The Laptop Lifestyle: Is It Really Achievable?

Making a living online has been nicknamed the Laptop Lifestyle as it can free you up from the limitations of a traditional business such as property and location. However not all online businesses fall under the Laptop Lifestyle name as some online businesses are selling physical items which need storing, physically packing and sending out to customers.

The Laptop Lifestyle refers to a person who can do as much or as little work they want on a laptop anywhere in the world and make a very decent living. They can move around from one place to another living an ongoing ‘holiday’ adventure and still get paid.

The Laptop Lifestyle focuses on the businesses which generate money by using the internet but does not require any physical items or a set physical location like a shop or office. Traditionally this is thought of as ‘Internet Marketing’ or IM as it is often called. This industry also has many different business models such as affiliate marketing, flipping websites, selling information products like eBooks and online video courses.

But the Laptop Lifestyle doesn’t have to end their, there are many other businesses which offer the Laptop Lifestyle such as being a blogger, a YouTube star, a writer, a trader, and a product creator. There are many jobs online these days that you can do using just a laptop and maybe a few other tools like headsets and webcams which can generate money wherever you are in the world.

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Someone who writes article content for example can do that anywhere in the world, they just need a laptop a comfy chair and an internet connection which does not always need to be constantly connected. They only really need an internet connection to receive orders, payments and send finished articles.

They could in fact spend their days writing on a beach or sitting at a table in a bar (which might have free wifi connection anyway). If your work doesn’t depend on you being online all of the time but requires basic contact with people to send and receive orders you could live without an internet connection and use many of the free wifi set ups that coffee shops, hotels and bars have.

It is likely that you own a smart phone which allows people to contact you using mobile internet for things like emails and messages so you would only need to use free wifi hotspots now and then for sending and receiving documents making a laptop based lifestyle very easy today.

Traders however will need an internet connection and a reliable one at that but again all they need is a laptop to trade the currency markets, stock markets and even football games. Some territories do not allow gambling and so sports trading and spread betting is illegal and unavailable to do in those areas but you can still travel many countries with a laptop trading the markets.

If you want to visit countries that will not allow you to access trading and gambling sites there are other options available like using a secure VPN on a proxy server which will allow you to access those sites within those restricted countries.

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People have made small fortunes by writing books and publishing them in websites like Amazon Kindle Store or their own websites which only requires a laptop and can be done anywhere. They can also design or have merchandise designed for them which they add to their stores and sell through 3rd party companies like

Sticking with SunFrogShirts there are people who design T-Shirts using software they have on their laptops and add them to sites like SunFrogShirts and these T-Shirts are sold by an army of affiliate marketers. So if you upload a lot of quality designs they could easily get promoted by many affiliates and you could be generating sales each day.

The Laptop Lifestyle can mean different things to different people, for example you might just want to generate £1000 a month from minimal work to help fund backpacking around the world whereas another person might want to focus on making tens of thousands of pounds from it while they stay in their hometown playing golf and enjoying their lives and another person might just want to replace ‘working for a boss’ for a business of their own that gives them more freedom than money.

The Laptop Lifestyle is very much possible today and will only get more possible overtime as technology and business methods evolve and change with new ones being created daily. The world is changing and getting more money and freedom by working online is very possible but as my grandma would say ‘you need to set your stall out right from the beginning’. I guess she used to work on a market but what she meant is that if you want something you cannot start haphazardly, you need to get the foundations right, do good quality work whatever it is you do and be disciplined and stick to the plan.

Having a plan and building up the business is the way forward to a successful business, get that right and there is no reason that you could not be working and earning from wherever you chose using only your laptop.

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