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How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting

Do you want to build up Facebook pages fast? Do you want to get thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of loyal followers quick?

If the answers to the above questions are yes then you are going to find this really exciting.

This is naughty little trick which can be very powerful.

freebooting videos fail army
I really shouldn’t be showing you this as it is not very ethical and is wrong in many eyes (I agree that it is wrong) but I have seen people doing this and thought that I would report on it as it is a powerful method to grow huge audiences on Facebook… and show you how you can do it too using free software. (Video below)

The reason it is wrong and unethical is that you are taking something which belongs to someone else and using it without their consent.

So what is this incredible (but wrong) technique that people are using to grow large followings on Facebook?

Find Popular Trending Videos On YouTube, Download or Copy Them and Uploaded Them To Facebook.

It is really that simple. The method has been called Freebooting which is an old British naval term regarding pirates and piracy. Freebooting is basically taking booty for free… taking property by theft.

When you share a video from YouTube you should share it using the URL or embed code that they supply so that it shows the adverts which they assign to the videos.

When you download the videos or use them by any other means not only is it theft and goes against their terms and conditions you are also making the video owners lose a lot of potential profit.

Many YouTube videos are uploaded by people who are YouTube partners meaning that they make and add videos to make money. It is a business for them and it can be very profitable as you will see in this article here: Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

When the video is taken and shared on Facebook they can go viral and many get HUGE amounts of views, those views on Facebook outside of YouTube costs the video owner a lot of money so if you want to do this little video trick we suggest that you think long and hard before starting.

freebooting likes and shares

But as the image above shows, you can get a lot of views, Likes & Reactions and shares which can grow your Facebook page fast.


You might get some angry emails from video owners, their lawyers or representatives from YouTube itself so be warned. I cannot say how many people are prosecuted, I imagine it is a very small amount…. if any.

Chances are you will be sent a polite email asking you to remove the video or give credit to the video owner.

Modifying Videos For Maximum Attention Grabbing

You will notice when scrolling through Facebook that most of these videos have surrounds which have eye catching words and phrases which add to the impact. They stand out in the newsfeed more when they have large wording which catches people’s attention.

freebooting example

These are added after they have been downloaded from YouTube specifically for sharing on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The important thing to remember when it comes to video on Facebook is that it autoplays, there may not be any sound but the videos play as soon as you scroll onto them meaning that they catch your attention whereas YouTube videos which are shared to Facebook do not autoplay and need to be clicked, sometimes twice, to set them playing.

When you see a video that is playing you stop scrolling and watch, if you want the sound on you just click the sound button and it comes on… the autoplay has captured your attention forcing you to want to see and hear more… or even better, click the Like Page button to see future videos.

How You Can Create People Grabbing Viral Videos From YouTube For Facebook.

You might not know how to download or copy a YouTube video but it can be done very easily.

If you use the internet browser Mozilla Firefox there is a plugin called Video DownloadHelper which will allow you to download videos from YouTube to your computer which you can upload to Facebook.

freebooting video downloadhelper

If you have Camtasia 8 video software you can easily add the wording to these downloaded videos but Camtasia is expensive to buy and a lot of you will not have it nor justify the price but…

freebooting camtasia

… I am going to show you how you can use a free piece of software by Google to borrow/copy the video and another piece of software to record the video.

The software used to record the final video is free but if you spend $15 you can use the pro version which will remove the software’s watermark.

All will be revealed in the video!

There is one small downside to this and that is that the Google AdSense ads will still show but they are not clickable and they can be cut out most of the time.

How To Build Up Facebook Pages Fast For Free Using A Secret Video Trick Called Freebooting (Video)

If you prefer to use Microsoft PowerPoint then you will be please to know that you can do the same thing.

You add a video from YouTube by taking the embed code, not the URL, but the embed code and it will add the video to the slide just as Google Docs does. Again it is all pretty simple.

powerpoint freebooting

So I shall leave you with the big decision…

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Let’s just say that there are a lot of people growing big Facebook groups by stealing videos from YouTube… Freebooting is happening and it is happening a lot, is it something that you should consider?

