Think And Grow Rich? No… Think And Stay In A Rut…

The idea behind today’s post is a sarcastic poke at the popular book Think And Grow Rich written before World War Two by Napolean Hill. I love the book and think it is brilliant and it hints towards using the power of the mind and faith to create wealth and the future that you desire.

The problem is that the saying Think And Grow Rich has become a bit of a buzzword these days banded out by dodgy life coaches and wannabe entrepreneurs but like the word Karma it has been misunderstood and wrongly used.

In fact, I should really be using the word Karma for the main topic for this newsletter; you see Karma is the Sanskrit word meaning Action. It has been used in Buddhist and Hindu philosophies the same way that Christian philosophies use ‘What you reap is what you sow’ Basically Karma is the Law of Causality, for every action there is a consequence. When you do something, something will happen as a result of that action.

This is the truth, when you write a book and publish it on Amazon for example, you might sell some, you might sell a lot, you might make some money, you might make a lot of money but publishing that book will have different consequences to not writing that book.

You can spend days thinking up a great business idea as suggested in the Think And Grow Rich philosophy but thinking it will not make you rich, doing what is necessary to make that business plan happen will make you rich or at least have an outcome that you would not get if you did nothing more than just ‘think’.

You see what I am saying? When I watch interviews with celebrities I often think about how they have got to the place of stardom and popularity and then I think about all of the people who wanted to become an actor, a musician or an author but have never made it. The one big thing that stands out to me a lot is… the celebrities didn’t just think it or wish for it to happen, they made it happen.

Sheridan Smith is one of the UKs most popular female actors at the moment, she has a career littered with fantastic TV roles in both comedy and serious drama and she comes from a small market town not far from where I live so as you can imagine the local papers and TV news shows often do reports about her. In one such report they interviewed her old drama teacher who told us how dedicated she was and how she would turn up each weekend to drama class come rain or shine.

She wasn’t sat at home dreaming or ‘thinking’, no… she was out ‘doing’, she was taking action and carving out that career. The same goes for David ‘Golden Balls’ Beckham, while his mates were out playing and messing around he was out each weekend training, playing football and developing his skills.

If you want to run a second business online or simply start an online business then you have to get started. There is so much that you can do and there are many ways to make money online but you will not make a penny while you simply think about it. Thinking itself will not make you rich, it will however keep you in the situation you are in now if your thinking is excessive and does not cross over from thinking to doing.

I am sure you have heard of the book 50 Shades Of Grey, who hasn’t? It has become a worldwide phenomenon and a huge Hollywood film. Whether you hate it or love it or are simply fed up of hearing about it the one important thing that you should consider is, the author is now a very wealthy lady and she only became wealthy because she stopped thinking and began to write.

If you have ever wanted to become an author then you will be pleased to know that we are about to release a special in depth module all about writing and publishing your own books on the Amazon Kindle Store. If you want to see for yourself how easy it is to actually research, write and publish your own books on Amazon Kindle then why not take a look at the Digital Academy now? (Click The Link Below to Get Access…)

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There can often be a cost associated with ‘doing’ stuff and taking action, not just for the pre celebrity children that I have mention above but also for their parents who would fund the cost of going to these clubs and the fuel needed to run the future stars around. This cost has now been well and truly paid back in full with interest.

But it is not just children’s weekend hobbies that cost, learning any kind of new skill or trade has a price associated to it. Education has a cost, we may not pay to go to school or college ourselves when we are young but as tax payers we pay for the next generation’s education.

If however we wanted to learn plumbing or computer sciences as an adult in our spare time then we will need to pay for that training and we will happily pay for it if we believe it will benefit us in the long term.

This leads me on to remind you of the Cash Curator system that also comes as part of the Digital Academy. The Cash Curator system is a fun system that can generate money while you learn new skills and learn new business ideas. It is also a system that you can do from virtually anywhere in the world at any time.

Now I want to say go and take a look at what there is to offer in the Digital Academy but I also want to say… DON’T THINK too long because we know that thinking DOES NOT make you rich… BUT doing does!

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