The PLURfect Way To Run An Online Business.

I write this article not just for you but also as a strong reminder for myself. You see, I am paid to write content for the Tim’s Minions Digital Academy and this blog/newsletter but I am also required to test out new methods and ideas as well as figure out new ways to make money online.

There is a lot of work involved and there are a lot of tasks that I need to perform and this means that I have a lot of distractions and my focus and attention can soon be lost when I remember the other tasks I need to do.

What happens then is I generally start something new, do it well for a few days then I begin to move onto other stuff and then I realise that I haven’t done an important ‘new’ specific task for a week or two. The tasks themselves are not overly hard; the hardest part is sticking with them and doing them religiously.

Because I am trying new things regularly I need to constantly update my planner and if I forget to do it every now and then I can soon forget about the ‘new‘ tasks and the whole system that I am doing can fall apart… or at least not grow the way it should do or how we expect it to.

Sometimes the boredom of doing the same old things can become an issue or the results are slow to come and so you find yourself doing less of the things that really need doing. For example, I am currently testing out YouTube, I am seeing how easy it is to create a series of unique videos which are simple and fast to make which can generate money from being a YouTube Partner.

The Great YouTube Experiment

the great youtube experiment

The creative side of me loved getting the preparation done, I got the green screen up and ready, I created the script, I sourced clothing and music that I needed and I set about creating my first videos. It was fun as it was new territory for me, I wasn’t sure that the green screen and video software that I was using would work. It was all about playing around and trying new things.

Well I am happy to say that it went well, I got six videos recorded ready to be edited into the final productions that I would upload to YouTube. I spent time editing and adding the music and images to five of the videos which have now been added to YouTube. So far so good as they say.

I got the YouTube channel created, and the channel images made and added, I also got a relevant website page set up which I added to the video description boxes as well as an affiliate link to a T-Shirt I was wearing in the video. I can safely say that most of the hard work is now done… or is it?

I know that these five videos will not make huge amounts of money; it is possible that they do better than I expect but realistically I need to add loads to YouTube and get them shared out so that I get more advert views and clicks. So now I have the ‘easy’ but ‘hard’ task of creating more videos.

It is easy because as I now have a system and a plan, I simply set up my camera again and record the video as I did before without the concerns like ‘whether it will work or not’.

It is hard because I now have to make sure that I spend some time each week recording new videos, editing those videos and getting them on YouTube whilst still doing all of my other weekly tasks. This is the hardest part for me and for most people. It is the continuous repetition of important and often ‘boring’ tasks which makes a business or project a success.

I believe that if I add new videos to the channel constantly then I can generate a good following and a decent monthly income from it but if I do not keep creating videos then I shall not get the results that I plan or expect.

In my mind’s eye I can see the success, it is there instantly and I can enjoy it but what my imagination does not comprehend is the long term ongoing project of creating those videos.

That can become tedious and boring and if I manage to upload ten or fifteen videos and still see very little traction I could become disheartened and disillusioned which will lead to me possibly giving up or I just simply forget to ‘keep on top’ of the important task and let it all slip into failure.

Failure And Success Are Often In Our Own Hands

Failure is often no one else’s fault other than our own; most people procrastinate or give up too soon. People do not like a lot of hard work no matter how easy the tasks really are especially if they are not seeing results fast enough. We allow ‘other things’ to get in the way of the important tasks, those tasks which will eventually make the business a success.

We can flip from one idea to another when things are not working. We have all heard of the saying ‘don’t flog a dead horse’ with many people using that as the excuse for packing in. But you can see when a ‘horse is dead’; you cannot however know that a business idea is dead or will not work so easily. As the results are future based and rely on what you do, only time will really tell if something is going to work and be a success or not.

I want to say that if my YouTube trial was not making any decent money after one year and one hundred video uploads then it is probably safe to assume that I am flogging a dead horse but again the truth is this… it might be video 102 that really goes viral and gets the ball rolling and brings in the success that I expect. It is not always easy to know when to really stop, oddly though many people stop when they think they know based on results which have not yet had time to come to fruition.

Take the legendary Manchester band The Stone Roses as an example. They released their debut album in 1989 which has become an all-time classic but they originally formed six years earlier in 1983. Had they decided that after three or four years of performing at gigs and trying to get record deals that they would never make it big and that it was time to give up they would never have become the band the world knows and loves.

the stone roses

But they didn’t, they kept on and they kept practicing and churning out music until it went crazy for them.

I am not saying that if everyone sticks at something for a long time they will all become a success but you are more likely to become a success if you do not give up too early and make sure that those important and dull tasks are done regularly.

That is what I need to remind myself of now; the green screen is set up in another part of the house away from my office. I need to make sure that I take my laptop and second monitor to that room and record more videos each week otherwise I am not going to become a YouTube success story.

I might have to look at my workload and see if there is something I can and should drop to free up the time I need otherwise the YouTube experiment could soon join the popular club of ‘many failed attempts’ that were the fault of nobody else but the people themselves.

As you might notice in a lot of my writing, I talk about longevity and persistence and that is because I see on a regular basis a lot of people starting something new and then giving up way too soon before they have even had a chance to plant the seeds that could grow into something really good.

PLUR Your Way To Success

Write on a piece of paper PLUR and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. I have borrowed the saying from the old rave community… it stood for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect which is a great philosophy to live by but I have modified it for people who want to grow a profitable online business.

To us, PLUR stands for…

Persistence, Longevity, & Unrelenting Repetition.


To grow a successful online business you need …

Persistence – You need to keep at it otherwise you will not get the results you desire.

Longevity – You need to give the business time to grow and breathe. You cannot plant the seeds to success if you pack up too soon.

Unrelenting Repetition – Whatever it is that you are doing you need to be unrelenting in your repetition of those long dull tasks which help to grow the business. If you enjoy those tasks that is brilliant but there are tasks that you will hate and those are the ones that most likely need to be done weekly or even daily like writing articles, writing books, creating videos, designing T-Shirts or sharing your work over social media.

Whatever it is… love it or hate it… you need to constantly do it!

I shall bring this article to a close and wish you a PLURfect day… 🙂