We at Tims Minions Blog DO NOT recommend that you do it, but the final decision is yours and we just had to report this seriously powerful traffic method otherwise we are not really doing our job properly 😉

How Youngsters Are Making Thousands Each Month Using A Webcam Whilst Eating Their Tea!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote the article Using Skype, Google Hangout & A Webcam To Generate A Second Income which discussed how everyday people are making money using their laptops and webcams.

bj patoo

Well today I want to go a little further and discuss how youngsters in South Korea are generating a lot of money using their laptops and webcams by broadcasting live to thousands of viewers… themselves eating their tea.

Yes you read that right, people watch and join them to eat food online.

I found this out after seeing a short video on Business Insider about Patoo and how he can generate up to $1,500 per eating session.

bj patoo 2

These online evening eat ins are called ‘Mukbang’ which is a word made by mashing up the two South Korean words for ‘Eating’ and ‘Broadcast’ so it literally means eating broadcast. These broadcasts are done using a platform called AfreecaTV which is a Korean online broadcasting platform that has been online for a few years now.

Broadcasters on AfreecaTV are called BJs and they get paid when viewers buy gifts like balloons (virtual balloons) at $0.10 which they send to the broadcaster, the broadcaster then exchanges those balloons for money.

I can only assume that there is a ‘creaming off’ of profit by AfreecaTV but what matters is that these Mukbang stars (or Mokbang as it says on AfreecaTV) are generating a fair amount of money from doing live eating broadcasts.

The viewers are mostly teens and young adults, some people say the popularity of Mukbang is down to the lonely lifestyle many South Koreans experience from living alone in small apartments, others think it is popular because it is a great way to satisfy food cravings without eating. (I don’t personally get that one)

One star of Mukbank, Park Seo-Yeon who you see on the news clip above, says she earns around $9000 a month from eating in front of the camera and chatting to viewers. This is pretty incredible and so I decided to take a quick look at AfreecaTV and YouTube to get more of an idea of what it is all about.


AfreecaTV has now gone global and is not just used by Koreans and YouTube also has plenty of Mukbang videos recorded from live broadcasts with many of them now being by people from other countries.

mukbang on youtube

To understand exactly what these broadcasts are really about I have shared a couple below that I found uploaded to YouTube.

The Junk Food Feast!

In this video one guy is sat eating a real takeaway feast. My first thoughts were ‘That is one costly meal’ but then if they are earning the amounts we are told then they can most definitely afford it.

The Home Made Feast!

This next video has a guy eating bought/packaged food so I am wondering if he is getting paid by the companies to actually eat them or at least attempting to curry favour (or should that be curry flavour as it is a food related post? No? oh ok :-)) with the companies to get some kind of affiliate/sponsorship deal.

What is important here is that they are not just sat ‘troughing’ as we say here in the UK (meaning eating a lot) but they are chatting to and interacting with their viewers.

In 2013 the top earner on AfreecaTV made $250,000 not bad, not bad at all, I cannot say for certain whether that was for eating food or maybe another ‘webcam’ related scenario.

What Can You Do With A Webcam And An Internet Connection?

So the point of this article is to draw your attention to another interesting and unique way that ordinary people are making money from home using just their laptop, webcam and internet connection.

webcam couple 2

After the previous ‘webcam business’ article where I mentioned the couple (seen above) who were making money using webcams while they toured across America in their campervan it seems that there must be many other ways to profit from using a webcam, after all people are paying to watch people do all kinds of weird and wonderful things on camera like ‘eating their tea!’.

So I really want to end this post not with you going away thinking that it was interesting or that there is some funny old things online in this crazy world of ours, no I want to leave you thinking and contemplating what other things can you do to make money online using a basic set up like a laptop and a webcam.

You have to agree, there does seem to be some very profitable people out there doing the simplest of things.

Soooo is there anything that you can do to make money online using just a laptop and a webcam?

Why Hosting Your Membership Based Tutorial Videos On YouTube Is A Great Idea

A lot of people would tell you not to host your membership or product tutorial videos on YouTube because they are open to theft and other non-paying people may see them but I am here to argue that there are benefits to putting your videos on YouTube.

Firstly, the hosting is free, there is no cost associated to having the videos on YouTube and you embed the videos on your own site so you can keep people on your site and bandwidth costs down.

It is the bandwidth costs that I want you to think about, many marketers put their videos on Amazon’s storage known as Amazon S3 which comes with a small cost. I have known people develop products and then host their training videos on Amazon S3 only to have their product ‘hacked’ and the login details placed on forums and other websites which resulted in a lot, and I do mean a lot, of people going to that product and watching the videos.

