They Said ‘No It Was A Bad Idea’ But Today It Is Worth £65 Million! The Story Of The Tangle Teezer Geezer

I often like to talk about those incredible stories where the ‘experts’ got it so badly wrong, I don’t talk about them to make fun of the experts themselves but more to motivate people not to give up and if you read the this article from a few weeks ago … When It’s Time To ‘Call It A Day’ Might Actually Be The Best Time To Carry On! … you will know that giving up is not always the right thing to do.

My favourite two stories are about the Beatles and Harry Potter, now I know that you have heard of Harry Potter and the Beatles, one is credited as being the best pop band in music history and the other is probably the most popular and best known series of children’s books.

beatles and potter

But did you know that the Beatles were famously turned down by a record label who said that they were old hat and would not amount to anything (I kid you not) or that J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected by 8 publishing houses (8! Incredible) before she found someone willing to give it a chance?

Both J.K. Rowling and the Beatles could have given up when they were knocked back but they didn’t and I am sure they do not regret that decision as they have not only changed their lives in ways they couldn’t image but they have changed the lives of many, changed the world and generated millions in money.

Looking back now with hindsight you cannot help but think how those experts could have not spotted the potential in them. It was their loss but fortunately the Beatles and J.K. Rowling did not give up and for that the world became a better place.

tangle-teezer-shaun polfreyWell there is another story that I want to talk about today and that is the story of entrepreneur Shaun Polfrey.

Shaun invented a hair brush which is designed to glide through tangled and knotted hair better than any other brush on the market.

In 2007 Shaun took his new invention onto the famous BBC show The Dragons Den and he pitched it to the very wealthy and successful entrepreneurs who are looking for new products to invest in.

Shaun was looking for £80,000 investment for a 15% stake in the business. He needed their money and expertise to get the product onto the market and into people’s hands.


All the Dragons turned him down and even mocked the product. Duncan Bannatyne said the invention left him wanting to pull his hair out but had he invested into the invention it would have made Duncan and estimated £8million.

Shaun’s invention called the Tangle Teezer is now worth an incredible £65 million. After he was turned down Shaun took the brave step of re mortgaging his home to raise the funds to build the business and it paid off.


Not only is his Tangle Teezer selling worldwide but it is found in many salons and has celebrity endorsements from people such as Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Cara Delevigne.

In an interview with the Mail Online Shaun had this to say:

“Entrepreneurs do things differently. Businessmen are less likely to take risks and I think you can see that with the Dragons. Looking back on it there really isn’t a lot that I would change.

At the end of the day, for me, I gained a lot of expertise from it and it has helped bring together the great team I have now. Fast forward to now and we’ve just turned over £23.4 million, the forecast for this year is that we’re going to hit £34 million.”

So the backbone of this article really is to say that no matter what the ‘experts’ say or do you have to ask yourself one question… ‘what do they know?’ It would seem that they do not know everything and in fact history is littered with stories of where the ‘experts’ have gotten it wrong and, this is a very sad thought, there could be a lot of products, bands, books and businesses that we have not had the pleasure to know about because they listened to the ‘experts’ and simple gave up.

Make sure that you are not one of them!