What Can Bruce Lee’s ‘Art Of Fighting Without Fighting’ Style Teach Us About Affiliate Marketing?

Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of selling meat to vegetarians. Not actual meat, I use it as a metaphor but they might as well have.

You might know by now but I (Andi) am a vegetarian and have been for many years so I aoften use the ‘selling meat to a vegetarian’ metaphor for much of the online marketing that goes on.

You see this is where a lot of people go wrong, they dive into an online venture after being told by many gurus that they make a fortune promoting affiliate products online across social media.

Many people follow suit, or so they think, they go out and find a string of affiliate products and then start spreading them far and wide using every platform known to man.

They post affiliate links into Facebook groups, on Twitter and in Google Communities but get no sales and cannot understand why. The problem is that they are doing it all wrong.

Not only do they try and promote items to people who do not need them such as ‘beef steak to vegetarians’, but they do not even draw them in to take a look using relationship building tactics or curiosity but instead do the online equivalent to was is best described as shouting ‘BUY MY STEAK!’ very loudly into the faces of passing vegetarians at a vegetarian food festival.

That is just not going to work… and you really do not need me to tell you that… surely!

Sticking an affiliate link into a Facebook post, Twitter Tweet and saying something like ‘This is a must have gadget…. Buy it here now before they go’ is not likely to work… unless you can blast it out to countless millions over and over again everyday then you might get some semi healthy results but you are going to need money and software to do that plus it could get you banned from a lot of networks.

To be effective at affiliate marketing you need traffic and you need to sell things without selling, one of my favourite quotes from a film is by Bruce Lee from Enter The Dragon where he was asked by another martial arts contestant what his fighting style was… he replied

‘My style? you can call It the art of fighting without fighting’.

What he meant by that is that he would not be the attacker, he would not exert himself and make foolish and rash moves but instead would calmly stand firm and allow his opponent to make the moves to which he would respond too and work with.

For example if his opponent ran at him to do a jumping kick Bruce would step aside and allow the opponents energy and momentum carry them passed him and he would strike at the best opportunity.

When a person has fully entered into a jumping kick there is little else for them to do to stop it until gravity pulls them back down to the ground and to a standing stop. By then Bruce Lee would have laid them out.

Affiliate marketing is similar albeit a lot less violent, the best way to promote affiliate products is using the ‘Art Of Selling Without Selling’ Instead of trying to force people to see and buy products you let them come to you by choice and you allow them to ‘like’ something and then buy it.

As we have been doing with the Cash Curator System, we create fun posts and spread them around social media, people then come to the website to see/read more where they will find relevant products embedded within the post.

Now there might be more work involved in this system as you will need a website, you will need to create content and then share that content out to relevant people but the conversions are better than just trying to shot gun fruit out over everyone.

For example, a person wanting to promote products within the meditation, yoga and spirituality niche would have a website dedicated to it all and they would write and compile great tips and tricks which not only would they share out with people on social media but others would share them too.

People would come to read the articles and watch the videos and then some of them would buy the products which were being subtly promoted such as DVDs, courses, books or clothing.

Not only that, they would make money via advertising networks like Google AdSense and also sometimes product manufacturers would contact the websites and pay them large amounts of money to use and promote their products.

Affiliate marketing is about getting people to your products without pissing them off and allowing them to ‘decide’ whether they buy the product without the feeling of being sold to or pushed into it.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot use the old marketing tricks to gently push people towards making the decision to buy but as long as they enjoyed your articles and videos and felt that they were in control of any buying decisions they made.

If you use the ‘Art Of Selling Without Selling’  you are going to get better conversions than just simply throwing out thousands of annoying and desperate ‘buy these please’ affiliated links all across social media.