Technically the product was stolen by thousands of people, those thousands all flocked to the site over a short period of time which used up a lot of bandwidth and data resulting in the product owner getting a bill bigger than he expected. Not only that, but the hosting cost for some product owners was more than the amount they earned from selling the product.

If the product was just a low $12-20 product they were promoting on affiliate networks like JVZoo then they would be paying out 50-75% of the revenue to other people who promoted the product for them. So if sales were low, sales had to be split with affiliates and the product was shared on dodgy forums with thousands of non-paying visitors using up a lot of bandwidth then you can see why some of these guys actually lost money.

There are a lot of dodgy and unfair people around who will happily rip you off and share your products with others illegally. This can have a huge cost, not only in bandwidth and hosting costs but it is twofold because you lose revenue from sales.

You do not have any of these issues with YouTube, yes people may still hack your site and manage to share your product but it will not cost you more if it happens.

If you wanted to run a membership site and was using WordPress, a cool plugin like S2 Member will lock your site down and the videos that you add to YouTube can be set to ‘unlisted’ which means that your video is not visible to anyone on YouTube other than yourself but it allows them to be embedded on your site meaning that your paying members can watch them.


Depending on what your niche or industry is, when a video needs to be replaced with a newer updated version the older ones can be set to ‘Public’ on YouTube meaning that YouTube users looking for certain videos might come across yours and learn more about you and your membership.

You could re make a new video each week and then release the older version to the public so you are also building up a presence on YouTube and a library of videos. If you assign an AdSense account to your YouTube channel you might even earn some extra dollars in revenue from those public videos.

monetized with ads video

Normally the ‘Unlisted’ videos that you embed on your membership would be set to not show ads but if you allowed all of your ‘unlisted’ videos to show ads, then any that were shared illegally could possibly make you money. That is a lot different than actually losing money from your videos hosted on Amazon S3 if they were stolen and shared.

It does take a lot of views to generate a lot of money on YouTube via their AdSense system but some is still better than you losing money due to theft.

The other great thing about YouTube is that if you have an account which is verified, is in ‘good standing’ and you have at least 1000 subscribers then you can set up your videos so that you get paid when people watch them or pay a subscription to access your channels.

paid for yt channels

I cannot say how good the system is or if many YouTubers are likely to pay to watch your videos on YouTube itself but it is an option. I personally believe that having a separate website where you embed the videos along with other content which people pay to access is a better method.

But, this is the mobile generation and people use apps to access social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, they no longer go to them via internet browsers like they once did so accessing YouTube for many is a lot easier than going to a website so maybe the paid YouTube option would work better for you.

As you will see below, popular TV shows are available to watch for a small price via YouTube and Google Play.

paid for tv shows

These are well known and established media companies, TV personalities and broadcasting companies selling their shows but it is possible to create something that people want to watch and would pay for. The possibility is there.

ricky gervais paid for episode

As always if you have a plan in place then you can make it work better for you, again it depends on what niche or industry you work in. Some industries might require new videos being made each week meaning that videos that were once locked behind the membership wall can go live once they are old but still good enough to be seen but some industries might not need so many updates.

Whatever type of membership you want to run there are advantages to hosting your videos on YouTube, it might not be for you but I would not dismiss it straight away. Think long and hard about it, theft is an issue online, it happens but at the same time, many people worry about it more than what actually happens in reality.

YouTube might be a better and cheaper alternative but remember, a membership has its value not only in the content you can access but the content still yet to come and if someone has paid for a month and bookmarked all of your video links or downloaded the videos using one of the many YouTube downloader tools then cancelled their membership… they will not get access to the new stuff so they usually lose out on more than what they actually gain.

Need YouTube Video Ideas? People Really Will Watch Any Old Thing!

I have recently written a couple of articles about becoming a YouTube Partner and profiting by creating videos that you upload to YouTube which you then get a share from the revenue that they generate from the advertising on and around them.

