Warning: Why You Should Be Careful When Buying Clickbank, Warrior Forum & JVZoo Make Money Systems

This week I wanted to write a warning article, I wanted to warn you about some of the types of ‘make money’ products that are found on affiliate networks JVZoo and the Warrior forum. This might come as a bit of a surprise especially when you consider that we talk extensively about ways to make money online.

(Please Note: Not all products on these networks are bad, there are some good educational and informative products available but you should be wary of the ‘Incredible Make Money Systems’)

But I think it is only fair that I warn you of some of the things that these product developers do before you part with your cash.

What I want to warn you about are some of the products which claim to make a lot of money fast using revolutionary software that they (the product owners and developers) have had developed for their brand new system.

I have tested many of these and there is a common thread running through a lot of them and that is that they work… initially … but when they are released to the public they will not work for long because of several factors which I shall go into now.

When these ‘marketers’ come up with a new business system or model, they don’t do it to make money from the system, they do it to make money by selling it to loads of people. They come up with an idea then they test it to see if it makes any money, they do not always test it fully either. It has been known that some people will run a simple test and if it generates a few dollars then that is proof that the system can and does make money.

If it makes any money they will then have some cheap and nasty software developed which will become the backbone of this revolutionary ‘automated’ money making system.

Some of these systems can make money and they can potentially make a lot of money… in the testing stage but that is because only one or two people are running tests. Many of these systems use other people’s content or websites to generate money in underhand ways which is ok when one or two people are doing it but when there are several hundred people all trying to do the same thing the system comes to a crashing halt when those content and website owners become aware.

A few years ago I tried out a system called Limitless Profits which was sold as a great way to generate thousands each month by promoting Clickbank products using a system they had developed. The idea was to create a lot of ‘eBooks’ using other people’s articles from article directories.

limitless profits

They even had this cool piece of software developed which would search article directories looking for articles based on any search term or keyword you gave it. You would choose which articles to use from a list it gave you and then it would bundle them together and convert them all into one PDF eBook adding in a related Clickbank product using your affiliate nickname which you add to the software when you first set it up.

It would do this all automatically for you, all you had to do was add the keywords of a niche that you wanted to focus on. This software had a second part to it, it would also create accounts on eBook and PDF sites like Scribd.com and Free-ebooks.net and upload these eBooks to your account for you.

They also supplied several popular eBooks for you to get started with, you just needed to add your affiliate IDs into them and start sharing them with pre found related affiliate products embedded within them.

The big idea was that you would fill the internet up with loads of eBooks on free sharing sites and have loads of people reading them and sharing them which would/should lead to a small amount buying those related products from Clickbank using your affiliate link and generating you commissions. If you had tens of thousands of people reading your hundreds of little eBooks you would generate a great affiliate income. It sounds great… in principle.

Here is the big issue, these free sharing eBook websites are not dumping grounds, they are owned by people who want these sites to be full of quality eBooks and articles and they do not want a load of eBooks which contain articles that are published elsewhere by other ‘authors’ that are sourced from article directories, nor do they want them duplicated on their sites.

So when hundreds of people who want to promote high paying weight loss products all start uploading mini weight loss eBooks full of the same articles which were sourced from the same article directories the eBook websites would either remove them, not allow the upload to finish or even worse close down your account.

This you can understand, when you have an idea for a great website business and have spent a lot of time and money developing it and growing it to a website that people love you will become very protective and not want other people to simply abuse it.

And this is the big problem with many of these systems, when they try to ‘game the system’ and abuse other people’s websites or work, they will always end up dying a death once they have opened up the idea to loads of people who all start to game the system at once.

The idea itself is not a bad one, if someone sat down and focused purely on creating ‘top quality’ eBooks which were unique and properly added them to sharing sites they could probably generate a lot of affiliate commissions via their eBooks or a website their eBooks sent people too.

The system could work if done properly but the developers of the software do not care about that, they want to sell the software, they want to sell the speed and easiness of their ‘incredible new automated money making’ system and sell the potential rather than sell the hard work of a business model that could work… if done properly.

Another product I looked at a couple of years ago was called ‘Clink Jacker’, from the outside it looked promising, but again it was a new system developed to gain a ‘quick buck’ by gaming the system using other people’s content and websites.

click jacker

This system would ‘borrow’ the pages of other websites which were opened up in an iframe (new window within a window basically) on your website and then a popup box would open in front of the ‘borrowed’ page promoting affiliate products.

The ‘borrowed page’ was added to your website thanks to a WordPress Plugin, it didn’t actually add the page or the content to your site but you would make a new post and add the redirect link to it so when anyone went to that post, it would open up a window within your post and show the original page on the original website. You would also set your affiliate product link in a specific box and the plugin would do the rest.

When you posted the link of your new post featuring the ‘borrowed page’’ on Facebook it would actually show the summary of the story which it pulled from the original website so for example if I used an article from the BBC website about losing weight, people on Facebook would see the information and click through thinking they were going to the BBC but instead were going to my own website which would open the original article in an iframe.

Then as soon as they started to read the article they would be subjected to my pop up promoting the affiliate product I had chosen which would have been a weight loss product from Clickbank or a CPA network like Maxbounty.

bbc tesco click jacker

It really was ‘click jacking’, you were stealing the traffic (clicks), the trust and the reputation of a big site like the BBC for your own gain. But as always, when you start stealing other websites traffic, content and abusing networks like Facebook it isn’t long before they start to get heavy and ban those links being posted which in turn means you have invested in a system which once again does not work.

This system would stop working not long after purchasing because several hundred people started using it at the same time triggering off alarm bells on Facebook and other sites. Facebook will not tolerate bad posting practices and other websites will not tolerate people stealing their traffic or content for monetary gain without permission.

This system could make a lot of money for the guy who hit upon this idea and developed the plugin, if he did it alone or with a few friends they would have gotten away with it for a long time until it was discovered by Facebook but they decided to sell it to others as a product which once again threw a lot of copycats into the arena which set of alarm bells at Facebook HQ.

Affiliate commissions can be made by sharing articles on Facebook and other social media sites which have affiliate products embedded within them but again this has to be done properly with a lot of dedicated work and focus. Not by buying a cheap software and system from JVZoo, Clickbank or the Warrior Forum. (Please Note: Not all products on these networks are bad)

Software and systems are about making an established business model or idea work better, not to replace them.

The Cash Curator for example is a system that has simplified a business model which works brilliantly well online using Facebook, a business model that is actually older than the internet itself. There is work involved but nothing which is hard, taxing or time consuming. But… it does require dedicated work and focus… what doesn’t? Oh yes the JVZoo stuff we tested… which failed!

cash curator tmbThe use of modern technology like tablets, smartphones and laptops and networks like Facebook and Twitter have given the average person the opportunity to generate money online from sharing fun and interesting articles that people love to read which … as I say… when done properly this business model can not only make you money online, it can do it for as long as you actively work on it.