The Two Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know

What I am going to share with you today are the two most powerful affiliate marketing tips any website owner or social media marketer should know.

Affiliate marketing can generate a lot of money for a minimal amount of work, it can have an incredible ROI but it also has a very high failure rate. Many people start affiliate marketing but soon give up when they realise that the  money doesn’t come flooding in fast.

It can do but you have to be good at it and know how to go about it properly otherwise it will be a lot of work. In fact to be good at it you will need to put in a lot of work. Very few things in life are an instant success, this is something most people do not understand and they dive in head first expecting money to pour in within a few days.

It won’t, but it will come faster if you do the right things and these two tips will help you become a better affiliate marketer faster.

1. Congruency Is Key. (I love the word congruent!)

This is very very important and yet often overlooked by people rushing to share their affiliate links far and wide on the internet. When someone posts their links everywhere it is known as the shotgun approach. It might work for some people and it might generate some money but on a whole it requires a lot of work for very little return.

You might have seen the standard Rayban sunglasses posts appearing in the Facebook groups that you are a member of.

night collar

(Typically I couldn’t find a Rayban ad when I wanted one so here is an ad for a glow in the dark dog collar from an Internet Marketing group on Facebook)

They are generally ignored because they do neither of these two essential tricks and the lack of congruency is the first thing that people will notice when they see these adverts show up.

When something is congruent it means that it matches the niche and is related to the topic and the readers of the post.

Trying to promote an affiliate product that was a BBQ cook book full of meat recipes would not be popular in a vegan or vegetarian Facebook group would it? You and I know that but there are some people who would try it.

With Rayban sunglasses (or glow in the dark dog collar), you can argue that they can be posted into any group or community across several social media networks and dropped into the middle of generic posts because anyone can be interested in sunglasses (or dog collars). This is true but it is still a very flawed way of approaching affiliate marketing, the reason that Rayban is seen everywhere might have to do with the fact the commission’s might be good.


(From another Internet Marketing group here is a plug for a Facebook Page (not an affiliate link but still a business promotion) for lingerie and bedwear!)

People who start doing affiliate marketing generally see the products which pay more and try to promote them to earn money fast, they might even find things that do not require specific knowledge or work. Anyone can post an advert for sunglasses across the web but try and promote a subscription for a music magazine is going to require some planning and thinking.

Chances are though, you post a well written advert into a music community or group on social media about a magazine that is totally aimed at that music genre and market might get more results than throwing in a generic sunglasses advert.

You will get better results from posting into a few music based groups than you would if you posted sunglasses adverts into hundreds of groups covering all kinds of topics.

The idea is to focus your attention placing the affiliate offers in front of people who are perceptive to that offer, in other words you are matching the offer to people and places that are totally congruent with it.

This means that you need to do a little more work than normal but in the long run it will be a lot less work resulting in better results. I have seen Facebook pages pop up that were having pictures of sexy women being posted to them regularly, these were being liked and shared by a lot of men. These posts had affiliate links embedded within them sending people to sex based dating sites like which were paying out a lot of money for new customers.

Ok so there is a big difference between looking at sexy pictures than buying a subscription to a sex based dating site but the two are very relevant in the fact they are sex based and aimed at hot blooded males. I imagine that they did get many affiliate commissions before Facebook closed the pages down citing that they went against their terms and conditions.

There are many dating websites offering high commissions for new customers, dating sites aimed at Christians, Muslims, Black people, people in specific uniforms and sex only searchers are looking for new people and these products can be promoted by starting Facebook pages and groups and websites aimed at those specific people.

Career affiliate marketers would not just post affiliate links into all kinds of Facebook groups, no they would create their own and start websites with relevant articles that they would share on social media. The affiliate offers themselves would take second seat to the article content itself and this leads us to the second most powerful affiliate marketing tip:


2. The Public Doesn’t Particularly Care For Advertisements

This is a quote that came from John C. Malone and was shared recently on Facebook by a top six figure earning copywriter Colin Theriot. Here is a what he has to say on it…

colin copywriter

What this means is basically advertisements do not work as good when they are advertisements compared to those that are dressed up as articles, news reports, message boards, recommendations and forums.

I wrote about this before in this article What Can Bruce Lee’s ‘Art Of Fighting Without Fighting’ Style Teach Us About Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is best done when it is not affiliate marketing.

In Enter The Dragon, Bruce Lee said that his fighting style was ‘the art of fighting without fighting’, what he meant was that he would use his attackers aggression, energy and speed against them. He would stand still and observe and when they made a move he would gently move out of the way and then strike. He would not use a lot of force meaning he conserved his own energy and allow their motion to be amplified by his strike.

This is what an affiliate market should do, they figure out what people want, they deliver what they want in the way of an article, newsletter or a video and then allow them to do the rest.

The offer is second place to the information that you give them… or so it seems to them. To you the offer is very important, the difference is, you now know how to get it in front of people better. 🙂

When you are targeting people that you think would be interested in the product you wish to promote you give them content that they want, information that they would find useful and then embed the offer within the article or below a video and so that it is something that they see as part of your post.

When they see a related offer to the article that they have read or a video that they have watched it automatically creates a mental connection between what they have seen and what they need… or more importantly… what they would like. People often would rather buy what they want instead of what they need.

(This is probably why most of the western world is in debt with many struggling to eat or pay their living costs…. but they do have nice phones, tablets and TVs. :-))

People decide whether to look at the offer or not but they do not feel pressured into it. It is a subtle decision that they make. Unlike the Rayban posts thrown into groups and communities which scream ‘Buy Me’ that can anger people this style of promoting is seen as ‘promoting offers without promoting offers’.

Promoting without promoting just sounds and feels a lot better doesn’t it?