There are many people who are making a lot, and I do mean a lot, of money from this incredible opportunity. the last article I wrote was aimed at giving people ideas on how they could start a YouTube business by creating quick and easy videos that were not complicated or required expensive equipment. You can read that article here…

Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

In today’s article I wanted to give a few more examples of what ‘easy to make‘ videos are out there and show you that you too could be making videos like these. If you were sat thinking that you cannot create any decent videos that are good enough for people to watch then I want you to think again, the following examples will show you that YouTubers really will watch any old thing.

People Really Will Watch Any Old Thing.

I wanted to share with you these videos that prove that people will basically watch any old thing on YouTube. I really want to say any old crap but there are many who think Nora The Piano Cat is brilliant.

Horrorcirdan: The Game Of Thrones Fan

game of thrones reaction video

Watch The Video Below

First up we have this video which has been seen nearly 12 million times… what is so special about this video? Nothing really, people have recorded themselves watching a specific episode of the popular Game Of Thrones TV show.

The video above is nothing more than a compilation of these videos showing people’s reactions to that episode where, I am told, a lot of people get killed.

The video owner Horrorcirdan has taken other YouTube users videos and added them all together making a compilation which has now been seen 11,858,958 times and is in my opinion… very dull. He has 72 other videos on YouTube.

Nora The Piano Cat

nora the piano cat

Watch The Video Below

The second video is of a cat playing the piano, as I mentioned earlier, this is Nora The Piano Cat. She plays the piano… well ok she hits the keys along with the music… but she has become an internet sensation and has 28 videos online.

As you will see from the screenshot above, that one video has been seen by over 9 million people and she has her own well thought out channel. Her channel has had over 11 million views in total and she has a zazzle store connected to her account meaning that she is selling her own merchandise.

I guess she also designs as well as play the piano… what an incredible cat.

These examples should motivate you to believe that you too can use YouTube to generate money. As you have seen there are many people who are using YouTube who are not part of a giant business.


Take these two girls, they are known on YouTube as ChiqueGeeks and they create videos of themselves… watching the TV while drinking alcohol… yes I kid you not.

Drunk reaction video

Watch The Video Below

Ok so this really baffles me, the ChiqueGeeks have 15,929 subscribers and they have 78 videos. Over 15K people have subscribed to their channel and are willingly waiting to be notified when a new video is uploaded!

OK so I don’t think they are YouTube Partners due to the nature of their material as Google are not big fans of promoting alcohol but what these two girls do is record themselves watching popular niche TV shows while drinking alcoholic drinks and they do what they call a Drunk Reaction Video.

Why I am using these two girls as an example is that they have a fairly large following, they have quite a lot of views on their videos (the video above has had 376,456 views) and the videos they make are extremely simple to do.

We believe that that one video which has had 376,456 could have generated hundreds of pounds on views alone. All they have done is sit on a comfy sofa and watch the TV while having a drink which is what most of us do regularly just that they have recorded it by either using a standalone video recorder or a webcam connected to a laptop.

simple youtube profits

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gregs beer reviews yt


This is an interesting YouTube channel, this is Greg and it would seem he has a bar in his home or garden and Greg likes beer. As you can see from the image above Greg has 1,776 videos and an incredible 16,659 subscribers.

His videos do not individually get a lot of views, but the two most popular videos have been seen over 70,000 times which is not bad. Add all the views up from 1,776 videos and he does get quite a lot of views over his whole channel.

But as you will see from the image below he has a specific style to his videos, he has a camera set up facing him as he pours and drinks beers from behind his bar.

gregs beer reviews

If there was ever an example of a simple easy to make video then Greg’s beer review videos are it. The length of each video varies but he basically stands, sups and talks and that is it. How hard is that?

Epic Drone Videos

epic drone videos


This next example gets me excited; I see so much potential for a great YouTube channel using drones. Modern technology has come to a point where we have access to great quality digital cameras, editing software on tablets and small drones which can go virtually anywhere.

Incredible aerial shots were once only done by expensive camera crews flying around in seriously expensive helicopters but now for a few hundred pounds people can buy drones and create stunning aerial and hard to reach close up shots of areas that were just not accessible to people.

This does require some investment to buy the equipment and it isn’t particularly cheap but compared to several years ago…  it is. Ten years ago trying to do aerial shots like these would have cost you a small fortune, but now you can pop a drone in your car or even a bag, go to your chosen location like the beach, mountains or abandoned town and throw the drone in the air and begin to record great videos.

epic drones videos 2

Epic Drone Videos has 17,624 subscribers and 39 videos online which have had a combined viewing of 2,238,252.

