The Freedom Of An Online Business Can Often Be Better Than The Money.

Today’s post is all about the freedom specific online businesses can give their owners. I want this to be an inspirational and motivational newsletter as a follow up to the article from a couple of week’s ago regarding the success some people have been enjoying thanks to sites like YouTube.

The people I talked about can work from the comfort of their homes, they can work as and when they want and they can work technically from anywhere, and for many of them their businesses are relatively cost free.

In one example I talked about Laura Mellor who left her job to make videos of her guinea pigs which were generating around £2000 a month in money shared with her by YouTube, money which was made by the advertising on her YouTube account.

Apart from the cost of a digital video camera (not an expensive one) her business venture cost her very little to set up, she does not have a website, she does not create products, she does not sell anything and yet she is making money.

There are a lot of people who use modern technology like websites and digital cameras to make money doing all kinds of things (yes some of them are a little X rated) and there are people who create simple sites that put two different types of people together like job boards.

Both these types of online businesses once they become profitable allow the owners to work as and when they please where ever they are.

Blogging has also been very profitable for many people, the news in the UK recently covered the story of the young British fashion and style blogger  Zoe Slugg known as Zoella who bought her first home in Brighton (A 5 bedroom mansion) for a cool £1million at the age of 24. Zoella has 7 million followers and can earn around a cool £20,000 a month from her online business, her home was nicknamed ‘The House that YouTube Built’

In fact, I think the £20,000 is per client who wishes to have her use and promote their products via her YouTube account.

Now these people do work hard, they have a lot to do and they enjoy doing it but they are free to do what they want when they want. They no longer have to deal with unexpected changes that their bosses have asked them to do half an hour before finishing work on a Friday afternoon or being asked to work late into the night to get a project finished on time because progress was hampered by many last minutes changes or bad decisions made by management.

But what is important here is not how much these people make but more importantly how much these businesses can cost to implement and the freedom they give you. I am not going to say that you start online today and that next week you will be buying a million pound home but it is possible that you can build a profitable business pretty fast.

What is a good amount of money to you? In early 2014 it was said that the average monthly wage here in the UK was roughly £1,800 after deductions. If you could swap and earn the same amount from a simple easy to manage online business would you? The freedom itself would be incredible wouldn’t it?

What if you, in your day job,  have to do early starts each morning or if you did shift work where some weeks you would be working through the night or what if you were working in a bar/café where you had to do the late night close and clean up…. would you not prefer to be earning the same wage or more by working from the comfort of your own familiar surroundings but with the freedom to go and do what you want with more flexibility than what a normal job ‘working for the man’ would allow?

I recently read about a guy who made money promoting T-Shirts on his websites which took only a few minutes to add. He had had a record month; he had made just under $500 in less than 2 weeks beating any previous monthly record. By the end of the month he would have earned enough to pay his mortgage just from promoting T-Shirts as an ‘extra side line’ to his business. He is a small fry in the T-Shirt affiliate industry too!

A youngster could easily cover the rent of an apartment if they mastered promoting T-Shirts within interesting posts which are shared over social media. This could be done in their evenings if they have a job while they are building things up but once it matches or betters the wage they are paid from their job they can do it anytime of the day.

Working for people can be fun, there are good jobs where you meet great people and you can work alongside a lot of great too but unfortunately that is not always the case. There are nightmare bosses and management types who just make your working day hell and there are people on the work floor that just make your whole day miserable and that in turn can make you as a person miserable.

The only way to really take yourself out of this situation is take control of your destiny and your finances and to generate that money yourself, it doesn’t need to be a lot, it just needs to match what you are earning now to give you a far better way of life.

No more commutes where you are stuck in traffic, driving walking or riding a bike through rain, snow or cold, no more dealing with irate and unfair customers or annoying work colleagues and no more rigidity with your time regarding holidays and taking time out to go and do something.

Once you are earning the same wage as you were getting from your job you can then grow and earn more to have a freer and more flexible life. For me, it is more the freedom and flexibility that matters than the money… the money that comes from working online from home is just the icing on the cake. 🙂

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