What Is Stopping You? It Isn’t The Lack Of Technology

In days gone by, a writer had to carry with them loads of notepads and pencils. Maybe even lug a heavy typewriter around with them and a stack of paper if they wanted to write while they travelled.

Technology improved and the invention of tape recorders and mini dictaphones meant that people could record their stories and ideas in an audio format allowing them to write the book out later when the returned home where they could sit down in front of the heavy type writer on their desk.

Books still needed to be published and short stories had to be printed in magazines for anyone to see them, this meant they needed to be approved and published by a third person like a publishing house.

These publishing companies were ruthless and competition was high, they had rich pickings of stories and they would choose the best to invest in. If you wanted to be an author in the good old days you either had to work hard to find a publisher willing to work with you or publish your works yourself which was a costly affair.

When the internet was invented and blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger were developed people were able to write at home and publish their stories online. It wasn’t long before some online diaries became popular resulting in them being published by big publishing houses as real books like ‘The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl’.

People still worked from home a lot as the computer in the 1990s was a bulky thing but they eventually became smaller as they evolved into laptops allowing authors and journalists to take them with them anywhere and everywhere. Soon coffee shops, bars and restaurants were becoming the popular places to write.

Laptops shrunk to become notebooks and then they became the tablet, touch screen tablets can also come with accessories like a Bluetooth connecting keyboard allowing people to be able to sit and write anywhere as they did with a laptop but now they could put the light weight machine into a hand bag or shoulder bag.

Systems like Google Docs meant that people did not need memory drives with them anymore and that they can access their works from anywhere in the world meaning that there was no longer the worry of forgetting your work.

Free Wi-Fi in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, hotels and even on busses meant that people could connect to the internet and their work without even having to rack up larger mobile phone bills as they once did or wire their machine through a large mobile ‘brick’ phone.

I have a Tesco Hudl with a mini keyboard, I can write anywhere now as long as I can connect to the internet. The freedom to be able to write and publish my work from anywhere and at any time is wonderful.

So if you have ever had the dream to become an author or self-published writer, what is stopping you?

The ease of technology and the numerous ways to become a published author online has taken all but one barrier away from you.

The last remaining barrier is yourself, you need to get started and if you feel that you need a little hand holding then I can tell you that we will soon be releasing a series of video tutorials and an eBook in the Digital Academy about how to write a book and get it published on the Amazon Kindle Store…

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