I can imagine a lot of wonderful and easy to make videos using drones.

If you do a search of YouTube you will see videos similar in style to the Drone ones except they were taken from the dashboard of a car. People drive around towns and cities documenting the areas which themselves become historical. I don’t think these will get a huge amount of viewers but those that capture car accidents or bad driving will especially if those incidents have been compiled into better ‘fail’ or ‘incident’ videos.

YouTube should not be seen as a place where everything has been done or a place where you have several styles of videos only but more of a free platform that allows you to create your own TV channel where you can share your videos and… generate money from.

still short of a few ideas?

Sitting On Your Bum + Playing Video Games + YouTube = $7.4 million: How To Profit From Creating Simple YouTube Videos

In this article The Incredibly Successful Combination Of Guinea Pigs, Disney Toys & YouTube I wrote that Daiane DeJesus (Sandy Summers) was the highest paid YouTube partner generating over $5 million from playing with childrens toys, well it seems that she has competition.

Unless YouTube tell us exactly who is the biggest earner or if the people in question actually come out and tell us their true earnings it can be a bit of a guessing game as to who is actually the biggest earners but it has been said that Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie was the biggest YouTube earner of 2014 generating around $7.4 million all from the videos that he uploads… which are… of him playing computer games!

Felix Kjellberg

He does interact with his video viewers and it is not just a case of him playing games, recording them, uploading them and forgetting about them, he has grown his channel into a giant resource of fun videos and his videos are watched over and over again by millions of people.

When people hit replay he gets paid more, Felix has been nicknamed the King of YouTube. I recently read that his YouTube channel had 37.7 million subscribers and his videos have had over 9 billion views. I see in the video descriptions he also has affiliate links to the games he plays so he is also getting paid from product sales.

At $7.4 million that would make every subscriber worth $0.20 to him. This is indeed an incredible story and again just one of many.

Some of the successes have come from easy to make simple videos, in the The Incredibly Successful Combination Of Guinea Pigs, Disney Toys & YouTube I also wrote about one woman who recorded her Guinea pigs running around their cages and pens and uploaded them to YouTube. Those videos were making her around £1000 a month.

So this had me thinking… how can anyone start a successful YouTube channel and quickly cash in on the power of YouTube by becoming a video creator and a YouTube partner?

Obviously I got thinking up some really creative ways to make videos but they would take a lot of creative work and require some additional equipment which would not be cheap. One idea I had was based around using drones and they are not cheap, especially if you were to add a camera like the GoPro to them. It could cost several hundred pounds before you had even started.

I wanted to think up some ideas that could get people started without having to…

  1. Buy a lot of equipment or splash out on anything expensive
  2. Steal video, images or audio from other sources
  3. Learn a lot of new skills

So I sat down and came up with a few ideas which I think people could start with now, maybe even today, with very little start-up cost if any. I wanted to focus on simplicity, I even had Russell Brand’s YouTube channel ‘The Trews’ open while getting ideas.

Russel Brand the Trews

I am not Mr Brand’s biggest fan, I have had to wash my eyes and delete his channel from my YouTube history but what is important to remember is that he has 630 odd videos where he just sits facing a camera talking about ‘stuff’. Much of it has nothing to do with him either; one video in the celebrities category was about the verbal to and fro between Katie Hopkins and Katie Price. Why???

It is often the amount of videos and the stuff people talk about that can make simple videos work well.  Russell Brand releases a new ‘Trews’ video three times a week.

Fortunately for Mr Brand, who has 1,170,630 subscribers, he already has a history of TV performances and a celebrity status as a film star, comedian (debateable) and was formerly married to one of the world’s most popular pop singers which will help him build a big fan base.

We normal folk will have to start without that kind of popularity and notoriety already in place.

simple youtube profits

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Finding Your Angle

So after seeing the success of the woman who opened up toys and played with them for children and made around $5 million I think it could be a good idea to film yourself reading children’s stories in a kind of child centred ‘Trews’ style.

All that is required for this is a comfortable chair in the corner of a room with maybe a few toys placed around the chair to make it more interesting to children and a big stack of children’s books. Also a confidence in yourself that allows you to be filmed and seen all across the world is needed.

