The Golden Keyword For Affiliate Marketing Is…Four To Five Words Long (Or More)

Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and they do that by ranking their websites, videos and pages in search engines like Google, Bing and YouTube by using search terms called keywords.

YouTube is considered to be a search engine even though it is video based as people search for information on it. There are some affiliate marketers who use YouTube and nothing else to drive free traffic back to their sites where they sell products and build lists.

A keyword is what people use when searching for a product or information online. Often called a keyword phrase when it consists of two or more words but some marketers might refer to it as just the ‘keyword’ when they talk about doing keyword research.

For example if you wanted to search online for a way to get the perfect beach ready body for your holidays in the sun you would probably go to Google and type in ‘how to get the perfect beach body’.

That is the keyword and so if an affiliate marketer had a product which was about losing weight and getting into shape fast for the holidays called ‘Beach Ready Body In Under Two Weeks’ he would try and target that search term.

google search results beach body

(Please do not try and target any of the keyword phrases in this article as they are used as examples only and are very competitive: in other words you will waste your time trying to rank for them!)

When anyone typed ‘how to get the perfect beach body’ into Google if the affiliate had done his job right their pages, articles, website or videos would appear on the front page of the search results right where the potential customer can see it.

Keywords as in the individual keywords like ‘money’ are basically all gone unless you target a new unheard-of product. To become a top affiliate these days you need to target the more longer backdoor keyword phrases which will have very little or no competition.

Recently while watching a video from a professional YouTube affiliate marketer who had made his first million dollars online in his early twenties (don’t think he is past 25 yet!) he recommended that affiliate marketers should now focus their attention on keyword phrases that are longer than four words.

That is the minimum requirement, with so many people fighting over the shorter more popular keyword phrases he made his million sweeping up the crumbs which were left on the table. These crumbs were people who were searching for information using longer phrases that the other affiliates had not targeted.

The internet is so vast these days it is crammed near to bursting with information on anything and everything and so as you can imagine all of the popular keyword phrases are taken. Trying to muscle in on them is going to be so hard if not near impossible so what is the alternative?

You dig deeper and find the longer less used keyword phrases which have enough monthly searches which have little or no competition. These types of keyword phrases are going to be longer and a lot more specific. ‘Get a beach body’ is less specific than ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’,

Unless a product is brand new and you are first in line with getting affiliate marketing material out in front of people I recommend that you forget trying to rank for the popular two or three word keyword phrases and go for those that have four words or more.

Please note, when counting the important words in a keyword phrase words like ‘a’ and ‘the’ are not counted. In the keyword phrase ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ the important words are ‘how-get-beach-body-4-weeks.’

There are several places where you can search for profitable keywords but one of the best which is free is the Google Keyword Planner Tool which can be found inside the Google AdWords account dashboard. You will need to register an account but don’t worry you do not have to actually run any Google adverts and spend any money.

If we go into the Google Keyword Planner Tool and do a search for ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ you can see how many people are using that search term per month.

keyword tool

As you can see, that keyword phrase only gets searched on average 40 times per month. That is not a lot, a good monthly search number is between 800-1200. You might think that more is better but the chances are that anything over 1200 will be targeted by other marketers.

In fact anything that has 800 searches a month might also be taken by savvy marketers if the competition is low. you could make money from lesser numbers so you could focus on the crumbs with 200-600 searches a month and target several phrases with those numbers.

To determine how competitive the keyword phrase is you need to do a Google search. Ignore the box which says ‘Competition’ in the Keyword Planner Tool as that is based on data from people using the keyword in paid adverts.

A true reflection of how competitive a keyword phrase is, is the amount of results there are in Google when you do a search using the phrase and what kind of websites there are on the first page. You can quickly determine if you can out rank a website on the first page by seeing if it is a well known popular authority site.

If the front page is full of sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, the BBC, news websites like the Telegraph or websites that are in that specific niche and have been around for years and actively growing then it is going to be a lot of work to out rank them so it would be easier to look for a less competitive keyword phrase without doing any further checks.

google search results

As the screen shot above shows, the search term ‘how to get a beach body in 4 weeks’ has pulled up 10,500,000 results, that is a huge amount and it the front page is dominated by a lot of huge authority websites which means that you could not rank for that keyword phrase.

I see no videos from YouTube showing so a professional YouTube marketer might be able to land a video in the results but I couldn’t say for definite as these sites in the list are all very HUGE.

Sometimes the crumbs are keyword phrases that might be a little disjointed but when you find those magic keyword phrases that have little or no competition it is time to build the YouTube account, make videos, build a website and write the content targeting those keyword phrases and begin to suck in affiliate commissions from relevant products.