comedy shows to be absolutely honest with you, unless it is in animation form like The Simpsons or Family Guy, but recently after a hard day’s work on the computer I have started to wind down by watching Two and a Half Men in bed.

For those of you that don’t know what it is about the show is set around two brothers Alan and Charlie Harper and Alan’s son Jake.  Alan was divorced by his wife and he had to find a place to live but unable to afford his own place he was forced to ‘temporary’ move in to his brother’s large beach front home.

two and a half men

Alan is a chiropractor paying out in child support to his ex wife and struggling financial where Charlie is a successful musician who wrote the theme tunes to TV shows and advert jingles and is doing a lot better financially than his brother. He is also a womaniser who loved to party and drink.

The show mainly revolved around the two brothers, their relationship with each other, their relationship with their mother and with Jake amongst other things such as relationships with women.

The part of Charlie was played by Charlie Sheen who, just liked the character he portrayed, loved to party. He had a (well documented by the media) drink and drugs problem and was admitted to rehab several times while filming the show.

The show first aired in the States in 2003 but during the 7th and 8th seasons things began to fall apart as relationships between Charlie Sheen and the producers became a little hostile.

Charlie Sheen began to rant and complain about the show’s creators and producers and quit at the end of the 7th season when he said that the $1 million per episode CBS offered him was too low to carry on. (I know the feeling?!?!?)

It was reported that he was offered $1.78 million per episode for two more series but the show was stopped during the 8th season when Charlie returned to rehab for a 12 month stint. During that time relationships became more strained with law suits and court cases being fought out over loss of earnings for Charlie Sheen and the production staff due to the 8th season being unfinished.

Two-and-a-half-men 4

Eventually Charlie Sheen and the TV company parted ways. Now would be the right time to ‘call it a day’ after all, there cannot be ‘Two and a Half Men’ when the main character, the one with the main home is no longer in the story… can there? I mean, what is Two and a Half Men when there is one missing? It is One and a Half Men right?

Well it seems there can be, Charlie was written out of the show, and in the finale of the 8th season Charlie flies off to Paris where he gets killed when he falls under a subway train. And so ends an era… and starts another.

In the 9th season Charlie is replaced by Ashton Kutcher who plays an internet billionaire who buys the beach front house. Alan and Jake move in with Alan’s mother but soon return when Ashton’s character Walden Schmidt invites Alan and Jake back to live with him as he needs friends. Being an internet billionaire is a lonely business apparently.

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Now I am going to be honest, I have not seen any of the Ashton Kutcher episodes yet and have only really seen a few of the Charlie Sheen ones but I do remember reading all about the fall out and because I like the ‘old’ format and think it is sad that it ended so badly I wanted to learn more. So out of interest I decided to read more which is where the information for this article comes from.

Charlie Sheen’s departure is not the only change the show had to make. It seems that the show continued to change when the son Jake eventually joined the army and is shipped to Japan making less appearances on the show to eventually being replaced by a girl who turns out to be ‘Charlie’s’ unknown daughter.

So that means that… ‘Two and a Half Men’ is now ‘One Man, his Landlord and his Dead Brothers Daughter’ really. That is a very different show altogether!

Now this is what I find really interesting, not only did the show become something very different to the original story line but the show actually became more popular. It ran for a further 4 seasons and the last four which featured Ashton Kutcher were seen by more people per show than any of the previous 8 seasons. The controversy and fallout during the final Sheen seasons gave the show a lot of publicity.

What was originally a nightmare period leaving many to think that the end of the road was close and that the show should probably be scrapped turned out to be a big turning point for the show.

‘The attention Two and a Half Men received due to the change in characters gave the series a boost. Average total viewers during the 2011–2012 season rose 13% to 15 million, and the 5.2 rating in the 18–49 demographic rose by 27%. Kutcher’s debut as the character Walden Schmidt, in the episode entitled “Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt”, was seen by 28.7 million people on September 19, 2011.

The Nielsen ratings company reported that figure was higher than for any episode in the show’s first eight seasons, when the series starred Sheen. At the 2012 Emmys, Two and a Half Men was nominated for four awards and won three of them, the most Emmys the show has won in a single year since it began. In 2012 Kutcher replaced Sheen as the highest-paid U.S. actor, receiving $700,000 per episode.’ – Wikipedia

So it is fair to say that losing Charlie Sheen and completely changing the format yet at the same time keeping much of the old has worked brilliantly for ‘Two and a Half Men’ or should I say One Man, his Landlord and his Dead Brothers Daughter’

The show has now completely finished and is no longer made but not only did they managed to last a further four seasons they were the four best seasons for the shows creators in many ways even if many of the original die hard fans did not like the new episodes.

Which is another great point, it is ok to have loyal fans (customers) but allowing them to dictate what you or your business does can also be foolish. Imagine if they had stopped making the show at the end of the 8th season all because some people didn’t like the idea of the show carrying on.

Not every change in direction is successful but when things are not working out or things are going wrong it is not an automatic sign that you should stop and ‘call it a day’ It might be a blessing in disguise as they say. It could be nothing more than a turn in direction, one which could take you down a better road to more success.