A half decent camera that connects to your computer is all that you need to record yourself reading out the stories. It is very simple and many videos could be recorded over a day or two or a few weeks.

Many parents might put their children to bed and have your videos playing in the back ground to help their children drift off to sleep. Imagine that!

The important thing to remember with any online business is that you DO NOT expect success right away. Perseverance is the key to most success stories, you might hear of one or two videos that go absolutely crazy and viral with millions of views but there are many channels on YouTube that have hundreds of videos that only have a few thousand hits but those few hundred videos add up to a lot of views meaning that they can generate a nice sum of money if you are a YouTube partner.

If you like writing your own stories or poetry then that is even better but if you feel self-confident you could create a character and dress up so that no one recognises you like a clown for example or a nanny character similar to Nanny McPhee.

A lot of the money is made when videos are seen a lot and replayed so with that in mind many people try and make videos which are funny hoping that they will be shared and re-watched. If you are not self-conscious and happy to make a fool of yourself then you can do many things in front of a camera.

Think of the success of shows like Jack Ass and Dirty Sanchez, I do not get why people would chose to inflict pain on themselves but these guys do and it has been good for them in many ways.

Copyright will always be an issue when making videos on YouTube but it is possible to use other people’s work under ‘Fair Use’ if it is done in a good way such as borrow clips from films if you create something ‘new and unique’ from those clips. This is not set in stone though, some people may still object to you using a few minutes of a film or music so I think the best idea is to always create something new.

A musician who creates his own music should have a YouTube channel to show case their work but that alone does not mean they will get a lot of shares unless they are outstanding. You do see videos being shared of a young woman or man who does a sensational cover version of a popular but bland chart song but there are a lot more styles of music which have millions of fans but unless certain videos are shared many fans will not see them.

So it is important that you create videos that people want to share and there is nothing better than a video that is either very funny or makes the viewer think …’WTF?’

I think musicians should probably stop trying to ‘recreate’ arty and serious style music videos that they see on the TV but go and do something seriously ridiculous which should hopefully get a few more shares than the music itself.

As I am talking about trying to create videos fast and simple without the need to buy expensive tools a mobile phone or a web cam would do for recording people doing some bizarre dancing or even running up and down the streets dressed in super hero outfits or as animals. Think of Trigger Happy TV where people dressed in dog outfits would start fighting in busy shopping centres.

trigger happy fighting dogs

When you consider that two people I have mentioned in this article have collectively made $12-13 million from simple to make videos, and when I say simple I mean simple, then you have to agree, there is money in this video making lark.

I have to say though, and I shall keep saying this, it is not just a case of doing one video at the drop of a hat and then packing up when you have only had a few views. A video has to be planned, even if the whole video is simple to record and the idea is simple it still needs to be thought through properly and … it has to be a consistent flow of videos for people to start to take note and become aware of you.

There are the odd ‘one hit wonders’ in the music charts but when you really look into the history of the super successful bands, none of them did just one track or one gig and give up. They stuck with it and kept on and on and on until they started to get a following. You must think of a YouTube video business/plan in the same way.

A following will share out your videos and then your following will grow, your videos will be seen by more people and re-watched more and you as a YouTube partner will be earning more money from the advertising revenue that you are generating for YouTube with all of those video views.

I shall bring this post to a close by using a quote the YouTube King Felix gave to a Swedish newspaper which sums up everything I want to get across…


That says it all really!

The Incredibly Successful Combination Of Guinea Pigs, Disney Toys & YouTube

Today I want to recap on an old newsletter that was called ‘The Phenomena Of Un-Boxing’.

In the newsletter I discussed a popular and very profitable system to make money using YouTube where people would film themselves opening up the boxes and playing with new technology like the latest Apple or Samsung releases.

These people become YouTube partners which means that they get a share of any advertising revenue that is earned from the Google AdSense which is shown on and around the videos. Google owns YouTube and they own the ad network AdSense but what they do not own is the video content so they created the Partner Program which means the video creators get paid when there videos are seen. Google take 45% and the rest of the revenue generated is passed on to the video producers.

This has been very lucrative for people and more and more people are doing it, if these videos get a lot of views and go viral then the video owners are set to make a lot of money. So today I want to show you a couple of real life success stories of people doing this type of business… but in what we would call a very ‘niche specific’ area.

