The Incredibly Successful Combination Of Guinea Pigs, Disney Toys & YouTube

Today I want to recap on an old newsletter that was called ‘The Phenomena Of Un-Boxing’.

In the newsletter I discussed a popular and very profitable system to make money using YouTube where people would film themselves opening up the boxes and playing with new technology like the latest Apple or Samsung releases.

These people become YouTube partners which means that they get a share of any advertising revenue that is earned from the Google AdSense which is shown on and around the videos. Google owns YouTube and they own the ad network AdSense but what they do not own is the video content so they created the Partner Program which means the video creators get paid when there videos are seen. Google take 45% and the rest of the revenue generated is passed on to the video producers.

This has been very lucrative for people and more and more people are doing it, if these videos get a lot of views and go viral then the video owners are set to make a lot of money. So today I want to show you a couple of real life success stories of people doing this type of business… but in what we would call a very ‘niche specific’ area.

These are not technology related videos either; you will be pretty amazed at what these videos are about and how they can earn good money. I bet you cannot guess what these videos are about, go on, have a guess and read on to see if you were right. 🙂


Up first is the story of Laura Mellors, Laura is a 29 year old woman from Nottingham U.K. who gave up her job as an account manager at E-ON to focus on building up her YouTube empire which now generates over £2,000 a month from advertising.

Her video empire started as a hobby when she decided to film her pet guinea pigs Gus and Hercules and share it on YouTube for fun. She had bought them a new super fang dangled home with different compartments and levels to run around on.

After uploading the film to YouTube she received a very positive response with people requesting her to make more videos. She started in 2010 and her YouTube channel now has 203 videos and over 55,000 subscribers. She has even had people asking for her autograph and has taken time out from her honeymoon in Florida to meet with fans who asked to meet her when they saw that she was heading there.

Her and her husband James share their house with seven guinea pigs Billy, Bobby, Fozzy Bear, Brian, Bo, Alfie and Gizmo who have become YouTube celebrities even getting fan mail. People send messages and emails to Laura asking what the guinea pigs are up to. Her most popular video which was made 4 years ago has been seen by over 987,000 times.

Think that is impressive? Read on…

sandy summersThe second story is a very interesting one for many reasons, firstly the success of these videos have made this woman the highest paid performer on YouTube believed to make around $5 million a year and secondly it might horrify some parents to know but this woman was once a popular porn star.

Believed to have given up the porn industry seven years ago, the woman now known as Daiane DeJesus (not her porn performer name) and from Brazil unwraps and plays with children’s toys. All you will see of her is her hands and hear her voice as she unwraps toys from companies like Disney. Each video always begins with the words: ‘Hey guys, Disney Collector here’

These videos are extremely popular with children and they have been watched a staggering 2.8 BILLION times!! The company that she and her boyfriend run on YouTube is called DC Toys Collector. Her photographer boyfriend also runs the BluCollector YouTube account which does the same but for boy’s toys; it is run exactly the same way as DC Toys Collector.

Their videos first began appearing on YouTube in 2012 and quickly became an online sensation attracting millions of page views being especially popular with children aged three and under because of their simplicity.

simple youtube profits

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The most watched video is called ‘Play Doh Sparkle Princess’ and has had more than 200 million views. Five other videos have received more than 40 million views, and another 15 have more than 20 million. The DC Toys Collector channel has more than 3.7m subscribers, 1,600 videos which have been watched more than 2.4 billion times since being uploaded and a new video is posted almost every day.


One of the most recent, called ‘LUNCH BOX SURPRISE Magnetic Dress-Up FROZEN’ has already notched up more than 260,000 page views. With such a vast number of children watching the videos on a daily basis it is an obvious choice for companies advertising toys to place their adverts within the short videos. It is said that they have three to four deliveries a day of new toys to play with… sorry work with.

Each time a video on the DC Toys Collector account is watched, Daiane DeJesus and her partner get paid. Industry experts say they get between .60cents and $5 each time the account is viewed. The company Open Slate, which analyses YouTube , social media reach and average monthly view count, estimated that in 2014 DC Toys Collector earned an incredible $4.9m.

Daiane DeJesus and her DC Toy Collector persona have been nicknamed by some as ‘The Toy Whisperer’. On a NBC news report a technology strategist said about the videos ‘The effect is somewhat akin to crack for toddlers because of how you see them pining for it after it’s over’. He also said ‘I call it first-person toy porn. I think it works because it’s Christmas morning every minute.’

The videos by DC Toy Collector are well produced using quality lighting and camera work which you would expect from a professional photographer in the business but the videos by Laura Mellors are not so professional and she still makes a good monthly wage from them. She does not upload videos as regularly as DC Toy Collector and I guess there is only so much you can do with guinea pigs but there is a lot more you can do with the ever growing toy market.

Believe it or not, there are people who make a fantastic monthly income be recording themselves playing popular X-Box and PlayStation games then uploading them up to YouTube. Fans of those games will happily sit and watch other people play them resulting in a lot of views and a lot of money for the video creator.

I shall leave that with you and ask this … Is there a niche or subject that you could start making videos about and cash in with the YouTube Partner Program?

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