These are not technology related videos either; you will be pretty amazed at what these videos are about and how they can earn good money. I bet you cannot guess what these videos are about, go on, have a guess and read on to see if you were right. 🙂


Up first is the story of Laura Mellors, Laura is a 29 year old woman from Nottingham U.K. who gave up her job as an account manager at E-ON to focus on building up her YouTube empire which now generates over £2,000 a month from advertising.

Her video empire started as a hobby when she decided to film her pet guinea pigs Gus and Hercules and share it on YouTube for fun. She had bought them a new super fang dangled home with different compartments and levels to run around on.

After uploading the film to YouTube she received a very positive response with people requesting her to make more videos. She started in 2010 and her YouTube channel now has 203 videos and over 55,000 subscribers. She has even had people asking for her autograph and has taken time out from her honeymoon in Florida to meet with fans who asked to meet her when they saw that she was heading there.

Her and her husband James share their house with seven guinea pigs Billy, Bobby, Fozzy Bear, Brian, Bo, Alfie and Gizmo who have become YouTube celebrities even getting fan mail. People send messages and emails to Laura asking what the guinea pigs are up to. Her most popular video which was made 4 years ago has been seen by over 987,000 times.

Think that is impressive? Read on…

sandy summersThe second story is a very interesting one for many reasons, firstly the success of these videos have made this woman the highest paid performer on YouTube believed to make around $5 million a year and secondly it might horrify some parents to know but this woman was once a popular porn star.

Believed to have given up the porn industry seven years ago, the woman now known as Daiane DeJesus (not her porn performer name) and from Brazil unwraps and plays with children’s toys. All you will see of her is her hands and hear her voice as she unwraps toys from companies like Disney. Each video always begins with the words: ‘Hey guys, Disney Collector here’

These videos are extremely popular with children and they have been watched a staggering 2.8 BILLION times!! The company that she and her boyfriend run on YouTube is called DC Toys Collector. Her photographer boyfriend also runs the BluCollector YouTube account which does the same but for boy’s toys; it is run exactly the same way as DC Toys Collector.

Their videos first began appearing on YouTube in 2012 and quickly became an online sensation attracting millions of page views being especially popular with children aged three and under because of their simplicity.

simple youtube profits

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The most watched video is called ‘Play Doh Sparkle Princess’ and has had more than 200 million views. Five other videos have received more than 40 million views, and another 15 have more than 20 million. The DC Toys Collector channel has more than 3.7m subscribers, 1,600 videos which have been watched more than 2.4 billion times since being uploaded and a new video is posted almost every day.


One of the most recent, called ‘LUNCH BOX SURPRISE Magnetic Dress-Up FROZEN’ has already notched up more than 260,000 page views. With such a vast number of children watching the videos on a daily basis it is an obvious choice for companies advertising toys to place their adverts within the short videos. It is said that they have three to four deliveries a day of new toys to play with… sorry work with.

Each time a video on the DC Toys Collector account is watched, Daiane DeJesus and her partner get paid. Industry experts say they get between .60cents and $5 each time the account is viewed. The company Open Slate, which analyses YouTube , social media reach and average monthly view count, estimated that in 2014 DC Toys Collector earned an incredible $4.9m.

Daiane DeJesus and her DC Toy Collector persona have been nicknamed by some as ‘The Toy Whisperer’. On a NBC news report a technology strategist said about the videos ‘The effect is somewhat akin to crack for toddlers because of how you see them pining for it after it’s over’. He also said ‘I call it first-person toy porn. I think it works because it’s Christmas morning every minute.’

The videos by DC Toy Collector are well produced using quality lighting and camera work which you would expect from a professional photographer in the business but the videos by Laura Mellors are not so professional and she still makes a good monthly wage from them. She does not upload videos as regularly as DC Toy Collector and I guess there is only so much you can do with guinea pigs but there is a lot more you can do with the ever growing toy market.

Believe it or not, there are people who make a fantastic monthly income be recording themselves playing popular X-Box and PlayStation games then uploading them up to YouTube. Fans of those games will happily sit and watch other people play them resulting in a lot of views and a lot of money for the video creator.

I shall leave that with you and ask this … Is there a niche or subject that you could start making videos about and cash in with the YouTube Partner Program?